When people think ‘Pokemon’, the usual thought is ‘TV show’, or for some people ‘Gameboy’.  Sure, who wouldn’t think of Pokemon that way?  After all, it is nothing more than a Television show, who was become so popular as to be put into Game Consoles; GameCube, Gameboy, Nintendo, etc.


          Not all people think that way.  To them, Pokemon are species of creatures that live and breathe, just like humans.  These people, known as trainers, make good friends with Pokemon, playing with them, learning new things with them.


Some people even pit their own Pokemon friends against other Pokemon in a series of Pokemon battles.  The Pokemon use a list of attacks against the other Pokemon, and win depending on type advantage, level advantage, and stats advantage.  The winner would help their trainer move on to the Pokemon league, a contest of Pokemon battles.


          None was more famous than the twins, Sandry and Haven.  They became champions, caught legendary Pokemon, defeated Team Magma, Team Rocket, Team Pydro, Team Shadow, and Team Aqua even saved the world a couple hundred times.  Not even Ash has done all that.


          But this is a story from before their fame.  They are just about to receive their very first Pokemon, which whom they will set out to start their new journey.  Let us join them now…