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Misty looked up, confused. She could have sworn her brother just called her. But wasn't he supposed to be hiding from her? Bubbles had been idolizing the idea of finding him first and then plotting to throw a Spinarak at Misty, and had been closer. She heard Miguel, and she heard Team Rocket too. Now she ran up to Misty, and Ash, yelling jumbled things.

"Hey, isn't this one of the twerps friends?" Meowth asked annoyed. He had to recently patch ANOTHER hole in the balloon, but he fixed it better than ever. He had added a rocket, so that perhaps they'd go faster. Just a small rocket.

"Yes." James said, almost as though he thought it was a REAL question. "It's the girl's brother. You know, the one?"

"Yes James." Jesse rolled her eyes. "Do you know where that Pikachu is?"

"Why don't you idiots just go after a DIFFERENT Pikachu?!" Miguel yelled. He was trying to stall. He had hurt his ankel pretty badly. It may have just been sprained, but either way, he couldn't walk. He hid it under his backpack. No use. The two adults jumped him.

"Golduck!" Misty called, pointing. "Ice beam!" It missed Jessie, but it sure did hit James.

Ash and Pikachu started their usual blasting off team rocket plan, but then stopped short as a net flew around the electric mouse. Meowth slowly started to pull the net to the balloon.

Bubbles looked through narrow eyes at Miguel's ankel. It wasn't out of place, but it was swollen horribally. She gasped though as her friend jumped out, clearly hurting his foot worse, and grabbed the net.

"Whad-do-we do?" Meowth asked Jessie. She shook her head.

"Just take the freaking kid too!" She said this, and meowth pushed a button on a remote, pulling a crane to drop the two into the balloon. Misty was horrified.

"Go--" Bubbles called, suddenly eager to stop this problem. "Shadow! Dusk!" She called her pokemon different names, mainly because she only trained Mightyena and Poochyena. Although right now she only had two Poochyena. Shadow was the first pokemon she had ever caught, because she found it as a poochyena, hurt. His mother had lost him. She fed him healed him, and all that jazz. She found dusk as a runt. She was a small dog, but powerful.

"Crunch!" She indicated for Shadow to pop the balloon, but the rockets kicked in. They blew the dog away, and the other dog was hit by Shadow.

In a moment of confusion vs heroics, Tracy and Brock tried to stop the balloon with their bodies. All that acomplished was Brock cracking his head open. And Team Rocket got away.

"Brock!" Misty and Ash cried in unison. As would have Bubbles had she not been spacing of to where her best friend just was. Not anymore though, because he was with Team Rocket. How did that just happen? (*goes back and re-reads* lol. Sorry 2 ruin a good moment.)

"JENNA ALABASTER, GET OVER HERE!" She heard Tracy yell. She flinched hard at the name. Jenna Alabaster Sketchit. But why would he be mad at her? What had she done?

She took her chances to roll her eyes, but walked to her brother. He was frowning, and the reality of Brock's situation suddenly took hold of Bubbles. She looked down. He must have been hurting horribally, because his skull was busted clean open. Her brother looked down. He really couldn't do anything, because he was just an artist. A little less gifted there, Bubbles wanted a major in health. She looked down at the wound.

She took the thin jacket off of Brock, then tore it enough to make a makeshift tournequet. It may at least slow down the bleeding, but it would mainly prevent dirt from getting inside. Then she looked up at Misty.

"I need a pokemon with Ice Beam." She said. Dratini was given. She looked at the pokemon and said, "Okay, I want you to use Ice Beam, but slowly, so it just cools the blood. This will stop the flow in the spot. It'll stop the bleeding. But too long and the blood will stop flowing all together. Careful Dratini."

The pokemon did its best. Tracy took his sister's arm and released the pokemon that Ash had just lent to him. Charizard, so they could fly to a hospital. Bubbles helped boost Brock up, but it was mainly Tracy's pulling that got him up.

"Get on Jenna." He said. It stung that he was using that tone! Oh how it stung! What had she done?

"I want to help find Miguel." She said. "He's my-"

"No. Get on."

Tracy was older than her by about five years. That made no difference to her. She didn't want to go, and he wouldn't make her.

"No." She said, "I'm not going." She turned and walked the opposite way. The trio of people thought she was going to sit down, when suddenly she called out Shadow, and jumped on him. Then she was gone before they knew what hit them.

Tracy must have gone by now, She thought, sitting by a stream and watching her exhausted Mightyena drink. She had made him run a long way, and although they were big enough, Mightyena weren't exactly a riding pokemon.

Maybe I should have watched where I was going..? Bubbles continued her thoughts. What good was she doing?! She couldn't find her best friend if SHE was lost too!

She called back Shadow and looked around. She could hear Ash and Misty calling her now, but she didn't know what direction. Maybe if she could use her Pokemon. But Shadow was worn out! The only other one that had well enough tracking skills was Dusk, and she was still weak from when Shadow had hit her in that crash.

“Ash? Misty?” She called, now aware of the situation she was in. “Are you there?” She tried to be clear, and to reward her, the wind bore back Misty’s voice.

“Bubbles?” Misty had always felt weird about calling her that, but she had gotten the impression, as everyone, that Jenna wasn’t what she liked to be called. Jenna was more of a punishment name. It would be hard to yell “Bubbles go to your room!” wouldn’t it?

Misty had taken a liking to the girl, because of her knowledge of marine pokemon, if not just her sheer happiness bubble that was always around her. She was like a living anti-depressant! She knew her brother had picked a good best friend to have for eight years.

“Bubbles,” She tried again, “Where are you?”

“I don’t know!” Bubbles said, she tried to sound calm. “I’m, lost, I-I, um, think. I’m near a stream, and I h-have my pokemon, but I don’t see any other landmarks that would help!” Her voice was dripping with fear. She knew what Misty would think of that. Probably that she was in tears or that she was shaking. She mentally slapped herself for stuttering when she wasn’t in any danger at all. She didn’t like that stuttering problem she had. Tracy would make fun of it, even if it was his dying breath, if she stuttered, there was a laugh.

“Mist,” Ash called out, “Are you there? I couldn’t find her on the north side.”

“She’s within earshot,” Misty said as he drew nearer, “But all she knows is that there’s a stream near her.”

“There are hundreds of streams in this freakin’ jungle!” Ash yelled. “Bubbles you idiot!” But really he was worried. Bubbles might have been very independent, and have extremely good knowledge and skills with pokemon, but she acted like a child sometimes, and she had a very complicated world. It would be strange if she were hurt, because she’d act like she was fine, until suddenly, boom, “How’d you get that gash?!” “Oh, this Gash, ha, I didn’t see it!” whatever. That gash was the size of New York. Of course, she was one to be like that.

Then again, she also was good for listening. If you daydreamed out loud, she would have faith in you, and if you told stories of great people, she would call you just as great. She was one of a kind. And a good friend. It almost seemed unfair that Miguel was her best friend. Not to say she didn’t like the others, but Miguel always got the best jokes, and always had the best laughs. Maybe it was just because they had known each other the longest?

“Bubbles! I’m telling you to look at the tree bark. What color is it?” Ash yelled, knowing the trees were color coded about the forest. Insulting Bubbles was something she took with a grin. And when you fought with her, she would apologize, her fault or not, and say it was things like that that people needed to let hit and miss.

“Umm, well, some are blue, and some are yellow.” Bubbles said, “Oh! I’m on the east boundary!” Duh! She knew that she was just being a worry wart. Trees! YES!

She waited with a dumb look on her face. A small frown that only appeared when she was deep in thought, but when she saw her friends, it vanished. She hugged them, and they proceeded to walk to the path. Tracy had given up and said that Ash needed to watch Bubbles, then left.

As they crossed to the path, Misty was occupied hearing the latest joke, probably something dumb that the girl had done herself. He smiled and thought about how Bubbles mind shifted from fear to jokes in ten seconds or less. What was hilarious was that she seemed to most people like she was stupid, but to people who new her, she wasn’t just the girl that fell down ever flight of stairs she walked on, but the girl that had all the answers, from why roses are red to the meaning of life, trapped in her little, confused mind.

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