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A running start led Miguel ahead of the group of travelers. It was one of the things to be excited about, seeing Mount Moon. Not only was it the site of a meteor crash landing, but also a confusing place, where strange, creepy, things happened. He looked over the mountain, seeing the giant crator where the meteor had hit. How amazing! Many a person believed that Mt. Moon was the birth-place of all pokemon, that really, they came from the moon! Then, you had the normal people.

"Hey, no, wait!" Misty said, irretated that they had brought her brother along. What luck she had, having an speedy little brother, who seemed to never run out of breath. Up a mountain, and he was still running! Actually, he had been with them for almost four of the eight years they had known eachother. She sighed, then sat down in the grass. They were there, no sense in not sitting. Ash though, was right up there with Miguel, looking down on the valley. The people she could stand to be around. Of course, Ash was an exception.

"Look!" Bubbles cried, dragging her brother by the arm of his shirt. He rolled his eyes, and made a dumb face at Brock.

"Man, you have like, eighteen of these weirdos running around your house!" He said, but really, he didn't mind. He only had one reminder of his mother, and that was bubbles. Tracy's mother had died when he was six, when Bubbles was two. She had been a lovely woman, but honestly, she had been sick for a long time. His father and himself looked pretty much alike: medium height, dark green hair, far-set eyes. His sister is what got him. She was fourteen then, and was the spitting image of their mother. She couldn't remember her mother, but heard so many stories, all the time. Bubbles was tall, and lanky. She had thin limbs, although she was completly healthy. Here eyes seemed to glow in the dark, they were a bright shade of yellow green, and her hair was long and purple, strait as a bone.

Bubbles. It wasn't really her name, but since she was little, people called her that. Infact, sometimes when asked, she forgot her name. It was Jenna. Of course, that was a name her grandmother had been given, so she took it from her. But because she had such a bubbley personality, they called her Bubbles. Now, Jenna, Bubbles, picked up speed and had a childish grin set on her face. "Don't fall."

"I won't." Miguel said, dazed by the mountain. It almost set a spell on him, majestic as it was. Or was it really putting a spell on him? Ash looked woozy too...

"Guys, move!" Brock suddenly shouted. He looked amuzed though. Only from far off did he see the Butterfree who were moving above them. They were dropping stun spore from their wings, and Ash and Miguel had been inhaling it. It wasn't enough to make them sick, just as Ash and Tracy had been before, but it did sort of keep them glued in place.

"What?" Bubbles turned and looked up. She smiled at the creatures, not realizing the spore, for she hadn't exactly gotten the urge to move when told. Of course, it may have been Because she had been with the other two, in the line of fire. But she just stood, in her ropey way, smiling aimlessly. Eventually, Misty sprayed them down with a water-gun, waiting until the flock of pokemon had left.

"Are you hurt, or just plain stupid?" She asked, not caring about what they thought of it. It was Ash who said,

"Oh, and we would have seen the Butterfree?" His eyes lost the joking look, and gave her an empty stare. "What could we have done? We couldn't move!"

Miguel rolled his eyes. This kind of thing happened every other day! He didn't care anymore. He had traveled with his sister and her friends for enough time to know that Ash and Misty just didn't get along. Well, at least when they weren't giving each other romantic glares. Could they just make up their minds?! Lovers or enemies? He plopped down on a conveniently placed tree stump.

"Hey," Tracy started, but Brock pulled him back.

"I know you've traveled with them before, but I've done it for almost eight years, and I'm telling you, the best thing to do is stay out of it. If we're lucky, she won't try for the mallet." Brock was smiling, but Tracy said,

"Don't you think it would help them if they didn't fight so much?" Then he laughed and continued talking with Brock about little siblings. What a pain.

"Older sisters are a pain." Miguel said to Bubbles, her standing next to him. She returned the note with a shrug.

"Yeah, but, I'm glad to have Tracy anyway." She sat down, crossing her legs in one swift, graceful, motion. "Sometimes I think that Ash and Misty act like brother and sister. But, that's just my opinion."

"Yeah, I guess." He replied. He kicked a rock on the ground and listened again to the battle:

"You think you're so tough, being a boy. All you think about is how weak girls are! Who the heck decided girls were weaker anyway?"

"It doesn't matter, he's right. Girls have babies, they can't be strong!" Ash said. Tracy went wide eyed, and Brock dropped his jaw. That is not what you say around Misty. Miguel looked up at his sister, and Bubbles started to stand, but stopped on one knee.

Misty gave Ash the ugliest frown she could manage. "What did you say?" Ash suddenly regreted that last statement.


"Girls are weaker?" She switched to an ugly tone of voice. "Girls are capable of EVERYTHING that guys are, and more. Let's see YOU force another human out of YOUR body!!"

"Well, that doesn't make you stronger, it just gives you an ability that--" Ash was cut off, remembering how painful that her stare could be.

"Can a guy swim?"


"So can a girl. Can a guy fight?"

"Yes, but,"

"So can a girl."


"Anything a guy can do, so can a girl. So, even if girls aren't built to be the same, we are just as important as you. Now, do you have anything else to say on the topic?"

"No, but-"

"No buts."


"What?" She snapped at him. He smirked.

"How did we end up in this conversation?" He smiled and her face went blank. Suddenly, all was forgiven, and they were laughing again. Misty was shoving him playfully, and Ash was tugging gently on her hair to make her do so.

"I don't know how he keeps doing it." Brock thought aloud. Tracy looked at him. "I mean, he can be the biggest ass hole on earth, and still get the girl."

To Be Continued...