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The sound of spearow in the air had woke Miguel up, that and the fact that Jessie had started to scream at James. “Why do I have to feed pikachu?” James asked Jessie “because if the pikachu isn’t fed it dies, and if it dies what are we supposed to give the boss, a safe with a dead pikachu in it!” Jessie yelled the last part in James ear “jeez you didn’t have to yell I was only asking a question” Then he got up and grabbed a bag of poke chow “uh jess what’s the password again?” James said with his voice kind of quivering in fear of getting yelled at or hit for that matter “oh you gotta be kidding me its….” All Miguel could here is whispers “huh” James said confused “I said its…” once again all Miguel could hear is whispers “what?” James said stupidly. This just got Jessie more angry than she already was “ITS SPARKS FLY YOU IDIOT!!” with that the safe door flew open hitting James privates (is that to much?) in the process. James fell over backwards “I guess feeding a pokemon is to much for you, forget it move over ill feed it” (now my chance to make my move) thought Miguel he got and tried to push Jessie but all he accomplished was re-injuring his already messed up ankle. “oh trying to escape huh” meouth said “well it not gonna be that easy” with that meouth scratched Miguel in his face, leaving three deep cuts in it.

“ok this little furry brat isn’t eating” Jessie stated “hey Jess why not use the kid” meouth suggested “that’s not a bad idea, get over here kid so I can un-tie you” Jessie ordered. “Ok now feed the stupid thing” Miguel crawled over to where the safe was, he saw pikachu on the inside tied down by many wires and covered in a Rubber suit so he couldn’t shock. The only things exposed were his mouth and his nose. “Pikachu please eat” all Miguel got in response was a “cha” which clearly meant no “why not?” Miguel asked “pika pi cha pi” was what pikachu said in response “what did he say meouth” James asked “he said he has seen what team rocket has done to pokemon who do not want to join them” Meouth said “don’t worry pikachu Bubbles, Ash and my sister will save us just wait and see” (or at least I hope) thought Miguel “pi pika” pikachu asked “promise, now eat” Pikachu started eating all of the poke-chow like there was no tomorrow. “Hey guys guess what where here” said Jessie

Bubbles woke up to the sound of her watch alarm clock. To her surprise Ash and Misty were still asleep, she was going through her backpack when she came across Miguel’s camera. A big smile spread across her face she snapped a picture of them together. As it developed she was looking for a place to put it in her mini photo album when she found an opening next to her favorite picture of Miguel and her. In the picture showed the two when they were 13 shoving cake in each others face. She smiled but that quickly faded “dumb jerk” she said as she placed the photo of Ash and Misty next to it and shut the book. Bubbles than decided it was time to wake up Ash and Misty. “ok love birds time to wake up” yelled Bubbles Ash and Misty immediately sat up quick “we are not love birds” they both yelled in unison “than why are you sleeping together” Ash and misty both blushed at how the comment was said “’whatever forget about it get dressed so we could go looking for Pikachu and Miguel” “right” said Ash and Misty.

A few hours later they were walking when Ash decided to address bubbles about that morning. “Bubbles look about this morning misty was just cold and she has no Pokemon with fur and it was cold so she needed warmth and so did I so I” bubbles interrupted “ok I get it she was cold and needed warmth so you gave it to her.” Bubbles said annoyed “uh bubbles are you ok you haven’t been yourself lately?” Misty asked worried “im fine, you should worry about Miguel not me ok” Bubbles said “yeah your right” Misty agreed “ok now back to what I was saying” Ash cut in “you cant tell anybody what you saw this morning ok” Ash said “ok promise” said Bubbles crossing her fingers behind her back. Just than the poke-tracker started going off when they came to an open field. All they saw in the horizon was a three story building.



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