<== Once Upon A Dream

[Once Upon A Dream]

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own these characters. I don’t own pokemon. I don’t own anything. Except this story. kinda!) Enjoy!

Misty stared out the window. Nothing new, same old neighbors, same old lake, same old trees. She sighed. It was a cold Saturday night, and as usual, Misty was alone. She wanted to do stuff with her friends, but sadly she was grounded. Something about having a mallet at school. Oh well, she’s stuck in for the weekend and she can’t do anything about it. Or could she? She hopped up and put on some jeans, a T-shirt, a jacket, and some tennis shoes and socks. Nothing could stop her! She climbed out the window. OOF!

“Ow...” she rubbed the soon-to-be bruise on her bottom. Well, maybe the ground can stop her. She got up and brushed of her jeans. As she crawled across the ground, making sure no one saw her, she spotted a shadow moving across her neighbor’s lawn

“Oh my gosh! That’s Ash’s house!” Jumping to conclusions, she sprinted across the road. What if they’ve kidnapped Ash? I can’t let this happen! I gotta get over there. She ran as fast as she could, thinking about all the horrible things that could be going on. Thoughts of kidnapping, murdering, and worse filled her head as she approached the yard.

“Ash! Ash, are you okay?” she called out as she walked franticly across the yard. She listened closely for any answers or cries for help. Nothing. She called out again, “Ash? Mrs. Ketchum? Are you okay?” Still nothing. Worried, she looked around. She heard something.

“Hello?” She was scared. “Hello? Ash? Mrs. Ketchum?” She heard it again. This time it was clearer. It sound like a dog. A dog’s bark.

Phew. But wait...The Ketchums don’t have a dog. Or a dog pokemon. None of my neighbors do! Whose dog is it? Panting in fear, she looked around again.

“Hello? Is anybody here? Oh, no, I’m so scared. Somebody please help me,” she walked slowly to the side of the house. “AAH!”

“Who is that!?” a gruff voice asked. “Where are you? Show yourself.” Misty could feel the stranger approaching her, yet she couldn’t see him.

“AAH!” she yelled again. “A bug! A big creepy bug. AAH!” The strange man came toward her. She saw that he had the same bag as the shadow figure had. Oh, no. He’s gonna get me too!

“You work for me?” the man asked. “You one of my men? I’ve been waiting. I already got the kid. Come on, uhh, you.” It is him, and he did take Ash. I gotta play along. I’ll get Ash later. Once I’m inside.

“Uhh, yeah, I’m, uhh, Bob. I’ve just been hired and I’m deathly um allergic to bugs.” She lied and followed the man to Ash’s cellar.

“Okay, Bob, go watch the kid. I’ll be back later.” He left. Misty was relieved and glad she got to watch Ash. No more bugs. She walked over to where Ash was digging his way out with a spoon. Isn’t there a...Oh no! The door to the cellar is locked. How will we get out?

“Ash?” she looked over at him and covered her blush. Misty liked Ash. She always had, but he was a guy and was too dumb to notice. “Hi, Ash.”

“Who’re you?” he looked up from his digging. See? He was just like any other guy and would probably never realize that girls liked him. Or a girl likes him. He was totally oblivious.

“I’m Misty. I go to your school. I’m here to uhh save you. Yeah.”

“Cool. In a couple days I’ll be outta here. Why bother?” he returned to his digging.

“I can get out of her within two hours.”

“Well, If I tried I could get out of here even quicker. I just gotta find a better spoon.”

Misty sighed, “I’ll hurt you.”

“Will not! I’m stronger and quicker than you.”

She sighed again. I warned him. She whipped out her trusty mallet, (now that’s the Misty I know), and whacked him on the head. “Told ya.”

“Well, I’m still a better trainer.” Does he always have to pretend?

“What do Pokemon have to do with this? We still have to get out of here!” She walked toward him and he covered his head with fear of her mallet. “Ugh...” he got up and sighed. “I am SO a better trainer,” he mumbled. “but I do wanna get outta here. Fine. We’ll do it you’re way. But it was my idea.” She sighed. They tried to think of new ways to get out, but nothing was possible. She sat down on the ground and thought some more.

“Duh!” Ash said aloud. “We’ll just use my wonderfully trained pokemon. They have been trained by me of course,” he said and reached into his pocket. “Go Suirtle!” Nothing happened. “Fine, go Bulbasaur!” Nothing again. “Did you take my Pokemon?” he accused.

“No, but the man who kidnapped you probably did. He’s coming to check on us soon. I’ve got a plan.” Misty told Ash to sit down and wait for the man, while she stood and swung her mallet, insulting him occasionally, in case the man heard. About an hour later the man came down the steps.

“Bob, is he behaving?” the man asked, his breath smelling of beer and ciggarettes.

“Yes, but did you take his Pokemon? I think it’d be fun to torture him.”

“Yeah. Here they are. Do what you want. G’bye, Bob.” Misty waited for him to leave.

“Okay, Ash, do what you must.”

“Here we go, my pokeballs. Go, squirtle!” Out came the turtle pokemon. It ran to the other side of the room and cowered. “Ugh...” Ash sighed. “Go, Bulbasaur!” The leaf-like creature repeated Squirtle and whimpered in fear. “Aw, come on, guys.”

“Perfectly trained?” Misty mumbled.

“Got another plan?” Ash asked. “They’re probably a little tired.”

“No, but we could call the police. I have a phone.”

“I could’ve thought of that,” he mumbled. Misty dialed the number. Officer Jenny answered and told them that they were on they’re way.

“Misty,” a voice called as she walked over to where Ash was. “Misty. Misty! Get up!”

Misty woke up. She was on the ground outside her house.

“Where am I?” she asked a little dazed. “Ash?”

“Yeah, I found you on the ground this morning. What happened?”

“Did we escape? Did the police rescue us. How are you’re Pokemon?”

“What are you talking about? You must have dreamed it.”

“No! It couldn’t have been a dream. I’ve still got my mallet, and you’ve still got that bump...on...your...oops. I must have dreamed it. Thanks, Ash. And by the way, you’re Pokemon are NOT wonderfully trained.”

He stared at her and then helped her up. He walked back over to his house. “Are too.”

The End.