This Pichu is Different

This Pichu is Different
By: Misty101803
Part: 3
Category: AAMRN

Disclaimer: So here we go again, the disclaimer. I don't own Pokémon like everyone else that writes at this site, but like everyone else, I wish I did own Pokémon. This story was written in March 2004.

Misty has been on the road for about a month now heading towards Pallet Town so she can finally find out if Ash is real or not. She has to find out because she loves him and she just wants to be with him while she's in this new world.

On the way to Pallet, Misty stopped in various towns and restocked her supplies when the time came. Also, the Pichu kept on following her around. Practically everyday she was on the road she heard the Pichu at least once. It was really starting to drive Misty insane.

By listening to it so many times Misty has discovered that the Pichu is saying the exact same thing over and over again. It took Misty awhile but she finally found this out because she could hear no change in the Pichu's tone of voice when it said its usuall, "Pi chu pi."

Right now Misty is almost to Viridian City and is currently inside the Viridian Forrest riding on her bike. It is now about 12 noon and the sun is shinning high in the sky.

"Pi chu pi," Misty heard somewhere in front of her.

"Oh shut up Pichu. I don't want to hear it today Pichu, so just shut up!" Misty yelled out in front of her. The Pichu would never stop. Morning, day and night it was there saying the same three "words." On average Misty heard the Pichu about once every hour and at least once in every one of her dreams that she has had in the past month or so.

"Pi chu pi," Misty heard again now to the left of her.

"Shut up, shut up!" Misty yelled in the direction of the voice.

'At least the bugs in this world are a lot smaller than Pokémon. I'd have to say that's the only good thing about this world,' Misty thought.

Soon enough Misty was out of the Viridian Forrest and could now see Viridian City, but then she stopped short and hid behind a tree. She saw that the police were at the entrance of Viridian City probably asking about Misty since she told Violet that she was heading to Viridian City.

'I hope they didn't see me,' Misty thought. Luckily they didn't. She could now see a car pulling up to one of the officers near the entrance to the city.

When the car finally stopped, the woman in the driver's seat rolled down the window so the officer could speak with her.

"Hello officer, what's this all about?" the woman asked.

"We are trying to find this girl and we think that she is in this city," the officer said handing the woman a picture of Misty. "Have you seen this girl before? Her name is Misty."

"No officer, I've never seen that girl in my life," the woman responed.

"Well if you do see her, can you please call the Viridian City police department to tell us?"

"Sure officer, I'll do that. Just one more thing, why are you looking for her?"

"Well, uh Mrs..." the officer started.

"It's miss, Miss Delia Ketchum."

"Well Ms. Delia Ketchum this girl is deeply disturbed in the mind and we were told by Officer Jenny in Cerulean City to find her so we can take her to the Cerulean City insane asylum."

"Oh well that's too bad. She looks like such a sweet girl too, and so young," Delia said.

"Yeah, she was in a coma about four months ago because she was in a car accident and after she woke up she started talking about these fantasy creatures that she created in her mind called Pokémon."

"Well that's a real shame. I'll call the police is I find out anything okay?"

"That'll be just fine Ms. Ketchum. Now move along," the officer said.

"I hope you find her soon," Delia said and then started to drive away into Viridian City heading for Pallet Town.

After Misty saw the car drive away, she tried to think of a way to get in and out of the city without being caught by the police. Unfourtunatly she couldn't think of anything at the moment.

"Now what would a little girl be doing in a big forrest like this," a familiar woman's voice said behind Misty.

When Misty turned around to make sure who she thought it was, she was surprized to see a whole gang of bikers stopped right in front of her. In the front of the entire gang of about 15-20 bikers, was Jessie and James, the leaders of the bike gang.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

"To protect the world from all flat tires!"

"To unite all bikers with our flyers!" and James flashed some flyers of their bike gang at Misty.

"To denounce the evils of squeaks and rust!"

"To extend our feet to the pedals below us!"



"The Bridge Bike Gang blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or leave our sight!"

"Yeah, that's right!" everyone else in the gang yelled.

"Jessie! James! What are you doing here?" Misty asked them.

"Do we know you twerp?" Jessie asked.

"Well no, but I guess you're meeting me for the first time now, but that doesn't matter. What matters is I think I need you're help. I need to get through Viridian City but there are cops all around the city looking for me. Can all of you help me?"

"Why are they looking for you?" James asked.

"For some reason they think I'm crazy, but I'm not! I...I was framed yeah, that's it!"

"Why should we help you?" Jessie asked her.

"Because I bet that all of you are running from the cops as well. So can't you help another fugative?"

"Yeah, we're running from the cops, but what would give us any insentive as to go through Viridian city if there's a lot of cops there?" Jessie asked.

"You were probably gonna go through there anyway! It doesn't seem like you would come this far from your regular bridge if you didn't have to go through here! So why can't you just help me?"

"Jessie, we don't have a lot of time. We have to get to the bike path on route 110 north of Slateport city in Hoenn," James tried to say quietly.

"Don't you think I know that! What do you say guys?" Jessie asked all of the other members of the gang. "Should we help her? She does have a bike so she'd fit right in if we gave her some new clothes to wear!"

"Yeah; she's a fugative too; she needs our help; sure lets help her," were all heard from the group of bikers.

"Okay little girl, we'll help you," Jessie said. "What's your name?"

"My name's Misty!"

"We'll Misty, if the cops are looking for you then you probably can't look like that if that's how you normally dress. James, give her some new biker clothes!" Jessie ordered James.

"Okay Jessie." James jumped off his bike and put the kick-stand down. Then he got out some clothes and handed them to Misty. "Here you go, they should fit you," James said.

"Thanks James, just give me a minute." The clothes that James handed her were pretty outragous. They included a leather jacket and some leather pants that Misty put on over her other clothes. Also there was a leather hat which, if Misty tied all her hair up, could hide her red hair. So she put on the hat and hid all of her hair in it. Lastly, there were some dark glasses that Misty put on.

"There's just one problem," Jessie said. "You're bike, we're gonna need to spray-paint it black. Other than that if you rode in the center of our gang, we could get you through Viridian city easily. Luckily for us, Viridian police don't know who we really are because we're so far from our regular bridge, so it won't be a problem."

"Whatever you have to do to make me pass as one of you," Misty said. "I'll spray-paint my bike, just throw me the can." Then James got out the spray-paint and threw it to Misty who walked over to her bike and began to spraypaint her own bike. Within another couple of minutes the bike was fully painted and ready to go. There was not a speck of color left on it.

"It should already be done drying because that paint is quick-dry spraypaint," James said. Sure enough when Misty looked at the label it said 'Quick-dry spraypaint, black.'

So then Misty jumped on her bike and rode it to the center of the gang.

"Alright everyone, lets go!" Jessie yelled to all of them and then the whole gang, including Misty, started to move quickly out of the Viridian Forrest and down to the entrance of Viridian city where there were two cops waiting. Once the gang got to them they were stopped.

"Now what are all of you doing here?" the cop on their left asked.

"We're just going down to Pallet Town so we can catch a ferry to the Hoenn region today and we have to go quickly," Jessie said to him.

"I don't know. Should we let them pass?" the cop on the left asked the cop on the right of the bike gang.

"As far as I'm concerned they havn't done anything wrong so yeah, they can pass," the officer on the right said.

"Well okay. Just one more thing. We're here because we've been told that this girl was coming here and we're suppossed to bring her back to Cerulean city," the cop on the left said while showing Misty's picture to all of them while the cop on the right did the same thing. "Have any of you seen her?" the cops asked.

"No; not me; never; not in my lifetime; are you sure she's here?" we're all heard from the group.

"What about you miss, in the middle, on the black bike," the cop on the right said. Misty just acted like she heard nothing, but on the inside she was sweating.

"Oh she can't hear you sir," a girl on a bike said that was near to Misty. "She's deaf."

"Oh that's too bad, but hold on a sec," the cop on the right said and then he got out a pen and wrote at the top of the flyer that had Misty's picture on it. He wrote, 'Have you seen this girl?' and then he handed it to Misty. She still didn't look up at the cop, but she took the flyer and just shook her head.

"Well if any of you do see her, can you call the nearest police station to report if you've seen her? Her name is Misty so just give us a call if you see her," the cop on the left said.

"Okay; alright; that's fine," was heard from the crowd.

"Okay, then all of you move along. Go ahead, move along!" the two cops said at the gang. Then the whole gang of bikes and bikers began to pedal away into Viridian city. Everywhere that the bikers looked we're cops. On the streets, on the corners, in cars, on motercycles, and there were even some on horses, which Misty thought looked like Ponyta or Rapidash, but there was no flaming mane.

Viridian city is a big city so it took longer than expected to get through the entire city, but luckily no cops recognized Misty. Finally they got through the main city and the only thing left in their way were the last two police officers at the other entrance into the city. As the gang pulled up, they could see that Officer Jenny was one of the two and the other one was just a normal cop.

"Uh officers," Jessie began to say, "we've already told the other two officers at the other end of the city that we havn't seen that missing girl, Misty, but just like we told them, we'll call the nearest police station to tell them if we've see her or not."

"Oh well, uh, if you've already told the other two, then I guess you can go," Officer Jenny told them all.

"Okay, thanks officer," Jessie said. "Lets go guys!" And then all of the others started to follow Jessie and James on their own bikes. Once they were all a safe distance from the police in Viridian city, Jessie and James stopped by the side of the road.

"Okay, Misty lets go. Over here. Come on," Jessie said to her. Misty then pedeled to the front of the gang infront of Jessie and James.

"Thanks you guys. You do not know how much you all helped me, especially that girl that said I was deaf. What's you're name?" That same girl pedaled up to Misty and said,

"My name's Sabrina and I'm originaly from Saffron City." Misty couldn't believe it. She looked nothing like Sabrina. Misty didn't even recognize her.

"Oh, well nice to meet you Sabrina, and all of the rest of you. Thanks again, and I guess you want all this stuff back don't you?" So then Misty started to take off all of the biker clothes that she was wearing over her regular clothes. Then she handed all of them to James and he started to put them all away again.

"Well, I really must be going guys. Maybe I'll see you guys again if I'm ever in Hoenn, okay?" Misty said.

"Yeah, okay Misty. Maybe we'll see you later. Well, we actually have to be going too, but it was nice meeting another fellow fugative. Bye Misty," Jessie said to her and then started to pedal off down another road towards the Hoenn region.

"Bye Misty; see yeah; catch ya later; bye-bye; until next time!" were all heard from the crowd as they pedaled away following Jessie and James. Misty waved all of them goodbye and then they were gone riding off into the horizon.

Now that Misty was home free she, already on her bike, started to pedal off down another road towards Pallet Town in hopes of finding her true love, Ash Ketchum.


For a while there I didn't think that I would ever get out of that hole I was in. I was thinking for three days on how Misty could get through Viridian city with all those cops and still keep her bike with her, and I hope I did it right. It also took me a while to create the "Bridge Bike Gang" motto and I hope it was funny, but you've probably read a lot better versions of the "Team Rocket" motto. Review on what you've read here today if you want. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.