The Origin of Pikachu

The Origin of Pikachu
By: Misty101803
Part: 1
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Disclaimer: Hello again. First of all, I don't own any bit of Pokémon. Well with that out of the way let me just say this: I used to hate disclaimers, but now they're not so bad because I get to say anything I want here. Unfourtunatly I can't think of anything to write here right now so on with the fanfic. This story was written in March 2004.

When we last left Stephen, he was heading for the Pewter City gym in hopes to beat Brock, the gym leader, and get a Boulder Badge. But currently Stephen is traveling down to Saffron City so he can try to challenge Sabrina and get a Marsh Badge.

Its been about two weeks since Stephen and his Pokémon left Pewter City and they are now right outside the southern part of Viridian City, which means that if he kept on going straight that he would end up in Pallet Town. Stephen was traveling down the dirt road heading for Saffron when once again Pikachu came out of its Pokéball. Stephen was really angry at Pikachu. It would never stay inside its Pokéball, a lot like Jessie's Wobbuffet or Misty's Psyduck.

"Pikachu! I hate you! It's your fault that I not only lost at the Pewter City gym, but at the Viridian City gym too!" Then Stephen got out Pikahcu's Pokéball and yelled, "Pikachu, return!" Then Pikachu returned to its Pokéball once more.

"Pikachu, I don't want to be your trainer anymore," Stephen said to Pikachu through the Pokéball. Stephen knelt down on the road and reached inside his backpack to get out some ductape. Then Stephen started to tape the Pokéball up so it couldn't get out anymore. When it was fully covered Stephen said,

"Ha, that should hold ya!" and then he tossed the Pokéball aside while he continued down the road to Saffron City. Once Stephen was gone Piakchu tried to get out of the Pokéball, but it was no use, Pikachu was stuck in it.

Three days later...

Professor Oak is riding on his bike on his way to Viridian City to buy some Pokémon supplies that the Pallet Town Pokémart doesn't have. As he's riding down the dirt road, something catches his eye that's by the side of the road. So, Prof. Oak puts on the brakes and sets the kick-stand on the bike. Finally, he gets off his bike and crouches down to pick up the object. As he held it in his right hand, he asked aloud,

"What could this be?" and then he began to rip off all of the duct tape from the ball. After a few minutes, all of the ductape was gone and Oak could see that it was a Pokéball.

"I wonder why anyone would tape up a Pokéball," Oak said but just then The Pokéball opened up and Pikachu came out of the ball infront of Oak.

"Oh my gosh! Who would do this to a Pokémon?" Oak asked himself. Pikachu, although, was in really bad shape. When it came out of the Pokéball, it was laying on the ground becuase it had lost all its energy from not eating or drinking anyrthing in three days.

"I have to rush you to the Pokémon Center right away," Oak said as he quickly, but gently, picked up Pikachu, put it in the bike's basket, and started to speed down the dirt road to Viridian City. He was almost to the Viridian City city limits so it wouldn't be long. Within another few minutes Prof. Oak was coming up to the entrance of Viridian City. Officer Jenny was there, by her station, which is the city limits of Viridian.

"Well hello Professor Oak. Why are you in such a hurry?" Jenny asked him as he was coming up to her. Prof. Oak quickly stopped and got an idea.

"Officer Jenny, can you please help me. This Pikachu is close to death. Will you take me in your motorcycle so I can get to the Pokémon Center faster?" Oak asked her.

"Of course I will. Come on, there's no time to lose," Jenny said. Less than a minute later Jenny was on her motorcycle with Prof. Oak holding Pikachu in the side car.

"Now hold on and don't scream," Officer Jenny said and then sped off down the road faster than a Rapidash.

"Just hold on Pikachu. We're almost there," Oak said to it. It was too tired to say anything or even move. All it could do is lay there in Oak's arms. Finally, within less than five minutes, Officer Jenny arrived at the Pokémon Center, but instead of parking on the street, she drove her motorcycle up the steps and right through the front doors of the Pokémon Center. She then qucikly breaked so as not to run into Nurse Joy, who was standing behind the front desk.

"You know we do have a driveway," Nurse Joy said to Jenny.

"I know, but it's a Pokémon emergency!" Jenny said loudly to her. Prof. Oak quickly got out of the side car and went up to Nurse Joy.

"Oh, hello Professor Oak. What's the matter?" Nurse Joy asked.

"It's this Pikachu. I found it by the side of the road right outside of Viridian City inside a Pokéball that was all taped up with ductape."

"Oh my goodness. Who would do such a thing?" Joy asked him.

"I don't know who would be so cruel to a Pokémon, but that doesn't matter now. Just hurry and help this Pikachu," Oak said giving Nurse Joy the Pokémon. I'll get right on it," Nurse Joy said and then headed in the back to help Pikachu.

"Well, my work here is done. It's in Nurse Joy's hands now. Good day Professor. See you later," Jenny said getting back onto her motorcycle and riding out through the front doors of the Pokémon Center. Oak knew that it would be awhile so he left the Center and headed to the Pokémart so as to buy those Pokémon supplies that he needs. Once inside the Pokémart, Oak heads to where they keep the Pokéballs and the Pokédexs. Once he collected all that he needed, he headed for the cashier's desk to buy the items.

"Well hello Professor Oak, find everything that you needed?" the cashier asked him.

"Yes I did, thank you."

"Hm, I bet you're gonna give some new Pokémon trainers their first Pokémon," the cashier said.

"Well you'd win that bet. I'm really excited about this one because my grandson, Gary, will be one of the trainers getting his first Pokémon."

"Do you know which one he's going to choose?"

"No he hasn't told me yet, but I bet he'll become a great Pokémon trainer no matter what Pokémon he chooses," Oak said.

"Well that's great. Well, that'll be $101.80. But why are you buying twenty-one Pokéballs and four Pokédexs if you only have three starting Pokémon to give the new trainers?"

"That's because I know that there is a fourth new trainer by the name of Ash Ketchum, Delia Ketchum's son, who desperatly wants to become a Pokémon trainer. The problem is, is that I don't have four Pokémon to give out, so whomever is the last one to show up at my lab will have to come with me and capture a Pokémon. It probably won't be a Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, but at least that trainer will get a starting Pokémon."

"Oh, well, I feel sorry for that trainer who will be the last one to show up," the cashier said.

"Yeah, me too. Well good day," Oak said.

"Okay, you too," the cashier said. Then Oak turned around and headed to the exit so as to go back to the Pokémon Center and see if the Pikachu is okay.

Finally, he made it back to the Center and quickly headed for the front desk where Nurse Joy was standing.

"Nurse Joy, is the Pikachu okay?" Oak asked her.

"You got it here with no time to spare. It was suffering from starvation and dihydration but luckily it's doing just fine now. The bad thing was that there is no Pokémon food here right now, but we are expecting a shippment in less than an hour. So, since it needed to eat, the only thing that we had was ketchup so we gave it as much ketchup as it could eat. It's in intensive care resting right now. But Professor, what will become of the Pikachu? You said that you found it on the side of the road in an abandoned Pokéball, so what will you do?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Hm," Prof. Oak said while thinking. A few seconds later, he said, "I've got a good idea. Soon, some trainers will be coming over to my lab to pick up their beginning Pokémon. The thing is, is that I don't have enough Pokémon to give away so maybe one of the trainers could take this Pikachu. I mean, I don't think he or she will have any choice in the matter. Either they take the Pikachu, or they don't become a trainer."

"That's a great idea Professor, but the Pikachu won't be able to leave the center until tomorrow," Nurse Joy said.

"Well then I guess I'll come back tomorrow to get the Pikachu. I'll see you then Nurse Joy," Oak said.

"Okay Professor. I'm sure the Pikachu will be ready to go to your lab tomorrow," Nurse Joy said.

"Good day," Oak said and left the center to go back to where Officer Jenny was so he could get back on his bike.

Once there he noticed that Officer Jenny wasn't at her post so Prof. Oak took his bike and started to ride south in the direction of Pallet Town.

And the worst part was that he had no idea what he was getting himself into.


Well I know that I said that part 1 was gonna bring some answers to Pikachu's mysteries, but what can I say. Part 2, I'm pretty sure, will give you the answers that you want. But for right now, if you want, or you could wait until the end of the story, you could review this story and tell me what you think about it. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.