Shattered heart, vanished love

                                                                   By: Rash Ketchum








Author’s note: Hi guys, I’m back with my second fic. Unlike the first one I have full control over this one. I’ve made some improvements in my dialogues and storyline so I think this might be a bit different. Oh and I’ve received some e-mails asking me where the song is from. Well, I couldn’t find any interesting lyrics. So… I just made it up. Now on with the story… enjoy.


Brief description: A tragic fight between Ash and Misty in the past broke up the whole group forever. But now after five years of separation, Ash has returned with new skills and a new ‘friend’. He doesn’t seem to remember any of his old companions and has become completely ruthless in battle. The others are trying to understand him but will they be able to do it before the worst comes? Read and find out.


Note: Ash is 19, Misty is 19, Brock is 22, Damien is 21 and Blake is 23. The ages are useful in particular parts of the fanfic.


Prologue: After Ash has left, Misty is heartbroken. After five years she has finally been able to contact Brock and tell him the whole story. Both of them are in deep thought of what could have happened to their old friend while the flashback goes on.


Chapter 1: Stormy Past


In the living room of a house in Pewter were a red haired girl and a tall young man both in deep thought. They were both thinking about a happening in the past.




“Hey guys, we’re here. Standburgh city. So Ash, you have any strategy for this gym,” asked Brock slate one of his best friends and a fellow companion.

“Ash come up with a strategy? Come on he’d probably just…” went on Misty Waterflower the other best friend Ash traveled with but was cut off by Ash.

“Hey guys, look? What’s that,” asked Ash inattentively pointing to a crowd of people.

“Huh… looks like there’s someone there?” said Brock as the crew went forward.

“Excuse me, but what’s going on,” asked Misty to a girl in the back.

“Uh so you’re new here? You’re lucky ‘cause the famous teenage celebrity Damien is giving out autographs here… NOW!” replied the girl excited.

“Damien… oh please, these guys are only good at giving out autographs and nothing else. Their just a bunch…” trailed off Ash but was cut off by none other than Damien.

“Oh look, what do we have here? A lovely young lady? Well I’ll be more than happy to give you an autograph anytime miss…” said Damien trying to charm Misty.

“I’m… Misty… I,” muttered Misty but was shocked when he kissed her cheek.

“You’re the brightest star in the darkest night sky,” said Damien making Misty blush.

“Oh… umm th-thank you,” said Misty still dazed by her action.

While all this was going on Brock and Ash were just confused. All the other girls there were watching them with jealousy. After talking with Damien and getting to know him better the crew said goodbye and headed towards the Pokémon center. But Damien looked more interested in Misty and wasn’t just gonna let her go.

At the center…

“Umm… excuse me are you Misty waterflower?” asked nurse joy to Misty.

“Yeah, that’s me,” replied Misty confused.

“There’s someone who wants to meet you,” said nurse joy as she went away.

“Someone wants to see me? Who could it be?” thought Misty curious.

When she reached the hall room of the center she saw Damien with a bouquet of flowers.

“Misty… hi, these are for you,” said Damien handing Misty the flowers.

“Oh thank you Damien. That’s so sweet,” said Misty accepting them.

“Misty, listen I’ve been thinking. Since you’re new in this town, how about this evening I take you out somewhere. Just you and me, how does that sound?” asked Damien smiling.

Misty’s heart soared with excitement. Going out with a celebrity would be fabulous. She was going to say yes when suddenly…

“WHAT? Go out? Come on Misty, you and I both know these celebrity guys are just a bunch of fakes. He’s probably just playing you,” said Ash trying to get Misty to say no.

“Ash, be quiet. He’s a nice guy. And besides why are you so worried? Don’t you want me to go out with ‘another’ guy?” asked Misty making Ash blush dark scarlet.

“Umm… no I just think that you should think about it first. I mean you don’t think that someone like him doesn’t have a girlfriend do you?” asked Ash trying to convince Misty.

“Well Ash, for your information I’ve already thought about it. Sure Damien, I’ll go with you,” said Misty to Damien ignoring Ash.

“Then I’ll pick you up at seven?” asked Damien kissing Misty’s hand and going away.

“Why do I even care? Do what you want?” said Ash as he went away furious.

“All right. Now that Ash is jealous I can get him to confess,” thought Misty.

The whole day Ash acted like he didn’t even know Misty and never talked to her. This just made Misty gladder but what she didn’t know was that her love for Ash wouldn’t be the same after that evening. Finally Damien came at seven sharp and Misty giving him her hand as she waved goodbye to Ash and Brock. But Ash didn’t wave back.

“Come on man, let her do this. I mean after we’re out of here this will all be over right?” asked Brock trying to stop Ash from pacing.

“I’m not sure Brock. I just can’t believe Misty just left me like this. And to think I thought she felt the same way,” said Ash thinking what might happen.

“Ash, she does feel the same way. She’s just going out with the guy ‘cause he’s a star. Now, lets go and do some training. I’m sure you’re going to need it for your next gym battle,” said Brock as he and Ash headed outside for some training.


“Having a good time Misty?” asked Damien to Misty at the movies.

“You bet. I never had this much fun for a long time. Thank you Damien,” replied Misty smiling at him with shining eyes.

“I’m glad to no that my angel,” said Damien as he kissed her cheek making her blush.

Misty was having such a good time she didn’t even think about Ash and fell into Damien’s charm. She soon found herself resting her head on his shoulder and finally falling in love with him. She thought that instead of running around with Ash she should stick with Damien who’s rich, famous and would love her dearly. After an evening of fun and romance she and Damien reached a nice place not far from the place were Ash and Brock were training.

“Damien look, I don’t know how to say this but after this whole evening I think I’ve somehow fallen in love with you. I mean I…” trailed off Misty but stopped at his touch.

“I know. Your eyes, your fragrance, your whole personality attracts me like a passion. I love you too Misty, I love you too,” said Damien looking at Misty with half-opened eyes.

Misty at that moment couldn’t think of anything else being hypnotized by his dark blue eyes and charming look. She unwarily leaned towards Damien who was constantly moving towards her. Obviously, they met in a kiss.


“Pikachu use… huh? What’s wrong Pikachu? Brock I think Pikachu hears something,” said Ash noticing that Pikachu was listening to something.

“Hey Pikachu, what do you hear?” asked Brock to the little mouse.

“Pika pi,” replied Pikachu as it ran towards a small bush.

They soon reached the place and pushing some leaves out of the way peeked through. What they saw surprised them, especially Ash greatly. Both Damien and Misty were sitting on the grass with his hands wrapped around Misty. They were talking and giggling. Though Brock and Pikachu couldn’t, Ash could guess quite clearly what they were talking about. And as if just to make his prediction, which would be his worst nightmare come true, he saw what he feared of seeing his whole life. Misty… kissing another guy with great passion. He felt senseless and incapable of saying or doing anything. But finally he was pulled back to reality by Brock.

“Look Ash, I don’t know how to say this. But it looks like you were right. I’m sorry, I’m just sorry,” said Brock trying to comfort him by padding on his shoulder.

“It’s okay Brock, it’s okay. The only girl I ever loved has left me. And now I have nothing left. Let’s go Brock, I’ve nothing to look at,” said Ash with anger.

Ash left that place immediately without waiting for Brock or Pikachu. But while all this had happened Misty didn’t know anything.

-End of chapter-


Author’s note: Sorry but I couldn’t finish the flashback. But it’ll definitely be over in the next one. Please Review it and wait for the next one.