July 1998: Zigzagoon Forest. A series of strange events are happening on the edge of Zigzagoon City. Hikers in the mountains have been reported missing, and strange murders have been taking place. People have heard rumours of entire families being murdered by groups of about 10 people. The victims were apparently… eaten.

S.T.A.R.S Bravo team had been sent in to investigate. But lost contact…


This is where Ash, Misty and Brock’s worst nightmare was about to begin….


“Can you see it yet?” asked Misty.

“No, can’t see anything.” Replied Brad, the Alpha team’s helicopter pilot. They had been searching the foothills of these mountains all day. Until Misty noticed something.

“Look, Ash!” Ash looked to his left out the window and they could see the smouldering wreckage of Bravo team’s helicopter. Brad landed Alpha’s and the S.T.A.R.S team disembarked.

They spent a while searching for any survivors. Joseph went and checked out the crashed helicopter. It was a derelict. Except… for the body of it’s pilot, Edward Dewey. Joseph freaked out and ran back outside. The rest of the S.T.A.R.S team: Ash Redfield, Misty Valentine, Brock Burton and James Wesker scanned the area for any Bravo team survivors. They found nothing. Joseph heard something and readied his shotgun. Nothing. Then, from out of nowhere, a pack of deformed dogs, with their skin missing, and covered in blood, jumped at Joseph. In defence, he fired his shotgun at the hounds, but they seemed to be immune to his shotgun fire, even at close range.

On hearing the screams and gunfire, the rest ran to him. But too late. He was dead. One of the hounds turned round and looked at Misty. His friends seemed to do the same and ran at her. She turned and ran, only to trip on a fallen branch. Ash shot them to give her time to recover. He helped her up and they started running back to the helicopter. As they were about 50 feet away, Brad saw what was happening, started the engines, and flew off, leaving the rest stranded. The dogs continued to chase the remaining S.T.A.R.S members, whilst the humans were turning and shooting at any opportunity they had.

“Misty, head for that mansion!” yelled Ash. The four elite cops ran in, and shut the huge doors behind them.


This was to be the beginning of their worst nightmare…


The four of them stood in the main hall of this huge mansion.

“What the hell happened out there just now?” Asked Ash

“Yeah, what were those things?” Seconded Misty

“Wait.” Said Ash. “Where’s Brock?”

A gunshot echoed throughout the mansion.

“I hope that wasn’t him” Said Wesker. “We should split up and search this place.”

“Ok, I’ll check through this door.” Said Ash, and walked off.

“Ash” Said Misty. Ash turned round. “Be careful.”

Ash nodded and walked through the door. Misty went in the door opposite and James went up the grand staircase.


Ash found himself in a dining room, with a long wooden dining table with cutlery and plates neatly set out on it. There were paintings along each wall and a large grandfather clock in the middle of the room up against one of the walls. Ash walked through, and found another door at the end. He walked through, took a left and went round a corner to find a human on his knees and seemed to be eating away at something. Ash saw a half eaten head drop off a dead body that this human being was eating. When it heard Ash coming, it slowly turned its head to reveal something that Ash had never seen before. The skin was hanging off this person’s face; he had blood coming from his eyes and nose and groaned loudly. It stood up and Ash had no choice but to shoot it. This thing took three shots of Ash’s pistol but nothing happened. He raised it again, and fired a single shot into the being’s head. When that was dead, Ash checked the dead body. It was Kenneth of S.T.A.R.S Bravo team, and had been totally mauled by the zombie Ash just killed. He knew there were to be more of those things, so Ash took Ken’s shotgun, handgun bullets, and his handgun, and walked up the hallway. As he was walking, Ash realised what had been happening around this area. The strange murders, the people going missing, Joseph being attacked and killed, Ash knew that these weird creatures were responsible. He had to find Wesker, Brock and Misty before something bad happens to them

On the other side of the mansion, Misty had run into something just as Ash had, and had realised the same thing. Misty was the smartest of the 6 Alphas, she could figure out difficult theories and was a master at lock picking and electronics. She was the only one not to chicken out of a survival course in the same mountains 4 years ago. She will now need her survival skills to survive this horror.

Misty was in a bedroom, she picked up a book entitled “Scientist’s diary” she opened and read it.


May 9, 1998

At night, I played poker with Scott the guard, Alias, and Steve the Researcher. Steve was really lucky, but I think he was cheating. What a scumbag.

May 10, 1998

Today, a high-ranking researcher asked me to take care of a new monster. It looks like a gorilla without any skin. They told me to feed them live food. When I threw in a pig they were playing with it... pulling off its legs and pulling out its guts before they actually ate it.

May 11, 1998: Around 5 'o clock this morning, Scott came in and woke me up suddenly. He was wearing a protection suit that looks a space suit.

He told me to put one on as well. I heard that there was an accident in the basement lab. It's no wonder; those researchers never rest even at night.

May 12, 1998: I've been wearing this damn spacesuit since yesterday; my skin grows musty and feels very itchy. By way of revenge, I didn't feed those dogs today. Now I feel better.

May 13, 1998: I went to the medical room because my back is all swollen and itchy. They put a big bandage on my back and told me that I don't have to wear the spacesuit anymore. I guess I can sleep well tonight.

May 14, 1998: When I woke up this morning, I found another blister on my foot. I went to the dog's pen and ended up dragging my foot. They have been quiet since morning, which is unusual. I found that some of them had escaped. I'll be in real trouble if the higher ups find out.

May 15, 1998: Even though I didn't feel well, I decided to go see Nancy. It's my first day off in a long time, but I was stopped by the guard on the way out. They say the company has ordered that no one leave the grounds. I can't even make a phone call. What kind of joke is this!?!

May 16, 1998: I heard a researcher that tried to escape was shot last night. My entire body feels burning and itchy at night. When I was scratching the swelling on my arm a lump of rotten flesh dropped off. What the hell is happening to me?

May 19, 1998: Fever gone but itchy.
Hungry and eat doggy food.
Itchy. Itchy. Scott came. Ugly face so killed him.




Misty had now found out more than Ash had, she know knew what had caused all these strange beings to be created. She heard the door open. She pulled out her gun and focused on the door.

“HOLD YOUR FIRE! I’M A HUMAN!” It was Brock.

“Brock! Are you ok?”

“Yeah, have you seen what’s going on here?”

“Yeah, check this out.” She handed Brock the scientist’s diary.

“Damn. We’d best stick together. Stay close to me you hear?”



Back on Ash’s side of the mansion, he had walked onto a patio, and there, dead was yet another Bravo Team soldier, this time it was Forest Speyer, Bravo’s vehicle expert. He had been pecked to death by crows; there was a huge mess all over the patio.

“So, crows have turned blood thirsty” Said Ash to himself. He walked back inside before he was next. He walked through a hallway and round another corner and into another room. He saw S.T.A.R.S medic Rebecca Chambers fighting off a group of zombies Ash pulled out his shotgun and blew each of the zombies’ heads into hamburgers. Sending blood and decaying brains all over the room.

“Thank God you’re here!” Said a very relieved Rebecca.

“I’m just glad I got some target practise in” Joked Ash. “Come on, we gotta stay together.

As they walked through another hallway Rebecca realised something wasn’t right.

“Ash, stop.” Ash stopped and got the shotgun ready. A banging sound could be heard.

“What’s that?” Asked Ash. They turned round and they saw a huge bulking beast that was half gorilla, half reptile. The two of them stared at it in awe.



“We’re gonna need more ammo”

“Not if I do this right. Ok, go back into that room and wait there.”

Ash took his shotgun and fired two carefully placed shots into the monster’s head, like the zombies, sending bits of brains and other things flying. Ash ran before something else came along.

Misty and Brock had climbed down a ladder and were in a weird complex made of stone.

“Shall we start from here and work our way up?” Asked Misty

“Sounds good. Split up and meet back here in five”


After 5 minutes of searching, they met back up at the ladder.

“Misty, I can hear a voice”

“Yeah, so can I.”

They walked around until they found the source of the voice.

“Is that Misty?”

“Is that Voice Enrico’s?” Misty and Brock ran over to the captain of Bravo team.

“Misty, this is all a set up. One of your team is a traitor; you will die if you are not care…” A gunshot rang out and Enrico fell dead on the floor. A man over them ran, and Misty and Brock ran to an elevator and pressed the B3 button. When they arrived, they were greeted by Ash, Rebecca and Richard Aiken, A Bravo member who they found injured after a giant snake attacked him. The three were armed with very vicious looking guns.

“Ash! Are you ok?”

“We’re fine, you?”

“Yeah. Find any survivors?”

“Just Rebecca and Richard, You?”

“We just found Enrico, but he was…” Misty and Brock pulled out their guns and pointed them at Ash “What’s going on around here?”

“I don’t know! I’ve never been here before, I never knew this place existed, you gotta believe me!” Misty and Brock lowered their guns. A laugh came from behind them.

“Heh Heh Heh. So, you found out our secrets.”
”What have you done Wesker? Asked Ash angrily.

“I’ve been here for 15 years as a head researcher. I helped create the T-Virus for Bio Organic Weapons. When the stories came in, I had to stop S.T.A.R.S from getting involved. My orders were to send you guys in, dispose of you and then cover it all up. I came back here to finish something with a rival company of ours. For the deal to be complete, I need the combat data of what I’m about to show you now. The Tyrant.” Wesker pressed a button and the door opened, and he, Ash, Misty, Brock, Rebecca and Richard headed in. Wesker led them over to a huge habitube and began another speech.

“The ultimate life form: Tyrant. It’s the result of 15 years hard work. He pressed a button and the green fluid the 8ft tall monster was in was drained. Its external heart started beating and it opened its eyes. It bashed its fist into the glass and it shattered. The S.T.A.R.S members took a few steps back and the Tyrant burst through. It looked at Wesker and Wesker stared into its eyes. The Tyrant used its oversized claw and thrust it into Wesker. Impaling him on the end and throwing him to the ground. The rest got their guns out.

“Come on you test tube freak!” Yelled Richard. The 5 S.T.A.R.S members started shooting at the beast’s head. It took longer than they were expecting. But after a long fight, they had finally killed it. Just after killing the beast, an alarm started.


“Let’s get out of here” Said Ash. The 5 of them ran for the door at the end of the room. They were in yet another hallway, near the doors for an elevator. As Misty pressed the button, they heard the Tyrant’s roar come from the other room. Somehow, that T-Virus had brought the thing back to life.

“You two go on ahead, let us finish this” Said Richard to Rebecca and Misty

“Richard, no, you’re still not 100%!”
”Why won’t you let me have my moments?” he said jokingly. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine”

“Ok, good luck!”

“Thanks. Come on guys, let’s go” He, Ash and Brock ran back to where they came from while Misty and Rebecca went up the elevator. While they were halfway there, Brad’s voice came over the radio.

“This is Brad, I’m running low on fuel. If there is anyone alive down there contact me or give me a sign!”

When Misty and Rebecca got to the top, they were on a helipad. In the corner was a box of signal rockets that they launched into the air. Soon after, the elevator came back up, and the two girls turned, expecting another monster to come out of it. Instead it was the other three.

“You made it. You kill it again?”

“No, we had to knock it out and run.” Said Brock. I think if Brad doesn’t get to us soon we’re gonna have to fight it again”

They heard a loud bang as the Tyrant burst through the concrete of the helipad. The S.T.A.R.S members raised their guns again and another battle ensued. The gang were thrown about like beads in a jar, shooting while the beast’s back was turned. As Ash looked up to shoot it again, Brad flew over and dropped a rocket launcher. Ash dived through the Tyrant’s legs, grabbed the launcher and fired at it. The Tyrant just batted the missile away. Brock and Richard shot the Tyrant in the back of the head, the Tyrant turned round and went to strike them. As it did, Misty yelled out “SHOOT IT AGAIN ASH!” Ash did as she ordered and fired a missile straight at it. It exploded on contact and blew the Tyrant to pieces.

Brad landed the helicopter and the survivors jumped on. As they took off the mansion exploded in a huge blast. The nightmare was over.

Misty was sitting next to Ash on the helicopter and leant on his shoulder. Ash got a quick look at her as she closed her eyes and fell asleep. Rebecca was also sleeping while Richard re-bandaged his wounds and Brock helped Brad fly back to Zigzagoon city. It was now daylight, and all that these brave people had to do, is to make people believe what they saw, and Ash had Kenneth and Forest’s camera videotapes to prove it. It won’t be easy to forget the nightmare, but, working together, they will now travel to Europe to find out how far the twisted conspiracy goes