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Bubbles woke up to find Miguel missing from his place beside her. She sat up. He was filling up their cantines with fresh water. He smiled at her. She smiled back, a wide grin on her face.

When they got back on the road, they came to a town where a large carnival was going on. Bubbles was excited beyond reason. Why not take a break from training to have fun?

"Look!" She said, walking around carrying a stuffed pikachu that Miguel had won. He hadn't really given it to her, but she intended to steal it if he didn't. ^_^

"What?" Was the reply. He looked as she pointed to a ferris wheel. She looked at how high it went, and smiled intently. "There's no way you want to go on that." He added when he saw it.

"Why not? Not afraid of hieghts are we?" Smirk of doom.

"No, just afraid of falling from the hieghts." He smiled and ran a hand through his hair. She took his hand and weaved their fingers together. It lasted all of ten seconds as her cell phone rang. He rolled his eyes.

"Boo!" Her custimary greeting on the phone. Then:

"Where the heck are you?!" It was her brother.

"I'm in Azaelia town."



"Anyone else?"

"If you count the people who live here, and the carnival workers."

"Why the heck are you ALONE with him?"

"It's a long story."

"Make it short."

"Okay. I was with this guy named Forrest, and he asked me to marry him. I'm fifteen, that's dumb, so I didn't know what to do. This guy is rich, always gets what he wants, so I don't say anything and just walk away. Then I want to get away ASAP and me and Miguel left in the middle of the night. He came cuz he's my best friend."

"Marry you?" Bubbles could HEAR him frowning. "That's just stupid. Yet, no excuse for you to go leaving us. I thought you'd be back so I didn't call until now."

"Well, I'm at a carnival in Azaelia, so..."

"Don't trust him."

"Who? Miguel?"


"Why not? He's my best friend!"

"All guys are perverts at heart."

"Bro, I think that was an indirect insult to yourself. Plus, I know him better than you do. So... I'm going to call you back when I'm not in a crowd of people."

"Fine. Bye."


Miguel frowned as they got higher and higher in the ferris wheel. "I can't believe you made me do this."

"I can't believe you didn't want to!" Bubbles smiled as he looked more and more scared. "You looked like a baby."

"I dunno," Miguel said, "I always thought that you were childish."

She looked out. Highest point. That's where they were. And then the ride stopped. Then the falling happened. Then Bubbles woke up with a bandage on her head and an MD saying she had a minor concussion, and was free to go.

Then she looked at Miguel. He was hiding his arm behind his back. He looked bad. He had cuts all over him.

"What happened?"

"What I said would. The ride broke, and then the car we were in fell. Along with a few others. We fell from the highest. point." Miguel frowned. She wanted to know what was up with his arm.

"Look!" She pointed. it failed. He didn't turn. He smiled though.

"It's broken. It'll be fine in a month." He let her see the black cast on his wrist.

"How come your so beat up and I only have a concussion and a scrape?"

"Because he managed to wrap himself around you." The doctor walked in quietly. "He had wrapped himself around you like a ball, and kept you from being hurt. Except for a little bit of a concussion, he suceeded." Miguel turned red.

When the doctor left, Miguel sat on the bed beside her. She bit her lip.

"You're an idiot. I can't believe you would risk your life like that for me."

"Eh, I figured we'd both die anyway."

"That doesn't make it better." She wished he wouldn't take it upon himself to protect her when it would hurt him.

"It makes it a little bit better." He smiled and took her hand. "I'm sorry that I saved your life." Sarcasm.

"I'm sorry too." She challenged.

"Oh, it's so good to be outside again!" Bubbles had a grin on her face as she half ran half skipped along the path. Miguel and her had stayed in that town longer, because she decided that he shouldn't travel with a cast. So, now that it was off, she was ready to go.

"Yeah," He smiled faintly. "I can't believe you made me stay there."

"I hate you, you hate me." She had a sing-song tone. "But here we are!"

"You're just plain stupid."

"Boys are from Jupiter because they're stupider, girls--"

"Men are from Earth, women are from earth. Deal with it."

"You're from pluto." She said. "Because you look like an alien."

She playfully shoved him, hoping not to hurt his arm. He shoved back. Then it became an all out war. And a half an hour later they were sitting on the ground, laughing so hard they couldn't breathe, and even if they could, they wouldn't.

"Okay," She said, calming herself. But the smile at her lips wouldn't vanish. "Now that we have gotten our clothes dirty and had a fight, we need to go train."

"Whatever. You never train, you just sit there and watch your pokemon play tag."

"Exactly." She said. "Wait..." she looked confused. He took that moment to place a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. She took that moment to say that he was nice. He took that moment to say that she was beautiful. And then she took that moment to lean into his kiss, standing up on her toes, because he was that much taller than her.

And he didn't know what was happening. Well, yes, he knew they were kissing, and he knew she wasn't trying to shove him away. But he felt so strange! He felt like if he just thought the wrong thing she would shatter into a billion pieces. Was a kiss supposed to feel like that? Maybe it was just something that happened with him?

And she suddenly felt numb and limp, yet held in place. Something like that wasn't supposed to be in a kiss, or else the whole world would like kissing more than anything else. And she felt her face flush, then all the blood come back, making her face red.

She didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to do. Why had they kissed? What had led to it? Why should they be thinking this? Was a kiss so hard to do? Was it really that confusing? (TOO MANY QUESTION MARKS! >.<)

And then it was over. She was numb all over, wondering how it happened, and he was wondering why he had done it. He had started it, hadn't he?

"I'm..." He didn't know what to say. Appoligize? If only he could read her mind. He may have just ruined their friendship. This was why Ash and Misty hadn't been an item for so long. Fear of ruining what they already had.

She smiled once she regained feeling. "Come on," She started, "I bet that I can beat you to the next pokemon center."

"You can't run there!" He said, "It's a day away!"

"Well, not if I run it isn't." She smiled. She didn't know what to think about what had just happened. It was what she wanted, but now she felt awkward. So, she chose to let it slide.

"Well, you'll fall down." He said, "You always do." But they began to walk anyway. In silence.

They walked for almost fifteen minutes with no noise between them. Then; "So, do you think Tracy would skin you alive if he saw what happened?" And she smiled. "Because I don't."

"Why wouldn't he?" He asked. "He hates me."

"No. If he saw that you really do care, and if he knew how you saved me in that whole ferris wheel thing, he would be glad that it was you and not Forrest."

"Are you glad?" He didn't really mean to ask it, but it slipped out. "Don't answer that."

"Why not?" She smiled. "I am glad it was you. You're my best friend. Better you than anyone I don't know. I've known you since before I can remember."

"That's just because you were four."

"Seems fine to me now."


The firewood. Why did she always have to find it? She was bad at it anyway. It's just because I'm not worthy enough to cook or put up tents. She smiled though, and began to hum. She loved the song. It was one she had sung when she was with a band. Just a garage band, but none the less. She was the singer. Miguel listened, and on occasion filled in for the drums, but he didn't really have a part in the band. He was always with afterschool training clubs.

I can't sing all that well.

I can't dance all that well.

I can't play an instrument,

I can't build a monument,

But nomatter what I can't do you're still here.

I never saved the day.

I never won the game.

I never paved the way.

But you're here just the same.

You know what I want.

You know who I am.
I can't believe I ever lived without you.

Just don't forget,

as I dissapeer,

I was here.

You know that I can't sing.

You know that I can't dance.

You know I can't play an instument,

You know I can't build a monument,

But nomatter what I can't do you're still here.

You know I never saved the day.

You know I never win the games.

You know I never paved the way,

But you're here just the same.

You know what I want,

You know who I am.

I can't believe I ever lived without you.

Just don't forget,

As I dissapeer,

I was here.

I was here.

A smile hinted at her lips as the song came back to memory. But it faded as she saw him standing in front of her. A man of nineteen with pale blond hair and a strong face.

"Forrest!" She gasped and dropped the wood. He didn't look too happy. "What are you doing here?"

"What are you doing?" He frowned. "I thought we were an item."

"No," She spat, "We were just friends, hanging out!"

"As is he, but look who got kissed." She turned red.

"Was a fluke." she said.

"Or love?"

She didn't like the direction of the conversation. "Shadow!" she threw the pokeball. "Smoke bomb!"

A drift of smoke appeared and girl and pokemon vanished towards camp. When she ran into Miguel she knocked them both brutally to the rocks.

"What the crap!" Miguel frowned. She caught her breath. "F-" She couldn't say it. "F, F, F, For, For, Forest!" She cursed her stuttering. "Here."

"Forrest?" She nodded. He looked shocked.

"What do we do?" She asked. He bit the inside of his cheek.

"We could do one of three things. 1: Sit here and worry. 2: Run for dear life. 3: Fight."

"Then lets ru--" She turned to see Forrest's pokemon tackle Miguel. Then another, an arbok, wrapped around her arms like a rope.

"Now, I know, and you know, that fifteen is old enough to marry on the island of Tyonok." He smirked. "Let's go."

"Bubbles," Miguel mumbled, but he was hit in the head by the horns of a tauros. Bubbles snapped.

"Bastard!" She shouted, suddenly enraged. Shadow jumped and bit the snake around her, and she lunged at Forrest's head. Once he was down, she reached down to Miguel's belt and released Rapidash. It was a black Rapidash with Blue flames, an ice pokemon instead of fire. They didn't exactly know why.

She heaved her best friend onto the horse, then called back her pokemon. She jumped up on the horse beside him, unconsious, and took off, leaving Forrest bleeding in the valley.

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