This Pichu is Different

This Pichu is Different
By: Misty101803
Part: Prologue
Category: AAMRN

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon. This is just a stupid story I thought about at midnight one night. It's my second fanfic. This story was written in February 2004.

One day Ash, Misty, her Togepi, and Pikachu were going down the road to Foretree City when they saw a Pichu in the middle of the road. There was something very different about this particular Pichu. Ash, Misty and especially Pikachu knew that something was strange about it.

"I'm gonna catch it!" Ash said.

"No Ash; you already have an evolved Pichu. Let me catch this one."

"You won't stand a chance with your water Pokémon, Misty."

"Okay then, I'll use my Togepi."

"Your Togepi! It doesn't even know how to battle, and it doesn't know any moves. Togepi will be destroyed."

"How about I make you a bet Ash. I bet you that I can win if I use my Togepi and Togepi only. And if I lose the battle then you can capture it."

"Alright, this should be good."

"Okay. Pichu I challenge you to a battle," Misty said pointing to the Pichu.

"Pi chu pi." It was ready for battle. Misty set down her Togepi and then the battle was on.

"Togepi use your Metranome!" But Togepi just stood there and started waving it's arms. The Pichu started off with a Quick Attack. Just before the Quick Attack hit, Togepi used Teleport and vanished. Then it reappeared a few feet above the Pichu. Finally, Togepi came down and hit the Pichu in the head. Because of Togepi's eggshell, Togepi had knocked out the Pichu. Ash just stood there with his mouth open.

"Ha I told ya Ash. Good work Togepi, I'll take care of the rest. Pokéball go!" Misty threw her Pokéball and it hit the Pichu on the back, but srangly enough the Pichu didn't go into the Pokéball.

"Hey! What's the deal!" Meanwhile, Ash was laughing really hard on the ground.

"Shut up Ash! Why didn't it work?" Misty asked herself.

Ash soon stopped laughing and got up off the ground to see what was wrong with the Pokéball. He piked it up and looked at it closely but he couldn't find anything wrong with it. So Ash concluded that it wasn't the Pokéball, but it was the Pichu. The Pichu soon woke up and started laughing at Misty for trying to capture it in a Pokéball.

"What's so funny? How was I suppossed to know it wouldn't work."

"This Pichu is different; Pichu, do you have a trainer?" Ash asked. The Pichu just shook its head.

"If it doesn't have a trainer then why can't I capture it?"

"I don't know. I've never heard of this happening before," Ash said.

"Pi chu pi chu chu pi," The Pichu said. When Pikachu heard this it ran over to the Pichu and asked,

"Pi ka chu pi chu chu pi?"

The Pichu pointed to Misty and said, "Pi pi chu pi chu pichu."

"Pi ka chu pi chu?"


Pikachu ran over to Misty and said, "Pi pi ka chu pi." And then it acted like it was asleep.

"I think I might know what it's talking about Misty. I think you can't capture Pichu because this is all a dream," Ash said.

"A dream!? Well if it is a dream then I can't get hurt in it." So Misty tried to pinch herself, but it didn't hurt. "Hey you're right this is all a dream."

Just then Misty woke up, but she wasn't in the forrest or in a Pokémon Center. Misty woke up in a hospital bed and no one was in the room with her, not even Ash. She knew where she was, the Cerulean City hospital, because she looked out the window and she knew it was Cerulean instantly. Now knowing where she was, her first thought was, 'What am I doing here and where are all of my friends.'

She tried to get up, but her head hurt badly. So she called out,

"Doctor, nurse, anybody!" She waited ten seconds and then a doctor and his female nurse came into the room.

"So Misty, we thought you would never wake up. How do you feel?" the doctor asked.

"Uh, well my head hurts. How did I get here and where are my friends and family?"

"Oh yes, your family. Nurse please go call up Misty's family and tell them that Misty has finally woken up."

"Of course docter," then the nurse left the room to call Misty's family.

"What do you mean, finally? How long have I been in here?"

"First let me ask you this. What's the last thing that you remember before the accident?"

"What accident doctor? What is going on?"

"You mean you don't remember that you were in a car crash?"

"A car crash. No. When did this happen?"

"I'm sorry that you have ammnessia. You have been in here for the past three months."

"Three months? But that can't be. Tell me, do you know where my Pokémon are?"

"Your what?" But just before Misty could answer Misty's three sisters came into the room.

"Misty! I can't believe it, we thought that you would never wake up," Daisy said. Then all three of Misty's sisters, Daisy, Lily and Violet all started to hug Misty.

When they all stopped hugging, Misty said to her three sisters,

"Oh I'm sure that you three have been taking care of all of my Pokémon. I hope Togepi wasn't too much trouble."

Misty's three sisters just looked at her as if they didn't even know what she were talking about.

"Doctor, what's my sister talking about?" Daisy asked.

"I thought that you three could answer that," the doctor said.

"Is this a joke? Very funny guys, now I'm not in the mood for games and jokes. Daisy, where are my Pokémon?"

Daisy just looked at her with a sad expression on her face.

"Lily, you couldn't have forgotten about Togepi."

But Lily just stood there just like Daisy.

"Violet, surely you remember my Psyduck. I mean who could forget about that Pokémon."

When Misty said this all three burst into tears and left the room quickly; the nurse soon followed.

"Wait don't tell me that my Pokémon all died in the car accident. Even my Togepi," and then Misty started crying in her hands.

"Misty, look stop crying. There's nothing to cry about. Your Pokémon didn't die," the doctor half lied.

Misty stopped her crying and said, "Then where are they, and why were my sisters acting so strangly?"

"Misty, your sisters aren't the ones acting strangly. You are."

"Me? All I said is where are my Pokémon and then everyone acts like I'm crazy or something."

"Well I'm no phycologist, but Misty you are talking about things that don't exist."

"Wait, wh...wha...what did you say?"

"Misty, these things that you call Pokémon do not exist."

"Oh come on, now I know that you're joking I can name most of them just off the top of my head. Like my Togepi, it's a small Pokémon that I've had for the past couple of years. Half of it's body is in an eggshell and it is so cute. Or Pikachu, a little yellow electric mouse that has red cheeks and a tail shapped like a thunderbolt. Surley doctor you know who I'm talking about?"

"I'm sorry Misty, but it seems to me that while you were in your coma you created this whole new world with these things you call Pokémon."

"No it can't be. It just can't be. Pokémon are real. Doctor you know my three sisters are the gym leaders of this city. Them and me are water Pokémon trainers. We have: Starmie, Staru, Dewgong, Horsea, Goldeen among others."

The doctor just stood there shaking his head and looking sad. All he said was,

"Well now that you're back you can go home with your three sisters today. Wouldn't you like to go home Misty?"

"Well I guess since I havn't been there in a couple of years. No wait don't tell me..."

"The last time you were there was three months ago. You left in your car and then you got in an accident and you've been here ever since."

Misty was speechless. After she recovered she said, "But all I've ever known was Pokémon. They've been there my whole life. How could I live out the last twelve years of my life over the past three months?"

"How about you don't mention this to anyone else. Just say that it was all a dream and since you just woke up, you thought that you were still in it, okay?"

"But it wasn't a dream, doctor. Pokémon are real. They're real!"

"Misty, Misty. Calm down. You just woke up from a dream. That's all it was. If you keep on telling people about these imaginary Pokémon then people will start thinking that you are crazy."

Misty couldn't believe her ears. "Do you mean all I've ever known has been a lie?"

"It may be hard for you to believe, but yes Misty, Pokémon do not exist. This may come to a shock to you, but just remember, everything will be alright." Then the doctor went outside to go to talk to Misty's three sisters.

In the lobby Misty's three sisters were waiting for the doctor to come in. Finally he walked in and headed straight for Daisy, Lily and Violet.

"Doctor, what's wrong with our little sister? What was she talking about?" Daisy asked.

"Since your sister was in a coma for the past three months, it's not uncommon for someone to create their own fantasy world."

"What are you saying doctor, that our sister really, truely thinks that these Pokémon are real?" Lily asked.

"What I'm saying is that she just woke up so you have to give her some time to adjust. I'm sure that in a few days she'll remember life before the accident. But right now she has ammnessia so her fantasy life has taken control. So there's nothing to worry about; just give her a couple of days. She just has to understand that it was all just a dream."

"But what if she never remembers?" Violet asked.

"She will just give her time. And if you three want to, you can take her back to your house. I can think of no better way to get her memory jogged."

"Yeah you're right doctor," Lily said.

"And just remember to bear with her. She might be like this longer than we thought."

"Can we see Misty again please?" Violet asked.

"Sure, you three go in there and talk to her, and just try to keep off the subject of Pokémon and if she brings it up just try to change the subject."

"Okay, sure, got it," the three sisters said. Then they all followed the doctor back to Misty's room.

"You three go in first and if you need anything just call me," the doctor said.

"Okay," Daisy said. "You girls ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." Violet said.

"Ditto." Then Daisy, Lily and Violet all went into the room and saw Misty standing by window looking out at Cerulean City.

"Misty, you should be in bed," Daisy said.

"No my head doesn't hurt anymore. What time can we go home?"

"Um, as soon as you want to Misty," Daisy said.

"Well I want to go home as soon as possible. Going back to the gym will feel good since I havn't been there in a while," Misty said.

"When did you ever work out?" Lily asked.

"What are you talking about? I've never worked out. You know I've been thinking about what the doctor said about Pokémon and it's hard to believe."

"Uh, Misty, come on, lets go. You havn't been home in a long time and its been lonely without you," Violet said quickly trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, I want to get out of here as soon as possible and get some fresh air. Do I have any other clothes here with me or is this all I have," Misty said referring to the hospital robe she was wearing.

"Yeah, the clothes you were wearing are in the closet over there," Lily said pointing to the closet by the bathroom. Then Misty went over to the closet and opened it. In the closet was her usually clothes consiting of: a yellow tank-top, her short jean shorts complete with her red suspenders. Finally, there was her shoes and socks on the floor. Misty reached in and took it all out.

"And what about all of my other things?"

"There at the house waiting for you," Violet said.

"Okay, I'm just gonna go into the bathroom and change." And then Misty went into the bathroom, closed the door and locked it. It didn't take her long so within a couple of minutes she was out; she had to use the toilet. When she came out she looked as normal as she ever was except for one thing, Misty didn't have a scrunchy to pull back her hair in a ponytail.

"Do either of you have something I could use to tie back my hair?"

"Yeah, I have a scrunchy with me," Lily said. "Here," and Lily handed Misty the scrunchy.

"Thanks Lily," Misty said then put up her hair and tied it on the side of her head. "Well I'm ready to go."

"That's great Misty. Come on, I always hated hospitals anyway," Violet said. Then all four sisters left the room and headed towards the doctor.

"Doctor, I feel fine now. Can I go home?"

"Sure, all you have to do is sign this," and the doctor handed Misty a release form. Misty looked over it quickly and then signed it in all the places where she was suppossed to.

"Okay, you're all ready to go home now. And if you feel sick don't hesitate to come back," the doctor said.

"Sure. Lets get out of here guys," Misty said and they all started to walk towards the exit. Once they got outside Misty followed her three sisters to their car. Once they got to it Misty noticed that it looked pretty new.

"Uh, we had to get a new car after the acciedent, Misty, but that doesn't matter; the insurence covered it and then we bought this new car," Daisy said. They all got in. Lily was driving and Misty got the front seat; Daisy and Violet got in the back. After they all put on their seatbelts Lily started the car and they were off. The drive home was a quiet one. No one knew what to say and Misty was just thinking about her old life.

Misty thought while looking out the window, 'How could it have all been just a dream? Could I have just dreamed up Ash, Brock, Pikachu, Togepi and all of the rest? No, there's no way; I can't believe it. This all has to be a giant joke. But maybe I shouldn't tell them that. If there really is no such thing as Pokémon then people would think that I am crazy.'

Soon after Lily drove up to their house and parked the car on the driveway. Misty first asked,

"Uh, where are we?"

"Misty, this is our house; don't you remember," Lily asked.

Misty was about to say no but she lied and said, "Of course I remember. Just a little joke."

They all faked a laugh and then Misty was the first one out. She stood in front of a two story house, and it was pretty big.

'I liked the Pokémon Gym better,' Misty thought. Misty headed for the front door and tried to open it but it was locked. Daisy came up moments later and opened the door with a key. Daisy opened the door and they all went in. This was all new for Misty because this was truely the first time that Misty had been in here, even if her sisters say otherwise. They were all standing in the living room when Misty said,

"I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat in this place?"

"What do you want to eat?" Lily asked.


"I'll make you a sandwich; will that be okay?" Lily asked.

"Yeah, thanks. I'll just go up to my room if you don't mind."

"Sure I'll call you when it's done," Lily said.

"Thanks again," Misty said and then she went upstairs. There were six doors up there and Misty had no idea which one was her room. So she tried the closet one. She opened the door; it was a bathroom. The next door she opened was a closet. The third one was a bedroom. She went in but instantly knew that it was Lily's because of the clothes in the closet. Finally, on her fourth try she found her room. She knew it was hers automatically because it looked exactly like her room in the Pokémon Gym.

Misty looked at the clock by her bed and it read 5:42. She then got out her diary and started to write in it:

Today was the first day I have entered my new house; I liked the Pokémon Gym better. I still can't believe that there is no such thing as Pokémon, but I can't explain why everyone thinks that Pokémon don't exist. Maybe this will all be clear to me as time goes on. Considering that I don't remember being in a car accident I have to conclude that there was no accident. Although it is possible that I do have amnessia, I will have these memories of the Pokémon world for the rest of my life. I can only wonder if Ash and Brock actually exist. I guess there is only one way to find out. As soon as I can I am going to ride to Pallet Town on my bike to find Ash, and if there is no Ash Ketchum then I guess I'll just have to accept that Pokémon don't exist and it was all a dream. I hope not because I really loved him. Please God, let Ash be real.

"Misty! Your sandwich is ready!" Lily called from downstairs.

"Okay, I'll be down soon!" Misty called back then she started to write some more:

I mean if Cerulean City is real, then Pallet Town must be real. And if my sisters are real, then Ash must be real. I can't wait to see him again. Maybe the only thing that has changed is Pokémon. But if that's true, then Ash and me would have never meant because it was Ash who wanted to be a Pokémon trainer. Now that Pokémon don't exist in this world, would Ash be the same person?

Misty put away her diary and then went downstairs to eat her sandwich. While she was eating, even though Daisy, Lily and Violet were in the kitchen they weren't talking. Misty put down her sandwich, swallowed the food in her mouth and then said,

"Okay. Enough, why won't you three say anything. Before I went to the hospital you three never kept your mouths shut."

"It's just, we're worried about you Misty," Daisy said.

"Why would you be worried? Is this about the Pokémon thing?"

"Yes," Lily said.

"You don't need to worry about me. I know that Pokémon aren't real," Misty lied. "It's just when I woke up I was a bit confused at where I was and what I was saying. I was dilusional at the time, but I'm fine now." Misty said this to reasure her three sisters, but deep down she knew that Pokémon were real. She couldn't explain it, but she knew.

"Well that's great Misty. Lets just get back to normal life as it was before the accident," Violet said.

"Wait, I have one more thing to tell you. After the accident I must have gotten ammnessia because I don't remember anything about this life. All I do remember though is my life in the Pokémon world for some reason. So life for like the next month or so will be strange, so bear with me, okay?"

"Oh okay Misty. We'll help you remember," Violet said.

"Yeah, we'll help you if you need it," Daisy said.

"Hey you know what. I just got a great idea which could make us a lot of money Misty," Lily said.

"What is it Lily?" Misty asked.

"I bet if you wrote a fantasy book about the Pokémon world that a lot of people would buy it."

"What? Why would you think about that now?" Daisy asked.

"Well you know the best way to get something out is by talking about it and if Misty wrote a story about the Pokémon world then we could all understand what she went through. What do ya think Misty? Would you do it?" Lily asked.

Misty thought about this for a few seconds and said,

"I guess I could try, but I've never written anything before."

"Couldn't you atleast try Misty?" Lily asked.

"Well I guess so. I mean people who think up fantasy stories know that they're not real, and I'm no different," Misty lied again. "I'll start it as soon as I can, okay?"

"That's great Misty. I can't wait to read what you have to write," Lily said excited about the idea.

"Well if you want to Misty. It does sound kind of interesting," Daisy said. Misty soon finished her sandwich and then said,

"I'm gonna go out and walk around the city okay. Maybe go down to the beach. Do any of you wanna come with me?"

"No that's okay," Daisy said.

"I'm cool," Lily said.

"Maybe later, Misty," Violet said.

"Okay, I'll see you three later," Misty said. Just before she left the kitchen she turned around and said, "Oh, can I have a house key. I might be out late thinking about things."

"Here, I got one," Daisy said and then handed Misty her house key.

"Thanks Daisy. Catch ya later," Misty said and then headed for the front door to leave. When Misty closed the door to the house a bird flew by and landed on the lawn.

"Hey, it's a Pidgey," Misty said then walked over to it but it flew away. As it was flying away, Misty could tell that it actually wasn't a Pidgey, it just looked like one, very closely in fact, but it wasn't a Pidgey.

'I forgot. Pidgey don't exist,' Misty thought. 'Whatever that thing was, it wasn't a Pidgey.'


So what did you think about the prologue to this story. It's going to get better soon so don't worry. Please review it to tell me if you like it or hate it. Gotta Catch Ya Later! Misty101803 signing off.