Differences (AAMRN) Prologue



" " Indicates spoken words

< > Indicates Translated Pokémon language

{ } Indicates thoughts

[ ] Indicates telepathic communication


Narrator POV

     Ash and co. are walking down Route 1 on their way to Pallet Town. It was around the time of day when the usual Ash and Misty fight occurs. "Ash if you didn't wreck my bike I wouldn't have to follow you everywhere on this useless journey" Misty hollered. "Useless journey, Useless Journey, WHAT DO YOU MEAN USELESS JOURNEY!" Ash retorted. "This journey is useless because, YOU ARE THE WORST POKEMON TRAINER ON THIS PLANET!" Misty said. {Please Misty don't say that you hate me} Ash thought. "And you know what" Misty said, "I HATE YOU, YOU, YOU MORON!” Ash's eyes started to water, then he started to cry. He broke down in sobs and then fell on the ground. "YOU KNOW WHAT, I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS A FRIEND WITH A FREAK!" Misty continued. "Freak, I'm not a freak" Ash replied. "OH YES YOU ARE, GARY TOLD ME!" Misty said. Ash started to cry harder, like a waterfall. Suddenly 2 golden wings sprouted out of his back. "I knew it, no one really cares or loves me because I'm different, I don't have a real friend" Ash shuddered because of his tears "Me and Gary were friends until he found out, and your right Misty a freak would never be the Pokémon Master." He turned around and flew into the sunset whispering "Misty I love you".