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                                                         Part 2: A Lonely World


 A girl walked down a bumpy dusty road. A tender baby Growlithe was with her. Its pink, rough tongue hanged from it mouth as it walked. The girl’s eyes once brilliant and full of life, now were dull and sad. Around her neck was a mysterious heart shaped necklace that  possessed some kind of unknown power. As they kept on walking, no words were spoken. They knew what each other was thinking deep inside. No words were needed. The day was sunny and there was no sign of thunderclouds nearby. But instead had fluffy clouds, some shaped as Pokemon. One surprisingly shaped like a Togepi. Some Pidgeys chirping a happy melody , its song echoing in the forest. Beside the dusty road were Katie and Growlie were walking, was a river. Its crystal like water was so clean you could even see some of its inhabitants. A few Magikarp splashed in its water. For most people this day was perfect. But not to all.


Katie and Growlie didn’t notice the beautiful place they were in. Neither  the perfect weather conditions. It reminded her that happy moments could turn to the saddest memories. It was a perfect clear day when the tragedy happened. When Kevin died. His death caused by a ferocious Ursaring. Katie remembered that day perfectly. Her heart ached  so much that she almost died near him. She couldn’t believe it just happened 4 days ago…


Everything happened so fast that day. On the very same day. From being just a plain normal girl, to being the very first female trainer. From a pushover to a runaway. Just starting out as friends then becoming a couple. From Life to Death. From living to dying. Just from one day to another.


Oh, and how she missed him. He was the only friend Katie had. Other girls considered her tomboyish and stupid just because of her dream, sometimes even for her looks. Kevin was the only one who respected and supported her dream. Before she met him, Katie was lonely and she usually cried. And to make matter worse her parents ignored her and she was always treated like trash. Always being grounded for no good reasons.


Strangely though she liked staying in her room. Katie hid an old copy of a Pokemon book her father used to read. She always loved reading all the different kinds of Pokemon and their attacks. Just daydreaming as she read was what she had done most of the time. Katie also read another book, but instead of being old it was quite new. It showed all the great Pokemon trainers and masters there are. Including her favorite one who accomplished more in 4 years than a whole lifetime of most trainers. The book had said that he was still traveling.


Maybe I can be as great as he is someday she always thought.


As she daydreamed she imagined being a Pokemon Master. Watching everybody’s  amazed faces, thinking that Katie could never do it. That was her dream. Her impossible dream that she had known deep down it would never happen.

That was before she met him. Kevin. They met when Katie was raking leaves in the front yard. One of her many chores. Kevin asked her if he could lend a hand. Remembering that after that they played with the leaves, as her mother was furious.  After that they became the best of friends.All those memories made her sigh. She had been so deep in thought, she hadn’t noticed it was getting dark. The sky filled with white sparkling stars shining above the cruel world. As Katie looked upwards she noticed that she was thinking so long about her life that it was nighttime. Growlie’s stomach began to grumbling.


“Oh. I’m sorry Growlie! I forgot we didn’t have any lunch today.” Katie said patting Growlie’s head.


She opened her bag and got out a can of Pokemon Chow. She has stocked up on supplies in a little store in the middle of the woods strangely enough. Katie also got out her can opener. The odor of canned food filled the air. She placed the food in a small plastic plate. Growlie sniffed the food curiously and happily started eating it.  Katie couldn’t help but smile, even if she hasn’t smiled for days. She loved seeing Growlie happy. It reminded her of Kevin when he was eating. Clumsily but happy. Katie took out her cheese sandwich. Seeing Growlie eat made her hungry, so she quickly ate the rest of the sandwich. Growlie had finished eating before her and was sniffing the ground for leftovers .


“I thought you were full already” she said followed by a silent chuckle.


 She took out her blue sleeping bag that she almost never used when she was at home. Katie also took out a much smaller sleeping bag for Growlie which she bought some days ago in some stranmge far off store. It was red and had a fire emblem on it. Growlie happily entered it and snuggled deeper in its warm covers. He soon went into a peaceful slumber. As she watched him sleep she looked at the sky, letting her thoughts float freely through her mind. As she watched the sky, she  found herself drifting off to sleep.




The sunlight was bright and shone on Growlie’s face. He opened his eyes and let out a great yawn. He then looked at Katie’s sleeping form. Being the friendly and playful Growlithe that he is could only mean…


“SLURP!” as Growlie licked her face. Katie opened her eyes abruptly “Growlie stop!…aww come  on!”. This just encouraged Growlie’s licking assault, as Katie tried to stop him. He then finally stop and nuzzled her neck. He started wagging his tail and looked at her sweetly. Katie was surprised a bit but hugged Growlie tightly. A few minutes passed and they stayed on the same position, but the day was young so it was almost time to go.


“Come on Growlie! The next city isn’t too far away. We can get there by sundown!” she couldn’t help but smile and walk cheerfully towards the road that led to the city. Growlie happy that her trainer was so cheerful began running and gave Katie a Catch-me-if-you-can glance and ran ahead of her. “Oh no you won’t!” she said and ran to catch up with her Growly laughing happily all the way.


Growlie slowed down a bit and Katie finally was able to catch up with him. She was panting hard and stood there a few minutes to catch her breath .


“Growlie, when you run you sure do!” she said and Growlie seemed to smile slyly at her. Katie had a sweatdrop coming down her head. “Well…we better get going…” and the both of them started walking to the nearest town.



It was almost dawn and after walking for 5 and a half hours they finally could see the city from far ahead. “Look at the city Growlie! We finally made it!!!!!!” and she couldn’t help but jump up in happiness and started cheering with glee.


“YAHOO!” she shouted again and Growlie cocked his head quizzically as why her trainer was acting so strange. Then totally unexpected Katie scooped him up into her arms and started running towards the city. As Growlie looked up at her, she only smiled and said “Hey it’s faster, you shouldn’t be complaining!”. As she was heading nearer to the city she found an obstacle on the way which made Katie’s happiness completely disappear.


On the road was a group of bikers. They were dressed all in black with skin-tight leather. They had chains around their hips and sunglasses. Each and every one of them had a different type of hair color with punk haircuts. They were laughing loudly at something Katie didn’t know why. She was now heading towards the city carefully and quietly. Maybe the bikers wouldn’t see them if they crept into the bushes…


“Oh you should’ve seen the guy’s face when I finished him off!” said the leader of the biker gang. Everybody was laughing at the boss’s stories not because they were funny it was mainly of what he would to them if they don’t. As the rest of the gang was laughing, the leader was slowing down to a chuckle. He noticed a rustle coming from the bushes. Hmmm I wonder what could it be…he carefully tiptoed towards the bushes while the other bikers were still laughing, not knowing their leader had stopped laughing a while ago. The biker  loomed over the bush and spread it apart just to see…


“Uhhh…just a shy little girl looking for berries!” Katie said giving him a nervous smile, sweatdroping and trying to be as calm as possible. Growlie was growling softly that the leader didn’t hear. The leader gave them an evil grin.


“Hey guys!! Look what I just found on this bush!” the other members finally stopped laughing and turned their heads towards their leader.


“What is it boss?” they turned to see the bush and what it contained inside.


“So Boss, this is where babies come from huh?” said the least brightest of the group.


“Oh yeah that’s where they come from…OF COURSE NOT YOU IMBECILE!!!”


“Now…look what’s besides her a Growlithe” he smiled evilly again “What shall we do to them?”


“Uh…let her go?” once again the dimmest one spoke again.


“You know what to do Diana…” the leader said and the girl from the group took out her mallet and whacked him hard. The stupid biker fell down with a thud.


“Hey boss why don’t we steal this girl’s Growlithe while we have the chance?” said one of the bikers.


“NOOO!” the biker was surprised at his boss’s reaction.


“Don’t you see? This girl has a Growlithe. A GROWLITHE! Women aren’t supposed to have Pokemon! What we should do is take her in to the police to arrest her and take the reward! We will all be filthy rich!” the others started cheering. Katie just sat there in the bushes too afraid to move. What am I going to do?! Growlie was growling now. He couldn’t stand the way the bikers were thinking. How dare they  think about us as profits! I won’t let anything bad happen to her! I swear it !!!”. He jumped from the bushes and with a mighty roar he bit on one of the bikers hand.


“ARGHHHHH!!!!!” he was swinging Growlithe around, trying to throw him off. Growlie just bit him harder refusing to let go. Then the biker swung around  Growlie with all his strength which brought him crashing onto a large boulder on the road. Dropping unconscious.


“GROWLIE!” Katie said forgetting that the bikers were surrounding them. She put the unconscious Pokemon on her lap. “Everything will be ok! Just hang in there!!” she was crying now, some of her tears dropping onto Growlithe’s soft orange fur.

The bikers, pitiless, just moved closer to Katie and Growlie. One of the bikers kicked Growlie out of Katies embrace were Growlie fell down to the ground hard. The other bikers were now circling her. They approached her closer, sneering menacingly and taking out their chains and knives.


“Give it up girl. You’re next.” that’s when the leader took out a pokeball from his jacket and with a flash came out a big Pokemon. It towered Katie and Growlie and pointed its cannons toward her. It’s a Blastoise! She cried out on her mind. She was too scared to move.


“It ends for you” the leader snapped his fingers. Blastoise got his cannons ready then fired a potent Hydro Pump at Katie. She screamed at the high pressure and crashed onto the boulder. The force was tremendous and she felt like her head was being ripped open. I’m sorry…Growlie… she lost consciousness as she crashed. The biker gang looked at the unconscious body of Katie and began laughing cruelly. As the bike members stopped laughing they approached her . They were about to tie her up when a faint light distracted them. It was coming from the necklace Katie wore. The bikers stepped a way a few feet. The light then stopped. The bikers looked stunned for a moment, but then they started approaching her again then a tremendous force knocked all of them onto their backs.


“GROWWWWWWWLITHE!” he barked. Then launched a powerful flamethrower from his mouth burning everybody to a crisp.


“Blastoise kill that little pest!!!”. Blastoise shot a water gun attack at Growlie, but it was too fast for it and dodged its attack. Blastoise tried a Roll-Out attack but Growlie jumped high into the air .


“YOU IDIOT TURTLE! GET THAT GROWLITHE NOW!!!”. The Blastoise prepared to launch a Hydro Pump, but before it could do that, Growlie hit it with such a force that Blastoise stumbled on it’s back. A Turtle Pokemon’s weak point. The Blastoise struggled to get up but Growlie stood on top of it. Growlie gave it an evil grin .“GROWWWWWWLL! He said and launched a Fire Blast at its face completely charring it. Blastoise was defeated.


“Return Blastoise! Let’s get outta here while we can!” the leader said. They all mounted on their bikes and sped off as fast as they could towards the opposite direction. Growlithe gave a triumphant smile and growled in glee. I did it! That’ll show them who’re they’re messing with next time! His cheerful thoughts stopped abruptly when he noticed a deathly still form…


Katie!! He rushed toward her and started nudging at her lying form. Katie…please wake up…you have to…she still didn’t budge. Growlie started licking her face knowing at that cheerful memory in the morning. She still didn’t move. As Growlithe tried its hardest to wake her up a drop of rain landed on his snout. He looked up towards the sky and noticed it wasn’t the clear blue color anymore. The sky was now gray and filled with treacherous clouds. Then it started pouring. Growlithe tried to withstand the water but he was weak towards water since he was a fire type but he was suddenly feeling very weak. The earlier injuries were of no help either. “Growl….” He barely said but he couldn’t stand the pain any longer. I must live…for Kevin and for…Katie he then fell down to the wet ground and closed his eyes.




“Ughhh…my head”.


Katie opened her eyes fully now trying to see  her surroundings completely. She then tried to stand up but the pain in her arm was too great. She grabbed her arm in agony. What the…she noticed that she was bleeding profusely. She tried to ignore the pain and then she noticed something else. Her finger weren’t moving. Oh no! all the fingers were somehow broken when she crashed. At least I’m not hurt that much…that was when she remembered…”Growlie!”. She looked who was beside her and picked him up. But he still didn’t move. “Nooo…Growlie…Please don’t leave me…please” she pleaded. She put her other hand on Growlithe’s lying form. No pulse.


“GROWLIE, NOO!!!” she sobbed and cried on Growlie’s still form. First Kevin…Now Growlie…she couldn’t believe it. She cried harder. “I have failed you Growlie…Kevin, I have truly failed…”. Her promise she made before Kevin died…it was broken. Now she was totally alone in a world were nobody loved her. What am I gonna do now?? She hugged Growlithe tighter. That’s when she felt a pulse.


“Growlie!!!” she was now smiling and wiping her tears away. But now wasn’t the time to celebrate. I gotta get Growlie to a Pokemon Center! She then started to get up. Ignoring the pain she stood up and started running as fast as she could towards the city ignoring the cruel glances the people gave her.


She reched the city and caught a glimpse of a sign saying “Welcome to Lavoinda City!”. She kept on running trying to sind the Pokemon Center among all the tall buildings. As she finnaly stopped running to catch her breath she looked around and found herself on a creepy neighborhood. Great…There was a man with a large black coat looking at something yet he didn’t blink. There was no one else so she should as well ask the man for directions. “Umm…Excuse me sir…Would you happen to know where the nearest Pokemon Center is?”. The man looked at her with eyes that could pierce the soul and Katie started to back up. “That’s o-ok…I’ll…be on my way now” she stuttered and was about to get away from him, when the man  lifted a bony finger at a direction and said “There”. Katie was surprised at this antics and started walking towards that direction. “T-t-thank you…”she managed to say and headed off finally. The man looked at her going at that direction and stared at her until she was out of sight…


“Foolish girl…”



“Finally!” Katie cried out as she saw the illuminated Pokemon Center in front of her. “Don’t worry Growlie, everything will be ok”. She headed in the Pokemon Center, it had marble floors with pale yellow walls it was a nice place. Then she noticed a doctor was at the lobby attending the sick Pokemon. I should’ve known that women aren’t supposed to attend sick Pokemon too…she thought sadly and thought to give it a try even if she knew there’d be a chance the doctor will kick her out but her Growlithe’s life depended on it. “Could you please heal my Growlithe? He got hurt really bad…” she said as she remembered how Growlie  crashed onto that boulder, but not knowing that Growlie saved her life after that incident. The doctor looked at Katie and Growlie curiously . Then he looked at her right in the eyes, suspiciously.


“I am sorry miss, but we don’t atten-”  he got cut off when Katie started walking in no direction. Her head was spinning and she was getting very dizzy. “I don’t…feel so good…” she was supporting her weight on the desk since she was starting to lose her balance. “Uh…are you ok young lady?” the doctor said not noticing that his question was “no”. Katie was starting to black out when she noticed something at the back of her head . Wha…that’s when she looked at her hand to see…


Blood?! she shrieked inn her mind. Her whole hand was covered in that red thick blood. The sight of it caused Katie to drop to the floor and black out…






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