This Pichu is Different

This Pichu is Different
By: Misty101803
Part: 4
Category: AAMRN

Disclaimer: Thanks to all of the readers, especially Lonepichu, who have stayed loval to this story from the beginning. I'm sorry to say that it's almost over, but I know you'll love the ending. This story was written in March 2004.

Since Misty woke up from her dream of the little Pichu, Misty has gone through a lot to finally get to Pallet Town. She is traveling there in order to find out if her one and only true love, Ash Ketchum, actually exists in this world. After what Misty has already seen in this world, there is not a doubt in her mind that Ash is real.

Misty is currently riding her bike down the road, through the open field between Viridian City and Pallet Town. All she has to do is get over one last hill and she'll be able to see Pallet Town.

As Misty braved the hill she thought, 'You better be real Ash Ketchum! I didn't go all this way for nothing!'

Finally Misty made it to the top of the hill and she stopped while overlooking the whole town of Pallet. While she was looking at the great site of the town, she heard,

"Pi chu pi!" right behind her. Misty didn't even bother looking this time.

"Pi chu pi! Pi chu pi!" Misty heard again from behind her. So this time Misty looked around hoping to see the Pichu that was making the sound and Misty couldn't believe her eyes. Right there on the ground we're two yellow feet that looked like Pichu feet. Although, when Misty tried to get off her bike and move towards them, the two feet started to run in the opposite direction at a very fast pace. Misty didn't stand a chance at catching them.

"Okay, what just happened? Were those the Pichu's feet and if they were, why couldn't I see the rest of it and why couldn't I see them before?" While Misty pondered these questions, she knew that she was wasting time so she got back on her bike and started to ride down the hill towards the Ketchum's house.

Misty was so deep in thought about the two yellow feet that she nearly passed Ash's house. Once she was there she got off her bike and started to walk it up to the gate. She then set her bike against the white picket fence and went in through the gate of the fence. Misty was so nervous but she kept moving forward. She just had to find out it he was here or not.

Misty slowly walked up to the door and knocked on it with three taps of her right hand.

Knock knock knock!!! Delia heard from outside the door.

"Coming!!!" Misty heard Delia say from inside the house. Finally Delia got to the door and started to turn the doorknob. Misty was more nervous than ever.

When Delia opened the door she didn't recognize the girl on the other side.

"Yes? Who are you?" Delia asked.

"Mrs. Ketchum you may not know me but I know you. Is Ash here?" Misty asked her.

"Excuse me? Is who here miss?" Delia asked.

"Ash. Ash Ketchum, your son Mrs. Ketchum. Where is he?" Misty asked.

"I'm sorry but you may have me confused with someone else. I've never been married and I've never had any children in my whole life."

" what?" Misty said totally shocked. She was definatly not ready for this.

"There is not Ash Ketchum who lives here miss. I'm sorry but I really must be going. Goodbye, little girl," Delia said and then shut the door a few inches in front of Misty's face.

Misty was so shocked that she didn't know what to think. So she started to lean on the door with her back.

'How can this be? It can't be true. Even Team Rocket were real. Surley I thought that Ash must have been real too,' Misty thought close to tears. Every passing second Misty was getting even more depressed. Misty started to slide down the door and she ended up sitting down with her back to the door. Almost as soon as she sat down she began to cry in her hands. Tears were pouring out of her eyes like there ws no stopping them.

"How can this be true?" Misty said between tears. "I loved him so much and now he's just gone. This is worse than I could have ever imagined," Misty said loudly still crying really hard.

All the time Misty was crying outside the door, Delia could hear her from inside the house and she couldn't take it anymore. So she went over and opened the door slowly. There sat Misty still crying on the door mat. Misty didn't even notice that the door had been opened because she wasn't leaning on it anymore.

Delia went infront of Misty and crouched down to Misty's eye level.

"Oh sweetie, what's the matter? What can I do to help?" Delia asked her.

"You can't help me now," Misty said between sobs. "Just go, leave me alone!"

"No, I won't. Come on in and tell me what's the matter. Why are you crying? I don't understand why you're crying, honey." Misty didn't say anything. She just sat there crying her eyes out.

"Come on. Lets go," Delia said taking Misty's left hand in her hand. Misty didn't resit at all. Although Misty did stop crying for the moment while Delia led her into the kitchen to help her out. Delia sat her down and said,

"Now you just wait here while I go get some tissues."

"Okay Mrs. Ketchum." Then Delia left the room and returned less than a minute later with a box of tissues. Delia took one out and handed it to Misty.

"Here you go. Blow your nose, sweetie," Delia said in a soft tone. Misty took the tissue and began to blow her nose. It was a little long and then Misty got up and threw it away in the trash. Then Misty came to sit down again.

Misty still had tears on her face so Delia took out another tissue and started to wipe Misty's face of the dried tears. When she was done she asked,

"Now isn't that better? Now how about first you tell me your name and then you tell me what's the matter." Then Delia sat down next to Misty.

"Well, my name's Misty, but you wouldn't understand why I'm so sad."

Just then Delia remembered about the cop telling her about Misty, showing her a picture of Misty and how she was crazy, but Delia decided not to tell this to Misty for now. All she said was,

"Try me, Misty."

"Well, okay, but you won't believe me, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore now that Ash isn't here. Mrs. Ketchum, where I come from, or at least all I've ever known for the past couple of years, is that I love your son Ash Ketchum. Now I know you have no idea what I'm talking about but I don't care. That doesn't mean that I still can't love Ash even if you don't remember him. I do and that's all that matters to me."

"Well you're right, I do have no idea what you're talking about, but that doesn't mean that we can't still talk about it. Go one tell me more about this Ash. What's he like? What does he look like?"

"Well he has a great heart and would be willing to do anything for Pokémon, even die for them. That's one of the reasons why I love him so much. I've never met anyone like him in my entire life. Oh I'm sorry you don't know what Pokémon are in this world and I'm sorry for that, but that doesn't mean that they aren't real. I mean, ever since I woke up in this place a Pichu, an electric rodent Pokémon, has been following me around saying the same exact thing over and over again."

"What does it say?"

"Just, 'Pi chu pi!' all the time. It doesn't even say anything different. Just the same thing all the time."

But just before Delia could say another thing, Misty heard from outside the nearest window,

"Pi chu pi!"

"There it is now! You heard that right? It was right outside the window!" Misty yelled and then ran over to the window that was near the front door. When she looked out she nearly fainted. Outside, right on the road, was a Pichu. It was the same exact one that Misty saw in her dream and it had a smile on its face. Just then Misty bolted for the door in hopes of catching it. Right now the Pichu was the only evidence she had that Pokémon were real.

Delia ran over to the window and looked out to see nothing but the road. "Misty, where are you going? There's nothing out the window. There is no Pichu," Delia said trying to bring Misty back into the kitchen.

"But there is a Pichu Mrs. Ketchum. I saw it just now. Now I must be going. I have to catch that Pichu!" Misty yelled and then threw open the door and ran out. The Pichu was still there so all Misty had to do was catch it, but just then it started to run down the road away from Misty.

"No Pichu, wait!" Misty yelled to it, but it didn't stop. So Misty quickly got on her bike and began to pedal as fast as she could so she could catch up to the Pichu before it was gone again. As she flew down the road, she could still see it and lucky for her that it wasn't going faster. Finally, after another minute, Misty was side by side the Pichu. Both of them speeding down the road, the Pichu wanted to get away from Misty, but Misty wanted to capture it.

After another few seconds, Misty saw her chance so she jumped off her bike and tackled the little Pichu. They both went flying through the grass, but lucky for Misty it didn't hurt a bit.

Now Misty had the little Pichu in her hands and she wasn't about to let it go for a second. Meanwhile the Pichu was really strugling to get away from Misty. It really didn't want to be here right now.

"Your not going anyway Pichu. You're my proof that I'm not crazy and that everything that I've said is true. I can't wait to see my sister's faces when they see you."

Pichu was strugling so hard, but Misty wouldn't let it go. So it did the only other thing that it could do. It bit Misty really hard on her left thumb, and it was starting to bleed, and Misty would have let go, if it had hurt that is.

"Hey, why didn't that hurt?" Misty asked the Pichu, but all the Pichu said was,

"Pi chu pi!"

"Is this all a dream? Was that what you've tried to tell me this whole time?!" Misty said, but just then Misty woke up from her sleep.

This time Misty woke up in her sleeping bag in the middle of a forrest. It was now about 4:00 P.M. so the sun was still out. So Misty got out of her sleeping bag and stood up wondering what was going on.

While she was looking in one direction she heard behind her,

"Well Misty, I thought that you would never wake up," Ash said.

Misty quickly spun around to find that Ash was just a few feet away from her at this very moment. Not to mention that Brock, Pikahcu and Togepi were there too, but Misty didn't notice them. All she noticed was Ash.

"Ash! I thought I'd never see you again!" Misty yelled. Then she did the unthinkable. She walked in quickly and wrapped her arms around Ash's neck and started to kiss him pasionatly on the lips. Meanwhile Brock, who was carrying some dishes, dropped them on the floor while his mouth dropped open. He just couldn't believe what he was witnessing. Also, Pikahcu, who was near by, had a smile on its face and Togepi was naturely oblivious to what was happening around it.

Ash and Misty were kissing for more than ten seconds when Misty finally let go and pulled from Ash and said,

"I know I've never told you this Ash, but I love you."

Ash was still a little shocked but he still said,

"Oh, I love you too Misty. I've always loved you but I was afraid to tell you."

"Me too Ash, but forget about that. Now that we both know, we can have a wonderful life together." Just that second Misty heard something that scared her half to death.

"Pi chu pi," Misty heard a Pichu say right behind her. So Misty let go of Ash and looked around and there it was again, the same Pichu.

"Okay, if this is real, then what is that doing here," Misty asked.

"Oh yeah, you were asleep at the time. Uh, I caught it after you fell asleep, Misty," Ash said.

"You caught it, but when? Is this another dream?" Misty asked.

"A dream, no Misty this is real. I caught the Pichu about seven hours ago. Don't you remember what happened this morning?" Ash asked her.

Misty had been stuck in her dream for what seemed like a month to her so Misty didn't remember at first, but after a couple of minutes of thinking about it she remembered all about it.

"Oh yeah, I remember, but Ash how do I know this isn't just another dream?" But before Ash could answer Misty said,

"I know, pinch me Ash, you can't get hurt in a dream, trust me."

"Well okay Misty, but don't get mad. Remember you asked for it," Ash said and then pinched Misty on her right arm.

"Ow, that hurt! Oh I was hoping for that. But that doesn't matter now. Ash I love you, and I'm never gonna lose you again," Misty said and then kissed Ash again. After they stopped all Ash could say was,

"But it's only been seven hours Misty. Did you have a dream that I went away or something like that?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, it was a nightmare Ash, but I'll tell you all about it later. Right now just give me another kiss," and then they started kissing again.

But what they didn't know was that Brock had been looking in his backpack for the past minute and finally found a camera. Then he turned it on and took a picture of Ash and Misty still lip-locked.

But Ash and Misty didn't care. Now that they had eachother, nothing would bother them ever again, not even the Pichu that was different.

The End.


Or is it the end. Well not really because I know that you may have some questions about some things so that's why there's going to be an epilogue to explain all of the things that you, the reader, doesn't understand. Please review on what you thought of the end. Oh I've been waiting for this end for so long. Just one more part, the epilogue, left! Again, please review my story. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.