Resident Pokémon 3: Nemesis


A month and a half has passed since the incident. September has come to Zigzagoon City, a small industrial city in the American Midwest. People are starting to forget the chaos at the mansion as their lives return to normal.

The bizarre incident that occurred in the Arklay Mountains, the destruction of the special taskforce S.T.A.R.S., Umbrella's secret biological weapons laboratory hidden in an old mansion, the power of the T-Virus that turns humans and animals into horrible monsters... how could it all happen here?

People could not believe the survivors' reports. Stories of their incredible experiences and of strange biological weapons and zombies were beyond the towns- folks' imagination. The surviving S.T.A.R.S. team members headed to Europe even before the town heard the full details of what had happened.

They hoped it was all over. But then it happened again. Suddenly a series of inexplicable murders occurred and a strange disease began invading neighborhoods. T-Virus was flowing into the city...

The invisible plague snuck up silently and turned the unsuspecting citizens into monsters. People cursed their foolishness, but the nightmare had already begun. The future was out of their control.

Zigzagoon City was on the brink of collapse...



“It all started on an ordinary day in September, an ordinary day in Zigzagoon City. A city controlled by Umbrella…

No one dared to oppose them, and that lack of opposition would ultimately lead to their destruction. If only they had the courage to fight…

I suppose that those people had to suffer the consequences of their actions, but what happened was chaos…

I guess it’s true that once the wheels of justice begin to spin nothing can stop them… Nothing

This would be my last chance… This would be… my last escape…”


September 27th


The red- haired woman opened the door to her apartment, and threw her things onto the bed. She flicked on the CB radio and the TV. On it was the news:

“No one can explain this weird outbreak of violence…” she flicked to the next channel:

“A crime spree with no end…” she flicked again, but when she did, the radio kicked in.

“Officer in need of back up!”

“We need riot police NOW!”

“It’s just like what Valentine and Redfield told us!”

“Someone help!”

Just then, the dispatch woman came on

“All available off- duty officers are required to report for duty as soon as possible”

The cop kicked off her high heels, quickly put on some boots, grabbed her gun and holster and ran to the police station, where outside, other officers were trying to restrain the strange acting civilians.

Inside, more restraining was going on, some cops were holding back some more civilians.

Suddenly, the red haired woman burst in, pulled out her gun, and shot each of the strange civilians in the head. The cops all ducked, as the female cop kept pointing, pulling and repeating. A black bearded man was handcuffed to a chair while this woman was trying to take a nibble at him. He screamed for help. And the female cop shot the woman in the head, the recoil sending her head snapping back. The bearded man looked up to find a Beretta pointed at him.

“Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” The gun pointed away from his head and the woman shot out the handcuffs, allowing him to get away. She reloaded her gun to the mumbles of the other cops.

“It’s Valentine, its ok”

“It’s Misty, Hold your fire man”

The chief of police stormed in.


“They’re infected.” She said reloading the gun. “I told you, shoot for the head. Looks like Ash, Brock, Rebecca, Richard and I were right Irons you fat shit” Misty turned to the confused officers in the main hall of the police station with her. “I’m leaving town, I suggest you all do the same!” She left, with all the others following her. The chief looked on, rather annoyed.


That night, when she had all her things loaded into the back of her car, Misty set out to leave the city. As she neared the city limits, she was stopped by a bunch of people in black Umbrella uniforms who told her to turn round and head back into town. She did as she was told, and set off back home. As she arrived at an intersection, she was t-boned by a truck also looking for a way out. Her car spun and went through a shop window. Shaken, Misty stepped out of the car, and headed back towards her apartment. She still had her radio on her, and overheard a conversation between a cop and dispatch.

“Armed Umbrella soldiers have been deployed into the city!”


At the centre of Zigzagoon City, black helicopters with the Umbrella logo on the sides flew low. On one of the helicopters, a young Spanish soldier in Umbrella mercenary uniform with two older Russian soldiers were looking out of the window when they saw a young woman on the roof of Zigzagoon 7’s television studios. The blonde woman was being pursued by some very hungry undead civilians. The Spanish soldier yelled to the pilot.


“We have our orders Olivera, we’re going to meet the others”
”SCREW ORDERS! SET US DOWN!” he yelled. He turned to his ginger haired colleague. “Nicholai, tie me off.” The Russian attached the Spaniard to the rope, and he leaped out of the helicopter, double wielding his desert eagles and shooting while he fell. He killed all but one of the zombies before he ran out of rope. He stopped about 5 ft from the ground, unfastened himself and kicked the last zombie in the face, breaking its weak neck from the concussive force of the kick. The helicopter came lower, and off jumped Nicholai and the others, Yuri, Tyrell, Mike and Karl. They ran to the woman.

“It’s ok ma’am, we’re here to help you, we’ll get you patched up and get you out of the city”

“No…” she said, shaking her head. “I know what happens to you when you get bitten.” She showed Carlos her arm. There was a huge bite and all that was left was bone. She turned, and let herself fall to the cold concrete below. The five Umbrella soldiers looked at her body. Nicholai and Yuri looked at each other, and then looked back at the dead woman below them.

“C’mon Carlos” said Nicholai in his half American, half Russian accent “lets go and meet up with the others” they ran down the stairs to street level where all the other Umbrella soldiers were helping the S.W.A.T teams and other cops to battle the undead. Carlos and the others pulled out their machine guns and shot the zombies whilst the S.W.A.T and the police fired away. There were heavily outnumbered. Officers and S.W.A.T members were taken over, pinned to the ground and eaten. All around him, Carlos could hear the screams and ripping of flesh as people were cut down where they stood, including the other three members of his team. Humans were no match for zombies. He ran behind a police car and continued shooting zombies. He sat down with his back up against the car’s side.

“GRENADE!” he yelled, and threw a grenade at the horde advancing on his position. The survivors took cover. A loud explosion rang out and the zombies were blown apart. There was sporadic fighting all over the city, every cop, S.W.A.T, Umbrella Merc and civilian who had a gun were helping each other to fight. The police, S.W.A.T teams and civilians all trusted Umbrella. However, Misty had a huge grudge on them. They killed her colleagues, her friends, and she wanted Umbrella destroyed.


Meanwhile, in Umbrella’s camp outside the sealed main exit to the city, a man of a German background known as Major Cain watched the chaos on CCTV cameras.

“This is the moment we’ve been waiting for” he said, “Make sure every bit of data is recorded. Activate the program.” The scientist next to him pressed a few keys on her computer and began the activation of the program Cain was on about. The sedative feeds were shut off, the IV feed was shut off, and so too were the muscle relaxants. On a huge bed in the hospital, the beast awoke. It stood up, and walked about the hospital.
”Kill the S.T.A.R.S and any R.P.D officer left alive at all costs.” He said to himself…


Meanwhile, back at the centre of the city, all but a select few Umbrella soldiers were left. Yuri advanced forward, as he did so; a zombie burst its way out of a door and got a bite out of hiss shoulder. Carlos saw what was happening and threw his knife at the undead monster attacking his friend. The knife hit the zombie in the head, killing it. Carlos ran over to Yuri, who was on the ground.

“Yuri, you ok?”
”Yeah, I’ll be fine.”  He saw more zombies coming, and pulled out a grenade. “Bite this!” and threw it. Carlos pulled the door over them to shield them from the blast. After the smoke cleared. Carlos pulled Yuri up, wrapped Yuri’s arm around his shoulder, and carried him away from the danger zone into an alley. They looked up, and saw a helicopter carrying two large crates towards their location. Nicholai lit a flare, and he and Carlos shouted and waved the flare about to try and get the attention of the pilot. But the helicopter kept on going, ignoring the tired soldiers.

“Damn it!” shouted Nicholai.

“It dropped something in the hospital, did you see it?” asked Carlos.

“Could be a radio, one that actually works!” replied Nicholai, and the two of them helped a sweating and weak Yuri to the hospital. They approached the front doors, and they looked inside.

“There’s the crates” Said Carlos. “Here, take Yuri” he handed Yuri over to Nicholai and they carefully went inside. They passed several wards, and in one large room there was a white blanket on the floor and tubes everywhere. They proceeded further and reached the metal crates. Carlos switched on the flashlight on the end of his machine gun to check them out, while slowly but surely, Nicholai caught up with him, practically carrying Yuri.

“Nicholai, put me down,” Said a very weak Yuri

“Ok Yuri, you rest here for a bit” Nicholai walked over to Carlos. “What is it?”

“Looks like weapons crates. A rocket launcher and a mini gun by the looks of things…”

“We don’t need weapons, we need evacuation!” Nicholai yelled, kicking one of the crates angrily.” Carlos stared at the empty weapons crates and then at Nicholai “I don’t think these were meant for us…”


Suddenly, he turned round and saw Yuri coming towards them; he had become one of the undead, and went straight for Carlos. Yuri managed to get a little bite, but Carlos threw him off. After regaining balance, Yuri went at him again, but Nicholai had his gun out. Yuri saw him, and Nicholai pulled the trigger…


At the police station courtyard, a very tense and nervous Brad Vickers was walking around.

“I bet back in Eugene the leaves are turning brown and the place looks like usual… God, I wanna see it all again before I die…”

Suddenly, the beast that Major Cain authorised the activation of appeared. It was at least eight and a half feet tall and must have weighed a good couple of tons. Brad panicked and tried to run from the huge green monster. It only had one eye, and had huge metal staples in its head where Umbrella must have done brain surgery on it. Its huge rotten teeth giving it a permanent evil grin, as it also had no lips. It was enough to scare even the world’s bravest people. Brad pulled out his gun, and fired three shots at the monster. As it came closer, Brad put the gun against his head and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened, he was out of ammo… He stared as the monster came closer. It picked him up in its huge hand. Brad yelled out for help, but it was no use, a large tentacle came out of the beast’s hand, and it punched it through Brad’s head. Brad’s body tensed, and his dying gasps were muffled by him gargling his own blood. The monster threw him to the ground, and left the police station courtyard making loud thuds as it walked. Its huge black coat and black gloves giving it that metaphysical sense of sheer power and invulnerability. It departed the courtyard uttering a single word:



September 28th: “Daylight. The monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow… I’m still alive…”


Misty awoke in the church, the only place she could think of that she would be safe in. It seemed like the Lord had protected her, as Misty, although she swore an awful lot, was a regular church- goer. When she stood up, she saw the priest.

“Morning” He said in a friendly voice.

“Hi.” She yawned.

“You will be safe in here. The Lord loves every one of us. Besides, I believe you and the others about that mansion. Umbrella’s staff will be damned to an eternity in hell.”

“You do?”

“Yes. My brother used to work for them. He resigned last year and went to Ireland where Umbrella has no power over the people there.”

“Makes me think if I should go.” Misty said sarcastically. “I’ve had it with this town, now they won’t let me leave because of that god damn virus.

“Don’t use those words in that context here, Misty, remember this is God’s house”

“Oh yeah, sorry, I’m just annoyed with things right now. That virus has killed my friends, my family… And my boyfriend…” She started to cry a little.”

“Hey. You’re a strong girl; you’ll get out of here. I promise you.” Misty looked at the priest. “Aren’t you going to escape too?” He showed her his arm, it had a bandage round it and it was stained with blood.

“I’m as good as dead.” He said sadly. “That’s why I’m not leaving. I want you to do something for me Misty. Put me out of my misery. I want you to pull the trigger.”

”You heard me. Send me to heaven.”
”I can’t. I won’t draw a weapon in such a holy place” Suddenly, the priest collapsed to the floor, and threw up. Misty walked over to him, but before she could help, the colour drained from him, and he groaned, his groaning echoing through the church. Misty, still keeping her promise not to draw a weapon in a holy building, had to do this all by hand. She waited for the priest to lunge at her, and when he did, she dodged, got behind him, and snapped his neck…


Carlos and Nicholai meanwhile had found an abandoned ambulance. Nicholai guarded it while Carlos tended to his wound.

“This damn bite… Won’t stop bleeding”

“Why didn’t they see us?” Asked Nicholai, confused.

“They did see us.” Nicholai looked at him. Carlos jumped down off the ambulance. “We’re assets Nicholai… Expendable assets.” He shot a zombie coming up behind his comrade. “And we’ve just been expended.”

“So what should we do?” Asked Nicholai

“Let’s split up and look for some survivors.”

“But what about your wound?”

“Screw the wound, knowing my luck some one will come up with something to treat it. I’ll meet you back here later then”


The left each other, and went to find others.


An Afro- American man drives his car along the street, he sees a zombie cop and floors the accelerator to run him over.

“GTA mother fucker! 10 points! WHOO!” His attention was soon distracted to a couple of topless undead strippers. As he wasn’t looking where he was going, he crashed his car into a parked pickup. He decided to run.


A zombie is shot through the heart and again through the head by a sniper on top of a theatre. He then shoots another two.

“Plenty to go around.” He said laughing, turning up his CD player and taking a swig of his beer.

“Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games!” He sang loudly. He then sees the black man who crashed his car earlier trying to commandeer a fresh one. As the sniper re-cocked his rifle, the man looked up and yelled at him to hold his fire. But, as the sniper had his CD on so loud, he couldn’t hear. He fired, but luckily, the shot missed the bearded man and hit a female zombie right between the eyes.

“Heh… I got the power.” The sniper laughed

“Thanks man I owe you one!” The man ran into a nearby building where 12 well armed men pointed guns in his face. He instantly put his hands up.

“Hey man I think I was better off outside!” One of the armed men offered him a shotgun. The man frowned.

“Come on man, please!” He opened his jacket, revealing two gold desert eagles, “my shit is custom!”


Outside, the sniper caught sight of the monstrosity that killed Brad Vickers the night before. Curious, he looked through the sight of his rifle.

“What the hell is that?” He muttered, not knowing what it was. He fired a shot at the monster, but nothing happened. He fired another, still nothing. The monster turned and saw him, and a computer in his head read ‘R.P.D- 1 Civilian- 0’ in the control room, Cain and the others were watching what the monster was seeing.

“What’s he found?” he asked.

“He’s R.S.P.F, they’re supposed to be the replacement for S.T.A.R.S, and they’re supposed to be just as good.” Said his number 2.

“Let’s see how good these guys really are. Updating mission parameters.” A large message appeared on the monster’s computer: ‘KILL ALL R.P.D MEMBERS’. The monster raised the rocket launcher it acquired in the hospital. The sniper stood up.

“YOU’RE GOING DOWN YOU SON OF A BITCH!” But then saw the rocket launcher. It fired.

“SHIT!” The sniper attempted to run, but was taken with the huge explosion. The other 12 armed men heard what happened, and saw the monster with its rocket launcher coming towards them. The leader ordered them to take defensive positions. But the civilian stayed where he was.

“You lot is crazy! Look at that big mother fucker he got a rocket launcher!”

The counter in the monster’s head changed: ‘R.P.D- 12, Civilian- 1’

“S.T.A.R.S”, It growled, and opened fire with its mini gun. Glass shot everywhere, and one by one the R.P.D members were all gunned down. The man put his hands over his eyes and prayed for his life. He cringed and stood scared to death at destruction the monster’s mini gun was making. The mini gun’s barrel stopped whirring. The bio weapon lowered it, and stared at the lone civilian.

“Respect?” He said, practically soiling himself. The computer changed status:

“Armed civilian- Threat: Minimal” The civilian dropped his guns.

“Non combatant- Threat: Zero”. As the civilian wasn’t part of the R.P.D team, the Umbrella bio-weapon grunted, turned and walked away. The civilian looked at the R.P.D members and was still shaking.

“Oh… shit…”


Cain looked through a CCTV monitor at the destruction the monster made

“Well, they weren’t very good at all now, were they?”


Misty, after killing a Catholic priest and taking on a graveyard full of the living dead was now once again on the streets of Zigzagoon City, and she saw the utter destruction. Cars overturned, windows smashed, ambulances on fire, dead cops everywhere. She walked around a little more. Misty walked past the police station. Looking through the huge iron gates she saw a body in the courtyard. It had a huge hole where his right eye was. His left eye was still open, his mouth open as if he was breathing through it and was in a pool of his own blood. The corpse was wearing woodland camouflage combat trousers; black combat boots, a white t-shirt and a yellow bullet- proof vest. On closer inspection, Misty saw the S.T.A.R.S logo on his shirt- sleeve.

“Brad…” She felt tears coming to her eyes. And ran before whatever killed Brad found and killed her.


September 28th, Night: Arklay Overpass.


Misty came out of an alleyway on to the main highway through the city. She stepped out onto it to see yet more carnage. She took a right and walked out onto the bridge. She heard yells behind her, and saw a tall blonde woman in a lab coat and a man in S.T.A.R.S uniform.

“Richard!” Misty smiled and ran over to him

“Glad to see I’m not the only one of us left” He joked. Misty looked at the woman and noticed the umbrella logo sewn into her coat. She pulled out her pistol and pointed it at the blonde woman’s head.

“And just who the hell are you?”

“I’m Elle, I worked for Umbrella.” Misty, when she heard the word ‘worked’, lowered her gun.

“Misty Valentine, S.T.A.R.S.”

“S.T.A.R.S huh? Ok, this is nothing personal, but I’ll be surprised if you make it out of here without a scratch on you.”

“What are you on about?”

“You’ll find out… When ‘it’ finds you.”

The three of them walked towards the bridge. As they walked across, Elle stopped.

“There’s something down there.” Misty and Richard looked at where Alice pointed and saw the burning wreck of a car.

“I don’t see anything.” Replied Misty.

“That doesn’t alter the fact that there is something down there.”

“I don’t have time for this!” Scoffed Richard and set off across the remainder of the bridge, after he passed a burnt out car, gunfire rang out, and Richard was gunned down like the others before him.

“RICHARD!” Yelled Misty, and dived behind the car. Elle looked over the edge and saw the 8ft monstrosity below them. It looked up, and once again, it growled that single word.


“Nemesis…” Elle whispered. She looked at Misty, hiding behind the car, crying. “RUN!” Misty looked at her, gun drawn. “JUST GO!” Misty, now knowing what had killed Brad, was now after her. She waited, counted to 5, and ran as fast as she could.

In the control room outside the city, Cain and the others watched. The scientist that activated the monster called Cain over.

“He’s located two S.T.A.RS members” On her computer screen were two photos, one of Misty Valentine, and one of Richard Aiken. Under Richard, there was the word ‘deceased’. Cain leant over and pushed a button on the table.

“Confirm at 10.34 and 36 seconds: The Nemesis is now fully activated.”

Misty ran for her life, crying, while Elle distracted Nemesis. As she was still a registered Umbrella employee, and not an important part of the Nemesis Program, her threat to the Nemesis was classed as ‘moderate’. When Misty was sure she was safe, she jumped into a pickup truck, and attempted to hotwire it.


Carlos and Nicholai meanwhile had found each other in the street. Carlos once again tried to stop his wound from bleeding. They heard a cell phone go off in the street. Nicholai went over and answered it.


“I can get you and your friend out of the city.” A man in a thick English accent said. “All you gotta do is do a little favour for me.” Nicholai looked at Carlos.

“What we gotta do?”
”You have to rescue my daughter; she’s in her school. Find her; bring her to the evac site, and you and your friend will be flown to safety.”
”Fine. Which school?”

“Zigzagoon Junior School”

“Right, we’re on our way”


Misty was still in the pickup trying to hotwire it, still crying her eyes out. Two close friends of hers killed. Misty knew she was next and that she would have to use every bit of survival knowledge to get out alive. She is a soldier, and prior to S.T.A.R.S had spent 3 years in the Delta Force. Now, if she was kidnapped or killed, no one would come to rescue her. As if she died, Umbrella would hack into the systems at the White House, delete the records and say to the civil service department of the White House and the Marine Core she never existed. Her death would un-remarked, her bones un-cleaned. She wouldn’t even get a proper officers’ funeral. She didn’t know when the day would come. But what Misty did know, is that it must NOT be tonight.


Misty was startled by Elle getting into the car, as she thought she was another zombie. She put her head on the steering wheel and got on with the hotwiring. Alice tried to comfort her.

“Look… I’m sorry about your friend.” Misty looked at her and managed to give her a little smile. She put the wires together to try and get the car started, and it jumped into life. Misty breathed a sigh of relief. And before they were about to drive of, the car phone went off. Elle answered if before the sound attracted anything.


“I’ll make you a deal.” It was the English man that called Nicholai. “If you accept, you’ll get out of the city alive. Both of you.” Misty could just overhear what the English man was saying. She moved closer to Elle to get a better listen

“What do we have to do?” Elle continued her questioning.

“Get my daughter out of the school, and freedom is yours.”

“Do we have a choice?”
”Not if you want to live past tonight, no”

“Fine.” Elle put the phone down and Misty put the car into reverse gear. Suddenly, before she could put the handbrake down, another zombie attacked them.

“RICHARD! NO!” Misty fought with Richard, who was trying to bite her, and managed to push him off. She pulled out her gun, pointed it at his head, closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. Richard fell to the ground, with a hole in his head. Misty, crying more than ever, put the handbrake down, reversed, and headed towards the school.


September 29th: Early hours.


Misty and Alice are driving round Zigzagoon City looking for a safe route to the school. Discussing various things.

“So his name’s Dr. Ashford and he’s head of…” Misty said, getting onto the ‘important’ matters

“The advanced genetics and viral weapons research division of the Umbrella Corporation.” Said Elle, knowing virtually everything about Umbrella’s staff and goings on.

“What does he want?” Asked Misty.

“His daughter, Angela. She’s trapped in the city. Umbrella executives were sent to evacuate her but she never made it. She’s hiding out in her school. We find her, and he’ll help us escape the perimeter.”

“No deal. We’ll find the biggest building, with the thickest walls, strongest doors, barricade ourselves in and wait for help.”

“There won’t be any help. According to Ashford, Umbrella knows it can’t contain the virus. So at sunrise, on October 1st, Zigzagoon City will be completely sanitised.” Misty gave her a worried look.

“What do you mean ‘sanitised’?”
”Precision Tactical Nuclear Device”

“What yield?”

“5 Kilotons”

Misty choked on a bit of saliva on hearing the news. She coughed it back up again and swallowed it. “Fuck me…”

“That means it will destroy the virus…” Elle cocked her shotgun. “And all evidence of it.”

“Man… that’s a load of crap! No way would Umbrella get away with something like that! It would be all over the freakin’ news!” Misty stopped and thought for a second. “Cover up…”

“Cover up’s already prepared: Meltdown at the nuclear power plant.”
”A tragic accident… covering up another tragic accident…” Misty shook her head, “so what do we do?”

“We just get out of here before Tuesday”

“Damn, no way is Umbrella capable of launching a nuclear missile at such a quiet town! No one can stoop that low, not even Umbrella!”

“Not capable? Misty, you were there, at that mansion lab in the Arklay Mountains. You and I know exactly how far Umbrella will go.”


The two companions drove on further, when Elle noticed a man in the road.

“LOOK OUT!” Misty slammed on the brakes to see the man she saved from the police station.

“Hey! I’m not one of those things!” He looked at Misty who wasn’t too impressed. Them man recognised her from the police station. “Hey, Remember me?” Misty nodded sarcastically. “I haven’t been bit or anything, look!” he opened his jacket to prove to them he hadn’t been touched. Misty looked at him again and sighed.

“Hop in” The man thanked her and jumped in.

“Lloyd Jefferson Wade. But you can call me LJ on account of the informal situation.” Misty put the pickup back into gear and they drove on towards the school.


1 hour later…


The pickup pulled into the school grounds, and the two ladies and LJ stepped out. Elle looked at the van also parked in the courtyard. It was a police van, K9 unit. The back doors were open, and the cages… empty…


The three survivors entered the main doors, and were in the large entrance hallway. Suddenly, they heard a scream, and a middle aged woman with brown hair in a blue/grey skirt and a matching shirt with high heels and holding a digital camcorder came bursting out of a door, followed by a zombie. Misty shot it dead, and the woman turned and looked at Misty, her Berretta smoking.

“Thanks.” She said gasping. “You gonna hide here too?”
”No, we’re here to get out the city.” Said Elle. “We do this errand, we get out. If you wanna escape, maybe you can help us.”

“Ok, what we do?” The woman asked.

“We gotta find a kid named Angela Ashford. She’s hiding here.” Replied Misty.

“Fine.” Said LJ. So we find the kid and the Limey gets us out of here?

“That’s the plan.” Misty answered, turning from the group and looking at the balconies on each floor, similar to the ones in the R.P.D building. “I suggest we split up and search the place. “You.” She ordered, pointing at LJ. “You take the this floor.” “You…. Er… Sorry I don’t know your name…”
”Terri. Terri Morales”

“Terri Morales? I know you! You on the news! You do the weather! Hey, can I get an autograph?” LJ was stopped when he felt cold stainless steel against his head and the clicking noise that guns make when they’re loaded and ready to fire.

“Would it kill you to shut the hell up for ten god damn minutes?” Asked an annoyed Elle, as LJ hadn’t shut up for over an hour. “What’s on the camera?”

“My Emmy… That’s if I live long enough to get out of here.” Misty gave them a look as if to say ‘Hey, can I finish now?’

“Terri, take the first floor. Elle will take the second and I’ll take the basement.” Misty handed Terri her spare gun.

“What? I don’t know how to use a gun!”

“It’s easy” Misty smiled, seeing two zombies coming slowly their way. “Point…” She pointed the gun at the first zombie’s head “Pull…” She pulled the trigger, killing it. She lowered the gun. “And repeat,” she smiled and took out the second zombie. Terri took the gun. “Oh yeah” Misty continued. “Try to get em in the head.” She turned and walked away. “Lets go people.”


Terri climbed the stairs to the floor she was told to search, constantly reciting Misty’s instructions:

“Point, pull, repeat, go for head. Point, pull, repeat, go for the head… aw shit…” She reached her floor and went inside the first classroom she saw. Inside, the desks were all over the place, the map of the world on the largest wall was splattered with blood, and the pupils’ schoolbags and coats were still hanging neatly on the pegs in the corner. Terri had her camera close and was recording everything that was going on- The fights between the police and the undead, the fiasco as she and 30,000 others tried to escape through a tiny gate at the only way out of the city, and the numerous strange beings she’s seen all over the place. Terri accidentally knocked a book off a desk, and jumped as it hit the ground. She was really scared now, and quickly scanned the room for Angela. Suddenly, she noticed a dark haired girl sitting in the corner. Terri quietly walked over towards her slowly.

“Angela?” She said in a calm and friendly voice.” There’s no need to be scared. Some others and I have come to help you.” She put her hand on the girls shoulder and whispered. “We’re gonna take you home.” Just then, the girl she thought was Angela turned round. She was holding a severed arm in her hands, and appeared to be snacking on it. Seeing Terri’s fresh body made her even hungrier. She got up and went towards Terri. She turned to run but saw more undead school pupils. The girl she thought was Angela bit her leg hard, and Terri fell to the floor in sheer agony. She dropped her camcorder, and as it was still on record, it recorded every second of her being used for zombie supper, similar to what happened to Joseph Frost outside the mansion a couple of months prior to the outbreak in the city


Misty was in the gym. The dodge balls still left in there from after the start of the outbreak. She was searching every hidey-hole for anyone. Then, she heard the screams. Upon hearing them, she ran upstairs to find trails of blood all over the lino. The undead school children must have dragged Terri somewhere else to finish her off. Misty followed them to a classroom.

“Terri?” She whispered. “You in here?

“You can’t help her…” Said a young girl with a thick English accent. She popped out from behind the teacher’s desk. “Not now…” Misty beamed at the sight of the little girl.

“Its ok. I’m not gonna hurt you. I’ve come to take you back to your daddy.”

“You have?”

“Yeah. My name is Misty Valentine, I’m with S.T.A.R.S. You’ll be safe with me. C’mon, lets get you out of here before they come back.” Misty picked up the camcorder and her spare gun and they left the classroom.


LJ on his floor was in the storeroom. He had one of his gold desert eagles out and was walking very cautiously through one of the aisles of lesson specific equipment. He passed a model human body.

“’Sup dawg?” He kept on walking. Past specimen jars and science apparatus. He stopped and looked a map of the world blue tacked to a whiteboard and put his finger on the largest country on it. “Ah… so that’s where Russia is” He then put his finger on a small island in the Atlantic. “Hello England!” Suddenly, LJ saw a shadow move on the other side of the door at the end of the aisle. Slowly, and very carefully, he kept moving forwards. After holding his breath he gingerly turned the doorknob and as he opened it, a life sized plastic skeleton fell in front of him. LJ put his desert eagle against the model’s temple.

“I see you mother…” He was cut short by a zombie teacher jumping out on him.

“FUCK!” He jumped backwards, and jumped again as a guardian angel shot the teacher dead. As LJ looked to see where it had come from, a zombie coming up behind him was shot at, and another. He kept looking about, and saw a very sweaty, dark skinned person come out of the shadows.

“You get the call too?” He asked in his Spanish/American accent.

“What?” LJ asked, confused.

“The girl?”

“Oh yeah, the girl. Yeah, I’m here for her.”

“Ah… Ashford didn’t say he’d made the deal with anyone else… I guess we’re partners. The name’s Olivera. Carlos Olivera.” He said, now sweating more than ever from the bite Yuri had given him two days before. His constant disinfecting and sterilising of the wound had prolonged his life considerably, but there wasn’t long before the young South American soldier joined the ranks of Zigzagoon’s undead community. LJ however, had no idea Carlos had been bitten.

Misty and Angela walked through the main corridor of the school. Angela was holding Misty’s had tight as well as the digital camera, while in her other hand, Misty held her gun.

“Angela Ashford huh? That’s a pretty grown up name for a little girl.”

“I’m NOT a little girl” Angela insisted. “Besides, all my friends called me Angie.”

“Angie huh?” Misty looked at her and smiled. “I like that.” They took a left and entered the canteen.

“Those things are in here.” Angie whispered.

“It’s ok honey” Misty replied reassuringly. “They’re slow, we can run round em.”

“Not them…” Angie pointed at a four- legged creature in the shadows. “Them” The zombie dogs looked at Misty.

“Damn… Not these again… Get down” she ordered, and readied her gun. The dog charged and jumped at Misty, knocking her down and sending her gun across the room. Misty quickly got to her feet, and picked up a chair. The zombie dog, now heightened in its speed, strength and agility, ran up and jumped at Misty again, but before it reached her, it was hit with machine gun fire. The zombies already in the room were shot too, and Misty watched as a well-built man moved round the room in the dark. He moved over to the dog he just shot and pulled out his pistol. He fired one shot into the dog’s head.

“Stay.” He said coldly in a Russian accent. He turned to Misty. “Thought you could use a hand.” He smiled. Misty stared at the Russian angrily.

“You work for Umbrella”

“Heh, used to,” he laughed. “’Till they left us here for dead. Now, I consider myself freelance.” Misty smiled, as she thought he was rather sweet. The Umbrella soldier saluted her. “Sergeant Nicholai Ginovaef, at your service.” He went to shake Misty’s hand, but as he held out his hand, another zombie dog tackled him. Angie screamed and ran.

“Angie! Wait!” Misty turned back to Nicholai wrestling the dog.

“Save the girl!” He shouted, struggling. “I got this bitch!” He continued wrestling with the dog, but he was about to get more than just one pooch on his chest. The door opened, and in walked another dog, attracted by the noise Nicholai was making, the growls and barks of the other dog, and the shouting made by Misty and Angie. Misty ran after Angie, and Nicholai was left alone. He heard the second dog bark and run towards his friend. Nicholai’s eyes widened.

“Aw crap!”


Misty and Angie were in the kitchen, and behind them, they heard Nicholai yelling out in agony. Misty looked at Angie.

“From now on you stay right beside me.” She scolded. She took Angie’s hand and they crept between the cookers and overturned food trolleys. Suddenly, behind them, they heard the two zombie dogs walk in, one of them carrying part of Nicholai’s digestive tract in its mouth. Misty knew a way to take them out. She saw a meat cleaver, and turned back to Angie, putting her hands on her arms.

“Wait here.” She whispered. “Keep very still, and very quiet.” Angie hid behind a cooker and curled into a ball. Misty got onto her belly and tried to reach for the cleaver. It was hard to get at, as the room had been trashed, and there were cages and all sorts littering the room. Misty stretched harder and harder to reach the cleaver. As she was millimetres from grabbing it, she heard a thud behind her. The cook had crawled through a gap and grabbed her leg. She was able to move out the way in time, and took hold of the cook’s head. As soon as she did so, she twisted it hard and there were several simultaneous cracks as the cook’s neck was broken. Misty looked at Angie, who stared open mouthed. Misty smiled at her, knowing that she mustn’t be scared as to not scare the little girl. She turned to try and grab the cleaver again, but the dog had got there first, making her jump. Misty grabbed Angie, and they went about turning the knobs on the cookers. Gas flooded into the room, turning the air in the room hazy. Misty pulled a book of matches from her side pack and lit them; she threw the matches over her head. Alas, the match died before it reached the gas filled room, and there wasn’t enough heat to ignite it. Misty kicked open a door, and they kept walking. In the end of the small corridor between the cooking area and the canteen itself, Elle was standing holding a Molotov cocktail. She lit it, grinned, and threw it towards the door. As the dogs jumped through the windows of the door, the lit rag on the cocktail ignited a tiny part of the gas that had entered the corridor. Elle moved quickly, grabbing a fire blanket and wrapping it around herself and Angie. The cooking room exploded, and Misty dived away from it Bond- style. Elle unwrapped the fire blanket from around her and Angie and looked at her.

“Thank you.” Angie said, not believing what just happened.

“You two know each other?” Coughed Misty. Elle pointed at Angie.

“She’s infected.” Misty stood up and gave Elle a funny look. “She’s infected on a massive level.”

“How the hell do you know that?” Misty asked angrily. Not believing a word Elle said.

“Because she is too.” Said Angie quietly.

“You’re infected? When were you gonna tell us?” Elle pulled over a chair and sat down in front of Angie.

“Lemme see”

“No!” Angie was starting to get scared, because she knew what Elle wanted to look at. She got up and bent down to her height.

“You know I’m not gonna hurt you.” She said reassuringly. “Lemme see”. Elle took Angie’s arm and rolled up her blazer sleeve. On her arm were numerous scars where she had been injected with something. Elle took Angie’s school bag and took out her lunch box. In it was a secret compartment, containing Umbrella syringes.

“What’s that?” Asked Misty.

“The anti-virus… The cure to the T-Virus.” Replied Elle, with a shocked look on her face.

“There’s a cure?” Misty asked. Elle looked at Angie.

“Where did you get this?”

“My daddy… My daddy made it for me. He’s sick, and some day, I’ll get sick too.” Misty walked over to where Elle and Angie were. “When I was little…” she continued, “I had to walk on crutches. The doctors said I’d never get better, only worse. That’s when daddy came up with the idea of making something to help me get better…”

“The T-Virus…” Misty sighed.

“Then, they took the invention away from him. He isn’t really a bad man, he didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” Angie was close to tears; Elle leaned over and hugged her.

“Shhhhh, it’s all right.” Elle ran her hand up and down Angie’s back to comfort her. Suddenly, a door burst open. Elle pulled out her shotgun and pointed it at the young man that bashed through it. He was sweating like mad. The young man had his assault rifle out, the laser pointed at Alice’s neck. They stood, guns poised, until LJ followed the young man in.

“It’s ok! He’s with me. Made that deal with Dr. Doom, same as you.” Elle lowered her shotgun, and the young Umbrella soldier switched the laser off and lowered his gun too.

“How many of you are there?” Asked Misty.

“What do you mean?” The South American replied, slightly delirious. Misty turned and looked at the dead body on the floor.

“Nicholai…” The soldier looked sadly at his friend, LJ removed his hat as a sign of respect. Suddenly, the soldier started to gag, and coughed up a lot of phlegm.

“When were you bitten?” Asked Elle.

“Two days ago.” LJ looked at him funnily


Elle walked over and smiled at the muscular man. She rested her shotgun on her shoulder.

“Today’s your lucky day… Although, I’m surprised you’re still alive at all.” She walked away, as did Misty and Angie. LJ looked at the soldier again.

“Carlos, you shoulda told me you been bit man, I’m hangin’ with you an’ shit!” He ran after the girls, with Carlos bringing up the rear.

The cop, Umbrella worker, civilian, pupil and Umbrella Mercenary exited the school to the loud ringing of a pay phone. Misty went over and answered it.

“Let me speak to my daughter.” Demanded the English man

“First you tell us how we’re getting the hell out of here.” Misty demanded. In the makeshift camp on the outskirts of town, Dr Ashford sat in his wheelchair, watching the survivors on CCTV cameras. He sighed.

“There’s a helicopter already being prepped. It takes off in…” He checked his watch. “47 minutes. It will be the last transport to leave Zigzagoon city before they detonate the missile.”
”Where’s the evac site?” Asked Misty.

“May I speak to my daughter now?” Ashford said sarcastically. Misty sighed, and signalled Angie to take the phone.

“Daddy?” She asked hopefully. Dr Ashford breathed a huge sigh of relief and smiled.

“Hey sweetheart. I’m so glad you’re ok. These people are going to bring you to me. I will see you very soon ok? I love you.”

“I love you too daddy.” Angie replied happily.

“Put the nice lady back on for me.” Ashford instructed, and Misty took the phone back from Angie, smiling at her.

“Ok, where do we have to go?”
”The helicopter transport leaves from city hall. It will now leave in 45 minutes. I suggest you make haste.”

“I take it this evac chopper won’t be laid out especially for us”
”No, it has another purpose, but it will be lightly guarded. Misty put the phone down and they all climbed into the pickup.

Meanwhile, Dr Ashford continued to watch them on the cameras. Suddenly, the signal started to break up. Ashford hammered at the keys to try and get it back, but the signal was gone. Behind him, Cain and a burly man in combat gear stood behind him. The latter carried a large assault rifle.

“Computers…” Cain said philosophically. Ashford turned round in his wheelchair to look at the German. “So unreliable… Just like people.” He stared at Ashford briefly, walked over to the laptop and closed it. “You really thought I didn’t know?” He left, leaving the large guard with Ashford.


Back in the pickup in the city, Misty was driving with Angie in the middle. LJ sat in the passenger seat. Carlos and Elle sat in the back so Alice could tend to Carlos’ wound. They once again drove through the war torn streets of Zigzagoon city.

“So what’re you injecting me with?” Asked Carlos.

“The anti-virus.” Elle explained, injecting the green solution into Carlos’ arm. “The T-Virus re-animates dead cells. Basically, bringing the dead back to life. In a living human, it can cause uncontrollable mutation. Or, it can help her walk again, if the virus is kept in check with one of these.” She held up the syringe and smiled.

“Angie’s infected?”
”Yes. The cellular growth isn’t enough to mutate her, but it’s managing to regenerate her dead cells without mutation.”

“And they injected you with this virus too?”
”Yes, I’m a more human version of those dogs. Somehow my speed, power and agility have all increased. I barely feel human anymore…” LJ turned looked at her, and she looked at him, smiling.

“Don’t worry, I’m not contagious.” LJ turned round and looked out the window.

“Here.” Misty handed Elle Terri’s digital camera. “Tape the story, I’ll see it gets put to good use.” Elle took it, pointed the lens towards her and hit record.

“My name is Elle. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation. I was head of security at a secret underground laboratory disguised as a mansion in the Arklay Mountains. There was this accident, and… Everybody died. Trouble was… They didn’t stay dead. Umbrella was developing viral and bio weaponry, and to cover it up and to gain the trust of everybody, covered themselves up as a cosmetics and bio- technology organisation. Now, this has led to the destruction of Zigzagoon City, everyone in it, and Umbrella is twisting the story to make it seem like the nuclear power plant melted down. ”


September 29th: Night


The pickup pulled into the car park at city hall. Carefully and stealthily, the 5 survivors moved up against a wall. Carlos pulled out a pair of night vision binoculars and looked at the helicopter. Surrounding it, at least 15 Umbrella guards wearing all black with black motorcycle helmets. They were carrying large assault rifles.

“Lightly guarded my ass.” They moved quietly up a walkway and silently came up behind two guards. Carlos handed his assault rifle to Misty and jumped over the concrete barrier. He snuck up on one guard, and snapped his neck. The second saw what was going on and tried to attack the young soldier, but Carlos punched him in the stomach, and followed with a large kick to the neck, knocking the guard down. Misty came up behind him, and handed back the assault rifle. They carried on, but as LJ went past one of the fallen guards, he started to kick it. Misty stopped him, and they continued up the concrete walkway to find their helicopter, and their ticket to freedom. Up on the roof, an Umbrella guard with a sniper rifle was watching them. He aimed his rifle at Carlos’ head, and he got a lock on. Before he could pull the trigger, the scope went black. He looked up and saw Elle. She gave him a cocky smile, and then smacked him full in the face.

Elle attached herself to a rope, and looked over the edge of the tall, modern building that was Zigzagoon city hall. She let herself tip over the edge, and sprinted down the 200ft building. At the bottom, were some more black helmeted guards, all of them blissfully unaware of their impending beating. She reached the bottom and kicked the closest guard in the head. She unfastened herself from the rope and punched another guard, who was wielding a knife. As the guard dropped, his knife flew into the air. Elle grabbed it at its peak, and threw it at another guard. It killed him, as it went straight through his neck. The last guard came over. Elle kicked him in the shin, and grabbed his baton. She got round behind him, and as the guard turned and came at her again, she used the baton like a baseball bat to smack him in the face. Elle’s sheer strength managed to shatter the helmet, and the guard fell to the ground. Carlos, Misty, Angie, and LJ came over towards her. As they neared, the second guard Elle kicked in started to get back to his feet. Carlos pulled out his knife and threw it at the last guard, it flew into and imbedded itself in the guard’s neck. He looked at Elle and smiled.

“You missed one.” Elle laughed and they made their way to the helicopter on the other side of the courtyard. Elle was the first to walk up the ramp at the back of the helicopter. She saw a computer with a male outline on it, and lots of data coming up. She had a flashback. It was a flashback to when Umbrella was using her in one of their sick experiments. She could hear the voices of Major Cain and other scientists. She also saw images of the computer monitor, with similar data on it.

“We’re seeing similar re-generation in both subjects”
”She’s bonding with the virus on a cellular level…” Elle shook her head to clear her mind.

“We have to hurry.”

“It’s ok, we still got time.” Said Misty reassuringly.

“No… It’s got nothing to do with that” Suddenly, they heard loud thuds approaching. Out of the shadows, Nemesis appeared.

“Oh shit! We’re stealing Nemmy’s ride!” Cried LJ. Misty turned to the pilot.

“Take off!” She ordered. The pilot ignored her.


“What’s the rush?” Misty and Elle turned round to see Cain holding Angie, with a pistol against her neck.

“We’ve been expecting you.” Some Umbrella guards arrived, and grabbed hold of Misty, Elle, Carlos and LJ; they took their weapons and lead them outside.

“Hey man! You stealing my babies!” LJ shouted, not being able to bear the thought of his favourite gold desert eagles being taken from him.

“Shut up before you get us all killed” Misty interrupted, getting really annoyed with him. They were bound up and knelt onto the cold concrete outside city hall. Cain walked out of the helicopter still holding Angie. She saw her father, Charles, in his wheelchair.

“Daddy!” She called. Cain let her go and she ran over to him, giving him a huge hug. “I knew you’d never leave me.”

“No, never, never.” He replied, stroking her hair. Cain walked over to Misty and Carlos.

“You two never seem to give up. You show such determination to survive.” He looked at Misty. “Especially you, surviving where so many of your friends and co workers died. It’s a shame the other survivors aren’t here to say their final goodbyes before you, like Brad and Richard, are destroyed by our ultimate bio weapon: Nemesis.” Cain turned, and walked over to the monster standing 20ft behind him. He looked at his bearing teeth, then into his eye.

“Kill them.” He walked away.

“S.T.A.R.S” Nemesis growled, and walked noisily over to Misty and Carlos. Two Umbrella guards came over, and picked them up to their feet. Nemesis raised his mini gun, but before he could fire, sniper fire rang out across the courtyard. Nemesis turned, and up on the roof, he spotted someone holding a rifle. His monitor flashed up again:

‘S.T.A.R.S: 1’

“S.T.A.R.S!!” He growled, louder than ever, and turned away to find the mystery S.T.A.R.S member. The sniper gunned down all the Umbrella guards. Elle, in the confusion, used a pen knife, ‘borrowed’ from the school’s art room, to cut the binding round her hands. She carefully crept up on LJ and cut his binding.

“Get on the chopper and wait for me there.” She whispered. She then grabbed a gun from a dead guard and shot more armed men coming towards her. Carlos got a pocket- knife out and cut his binders too. He cut Misty free, and they started to gun down more and more Umbrella guards, Nemesis was totally confused, and didn’t know whom to shoot. He was trying to shoot the S.T.A.R.S member on top of the roof, but had no luck. Suddenly, a body fell off the roof. It was the S.T.A.R.S member.

“NO!” Misty screamed. Nemesis looked at the body. It was dead. The word ‘disengage’ appeared on the monitor.

More Umbrella guards appeared, and more shooting ensued. Meanwhile, down at the main doors to city hall, hundreds of ravenous zombies pounded at the glass to get a tasted of the fresh flesh that was fighting above them. They came up the concrete pathway, and were spotted by Cain. He ran onto the helicopter.

“WHY ISN’T THIS THING IN THE AIR?” He yelled. LJ turned round.

“Because I usually drive a Cadillac.” He smiled and smacked Cain in the face, knocking him out. Elle grabbed Angie and ran with her onto the helicopter. She looked at her, and then nodded, as she knew what Angie wanted. She ran back outside and helped Ashford onto the helicopter too. LJ suddenly saw the zombies coming towards them.

“GET THIS DAMN THING IN THE AIR!” He yelled to the pilot, and he started up the rotors. Elle buckled up Angie and the doctor then turned to Cain.

“Get up!” She ordered, and put her gun against his throat. She pulled him to the edge of the service ramp, still wide open.

“Killing me won’t put things right.” Cain begged, hoping she would spare his life.

“No.” She yelled back at him angrily. “But it’s a start!” She threw him off the edge, and as the helicopter was already in the air, he fell 20 feet to the solid concrete below. The impact of the fall twisted his ankle badly, and he was unable to get back up again. Elle watched as the hungry zombies came up to him. He tried to shoot them, but nothing happened. He then looked at the smoking Beretta, and put it against his head. He pulled the trigger, but like Brad, nothing happened. He too was out of ammo. He looked at it with a scared expression on his face. He saw the first zombie come up to him, and it, like many others, piled on top of him to try and get a bite of his flesh.


Carlos ran to where he and Misty were tied up, and grabbed his guns. He threw one to Misty, who was clearing up the last of the guards. Carlos looked at the departing helicopter. He called out.

”WE’LL COME BACK FOR YOU!” Elle called back. “I PROMISE!”

Nemesis turned back to Misty, who was still shooting. Suddenly, a smoke grenade flew in front of him. He couldn’t see a thing. He roared out in frustration. Carlos grabbed Misty’s arm, and they ran towards what he thought would be the safest place in Zigzagoon City: The St. Michael Clock Tower.


September 30th. Sunrise. 24 Hours before detonation.


Carlos awoke to see Misty holding a photograph. She was crying.

“Your boyfriend?” Misty looked at him, tears streaming down her face. She nodded. Carlos moved over and put his arm around her.

“I lost someone special to me in this too. Remember Nicholai from the school?” Misty nodded again.

“He was my best friend, and like a brother to me. Yuri was rather close to me too.”

“Yuri?” She asked.

“The guy that bit me. He was part of my team too.”

“Oh…” Misty looked back at the photo, then back at Carlos. “I gotta ask you something.”

“Oh, you want a date huh? Well, I gotta check my schedule. The ladies can’t resist sexy-boy Carlos Olivera!” Misty knew he was joking, and it cheered her up a lot. Carlos looked at Misty sitting on one of the beams of the clock tower. Her hair blowing in the light draught that came through the roof panels, her blue tube top and her miniskirt making her look so pretty. Carlos sighed. To him, he was serious.

“What made you join Umbrella?”

“I was in the Panamanian army for a couple of years. Then the opportunity arose. Good pay as well. I moved here and met the other two guys right here in Zigzagoon City. Nicholai, Yuri and I joined up as we thought it was just your average security gig. But, turned out we were just expendable assets sent in to cover Umbrella’s mess. What about you? Why’d you join S.T.A.R.S?”

“Where to start?” Misty smiled. “My dad was a cat burglar, he would rob houses and then sell what he stole to help support our family. He was arrested and sent to jail. When mom and I visited him one day, he told me to join the police or the army, you know, do something good with my life, and not end up like him. I joined the Marines, and because I showed so much potential, I was drafted into S.T.A.R.S, the rest, they say… Is history.” They smiled at each other, and suddenly, something crashed through the roof and landed on the other side of the attic they were in. Carlos stood up and walked over to the metal crate. He opened it, and inside, were two assault rifles, ammo, and Angie’s lunch box. Also inside, was a hand written note.

‘We thought you could use these to help battle Nemesis. Keep fighting. Good luck. Alice, Angie, LJ and Dr Ashford”

“What is it?” Misty asked. Carlos lifted the assault rifles, grinning from ear to ear.

“Cool!” Misty took one off him and some clips. Is that… Angie’s lunchbox?”

“Yeah, and the syringes have been refilled with a t-virus vaccine. Meaning, if we get bitten, we won’t turn into one of them.”

“Great, Stick it in me.” Carlos’ eyes widened. Misty gave a smile. “You know what I mean!” Carlos pulled one of the syringes out, and injected Misty with the red liquid. Carlos injected himself too.

“How long do we have before the missile launch?” Misty asked. Carlos checked his watch.

“Twenty three hours. We can find a way to kill Nemesis, then get out of the city.”


The two friends stepped out of the clock tower into broad daylight. It hurt their eyes to start with, as they had been in the dark for so long. It was cold too. Misty shivered.

“Great time to be wearing these!” She complained, gesturing to her clothes. Carlos looked at Misty, her hair blowing in the cold wind. She was so beautiful, but Carlos knew he couldn’t let his personal feelings get in the way, especially now that they would have to work together if they were to destroy Nemesis once and for all. He walked across the street to a clothes shop and smashed the window. He pulled out a manikin and pulled off the jumper dressing it. He carried it over to Misty.

“Here. This should warm you up.” Misty took it and put it on.

“Thanks… That’s three I owe you.”


“Using that smoke grenade to distract Nemesis then pulling me from danger, helping me clear those guards… Now the jumper”

“Gotta keep you alive, you gotta prove that the S.T.A.R.S. were right.”

“Yeah, suppose. C’mon, lets find that thing before it finds us.”


They walked through what seemed the deserted streets of Zigzagoon City. The odd undead civilian would cross their path, but as the two survivors stayed quiet and stealthy, they weren’t too much of a problem to get past. They turned into an alley, and walked slowly and carefully over the obstacles that hindered them. Suddenly, a window smashed, and a man in Umbrella Mercenary uniform similar to Carlos’ came flying out. He landed with a huge grunt on the ground. Misty ran over, and carefully turned him over. She pointed her gun at him.

“Wake up, time to die!” She said satirically. The Umbrella soldier opened his eyes.

“Ah! Don’t shoot me, please! I… I’m not one of them!” He cried in a Russian accent, similar to that of Nicholai’s and Yuri’s

“No.” Misty continued. “But you work for Umbrella.” Carlos moved over and pushed Misty’s gun out the way.

“It’s ok, he’s with me.” He lowered Misty’s gun, and turned to the Umbrella soldier. “Mikhail, why are you still here?”

“Me and the others… we were about to be evacuated when we came under attack from those things. We got separated. I killed as many as I could, but I ran out of ammo for the M4... I got about 6 rounds left of the DE. I can’t go on much longer. I might as well lie here and wait for them to come and get me.”

“Don’t talk like that Victor. We’ll get you patched up, and get you out of here.” Misty looked at Carlos.

“Carlos… I think he’s back…”

“What do you mean?”


Sure enough, it was Nemesis. He looked at them, and they at him. His rocket launcher and mini gun were gone. It appeared he had run out of ammo for each. His trench coat had gone and had mutated a little. Looking even more hideous than he did before. He still had those deadly tentacles… Mikhail got to his feet and picked up his gun.

“You two run, I’ll buy some time for you.” He said bravely.

“Mikhail, no! You won’t be able to beat him!” Carlos protested.

“Exactly. Run now, I’ll keep him occupied.”

“Victor…” Carlos sighed. Misty grabbed Carlos and they ran. Mikhail gazed at Nemesis’ great hulking body. It roared, and Mikhail began firing. Nemesis seemed to walk straight through the desert eagle fire. A message appeared in his head. It looked like Umbrella had updated his mission protocols again.

‘KILL ALL SURVIVORS.’ Nemesis roared again, and trod heavily towards Mikhail. Like Brad, Nemesis picked up Mikhail by the throat. Mikhail was able to pull a grenade out and pull the pin. Instead of putting the tentacle through his head, Nemesis ripped Mikhail’s head off. He threw the head towards the other end of the alley, and threw the body through a boarded up door. However, he didn’t see the grenade. It exploded, and Nemesis was thrown backwards.


The last two humans in Zigzagoon City ran into a bar and put tables and chairs in front of the door to protect them from more living dead and more importantly, Nemesis.

“You’re hoping he’s lost interest?” Carlos panted, out of breath from all the running.

“I know we can’t keep running forever, Carlos, but there must be some way we can destroy that thing.” Misty saw a dead man sprawled on a table on the other side of the room. She walked carefully over to it, and put a bullet in its head to make sure it wasn’t another zombie. In its hand was a note, and a photo. The photo was of two men in lab coats making adjustments to what looked like a jet engine with a large barrel on the end. Carlos looked at Misty.

“What does the note say?” He asked, eager to know. Misty read the note.

‘In my opinion, I feel that it's too early to use this, "Paracelcus' Sword" in actual fighting. However, in order to acquire the G-virus that Umbrella has developed, it will be a great help to us.

The power of the "Rail Cannon" is satisfactory, but please note that it is still having a few remaining problems. We are however, confident it will cut down Umbrella’s seemingly invincible bio- weapons

Technology Division Colonel
Franklin Hart’

“That’s it!” Exclaimed Jill.

“What’s ‘it’?” Carlos asked.

“We need to find this ‘Paracelcus’ Sword’ thing, lure Nemesis into a trap and use it to blow him apart!” Carlos looked blankly at her, then his blank expression turned into a large smile.

“Misty, you’re a genius!” C’mon, lets go and find it!”
”No, I need to rest for a little bit. I haven’t slept well in three days.” She grabbed a chair and sat down next to Carlos. Misty yawned and then rested her head on his shoulder. She fell fast asleep.


October 1st, 5am. 1 hour 30 minutes before missile launch.


Carlos awoke. Happily refreshed from the only sleep he’d had in three days. He checked his watch. And his eyes opened wide.

“SHIT!” He yelled. He shook Misty awake.

“Wake up, we got just over one hour!” Misty woke up instantly. She grabbed her guns, and they ran out into the street. The sky was starting to go orange, and as the orange became lighter and lighter, they knew they would’t have much time.

“So where the hell would this thing be?” Misty pondered. They kept walking down the street, past the Zigzagoon scrap yard. Carlos looked through the gates at the entrance, and amongst all the scrap cars and metal, was the rail cannon they were looking for. He called Misty over, and they ran inside. They now needed to lure Nemesis into their trap. So Carlos lit his last flare, and it flew into the sky, lighting it with an explosion and a flash of light. Nemesis had somehow survived the grenade blast, was closing on their location, and upon seeing the light; he made his way to its source…

Carlos sat on the ground, resting up against the cannon.

“Where the hell is he?” He asked, checking how much ammo he had left on his M4 clips and getting rather impatient. As soon as he said those words, Nemesis came into the scrap yard, roaring. He had mutated again, and looked nothing like his original form. He was burnt and parts of his body had chunks blown out of it. Although his head remained the same. He made his way over to them, snarling and making his trademark loud thuds. Carlos readied his gun, and fired to try and slow Nemesis down. Nemesis approached, immune to the gunfire. He fly-swatted Carlos, and he flew into a pile of scrap metal. Upon seeing what happened to her friend, Misty rolled and pulled a desert eagle out of Carlos’ holster, and fired at the Nemesis.

“YOU WANT S.T.A.R.S?” She yelled angrily, “I’LL GIVE YOU S.T.A.R.S!” She carried on firing, and then, she stopped. She looked at Nemesis approaching, and saw his lone eye. Then, it occurred to her. She saw the cables attached to four generators. She fired 4 shots at Nemesis’ head, aiming for his eye, and then ran towards the first generator. She fired 3 more at him, and then ran towards the second generator. Misty saw Nemesis was getting really ticked off. She emptied an entire clip into his head. He fell to his knees. Whilst she still had time, Misty flicked on the third generator. Nemesis got back to his feet, and walked, slowly now, towards her. She reloaded and fired 2 more shots; Nemesis fell to his knees one more time. Misty flicked the final switch, and the rail cannon started to power up. Misty ran one side of where the cannon would fire, but she realised Carlos was lying in its line of fire. Carlos climbed slowly to his feet, and Nemesis, noticing him, decided to finish him off. As Nemesis stood in front of Carlos, back to the cannon, he held back his hand, tentacle out, ready to strike him. Misty saw what was about to happen, and jumped forward, grabbing Carlos mid flight and pulling him to the ground. The cannon fired, blowing a huge hole in Nemesis’ body. He screamed, and fell to his knees. Misty picked up Carlos, and carried him away before they were crushed by Nemesis, his chest burning. Misty lifted Carlos back to his feet, and they stared at Nemesis, lying face first on the gravel, purple blood surrounding his body, and impaled on a spike of rusty iron. Carlos looked at Misty.

“Thanks.” He said; cringing from the pelting Nemesis gave him. Misty smiled. They saw a horde of undead civilians coming towards them, and they ran through the scrap. Misty could hear rotor blades.

“Over there!” She pointed, and she and Carlos ran to the helicopter, that appeared to be waiting for them. A man in an N.R.A cap opened the doors of the helicopter.

“Get in!” He called in a friendly voice. Misty helped Carlos in, and the helicopter took off into the morning sky. Carlos and Misty looked at each other and gave each other a hug.

“Thanks again.” Carlos panted, trying to catch his breath.

“Now I’ve re-paid my debt.” Misty smiled at him again.

“Two more” Carlos replied, laughing. Misty stood up and went over to the pilot.

“Thank you so much.” She shouted to be able to hear herself over the noise of the engines. “Its good to see some kind civilian came to get us out alive.”

“I couldn’t let you die Misty, that’s why I saved you at city hall” The voice shouted back. Misty recognised the voice.

“Brock? But Nemesis killed… Oh… I see what you did, you dressed one of those virus monsters in your uniform to fool him.”

“The one and only, and yeah, that’s what I did!” He smiled. “Go on, sit back there with your friend and enjoy the ride, I’ll fly you to a hospital and we’ll get him checked out. Misty went back to sit with Carlos. Carlos looked at Misty, hanging her head, as she knew now her nightmare was over. He took hold of her hand, and held it tight. Misty looked up at him and smiled. But it was only brief as she noticed a bright light out the corner of her eye.

“Oh no…” She said sadly.

“It’s here, quick, grab hold of something.” Carlos replied. They grabbed hold of a part of the helicopter and the missile flew straight past them, and plummeted into the centre of Zigzagoon City. There was a huge bright explosion, and a large mushroom cloud emerged out of the ground. The helicopter shook violently, but Brock was able to keep everything under control. They left Zigzagoon air space, Misty closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.

“That’s it…” She muttered angrily, “Umbrella is going down…”


The next day


At the hospital, Misty and Carlos sat alone in Carlos’ room, watching the news.

“We have unprecedented reports of disaster at Zigzagoon City. Some claims of a large viral outbreak turning the citizens into zombie like creatures…” Misty turned the TV up. “We have this tape, given to us by one of the survivors of this terrible disaster. The video depicts the Umbrella Corporation trying to massacre innocent civilians…” The screen cut to an amateur film, filmed at the Raven’s Gate Bridge. Armed Umbrella guards wearing black helmets fired live ammunition into the crowds trying to flee. “The tape,” the newsreader continued, “the work of former Zigzagoon 7 anchorwoman Teri Morales.” Carlos took the remote and switched the television off. Misty smiled at him.

“I knew that tape would go to good use.” She laughed.


That night however, when Carlos and Misty were watching the news…

“News just in that the tragedy at Zigzagoon City was nothing more than one big hoax, playing on the real tragedy of the nuclear power plant melting down. The melt down, the first since the Chernobyl incident in the 1980’s, has killed over 1 million people. The perpetrators of the hoax, Misty Valentine and Carlos Olivera, are being sought for questioning by the police…”

“Argh… Damn…” Misty sighed. “Umbrella’s cover up worked.” I’ve had it… I’m going to join the others in Europe. Umbrella is gonna be history.”

“I’m gonna come with you then.” Carlos replied. “Being part of Umbrella, I know their weaknesses. I can get you security codes, blueprints, the works” Misty smiled at him.

“Thanks Carlos. I owe you another one now.” Carlos yawned. Misty looked at him sympathetically. “Hey, you look tired. You should go to sleep.” She tucked him in and left him with a kiss on the forehead. “See ya tomorrow, and thanks for helping me survive.” She left the room.


‘The nightmare is finally over, but I never stop thinking about how many more survivors there could have been still in the city. Umbrella shall pay for what they did. They’ve destroyed my home, killed my friends, family, and over a million others. They’re going down. My heart goes out to those poor departed souls of Zigzagoon City…’