Dream to Dream: What if?

Looking at the girl I've loved almost all my life; I wonder?what would my life be without the little redhead I've knew and loved. What would've happened if I never met brock? Or pikachu?
What if?what if?

"Ash? Are you okay?" asked the taller boy

"Um?yeah, I was?I was just thinking"

"You? Thinking?" The redhead joked.

I sighed and keep on walking. We're heading to the next city and the next pokemon center.
We're tried and want some rest?. everyone but me.  What if Gary and me were friends? What if I won instead of Richie? What if?what if?

"Almost there guys" The taller boy said dreamily thinking of joy or jenny I suppose.

Will I am the same person I am now? Would I ever change?and how? What would my future be? What will happen to my friends? Would I win the league? Will I lose? And to who?
Will I? Would they?

"We're here"

"Huh?" I asked not sure what was going on.

"The pokemon center?are you sure you're okay?" the taller boy asked.

I nodded my head fast.

We go in the center and all get a room to sleep there. My crush has already fallen asleep it's been a while since she had a lot of rest, so I won't wake her and my other friend is busy talking to joy in the front desk. I have my arms under my head, I can't sleep

I'm here looking at the ceiling wondering "what if?" I can't stop thinking about it. I sigh and look over to my left; just to see pikachu asleep too. I slowly get up and put my lucky hat on.
And walk out of the room.

"SO?. how are you joy? Can I help you with anything? Anything at all?"

"Um?sure" she said with a sweatdrop

"OKAY I'm ready! Anything you need from me Joy, I'll do it"

I pass my friend. He doesn't see me; too busy flirting with Joy to notice anything.

I open the door and walk around the town. I start to think again and it's killing me.
I can't stop my thoughts at all, it must be that I'm afraid of what's will happen or what's going to happen?

Some workers are rebuilding a store that was crashed by the evil gang known as "Team Rocket"

"Hey nick, we need that bored, for the roof"

"Keep your pants on" the worker said.

Ash was thinking way too much to notice that he was heading.

The work grabbed the bored and walked away with it to the other side where Ash was.

Ash walked, passing the worker carrying the bored.
"Never mind Nick"

The worker turned around quickly hitting Ash with the bored.

Ash got hit but didn't move.

"Oh god?Are you okay kid?"

Ash just stood there and rolled his eyes and fall.

"Oh crap?WE NEED HELP," The worker yelled.

                                                  The New journey begins

OMG?.I can't believe Ash got hit with a bored! LOL!
Never fear?Blu is here! And I'm back after? 2 months without doing a fanfic!
I'm back! YAH! :: Does a booty dance::

                Okay don't worry guys?this isn't the WHOLE story, I mean there's a lot more
Then this.  This is just the beginning of the story! I had a little wondering myself?I was thinking
"What if?" AND IT HIT ME! ^0~ j/k. sorry I had to say that?it was funny.

But no kid, For real, I was thinking about that. So I decided to write something like that.
I had some help from my best friends "Ash tomboy" Also known as "Ash" and  "The Jolt Master" BUT THAT'S NOT ALL?the help of my sister "Sopy poke-girl" and my BF "Legacy"