I'm The Only Guy In Her Life!

Author notes-Wow I haven't wrote this story in a while, but as some of you have noticed im getting back into writing fan-fics. Out of all my stories this seems to always be everyones favorite, I guess its because you have never heard a story like this, well anyway im rambling

on, lets get to the story.


"Mistys here?" Miguel couldnt believe it, he thought his sister didnt want him around.

"Excuse me? Miguel what should I tell her?" Joy said growing impatient.

"I dont know...." Miguel was deep in thought. (Truth be told I thought I would be happy if she would be able to forgive me and now that it looks like she wants to I'm not sure if I want to forgive her because those were some pretty harsh words that came out of her mouth) Miguel thought.

"Well Im going to send her in" Nurse Joy said walking away. Miguel was so deep in thought that he didnt notice. He snapped out of his thoughts and noticed that she was gone.

"Where did Joy go?" he questioned Lisset.

"She went to go tell your sister that your back here" She replied

"WHAT?!" Miguel yelled jumping out of his seat.

"Whats wrong, I thought you would be happy that your sister came looking for you?" She said getting out of her seat so she wouldnt be hit by a jumping Miguel.

"Yeah so did I but now im not sure if I want to forgive her" Miguel said looking for a back door to run through. Lisset started laughing at him running up and down the halls looking for a way out.

"If your looking for a way out, the only way out is through the front door" She said in between laughs.

"Crap, well is there anywhere else I could hide?" He said catching his breath. She thought for a second.

"Well I guess you could always hide in my room, its the 3rd one on the left" she said handing him the keys.

"Thanks!" He replied running down the hallway and into her room. Just as he got in Misty came running through the other hallway.

"MIGUEL!" She screamed running around in a similar fashion that her brother had just a minute ago. At this Lisset started laughing (Well I see the resemblance) She thought.

Just then Misty ran up to her screaming broken words.

"Are you asking if I have seen a guy with Black hair, aqua blue eyes and about 5'8?" She said perfectly describing him with a big cheesy smile

"Yeah thats him where is he?" She said hoping she would know. Lisset thought for a second. She hadnt thought about what she would say if she asked her.

"Ummm....well...He went that way" She said pointing the way Misty came through.

"Are you sure?" Misty questioned. Lisset nodded to her and she was off, running over Brock and Ash in the process.

"Misty wait up where are you going!" Ash yelled as he and Brock got up and ran back the way they just came.

(Well i guess they will be fooled for a while) she thought walking to her room...



Well thats the end of chapter nine; I told you I am a much better writer. Well anyways if you read please review, it would be appreciated.