The Origin of Pikachu

The Origin of Pikachu
By: Misty101803
Part: Prologue
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Disclaimer: I've been wanting to write this story for so long and now I finally get the chance now that I have some time to write it. Well, I don't own Pokémon, but I still feel like I have to say that everytime. I don't know why, but it's not a story without a disclaimer. This story was written in March 2004.

New Pokémon trainer, Stephen, is currently traveling down the dirt road on his way to Pewter City so he can challenge the gym leader and beat him so as to get the Boulder Badge, his very first one. He only has one Pokémon with him, his trusty Bulbasaur and he's searching for Pokémon to catch before he gets to Pewter and challenges the gym leader, Brock. Unluckily, there aren't many Pokémon around here at the time.

"Why aren't there any Pokémon around here?" Stephen asked himself.

But just then something jumped out of the bushes that were around the road. It stood only a few feet from Stephen. The Pokémon standing in front of him was mostly yellow although it did have two red circles on its cheeks. Also, the tips of its long yellow ears were black. And its tail was shapped like a thunderbolt. It was very small, about one foot tall and Stephen judged that it was only about fifteen pounds.

"Hm, what's that Pokémon?" Stephen asked as he pulled out his Pokédex to find out what it was. Almost as soon as Stephen turned it on, it started to say in a robotic voice,

"Pikachu, the mouse Pokémon. Pikachu is the evolved form of Pichu. Whenever Pikachu comes across something new, it blasts it with a jolt of electricity. It you come across a blackened berry, it's evidence that this Pokémon mistook the intensity of its charge."

"Huh, so it's a Pikachu. I'm gonna capture it," Stephen said while getting out his Pokéball that held his Bulbasaur in it.

"Bulbasaur, go!" Stephen yelled as he threw the Pokéball out in front of him. The was a great flash of white light and Bulbasaur appeared on the road facing Pikachu as it said,

"Bulba saur!"

"Bulbasaur, we have to capture this Pikachu. Go Bulbasaur, use your Vinewhip!" Stephen yelled to it. Bulbasaur promtly obeyed and two green vines came out of Bulbasaur and headed straight for Pikachu and then they wrapped themselves around Pikachu.

"Great Bulbasaur, now throw it into the air!" Stephen yelled out. When he said this, Bulbasaur threw Pikachu high into the air about ten feet.

"Now use Razorleaf!" Bulbasaur started to send out dozons of razor-sharp leaves that headed right for Pikachu. They made contact and then Pikachu fell down to the ground with cuts all over its body.

"That should do it. Thanks Bulbasaur. Pokéball go!" Stephen said and then he threw a Pokéball at Pikachu. But it wasn't over yet. Pikachu jumped up from the ground and hit the ball back to Stephen with a hit of its tail.

Stphen caught it and said, "Well, I guess it's not over yet. I'm surprized that this Pikachu has lasted this long." But as Stephen said this Pikachu sent out a powerful Thundershock attack that hit Bulbasaur head on.

"Oh, no, Bulbasaur, are you okay?" Stephen asked it.

"Bulba bulba saur!" it said still ready for battle.

"Well if you think you can do it. Bulbasaur, use your Leechseed!" Bulbasaur then shot a seed out of the top of its bulb that headed straight for Pikachu. It hit Pikachu and vines came out of the seed that started to sqeeze Pikachu's energy out of it. Also, there was a red light surrounding Pikachu because of the attack. Once the Leechseed attack was over, the seed returned to Bulbasuar's bulb on its back while the red light around Pikachu faded.

"Ha, that should do it! Pokéball go!" Stephen yelled as he threw the same Pokéball towards Pikachu. This time Pikachu was too exhausted to defend itself. The Pokéball hit Pikachu right on the back and almost suddenly it turned into a crimson energy beam and went into the Pokéball. After it was inside, the Pokéball wiggled around a few times but it was no use. A few seconds later the red light faded on the center of the Pokéball and the Pokéball stopped moving.

"Yes!" Stephen screamed as he ran to the Pokéball a few feet in front of him. Then he bent down and picked it up in his right hand and rose it high above his head as he took a victory pose. Then he took his left hand and made a V-sign, for victory.

"I caught a Pikachu!" Stephen yelled really loudly out to the world. But there was no one else around but him and his Bulbasaur. Stephen was really exited that he made his first Pokémon capture.

"Bulba suar bulba!" it yelled out in victory too.

"Well we're almost to Pewter City so I guess we should rush you to a Pokémon Center," Stephen said to his Pikachu through the Pokéball. Stephen then got out another Pokéball and pointed it at Bulbasaur.

"Bulbasaur return," Stephen said and within a few seconds Bulbasaur was back in its Pokéball. Then, Stephen made it smaller by tapping it once with a finger and he put it back onto his belt, along with his new Pikachu.

Stephen didn't need to travel long before he saw the first site of Pewter City's buildings. Stephen rushed forward onto a large boulder and looked over the city.

"Hey kid, get off the merchandise!" a voice said from below Stephen. He looked down and saw a man sitting on the ground with a rock stand right next to him that had prices on the rocks.

"Oh, sorry, sir," Stephen said and then jumped off of the boulder down to face the man. "Hi, I'm Stephen and I'm headed for the Pewter City gym to challenge Brock for a Boulder Badge!"

"Well good luck kid. My name's Flint and this is my rock stand. They're souvenirs from Pewter City. Would you like to buy some?"

"No thank you. I'm just here to get a badge."

"What Pokémon do you plan to use?" Flint asked.

"I have my trusty Bulbasaur and my newly caught..." Stephen said but just then Pikachu came out of its Pokéball.

"Pikachu," the tiny mouse said.

"Well you won't get far with that thing. It's an electric type so it's attacks won't have any effect on Brock's rock Pokémon," Flint said.

"Well that doesn't matter because my Bulbasaur will beat the rock types easily," Stephen said with confidance.

"Sure, you just try and see what happens," Flint said.

"What?! I don't need you to tell me what's gonna happen because I already know that I'm gonna win!" Stephen said while getting out Pikachu's Pokéball and pointed it at it. "Pikachu return," he said and then the beam of red light shot at Pikachu but Pikachu quickly dodged it with Agility.

"Looks like your Pikachu doesn't want to stay inside it's Pokéball," Flint said. "Maybe you should train it better."

"I just caught it. I havn't had the time to train it, but I just expected that it should stay inside its Pokéball," Stephen said.

"You know, it could be afraid to stay in a Pokéball," Flint said.

"I don't care. Pokémon are suppossed to stay inside their Pokéballs. Now Pikachu return," Stephen said as the red light came out of the Pokéball again and this time Pikachu went inside its Pokéball. "See you later Flint!" Stephen yelled angrily. Then he turned around and headed down the road to the Pokémon Center.

About twenty minutes later, Stephen found the Center, went inside, and headed straight for the front counter where Nurse Joy was standing.

"Nurse Joy, hi I'm Stephen, can you take a look at my two Pokémon and see if they're okay?" Stephen asked.

"Sure, I'll take a look at them. Just give me your two Pokéballs that hold your Pokémon," Nurse Joy said. Then Stephen reached for his belt and grabbed onto his two Pokéballs. Right before he handed them to Nurse Joy, Pikachu once again came out of his Pokéball and appeared on Nurse Joy's desk.

"Pikachu, I thought I said that Pokémon are suppossed to stay inside their Pokéballs," Stephen said to it.

"You know that's not true," Nurse Joy said. "Some Pokémon are scared of Pokéballs because of the confined space. You have to think of the Pokémon's feelings and if you do, you'll become a great Pokémon trainer."

"Well, thanks Nurse Joy. I'll remember that. But for right now can you look at my Pokémon?"

"Oh, of course," then Stephen handed Joy the Pokéball that held Bulbasaur and Nurse Joy picked up Pikachu and brought it to the back of the center. Stephen knew that it would take a while so he left the Center so as to find a restaurant. He soon finds one, eats there and then comes back to the Pokémon Cetner an hour later to see if his Pokémon are okay.

Stephen goes through the front doors of the Center and heads for Nurse Joy who was behind the front desk once again.

"Nurse Joy, are my Pokémon ready for battle?" Stephen asked.

"Yes, they are both fine, let me get them for you," Joy said and went to the back to get his two Pokémon. She returned less than a minute later and gave Stephen his Pokéball that held Bulbasaur and she handed Pikachu to him, who was still out of its Pokéball.

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Stephen said taking his Bulbasaur back then put the Pokéball back onto his belt. Next, he got out Pikahcu's Pokéball, enlarged it, pointed it at Pikahcu and said,

"Pikachu return," and then Pikachu once again went back into the confinment of its Pokéball. Finally, Stephen put the ball back onto his belt next to Bulbasuar's Pokéball.

"Well the next time you see me Nurse Joy, I'm gonna have a Boulder Badge," Stephen said to her and then started to leave the Center. Right before he got to the front door, Nurse Joy yelled out,

"Goodluck Stephen!"

"Thanks Nurse Joy," he said then left the Center and headed for Brock's gym in hopes of getting a Boulder Badge.


Well there you have it. That's how it all began, but it's not over yet. Next is part 1 where you, the reader, are going to find out all of the answers to the mysteries that surround Pikachu. Please review on what you think of this story. Gotta Catch ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.