How Hard Is It To Tell You How I Feel?

By Moltres Avianos




Ok, this is my first fanfic for TPT, I have written a few for another site. But I feel the standard is better here.


Ok, on with the story!


Ash was watching the TV as usual. It’d been a hard day in the Cerulean City gym, and was really tired. He was watching his favourite sport, WWE wrestling, and was watching Misty’s favourite Randy Orton beating up Chris Benoit. After the match had finished, Misty walked in, slamming the door behind her.


“What’s the matter?” asked Ash, lifting his head over the back of the sofa to see Misty. Misty sat down next to him.

“Wah? Oh…. Nothing, Ash”

“You don’t seem yourself, look, take those shoes off and ill get you a cup of coffee.”

“Yeah, k.” replied Misty, turning on the TV. “How’d Randy get on?”

“He won!” Ash replied from the kitchen. 3 minutes later, he came in with her coffee. “Here, milk, no sugar, just how you like it. Now, tell me what’s wrong.” said Ash in his comforting tone. Putting his left arm round Misty while giving her her coffee with the other.

“I just don’t get it.” Misty began. “Why do all my dates go wrong? The guys seem nice enough, but when we actually go on the date, they turn so… ARGH!!”

“I’m sure its nothing, you’ll find someone some day. You’re just… well, I hope you don’t mind me saying, deserve every date you get. I mean, you’re pretty, sweet, and any guy would be honoured to have you with him.”

Misty slouched down a little and leaned on Ash’s shoulder. “Thank you Ash. How come you never get a date? I mean; you’re so sweet.”

“Hmm, I don’t know.” Replied Ash.


Misty and Ash watched a little TV together in their apartment.  SamckDown! Seemed the only decent thing on. It was a cold night, with snow coming down, so Ash lit the fire and brought in a bottle of wine.

“Wanna watch something else? Wrestling goes with beer, not wine!” Joked Ash

“We got any beer?” asked Misty.

“No, gotta get some more before WrestleMania.”

Misty laughed. “What DVD do we watch?”

“Hmmm,” thought Ash. “American Pie: The Wedding, or Scary Movie?”


“Ok, American Pie it is!”


The two best friends sat watching the movie; halfway through, Ash thought it was time to go to bed. He was really tired. Misty stayed and watched the rest of the film. During the wedding scene, even though it was a comedy movie, Misty held onto her cuddly Pikachu and cried.

“Some day Ash…. Some day.” She then turned everything off and went to bed.


Next day was business as usual. Misty would get Ash up, they would have breakfast together, and then Ash would be off at the Gym, Misty at the local Pokémon Centre.


Misty was home first as usual, and wasn’t feeling generally tired. She lay down on the sofa and watched a little bit of her favourite drama, JAG. During the adverts, she fell asleep. It wasn’t her fault Ash bought such a comfortable sofa.


Ash came in half an hour later, and noticed Misty asleep, Pikachu ran to play with Togepi, and ash sat down on the floor under Misty’s head, still facing the TV. “She looks so sweet when she’s asleep.” Ash thought to himself.


Ash went to put the dinner on; he doesn’t really like cooking, but had an idea. He cooked something really exquisite, and put a set of candles on the table.

“Tonight will be the night,” he thought to himself, looking at Misty’s seemingly lifeless body on the sofa. While cooking the potatoes, Ash noticed something was wrong with Misty. From being so still, she’d suddenly become disorientated and aggressive in her sleep, she was tossing and turning, and starting to cry. And looked to be doing CPR on the sofa.” Ash turned the potatoes down as they were boiling so he could see to Misty. He could only hear his name being called in Misty’s sleep.

Ash got to the sofa. And was there just as Misty had calmed down.

“Ash! You’re… you’re alive! I was afraid you had left me.”

Ash thought Misty had had enough.

“Misty? Misty? You Ok?”

Misty’s eyes slowly opened up, her eyes were red and was crying. Her nurses’ uniform was soaked, along with the sofa.

“I’m here, I’m breathing, and I’m not a son of a bitch!” Ash joked, to make light of the situation.

“ASH!!” Misty called out loud, and grabbed Ash for a hug. Being shocked by what she’d just done, Ash could only hug back.

“Come on, go to your wardrobe, and change into something nice, dinner’s ready”

“Huh?” wondered Misty, and did as Ash suggested, putting her nurses’ uniform in the wash, put on her white ball gown she wore when they went to Daisy’s wedding. Ash was already dressed into something good when he walked in, because he wanted to take Misty out for dinner. But seeing ash she was asleep, he decided making dinner would be more romantic.


Misty came out of the bedroom and into the living room where Ash was standing next to a candle lit table. On the table were two plates of Duck A’ la Orange. Misty was astounded.

“Ash? Why?”

“I was going to take you out tonight, but as you were asleep, I thought id make something that you’d be able to eat when you woke up.”

“Ash, I don’t know what to say, its perfect!”

Ash pulled out a chair for misty to sit down before sitting down himself to eat.

Misty dived right in. “Ash! This is perfect! But why something like this?”

“You love French things, so id make something French.”

“Thank you”

“Don’t mention it”


They smiled at each other before they ate dinner and shared a bottle of wine with each other. Ash went back into the kitchen then came out with a big bowl with some green stuff and a frozen banana. “HOPE YOU LIKE ICE CREAM!!”

“You know I do!” said Misty as Ash put a bowl of the banana split on the table


After they’d eaten, Ash got Misty’s favourite Barenaked Ladies album and put on their slow songs that they danced to.



“Why did you really do this?”

“Because you’re my best friend, and I thought a romantic evening together would be a thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

Misty gave Ash a small kiss on the lips.

“I’ve enjoyed it”

“There’s another reason”


“There’s something I wanna tell you”

Misty’s heart beat faster as Ash took hold of her hands

“Misty… I…”

Misty interrupted Ash before he could finish by putting her finger over his lips

“Don’t say it Ash, there’s no need, I feel the same way.”

Misty kissed Ash again.

“Wanna watch TV?” she asked. “After what happened earlier, I need a rest”

“If you want to.” Replied Ash. They lay watching the TV holding each others hand. When they were done, they were both very tired. Misty turned over, and Ash put his arms round her waist, looking into each others’ eyes

“I love you, Emerald Eyes”

“You too Raven Hair”