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Bubbles stared down at her hands, clasped firmly into fists, clenching at the material of her skirt. This was worse than a usual fight. This had been much worse. He stormed off, and he... Well, when people were mad, they always called her that. But, using her full name, even adding in the Alabaster part. She didn't think he could do that. She wouldn't do that to him.

She blinked. No, because she never did stuff like that to him. She was never mad at him. Not for long anyway. Now she was just depressed. Distressed maybe. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She knew it wasn't him. She knew that it was Forrest, who was just waiting to see her smile. She wanted to scream at him, it was his fault. It was her fault...

She smiled up at him, almost as though nothing had been wrong. She took his hand. She felt him pull her up, and towards the door. He wanted her to be happy. But he didn't know her too well. All he knew was that she liked to walk. Well, it was a start.

It was different now, having someone to actually call a boyfriend. It was different than Miguel had been. He wasn't just a boy that was her friend. She slapped herself mentally. Miguel wasn't just a boy either. He was her best friend. Sleepily, as she had been up all night, she followed. Graceful. Was that the word? She was walking, shoulders back, perfect pace, breathing in time. She didn't trip. She didn't faulter. She had her hair down. It was funny how it seemed to be down when she was sad, though it had nothing to do with that. It usually depended on what she was doing that day.

Forrest complimented her on how lovely it was down. He said it made her look mysterious. She sat down on the stairs. Miguel wouldn't have let her, would have insisted they kept walking, offering to buy her something or other and bribing her with chocolate, because he knew sitting meant thinking.

Forrest sat next to her.

Miguel ran a hand through his hair. This was not good. It was the opposite of good. He threw himself onto the bed and sighed. She was fifteen now, not a child. She had rights. But he wanted them to remain his to dictate always. Not just vanish into the hands of Forrest Gump overthere. He wished he could insult him like that to his face. His real name was Forrest Wagner, who was one of the inharetents to a family fourtune. He apparently thought Bubbles was a lovely damsel waiting to be rescued from travel.

He touched the chain on his neck. Was she wearing hers? No, not likely. Forrest had given her a new locket, so the rusty friendship charm would have vanished by then.

"What was I thinking?" he said to the air. "I must have hurt her feelings," he added, thinking out loud. "I screamed it, louder, with more hate than Tracy ever could have. Jenna Alabaster Sketchit. It wasn't his place. It wasn't his right. But it wasn't hers to just forget everything.

Was this really all that bad? A minor fight, but besides that, wouldn't it be better to not have to deal with her? Not have a child like person to watch over. Not have a child like person to tell jokes, trip over every rock, fall down all the stairs, laugh at all the embarrassing things. No, it wasn't good at all. But it was just one boyfriend. He couldn't be that upset, he had no right to be angry. Or did he? But he wouldn't admit that to himself. Not in a million years. Not out loud. There was no way that the "L" word was what he was feeling. Nope. Not a chance in the world.

His phone rang. "Hello." He didn't bother a perk.

"Miguel?" She asked, wondering if she had dialed wrong.

"Bu-- I'm, uh, I mean yelling, it wasn't.."

"It's okay," She said, "I wanted to ask you something."

"What?" He asked, prompting. She failed to respond.

"Would you mind if I, you know, well... I don't want to sound rude."

"Does this involve Forrest?" He asked, almost spitting the name.


"Then what?"

"Come meet me for lunch. I'll tell you there."

She sat. She didn't want to say it. She didn't want Miguel to know Forrest had asked that. It was too much. But unexpected. She was only fifteen! It was an insane question, as the nineteen year old boy had probably forgotten. But then, the way he said it. She couldn't hurt his feelings.

"He wants you to what?"

"He wants me to.." She whispered, feeling herself turn red, "Marry him."

"And you said no?" He asked, amused. She nodded.

"Well, no, I said I don't know and walked away." She frowned and bit her lip. "How do I get out of this?"

"How did you get into this..." Miguel said, noting that his arm-with-its-own-brain moved to her hand, taking it in his. "What started it?"

"When he found our camp," She said. The memory was clear. It had been only a few weeks ago.

"I don't want you to leave-- me." He whispered. She smiled.

"I don't want to leave."

I'm tuggin at my hair,

I'm pullin' at my clothes,

I'm trying to keep my cool.

I know it shows.

I'm staring at my feet,

My cheeks are turnin' red,

I'm searching for the words inside my head.

"B-but, w-what am I supposed to d-do about, um, him." She whispered, shaking her head. It was like they were on a spy mission, so quiet. He took her hand, left money on the table for the meal, and dragged her out into the sunlight. It was warm. Sunny, fun filled. He bought to sodas and handed her one. She smiled. Her favorite, and she hadn't even asked for a drink at all.

"So, did you contimplate just saying 'no'?"

"Yes," She smiled. "I can't believe he asked me though. I'm like, four years younger, and I'm only fifteen."

"So, what did that thought bring?"

"It told me that he has a lot of money and if I make him mad he'll do something horrible." She said. "Rich you know."

"Is there a way to get out of it?" He was thinking outloud. Not his plan, to scare her like that. He saw her bite her lip. "No, don't, I mean, you could just leave now. Without a trace, you know?"

"That's the other thing I thought of, besides, you know, just saying yes."

"Don't say yes," he said.

And I'm feeling nervous,

Tryin' to be so perfect,

Because I know you're worth it,

You're worth it, yeah.

Bubbles smiled at him. He was steering her as far away from that as possible.

If I could say what I wanna say,

I'd say I wanna blow you, away.

Be with you every night,

Am I squeezin' you too tight?

If I could say what I wanna see,

I wanna see you go down,

On one knee.

Marry me today,

guess I'm wishin' my life away,

With these things's I'll never say.

"So, even if we left tonight, what about Ash and Misty?" Bubbles frowned on herself for ruining a moment.

"They need alone time anyway. We're just a couple of third wheels." He smirked. It was funny how he put it like that.

"Tracy would die if he found out I was traveling alone with you." She smiled, which became a laugh. "It'll be funny to watch him skin you."

"So, is it decided?" Miguel asked. "I'd rather risk being skinned than losing you." She smiled, but it turned into a blush. Had he said that? Well, he hadn't meant it like that.

He rolled his eyes. He swore he would never admit it. He didn't think it was true. You could care this much about just a friend. It was true, had happened. It was dumb. Every thought. Every second of every minute of every hour, and she was what he was thinking of. She took his hand and said,

"Well, then, we should probably get our bags ready to go." She smiled and said, "I'll meet you at the Center!" before running ahead, tripping over her own feet as she ran.

She seemed more elegant infront of other people. Maybe it was just nervousness. He thought it was dumb. She was so much more fun to be .around when she was acting like herself. He kept thinking about her. Even then! And all he could do was look for something else to think about, which always led back to her.

It don't do me any good,

It's just a waste of time.

What use is it to you,

what's on my mind?

If it ain't comin' out,

we're not goin' anywhere.

So why can't I just tell you that I care?

He knew that she was a carefree spirit. Bubbles on the other hand, thought she was an idiot. "I just can't bring myself to do it around him."

It was her mind speaking outloud. Miguel had made a detour she guessed, because he wasn't at the Center yet. She was packing her backpack. I love him. There it was. In her mind. It was formed into words when she was alone, but when around him? Nope. Poof, words just blew up. It was funny almost.

What's wrong,

With my tounge?

These words keep slippin' away.

I stutter, I stumble.

Like I've got nothing to say.

Cuz I'm feelin' nervous,

trying to be so perfect,

Because I know you're worth it,

You're worth it,

Guess I'm wishin' my life away,

with these things I'll never say.

She touched the old locket on her neck. Rusty, yes, but her symbol of friendship. Maybe she was going overboard. Was she really in love? She hadn't ever been in love. How would she know what it felt like? She heard footsteps in the hall. He came into the room and threw a box at her. It had a small gold-chained bracelet. There was a single green emerald on it, and then multiple diamonds. It looked lovely. It looked... expensive. She looked up at him.

"Being angry at you doesn't give me the right to be a jerk." He said, "I'm sorry, I really am."

She smiled, put on the bracelet, and hugged him. It was a hug like that where this whole thing started. When she hugged him, exclaiming that she was finally home, where her father lived. She couldn't wait, just to later find out that her Father had moved to a farther town.

That's when it all began. That's when she met Forrest. That's when the nightmare started.

"Hello?" He called to them, standing high on a cliff. "Are you alright?"

"Great, you?" was the simple response from Bubbles.

"I am," He replied, "Expecially now that I see you're beautiful face!" He was a real lame guy. Bad pick up lines. But it was him that started the entire problem, leading up to now, where all she could think about was saying how much she loved her best friend. Was it possible to love this young?

"I'm glad to have you as my friend," she whispered. He smirked. It was his job, in his mind, to keep her happy, safe, and healthy. Although, it seemed she did that for him instead.

Okay, so it's not so hot. Don't worry. The story is built to be a lot of flashbacks, so as part of my expert authorish skills, I'm working on a story with a lot of flashbacks, and a big stalker who follows Bubbles and Miguel. bum bum bum.