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Chapter two

   Ash kept running. He couldn't go back, not now.

"I can't believe I did that to Misty, I hope she's okay."

He pictured togepi's cries as he waddled over to Misty. He also remembered Brock's tone of
voice when he got off of her.

"I'm sorry Misty."

~ Back to the campsite~

"Okay Misty, are you sure you're all right"

"Yes, Brock I"m fine."

Brock looked at Misty sympathetically. Her eye was still swollen but her lip had stopped
bleeding. He placed a wet cloth over her eye. Misty winced at the cold and began to cry.

"Misty I'm sorry, did I hurt you"" Brock asked

"No Brock, it"s not you, it"s" Ash."


"No Brock I not his fault it"s mine. I have to go find him."

~somewhere close by~

Ash was sitting by a creek thinking.

"I wonder if I should go back, if I go back Brock will probably give me a concussion and Mist-

"Ash Ketchum, so there you are"

It was Misty.

"Ash, Brock and I have been looking for you everywhere! This place is beautiful!"

Ash looked around where he"d been sitting. It was beautiful. The water in the creek was crystal
clear, the grass was soft and the sunset was beautiful.

"Ash is it me or does this place look familiar."

Ash realized it.

"Misty this looks like the place we first met."

Misty sat down beside him and smiled.

"Ash I can"t believe you remembered."

"Ash I just had to come tell you, I"m so sorry for what I said. You"re not stupid or egotistic.
This is my entire fault."

"Misty, you"re fault" I hurt you and insulted you. I"m sorry."

"You know Ash, sometimes we still act like we first met, always fighting about nothing. I wish
we could just stop sometimes."

Ash realized she was right, sometimes they acted more like enemies than like best friends. He
got up from where he was sitting.

"Come on Misty."

He held out his hand to help Misty up.

"Lets go Brock"s probably worried about you and all. You know you are still hurt. Oh ya and
Misty, I"ll try to stop fighting with you, just as long as there"s no more from you either, kay"

Misty took his hand and pulled herself up.

"Okay Ash, it"s a deal."

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Chapter 3

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   As Ash and Misty walk into camp they were greeted by a love stricken Brock, a
sleeping Pikachu and Togepi, and a young girl about Brocks age.

"You sure you won" date me"" Brock stared into the girl"s eyes. "You are the most beautiful gal
I have ever, ever seen."

The girl pushed him to the side.

"Sorry" Brock" Was that what you said your name is"

"Yep, but if you want you could call me sweetie, honey, cutie, muffin-

"-Okay that"s enough of you lover boy."

Misty walked up and pulled Brock away. The girl took this chance to look at the two new
people at the camp.

"Sorry Miss, but Brock can get a little crazy sometimes."

Ash walked up to the girl.

"My name is Ash Ketchum, The girl is Misty Waterflower, The Pokemon are Pikachu and
Togepi, and you already know Brock.

"Uh, hi my name is Hakura, so you"re the infamous Ash Ketchum of Pallet. You know I"ve
been looking for you everywhere.

Ash blushed a bit at the infamous part, but looked up at her questionably.

"You"ve been looking for me everywhere" Why."

"I"ve been looking for you so I could do this."

She took out a small crystal that encircled Ash hands a suspended them.

"I"m sorry but you"re arrested for the murder of 300 people and Pokemon."

When Misty and Brock herd this they stooped fighting and ran to the struggling Ash.

"What, but Ash didn"t do anything." Misty yelled.

"Ya why would ash kill anyone." Brock stated.

"Ya what did I do." Ash whispered.

"Okay, okay enough with the questions let me explain okay."

She let Ash sit down next to Misty and Brock. After they sat down Pikachu and Togepi woke
up. Both went to their owners and sat down though Pikachu was a little weary. He looked up to
Misty who gave him a smile and nod, so Pikachu sat down near Ash wondering why his owner
and best friend was in handcuffs.

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