Blasting Off A Final Time




Just as a pointer I did not write the songs that appear in this fanfic. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” is by Green Day and “Extraordinary Girl” was also written by Green Day.


Daybreak over the mountains in the beautiful Capco region- Ash, Brock, and their new friend Carl were sitting by a lake about 7 miles from the nearest town, Sainsbury. Ash was lying on the bank with his legs in the water and using his bag to rest his head on. As he looked, the clouds started to form a Togepi. Ash let out a tiny laugh as he remembered when Misty’s evolved into Togetic and left her for the Mirage Kingdom.

“We’ll meet again Misty…” He whispered. “I promise”. He stared blankly at the sky thinking of her when Carl shoved his face in the way.

“Dreaming of your girlfriend?” He said teasingly. Ash closed his eyes

“She’s not my girlfriend, and what’s my love for her got to do with anything?” He opened them quickly. “Oh crap.”

“So you DO fancy her! Aw man, wait till we meet up with her!” Ash stood up and grabbed him by the collar.

“Don’t you say a goddamn word. Not to Brock, not to ANYONE. You hear me?”

“Yeah… I think so.”



After breakfast, they took a swim in the lake. It was hot, even for a mountain range in September; the temperatures were at about 27 degrees Celsius. After about 20 minutes, they set off looking for the main road into Sainsbury. It took them three hours of walking, but in the end they found it. They found a picnic site and sat down for lunch.

“What we got, Brock?” Asked Ash

“Chicken and salad sandwiches with extra mayo. Just how you like em.” He replied, chucking Ash the sandwich and a bottle of water.

“Its just how Misty liked them too.” He whispered. Carl didn’t seem to be listening; he was just quietly eating his sandwich while reading his military magazine. Ash finished his sandwich and water and pulled a pistol out of his bag. It was a 9mm pistol, given to him by Professor Oak, as the Capco region is a rather dangerous place. He checked the clip in the gun and put it on his belt. He then sat down on a rock and looked at the picture of him, Brock and Misty on the day they parted 2 years ago. Ash was now 15 and was thinking of visiting Misty in Cerulean city when the Capco journey was over. “It would be nice to hear her voice again.” He said to himself, his eyes close to weeping. Carl came up behind him.

“Dude, we’re going.” Ash stuffed the picture into his pocket, grabbed his bag and they went after Brock.


After a 2 hour walk, they reached the sign saying ‘Welcome to Sainsbury, twinned with Cianwood, Johto and Viridian City, Kanto’ They found themselves a few blocks from the pokémon centre, so after getting a room for a few nights, Ash got his wallet from his bag and went into town. He was feeling a little hungry from his travels so went to a coffee shop and got a coffee and a couple of muffins. He was sitting outside, reading a paper without a care in the world when he heard a female voice. She was about 5ft 6, brown hair, and was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, just like Misty used to.

“Excuse me, have you seen a guy about 6ft tall, medium build with blonde hair?

“No,” said the man she was directing the question at.

“Oh… ok then.” She bolted off, searching for what was most certainly her boyfriend.

“She looks about the same height, build and age as Misty,” he thought. Suddenly, the idea popped into his head. “She’s looking for me, I know it.” Ash finished his coffee and ran back to the pokémon centre.


Ten minutes after Ash left, a 16- year- old girl arrived in town on a bike. She locked it up at the pokémon centre. She removed her helmet and sorted her hair back out.

“I’m finally here.” She put her helmet under her arm and walked through the huge double doors of the pokémon centre. It was getting late now, and after her journey she got a room and went straight to the canteen or dinner.

Ash and Carl meanwhile were already having dinner in the centre’s canteen.

“So where do we go from here, Ash?” He asked

“Well, we got two choices: We can go east and end up at Salem, or we can go west and end up at Springton. The good thing is that Salem’s got a beach, meaning, there’ll be a ton of fit girls there”

“Beach?” Said a voice behind them. “I like beaches.” Ash and Carl spun round to see a teenage girl, about 5ft 7 of a medium build and had red hair tied up on one side. She was wearing khaki trousers and a black shirt.

“And you are...?” Carl asked.

“Yeah, its rude listening to other people’s conversations.” Said Ash angrily.”

“Don’t you remember me Ash? It’s me. Misty.” Carl’s mouth dropped open.

“I can see why you…” He was about to say “like her so much” but Ash had stopped him by elbowing him in the gut. He got up out of his chair and gave Misty a hug.

“My Ash, haven’t you grown.” She said with surprise, Ash was now at least 3 inches taller than her, and was very well built for his age, Misty stared at the muscles on his arms and raised both her eyebrows as if to say ‘whoa… You’re alright!’

“So have you” He replied. “Only more beautiful… For a gym leader I mean. I… err…” He stopped and Misty giggled.

“Ash, you’ll always be that little boy I hooked on the end of my fishing rod. I’m going off to get a snack then I’m off to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Ok… Bye…” Ash said sadly, wanting to spend more time with her. Ash loved Misty more than anything, and would do anything just to be with her. The past two years had been hell without having Misty for company and was stuck with a gun nut and a guy who thinks he’s a ladies’ man. Carl caught his breath back and stood next to Ash.

“She hardly cares Carl,” said Ash sadly.

“It’s been such a long time,” he replied putting his arm around Ash. “She was pleased to see you.”

Ash sighed. “I suppose,” and walked off to his room.


Ash barely slept a wink that night. Stuck in his head was the image of Misty’s face, and dreaming of all the missed opportunities he had to tell her how he felt. He tossed and turned all night, but was woken by Carl in the middle of the night.

“Ash, you ok?”

“I can’t stop thinking about her.”
”You gotta get her out your head, she’ll get in the way of your training if you keep thinking about her.” Ash gave him a cold stare.

“I’ve thought about her every day since we parted. When she left me and Brock, I had lost the three people I had ever loved. My dad died when I was 6, my mum died soon after I returned from Hoenn, and Misty leaves me because of her bitch sisters.”

“Oh…” Carl was lost for words. Ash put his head back down on his pillow and finally went to sleep.


Ash woke up the next morning to find Carl gone. He got up and found a note by his alarm clock.

‘Gone to get supplies with Brock. P.S, Misty wants you in her room’

Ash immediately got dressed and ran out of the door of his room. He jumped in the lift and went up to the next floor. Waiting for him in the outside her room was Misty. He ran over to her.

“You wanted to see me?” He asked. Misty opened the door and lead Ash in. She sat down and looked at him.

“Sit down.” Ash did as Misty asked. He could not say no to such a beautiful face like hers.

“What is it?”

“Ash, there is a reason I came looking for you, and… well… I’m afraid that it’s not the reason you might be thinking of.” Ash’s heart rate increased.


“Ash… You’ve been such a great friend to me and I’ve enjoyed every minute of every day we’ve been together. When we separated it broke my heart as much as it did yours. And I hope this won’t break it completely.”

“What are you saying?” Asked Ash

“I might be moving with my sisters to Australia.” The colour drained from Ash’s face, he was lost for words.

“I’m sorry…” She said sadly

“Misty… I can’t be without you any longer. I have thought about you every day since we parted, and when I lost you it was the same feeling I had when I lost my mum and my dad. It’s not the same without you. I can’t let you go, I WON’T let you go.”

“Why not?” She asked, trying to hold herself together.

“Because I love you too damn much to let that happen!” This time it was Misty’s colour that drained from her face

“What?” Ash took hold of her hand

“You heard me. I love you more than anything. You mean everything to me and if I spend another day without you I wouldn’t be able to live my life happily again.”

“Aw Ash… I don’t know what to say.”

“I’ve told you now. I love you Misty even if you don’t feel the same way about me.” Misty put her hand on his cheek and lightly stroked it.

“Aw Ash…” She looked into his dark brown eyes, and for a second she realised just how handsome he looked. She smiled at him. “I do.”

Ash then felt himself drawn into Misty, and vice versa, they put their foreheads against each other and went closer and closer till their lips touched. Inside Misty, her heart- beat increased and she felt so bubbly on the inside. Ash immediately wrapped his arms around her and held her in his arms tightly. Misty did the same and they kissed and kissed and kissed. After about 3 minutes, they pulled away.

“I love you” Ash whispered.

“I love you too,” Misty whispered back. There was a knock on the door. Misty got up and answered.

“Yes?” She screamed as she was pulled out the door. Ash got up and tried to find out where Misty had gone. He looked both ways and saw the lift doors close. He ran to try and go after it but was hit on the head by something…


Ash awoke an hour later in a daze. Brock and Carl were standing over him.

“Ash… You ok?” Brock asked worriedly. “What happened?”

“Someone… took… Misty…” Ash tried to stand and run off to the lobby but Carl stopped him.

“Ash, those people were from Team Rocket. They got me too. I wouldn’t tell them where you were so they knocked me out.

“So what do we do?” Asked Brock.

“I’m going to save her.” Replied Ash almost instantly.

“I’m going with you.” Said Carl. Ash looked at him.

“Ok. Get your gun and let’s go.”

“What do I do?” asked Brock.

“You stay here in case one of them comes back”

“Ok. Good luck guys.” Ash and Carl nodded and ran to the stairs. They legged it down to the lobby and then ran straight out the doors.

“Ok, you seem to know this area” Said Ash. “Where do we go?”

“There’s this air base on the edge of town. We’ll get a cab.” Carl hailed a taxi and they jumped in.

“Where to guys?”

“Zigzagoon air base” Carl ordered. The taxi driver started to drive.

“So, you guys Air Cadets?”

“Yeah, started last week.” Said Ash, trying to cover the fact they were trying to save his girlfriend.”

“You guys don’t know a lot do ya? The base was bought by Team Rocket two months ago.”

“Say…” Ash looked at the card above the driver’s head “Sid… Would 25% extra tip get us there any faster.” He waved an extra $10 by the driver’s head. He took it and floored the accelerator to the air base. Carl ordered him to stop and they got out. The taxi turned round and sped back to town. Ash looked at the giant gates. They walked inside. Simple enough as the guard was asleep.


Ash and Carl walked across the tarmac of the car park, guns drawn. As they neared the main doors Team Rocket’s balloon flew over them. Tied to a piece of rope on the bottom of the basket was a television screen. It turned on and sitting in his chair with his Persian was Giovanni.

“I will speak only to Ash Ketchum.” He said in his deep, formal voice.

“Oh will you? How nice.” Replied Ash sarcastically. He waved at the screen. “Hello”

“I suppose you have been wondering what is going to happen to your girlfriend. We have got her right here.” He pointed to Misty in a cell. “Don’t worry. She’s safe… for now. You want to save her? You won’t even get close. This base is armed to the four walls with guards. I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long. I’ve also planted some nuclear bombs. One in the centre of Pallet Town, one on Cinnabar Island and in Cerulean City, Lavender Town and Fuchsia City. You have a choice: Save your homeland, or save your girlfriend. You have 25 minutes to make up your mind.”

“Wait.” Said Ash. “Let her go Giovanni. You don’t want her. You want me. I’m the one that destroyed you in Johto, Kanto and Hoenn. So, instead of killing an innocent girl and thousands of people- Kill just one: Me.”

“Very well Ketchum.” Said Giovanni with an evil smile on his face.

“Ash, what are you doing?” Carl asked

“Go and hide behind that car. I got a plan.” Carl went over and hid behind a Vauxhall Vectra.

“Come on. Kill me.” He said, taunting Jessie and James in the balloon. They pulled out machine guns and took aim, waiting for the order from Giovanni.

“Go on. Kill him.” Ordered Giovanni. He watched with anticipation to see Ash being blown away.

“ASH! NO! PLEASE! DON’T DO THIS!” Misty yelled. She had grabbed onto the bars and was crying her eyes out. Ash looked at the television screen.

“I love you Misty.” He said sadly and spread his arms out. Suddenly, he pulled out his gun and fired a shot and hit Jessie in the head. Before James could shoot him, Ash dived to the right and shot him. He fell out the balloon and landed on the concrete of the car park with a loud thud.

“WHAT!” Yelled Giovanni. Ash turned back to the TV screen.



“I’m going to save you.” He looked at Giovanni again. “Then I’m going to save Kanto, and THEN I’M GONNA WIPE EVERY LAST MOTHER FUCKING ONE OF YOU OFF THE FACE OF THE GODDAMN PLANET!” Carl ran to join Ash and they ran through the main doors. Before going any further, Carl shot the propane tank on the balloon and it blew up, stopping Giovanni seeing anything.


Inside the building, alarms were sounding. Ash ran over to a ventilation shaft and began using a pocket- knife to undo the screws. Carl meanwhile had 20 guards on him, with big machine guns edging towards him. He saw a gas tank on the back wall. He put his hands in the air and dropped the gun. As it nearly hit the ground he dropped to the floor and caught it, unloading three shots into the tanks. They blew up, sending the guards flying. The shock killed all of them almost instantly, and the room was on fire. Carl walked over to the dead guards and took a combat knife, two M16’s and clips. He walked over to Ash and gave him the gun.

“Got it?”

“Hang on…” Ash undone the last screw and pulled off the vent. “Now I have.” They clambered in, using the torches on the end of the machine guns to light the way.

“So where the hell are we gonna find Giovanni anyway?”

“Well, this place obviously has cells, and where are the cells in movies and the Resident Evil games located?”

“In the labs and police stations.”

“Yeah, where are these labs?”


“Exactly. All we got to do is go down.”


Ash and Carl kept on climbing down. It was cramped and dusty in the vents. But, after climbing down to the lowest level, they finally reached the cells.

“There she is.” Ash whispered. He turned the torch on the M-16 on and off to attract Misty’s attention. She looked up at him and smiled. The vent flap was right above her. So she jumped up and grabbed it. The guards turned round.

“Just exercising” She said with a smile, and did some pull- ups. When the guards turned round she turned the latch and the duct opened. Carl fell out and opened fire on all the guards in the room, killing them. When he ran out of ammo Ash jumped down and shot the last few guards. Only Giovanni was left now.

“So, you finally came. But you are too late. Kanto is going to die.” He pulled out a remote control and was about to press the button when he felt a sharp pain in his hand. He looked down and saw Carl’s combat knife embedded in his hand. He looked at him and saw him with his pistol. Carl shot him in the shoulder, then in the chest, then in the leg, before unloading another final shot to the head. Giovanni fell to the floor in a pool of his own blood; he died with his eyes open.

“Exquisite eh?” He said sarcastically and with a cheeky smile to Misty. He shot the lock on the cell and walked over to Giovanni’s body

“One shot to the head is all you needed.” Said Misty standing by him, cringing at the sight of the blood splattered all over the room. She turned round and looked at Ash who was reloading his M-16. When he looked at her she slapped him hard.

“OW!” He shouted

“That’s for not coming earlier!” She put her hand on his cheek and went closer: “And this… Is for saving my life and thousands of others…” She leant towards Ash and gave him a big kiss.

“Oh God…” Sighed Carl. He picked up Giovanni’s remote and pressed the button for the complex to self- destruct. “C’mon! Lets get out of here! This place will go up in 6 minutes!” They ran for the lift at the end of the cell- block and pressed the button for the lobby. They had to get out at level B1 and go out through an air vent, as the fire in the lobby had become a raging inferno. The three of them climbed out the vent, and Ash grabbed Misty and helped her up. They ran out the door and out the main gate and jumped into the Vauxhall that Carl was hiding behind before.

“You know what you’re doing?” Asked Misty as Carl hotwired it.

“My dad was a mechanic, I used to drive cars in and out the garage.”

“But that was only about 10ft, we need to be 10 miles away before this place goes up!” Misty yelled.

“Don’t worry, these things are fast.” Carl floored the accelerator and they made a getaway. They got away with 4 minutes left on the clock.


Brock meanwhile was standing outside with Officer Jenny when he saw the mushroom cloud over the forest. He looked at her with a shock on his face

“I hope they weren’t in that place when it blew”

“Me too… C’mon, we’ll go and look for them.” They sped off in the patrol car and found Ash, Carl and Misty on the country road outside the air base.

“Thank god you’re here!” Said Ash with relief. “We ran out of gas.”

“Hop in” called Jenny. The three escapees jumped in and they were taken back to the pokémon centre.


It was early evening when they got back. Thursday night was karaoke night in the centre’s bar. Ash was sitting with Carl, Misty and Brock at a table near the back of the room. Ash looked at his watch.

“September 15th… 7 years ago today…”

“7years ago today what Sweetie?” Asked Misty.

“7 years since my dad died.” I think I can remember him by singing tonight.

“What you gonna sing?” Asked Carl.

“Wait and see.” Ash replied. He stood up and went up to the microphone.

“Hi, I’m Ash from Pallet Town in Kanto, and I’m going to be singing one of my personal favourites. The music started and Ash began to sing Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day.


 Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends
Like my father’s come to pass
Seven years has gone so fast
Wake me up when September ends
Here comes the rain again
Falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
Becoming who we are
As my memory rests
But never forgets what I lost
Wake me up when September ends
Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends
Ring out the bells again
Like we did when spring began
Wake me up when September ends
Here comes the rain again
Falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
Becoming who we are
As my memory rests
But never forgets what I lost
Wake me up when September ends
Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends
Like my father's come to pass
Twenty years has gone so fast
Wake me up when September ends
Wake me up when September ends
Wake me up when September ends



Ash sung it so wonderfully, the audience were shouting for an encore. He called Carl up to the stage.

“This next song is dedicated to my girlfriend Misty. This song’s called Extraordinary Girl, and it will be a duet by me and my friend Carl here.


(Key- Italic= Ash Underline= Both)
She's an extraordinary girl
In an ordinary world
And she can’t seem to get away
He lacks the courage in his mind
Like a child left behind
Like a pet left in the rain
She's all alone again
Wiping the tears from her eyes
Some days he feels like dying
She gets so sick of crying
She sees the mirror of herself
And image she wants to sell
To anyone willing to buy
He steals the image in her kiss
From her hearts apocalypse
From the one called Whatsername
She's all alone again
Wiping the tears from her eyes
Some days he feels like dying
She gets so sick of crying
She's all alone again
Wiping the tears from her eyes
Some days he feels like dying
Some days he's not worth trying
Now that they're both up on it
She gets so sick of crying
She's an extraordinary girl
An extraordinary girl
An extraordinary girl
An extraordinary girl
When they finished, Misty ran up to the stage and gave Ash a huge hug. Ash then carried her to her room and put her to bed.
“Goodnight babe” He whispered to her
“G’night honey” She whispered back.
“Love you” He said with a smile.
“I love you too.” Ash kissed her and walked out the room. When the door closed behind him, Misty smiled and fell fast asleep.
The next morning, Carl was standing outside the pokémon centre while Ash and Misty sat on the steps holding each other. Carl was starting to get impatient, as Brock was trying to chat up nurse Joy.
“COME ON! DON’T MAKE ME SHOOT YOU!” At that point Brock ran out.
“Lets go.” We gotta get to Salem in the next 3 days.”
“Then we’d better step on it, I wanna get one of those fit girls” laughed Carl. As they walked out of town, Ash looked over towards where they air force base once was.
“Isn’t if funny Misty, that the people back in Kanto didn’t know how close they were to complete destruction…”