Ok, this is something I definitely want to write.  So, here I am writing it as you can tell…well…not while you’re reading this.  But u know what I mean.  The story.  Ahem, since thinking of soooo many plots for The Journey of Pokemon for the past three years that I’ve even made this in my mind, I finally had an idea.  I’m gonna add another trainer to it, she’s a big part of the plot as well as her companion pokemon.  And yes, if I send this fic in first, lemme say this.  I am re writing some of the first chapters to TJOP, cuz well, they’re crap.  Lol, jus had ta say that.  Oh, and this chapter takes place a couple of months before Isis’s journey.





            Fay sat in front of their small, but color TV in her living room. Her home was just a small apartment next to the mobile park in the small, but infamous New Bark Town.  She was sitting on the fuzzy brown floor, and her very long white hair that was tied lowly towards the tips in pigtails continued on the floor behind her.  She was an albino girl that was 10.  Her ruby eyes glimmered as she watched the 6:00 news.

            “I’m here in Cherygrove city, where there has been a huge incidence here.  Nurse Joy, just exactly what happened?”  A male news reporter asked.

            “Well, apparently some little scavenger of a human snuck from the back of the pokemon center, and just started abusing one of my patients!  I have no idea what the kid was trying to prove, but the abused patient that just started his journey a couple days ago is now in the hospital!  And now his two only pokemon are no longer in his possession.  The kid that broke in stole them” Nurse Joy finished.  Fay’s eyes widened.

            “OOOooooo… Do you think that team rocket is back, mommy?” Fay asked her mom.  Her mother was in the kitchen that could view and was pretty much in the living room.  Her mother’s name was Ellen.  She was one of those mothers that were very over protective of her children.  She had three kids.  Her oldest son William witch worked as Professor Elm’s lab assistant lived in the neighborhood.  He helped Ellen with her taxes since he made much more money than her at the time.  She worked at a local grocery store because she was always home schooled, and is almost afraid to have a big living.  She loved being home with her other two kids, her second oldest son named Ken.  He always wanted to go out on a pokemon journey, but because of her fear of letting him out in the world, she kept him home.  Then last but not least, her youngest daughter which was sadly the oddball in the family because of her albino appearance.  Fay always loved pokemon, and dreamed about traveling with pokemon.  The difference with her and her older brother was that he wanted to train his pokemon, and Fay could care less if they were trained to obtain victory.  She only wanted to at least see every pokemon in existence, and help hurt pokemon along the way.  She was a very sweet girl, but also a very gullible one.  And sometimes she could even be shy.  But when she’s at home, she usually talks a lot.

            “Well, I hope not, your father was a part of them.  That’s why I divorced him when I got the chance.  He was too caught up on his work that he could have cared less of our family” She said.  She would always mention her ex husband at times like this when team rocket was ever mentioned in these conversations.

            “Ya, you say that a lot, mom, but I’ve never even seen the guy” She said still eyes glued to the TV when they were advertising a strawberry milkshake.  Fay loved em.  Her mother sighed.

            “Ya… it was a good thing you didn’t then…” She said picking up the can opener.

            “…Chef Boyarde again?”  She asked.

            “Well, I thought you liked chef Boyardee raviolis” She smiled.  Fay smiled.

            “Ya I do mom… thanks” She said thinking if her mom was ok.

            “What were the two pokemon you were training, young man?”  The news reporter asked the crippled rookie in the wheel chair by the ambulance car.

            “Sniff… a poliwag and a hoppip…... “The kid whimpered.  Fay was thinking.

            “So he hadn’t gone to Professor Elm to pick up his first pokemon….” She thought to herself.  Behind them, they heard a door open.

            “Hey, mom” Ken spoke.  Two days later from that evening was his birthday, and he was going to turn eleven years old.

            “Well hi there, birthday boy!” Her mother exclaimed happily.  Ken walked up and gave her a hug.  Ken was a little bit taller than Fay.  He usually just wore regular t shirts and jeans.  He could care less about how his messy dirty blond hair looked.

            “Are you two ready for later?  After dinner, we’re going over to you’re brother’s work, and he has a big surprise for you, sweetie!” Ellen squealed squeezing her son till his head was buried in her chest.

            “Ack mom!  I can’t breathe…gaaaa” He attempted to say.

            “Oh, so sorry dear! Go visit your sister, she’s watching something interesting.”  Ken shrugged and walked over to sit on the couch that was directly behind her.  He looked down at her sister.

            “Why are you sitting on the floor?” Ken asked raising an eyebrow.

            “Cause I can, now shush, I’m watching something interesting!”  Ken laid his eyes on the TV as she was doing.

            “So, what did the crook look like, did you get a good glimpse of him?” The news reporter asked.  The abused rookie shook his head no slowly and sadly.

            “No…but he did have a black bandana on his head… it had something red on it…maybe a letter?  Agh, I don’t remember he was too fast for me to notice…” His voice trailed off.  The news reporter smiled hesitantly, and patted him on the shoulder. 

            “You were watching this.  What’s going on?”  That was when Ellen sang ‘Oh kids!  Dinner!’  Fay stood up while watching the ambulance people wheel him into the car on the television.

            “Oh, some kid broke into the pokemon center and beat on this 1 kid just to steal their pokemon.  Apparently, they did a good job.”  Ken was silent.

            After eating their supper, Ken sat on the couch and played his game boy color.  He played silver, which he liked most of all out of the rest. Fay sat on the floor looking at pokemon fairy tale stories.  Fay loved em.  She always loved the magic in them, and especially pokemon.  Both were waiting for their mom to get ready to go to the lab.

            “You still read little kids books?”

            “Well, they’re not really kid’s stories if you imagine them so.  Besides, it’s a fairy tale that could be true after all” She said flipping a page.  The next page had an angelic creature in the night sky dropping stars over a village.

            “And with his light, he protected the village that night, knowing that his brother would try and drain the energy out of everything that lived there” She read.

            “Heh, that’s just a bunch of bull.  There’s no pokemon that looks like that.  Besides, you’re not gonna see faeries and gnomes that would grant your every wish along the way though the wilderness, if you ever get to that is” He said as he was fighting blastoise on his game boy, the last pokemon that pokemon trainer red had in there.

            “Ha!  Once I finally beat Red’s blastoise, I’ll finally beat the game!  Then I can be a legend just like me in my game!” He said while dreaming about his fantasy journey.

            “HA!  Do you honestly think that your game will be like your real journey?  You have to ACTUALLY accomplish those things you know!” Fay snapped.

            “Sis, shut up you don’t know a thing about pokemon!” Ken snapped back when his feraligater defeated blastoise.  A huge grin sprung on his face.

            “Yeah!  I beat it!” He cheered as their mom entered the room.

            “Ok, I’m ready, let’s go walk over to Willie’s work!” She smiled.  Fay and Ken stood up, and they all got out of their apartment, and she locked the door behind them.

            It wasn’t very far to walk to Prof. Elm’s lab.  They only had to walk across a couple of streets, and his lab was very noticeable.  And around this time, the sun was setting.  The air was perfect, not too hot nor cold.  Yes…summer was a good thing. They could now see the lab.  And they saw William carrying a bag of trash outside.  He noticed them from afar, and decided to wave to them.

            “Hi sweetie!” Their mom smiled.

            “Yes, Ellen, Ken, Fay, come inside!” professor Elm said.  For some reason, he looked flushed.  He had a damp cloth in his hand. 

            “Why good evening, Prof. Elm” Ellen smiled holding out a hand.

            “Oh yes, good evening to you too” Elm said as if he just snapped back to reality.  Inside was what they all expected, and remembered about this lab.  The white walls that were covered with book shelves and cabinets were all messy, and Elms computer area was a mess as well, papers were scattered everywhere.

            “Ok, Ken it’s your 11th birthday two days from now, right?  Well we were just all thinking about what your favorite thing was.  Well, I know that your mother is a very overprotective person of you, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t-“

            “Are….are…you...” Ken shivered.

            “Why yes, Ken.  I’m going to let you pick between two pokemon.  Which ever one you like better you can keep at your house.  Your mom approves it, but I don’t think you’ll be going on your journey quite yet since your mom wants you home.  But indeed, pick out a pokemon of your own.  These are what you can pick” He said as he dropped two pokemon.  One had a chikorita, and the other was a totodile.

            “Hmmm….” Ken said excitedly as he couched down to their level.

            “Don’t you let people pick a cyndaquil out too?” Ken asked.  Elm almost had a noticeable twitch from the question.

            “Well, you see I was going to let you pick between all three, but cyndaquil was already taken by another kid” Elm smiled rubbing the back of his head.  Fay crouched down next to him to pet them both.

            “Oh no, it’s ok, I was just wondering where it was.  Because I was planning to take totodile after all” He smiled picking him off the ground, and as usual, totodile quacked like Donald duck.  Chikorita was just a little disappointed, but it seemed to wag its leaf like a dog tail the way Fay talked to it.

            “Ken looks happy, doesn’t he, Mom?” William said until a cell phone was heard.  It played the pokemon themed music you would usually hear on the title screen on every pokemon game boy game.

            “Oh, my cell phone, excuse me for a second” Elm said walking towards his desk.

            “Hello?” Elm answered.

            “Yes, it’s me, Mr. Pokemon.  That togepi egg that you requested has hatched and is ready to give to you.  But… since that incidence that happened in Cherygrove city, more crimes has been committed.  I can’t teleport it to you; I don’t have a teleporter to begin with, though I should.”

            “Oh really Mr. Pokemon?  That’s splendid news!  Maybe I can send the last trainer that’s coming in to go over and get it” Elm replied.

            “Yes, but have you seen the news lately?  That kid that you sent out…is he the one causing the trouble?”  Elm had a bad look on his face.

            “I…I wouldn’t think so…” He said.

            “….Well, if you do come out here, or send someone, don’t be alone, they seem to pick on loners…” Mr. Pokemon finished.  “See’ya later.”  Elm slowly pulled the phone away from his ear.  Fay and Ken were taking close attention to what he was saying.  Ellen and William were just busy talking about random things.

            “I need a drink…” Elm sighed.  Ken got up, and walked away eyeing professor Elm very curiously.  Fay just stayed there listening to everything that was going on around her.

            “Here, Ken.  It’s a pokeball to keep your new totodile in” William said.  Ken took it.

            “Hey, what was the phone call about?” Ken asked.  William sighed.

            “Professor Elm has been very cautious lately because we believe that the person that he gave the cyndaquil to has been doing all this stuff, like what was on the news today, where that rookie trainer got robbed.”  Ken made a small gasp.


            “And I believe Mr. Pokemon just called him.  We’ve been expecting a call from him.  A few years back when the pokemon togepi was discovered he had an odd egg.  Elm sent one of his first trainers over to receive the egg from him, and it later hatched into togepi when the trainer had it in their possession.  They either forgot, or greed took over, but they never came back to show him.  And so Elm has been so eager, and anxious to study it, and see what its like” William explained.  “But since all of this has been happening lately, Mr. Pokemon is afraid if he goes out and delivers the newly hatched egg, the trainer will rob him.  There have been a lot of robberies lately anyways.  And well…. As usual, we have to work at the lab.  Hopefully no worries though there’s a girl that’s coming in tonight to claim the remainder of the three.  She knows that all of this is going on, yet she’s still willing to go out on her journey at this time.  So it shouldn’t be a problem hopefully if we get her approval.  Oh, speaking of her, here she comes right now” William spoke.  Everyone except Elm turned to the doorway.  Fay however was still crouched on the floor by chikorita except interrupted by her presence.

            The girl looked like she was thirteen.  She had a bright orange bandana, and had lavender hair that got spiked towards the end at her back.  She wore a stretchy bright orange mini and a long sleeved purple striped shirt with a bright orange vest over it that was open.  It also had a lot of pockets.

            “Oh Elmy!  I came for the pokemon!” She said waving her arms around.  Elm was at the sink, hands on the rim and not bothering to look he responded.

            “Oh, hi Melissa.   Just pick up your pokemon.  It should be on the floor, and William should give you a pokeball” He said as he turned on the sink.

            “Ha, I see the stinker” She said walking up to Fay and chikorita.  Chikorita gave her a confused look as Melissa approached.

            “Excuse me while I claim my prize little girl” She said bending down, and picking chikorita up.

            “Eh, you should do I guess, you don’t look as timid as I thought you would look, but…whatever” She simply said.  Fay gave her a concerned look not knowing if this girl was worth trusting or not.

            “And here’s your pokeball Melissa.  Be careful out there, and don’t be reckless” William said.  Melissa snatched the ball out of his hand.

            “Ha! Reckless?  I’ll be reckless if I need to, but you can count on me” She said winking, and then slowly turned towards Ken that was having a grand time with his totodile.

            “Eh… that kid got the remaining totodile?  Great, now what should we do…” She thought in her mind.

            “Melissa, you ok?” William asked.  This was when Ken saw her eyeing him.  He glared back.  Melissa snapped back to reality.

            “Oh no, I’m fine!  Thank you for providing this little hunk of joy to my arms!” She said hugging and nuzzling chikorita and walked out the door.

            “No problem, just take care of it now” William said as he waved goodbye.  Fay stood up noticing Elm washing, and massaging his head.

            “Did that kid really use his cyndaquil to get more pokemon?  I mean, as in from trainers” Fay asked.

            “Well Fay, I can’t guarantee it was him, but when he did come to pick his pokemon up, he had very cold bitter blue eyes that gave both me and Prof. Elm chills down our spines.  “He also wore all black, his hair was even black.  And he even wore a black bandana on his head and it had a fancy looking symbol on his head.  We think it was one of the ‘unknown’ used for something.  We didn’t pay too too close attention to it though, but it was probably his first letter in his name…hopefully.  He didn’t seem to give away his name he just called in, and said he was going to pick up the pokemon.  So we let him which we believe was a big mistake, because if we did know his name, we could easily turn him into the police.  If it really is him, Elm and me are just too shamed and pissed at ourselves, especially Elm.  He can’t even focus right anymore.  He hopes if he could just have one glimpse at togepi the one that just hatched he could get himself back together.  But…AHGH SHIT!” William said hitting his head.  “I….I can’t believe I forgot all about talking to her about getting togepi for us….damn it!” He yelled at himself dropping to the ground, and punching the floor.  Elm walked towards them.

            “William, don’t worry about it…we’ll just wait until this clears off, then we can go and get it…how about taking the rest of the night off…” He said offering a hand down.  William took it and swung up.

            “Ya…I guess I should…clear my head…I just can’t believe…” William finished.

            “Its ok, we’ll get over it.  Lets just call it a day” Elm smiled.  That’s when he saw everyone looking at them.

            “Oh oh, I’m so sorry you guys!  Forgive us!  I hope your son is happy with his birthday gift.  Is your daughter going to come when her birthday goes around?” Prof. Elm asked.  Ellen looked at Fay.

            “Why I don’t know.  Fay, do you want your own pokemon when your birthday comes again?” She smiled.  Fay’s face brightened up.

            “Oh, I’d love to!!  Ya, you have to!” Fay cheered.

            “Well Fay seems happy, and so does Ken. *yawn* Well I guess we should be heading back home ourselves.  Ken, what do you say to Prof. Elm and your older brother?” She asked.

            “My god, thank you so much!  Now I can take care of this totodile, and treat it my own!” He grinned and ran out the double doors to play with his new totodile.

            “Well mom, good night.  Take care” William said.  Ellen gave both of them quick hugs before taking off.  Fay waved to them.  William and Elm sighed.

            “Breaking news from Violet city.  It seems that the bellsprout tower’s leader has just been robbed by a trainer wearing a black bandana.  He still has his bellsprout, but the hoothoot is missing.  But there is no trace of the trainer whatsoever!  Sage, do you remember anything when he knocked you out?”  The news lady asked him holding out the microphone.

            “No…but all I remember was getting knocked out, and right before seeing someone with black on their head.  My vision was too blurry to even see what was going on” He replied.  Prof. Elm watched closely on their nearest television in their lab.

            “Do you…suppose it’s him…again?” Elm asked eagerly.  William was silent, and gathered his suit case.

            “Well we’ll have to see in the future if he’s ever caught” He said and sighed.


            It was 11:00 at their house that night.  Ellen already fell asleep on her couch that stretched out as a bed.  They only had three rooms in that small apartment.  One bathroom, the living room/kitchen and a bedroom.  Ellen figured that room was way too small for her; she didn’t like too small places making her a little claustrophobic.  So she gave that room to both Fay, and Ken.  In that room there was a bunk bed, and a dresser that contained both of their clothes.  A small television was on top which was on.  Ken was sitting on his bunk, which was the bottom.  He liked to see what was on at night.  Fay slept on top, and that night she was wearing a silky white nightgown.  She was still looking at some of her fairy tale books.  And on the TV another breaking news report came up.

            “And this is the 5th robbery these two days! This time it’s in Cherrygrove again! Police might even need to close off the routes for trainers if this keeps happening.  They just keep striking at unexpected moments people!  This time, a young girl’s sentret was taken away by a young female trainer this time the girl describes.  Lizzie, just exactly in your memory, what did she look like?” The news lady asked nicely.  The small girl was practically sobbing.

            “Well I was just playing with my sentret, when all of the sudden this girl with lavender hair and a bright orange bandana came up and demanded a battle between my sentret, and her chikorita…..  When we were battling, she said something about having to steal her away for testing.  But why would…why did she actually need to steal my sentret…why!  I can’t focus anymore; I just want my little sentret back!”  She cried loudly.  No one blamed her either.  What these trainers were doing was wrong…and pointless to a regular mind.  There has to be some sort of mystery behind it…

            “There there, sweetie, the police are going to get your sentret back, you’ll see” She said as her voice trailed.  Fay looked down from her bunk as the commercials came on.

            “….Did you hear that?” Fay asked.  Ken sat there with wide shocked eyes even though his hands were still petting, and letting totodile nibble on his fingers softly.

            “Fay…that girl from the lab…” Ken said.  “….It’s that girl that picked up chikorita, remember?  She had a bright orange bandana, and lavender hair!”  He spoke softly making sure their mother did listen.  Fay looked down at him confused, and then realized it was true.

            “…But I thought Cherrygrove was farther than that!”  She said.

            “It’s not to to far away, but she must have a bicycle, and a powerful pair of legs to get there that fast…” He said while he looked down at totodile.  He was happily nibbling at his fingers.  Ken patted him on the head.

            “You’re a good fella, Fang aren’t ya?” He smiled.

            “So you named him Fang?  That’s a good name I guess” Fay said.  Ken looked at her awkwardly.

            “What do you mean you guess?  Of course it’s a good name!  He’s my totodile after all” He grinned to himself then focused on the TV screen again.  It seemed to be busy over at Cherrygrove city that late.  There were lots of lights on at the time.  Ken focused on that screen for a moment, and then there was an advertisement on $5.00 tutoring at Prof. Elm’s lab.  He rubbed his chin.

            “Fay?” Ken asked.


            “…I’ve decided that early in the morning before you two get up, I’m going to take a trip over to Willie’s house, and hang out with them at the lab.  I got $10.00… so I wanna see what they can teach me about pokemon.  You think it’s a good idea?” Ken asked.  Fay’s face smiled.

            “Hey, as long as you’re ok with it, it’s fine with me!  It’s a really good idea, big brother!”  Fay smiled.  Ken grinned up at her.

            “Ok, so promise you’ll tell mom when you guys wake up?”

            “Of couse!” She said plopping on her back to sleep.

            “I’m tired now…I think I’ll just read these last few pages of this story before I go to sleep” She yawned flipping the page.  On it was a pokemon in an egg holding up a glowing star.  A king was bowing to it from down a couple of steps.

            “And thy pokemon granted peace and protection to his kingdom even after he was cruel to everyone in it.  And he vowed never to do such a horrid thing ever again.  His life changed after seeing what this precious creature could do for the world.  And everything within was peaceful for years to come.  The End” She read in her mind towards the end until her eyes came blurry, and sleepy.  So did everything else below her.

            Pidgeys chirped in the morning, and the sun’s rays were shining through their window, partly on Fay’s left arm.  Fay slowly opened her eyes, and got up, noticing the sun was shining on her.

            “Ack!  Get away without special cream…” Fay squeaked.  She then sighed, and climbed down the latter.  She looked in her brother’s bunk.  Yup, he was definitely gone, and so was Fang as he called his totodile.  Fay yawned, and opened the door to find her mother getting ready for her work.

            “Oh, hi sweetie!  I’m just about to leave.  Please tell Ken when he gets up to go and pick up my prescription with this slip, please” Ellen smiled handing her a permission slip.

            “Uhh…mom?  Ken’s kind of gone at the moment…he went to Prof. Elm’s lab for some tutoring so he can learn more about pokemon” Fay explained.  Ellen gave her a weird.

            “When did he leave?  At least he told you where he was going.  The nice thing about New Bark is that there aren’t many rude people or crimes…when did he say he was going to come back?” Ellen asked.  That got to Fay.  Ken didn’t really say when he would come back.

            “Ummm… towards the end of the day I think” Fay replied hoping it was true.

            “Well he should be back by tomorrow, I mean, it’s his birthday!  I planned a cake for him too!”  Ellen smiled.

            “Your medication…I can pick it up for you” Fay said.

            “Don’t be silly, Fay, are you sure you can take sun light?” Ellen asked.  Fay gave her a funny look.

            “Mom, the doctors put a protecting coating on my skin, and with my cream, it shouldn’t bother me at all.  Besides, my red contacts protect my eyes from the sun” Fay said.  Ellen sighed.

            “Sometimes I just worry about you kids too much.  Well if you really want to, then go ahead.  I’ll be back at about 5:00.  My work starts at eleven as usual.  Take care!” Ellen smiled, and kissed Fay on the forehead.  Fay hugged her mom, and watched her leave.  Once she was alone in her apartment, Fay made herself a bowl of cereal, and sat on the couch and turned on the televison.

            “So far it has been a lovely morning out here in Cherrygrove City, nothing bad has happened yet today.  How is it over in Violet City, George?” The news lady asked.

            “Oh great…more boring news…why can’t we get cable?” Fay thought crunching into her cereal as the other news broadcaster explained about what was happening.  “Though last night, there was some sort of incident going on between both of the cities some passing trainers have said.  Otherwise, nothing new to tell you the truth” George from Violet said.

            “And we’re hoping for a good end to all of this commotion, maybe it will die down.  Only time will tell” The news lady said when the commercials came on.  Fay put her bowl in the sink, and got dressed.  She put on a white t shirt, and white shorts.  If there was one color she loved, and was meant for it was white.  It was also a good color to wear in the sunlight scientifically, because it blocks it even more.  She can’t wear black during the day because black absorbs more sun light.  As she walked out of the apartment door, a big bush that reached the 2nd level witch was their level blacked most of the sun.  However when she stepped into brad daylight, she covered her eyes a bit, only because she didn’t really go outside as much when it was this bright.

            “Uhh…oh yeah, the drug store is this way…” She said to herself.  New Bark town was pretty much simple and straight forward, just like any other town that has a lab.  She had no idea though… but it was just so simple to get to places, they were only like a couple blocks away, so there was no need for cars.  And the nice thing was that this place was very secure.  And in no time at all, the drug store was only a couple steps away.  And as usual in drug stores the pharmacy (is that what they call the medication center?) was always in the back of the store.  And there was of course a small line.  Fay took her place after an old lady with a cane.  Boy were lines boring…

            “Hey, do you know where I can find sunglasses around here?” A young male’s voice said as she felt a touch on her shoulder.  She turned around and saw this boy that looked around 15.  If you were one of those girls that would flirt a lot, looked at preppy magazines, and were into pretty muscular boys, this was one of those.  He had almost a perfect slight sun tan, not to mention his skin looked very healthy and smooth.  His eyes were crystal blue and his auburn hair dangled down an inch passed his ears.  Though Fay never really paid attention to these things, so she didn’t really have a noticeable reaction to his appearance.  She was always busy looking at little pokemon fairy tale books, and was only 10!

            “Oh, I think they’re over there” Fay smiled pointing over to the third farthest aisle away from them facing away from the line direction.

            “Oh, thanks” He said walking away.  Maybe he asked her that question because she was albino.  Well whatever, after this old hag, she can get the medication for her mom, and then get out of there.

            “No mam, there’s no medication named after that initials.  You must of came too soon, wait a full thirty minutes.  And…weren’t you just here ten minutes ago?” The guy that worked at the counter said.

            “Give me my medication!!” The old lady protested.

            “Wow, old people won’t give in, will they?” They guy behind him said.  Fay turned around, to see the same guy again.

            “I guess so” Fay said.  The guy smiled.

            “So what’s your name?” He asked nicely.

            “Oh…it’s Fay.  You?”

            “Justin.  Nice to meet you young lady” He said holding out a hand.  Fay looked down at it and took it.  He had a strong and firm grip that didn’t shake violently surprisingly.  Most people do so.

            “So I thought you’re supposed to only purchase things in the store at the cash register, not here.  Or…are you going to pick up a medication as well?” Fay asked in curiosity.   Justin shook his head no.

            “Nah, but you can still purchase things here.  I know I’m a big waste to others, but hey, it’s right here, so why not?” Justin proudly explained.  Fay laughed a bit.

            “Well don’t be surprised if some old lady granted with enough power from some fairy pokemon beats you senseless.”

            “I’ll be aware of that… hey have you heard of all the stuff that’s been happening over in Cherrygrove, and Violet?  I think more happened in Cherrygrove, but I’ve heard that Mr. Pokemon got robbed last night.  I think a togepi was taken away.”

            “Oh no, really?” Fay asked concerned.  Justin nodded.

            “I’d help myself, but I don’t have a pokemon to call my own yet.  If I was offered to choose between the three that Elm gives out, I’d choose totodile because of his strong jaws” He said.

            “Really?  My brother just got a totodile last night.  His birthday is tomorrow” She smiled.  Justin paused for a second still smiling.

            “Oh, well that’s cool to hear.  Is he out training in the world yet?” He asked.

            “Oh no, my mom would freak.  She’s afraid to be alone.  Sometimes I worry about her.  That’s why she’s taking this medication.  It’s some sort of stress relief or something.  It helps her not panic as much.  And lately, it seems to be working.  I’m here to pick it up for her” She said as she approached the counter finally.

            “Well that’s good, at least she’s overcoming her problem” He said.

            “Here you go, and have yourself a good day” The guy at the register said.

            “Thanks.  Well it was nice meeting you, Justin.  Maybe we’ll meet again” Fay smiled, and waved as she walked away saying bye.

            “See’ya” He replied.  When he turned around, he had a concerned look on his face.


            Later that day when Ellen came home from work, Fay was busy drawing some of the characters out of her books humming a tune she knew.  The telephone rang.

            “Oh, where’s the phone, Fay?” Ellen asked.

            “Got it, mom” Fay said answering the phone.


            “Fay!  There you are!  You got to come over to Elm’s lab right now, there’s something cool you have to see!” Ken replied from the other side.

            “Really?  Like what?” Fay asked.

            “It’s this pokemon!  I can’t tell you or I’ll spoil the surprise, come down and have a look!” Ken said hanging up the phone.  Fay hung up in curiosity.  A surprise pokemon?  She couldn’t miss!

            “Mom?  Ken just called from the lab, and he wants me to go over and see something.  Is that ok?” Fay asked.

            “Well…its only 5:30 I guess…. Well if you do go, be back at 6:15 sharp, no later.  I don’t want it getting too dark out there, especially with all this stuff happening in other places, I don’t want it to start here.  Besides, dinner should be ready then” Ellen said.

            “Thanks mom!” Fay said while charging out the door.  Ellen smiled down sadly while she was stirring tomato soup.

            “If this keeps up, they might end up coming over here…” She thought.


            Over at the lab about 5 minutes later, Prof. Elm, William, and Ken were all gathered around a table towards the back.

            “Uhh, you wanted me here?” Fay asked.  Ken turned around.

            “Oh, Fay! Come over here, quick!” Ken said impatiently.  Fay approached and swung around to a space to see.  Fay gasped.  Because on the table was a togepi.  Togepi seemed to be eating a chocolate chip cookie, and stared at everyone with these big dark brown eyes.  It swung around to Fay’s view.

            “Togei?” Togepi squeaked.

            “….How’d you guys get it?  I thought Mr. Pokemon…wait…that kid in the drug store said he was robbed! Who robbed it?” Fay asked.

            “Fay…promise you won’t tell mom, actually swear you won’t tell mom” Ken started saying.  Fay snapped.

            “You lied to me!  You said you were going to stay here, but you went out to get togepi, didn’t you?!”

            “Fay, just calm down.  This isn’t something our mom doesn’t need to hear.  We’re going to throw Ken a huge party tomorrow for doing this.  We didn’t even ask him to.  But if you did get hurt, Ken, then mom would get to know” William said.

            “This is just amazing!  This little pokemon reminds me of a small toddler!  I’ve heard of a togepi, but I’ve never managed to see one up close!” Elm smiled using a magnified glass.

            “Well, like before that girl that adopted chikorita is somehow involved in all of these crimes.  She was the one that robbed togepi away from us at Mr. Pokemon’s house, so of course I had to get it back from her.  So I did.  She had that stolen sentret with her as well as her chikorita.  Even though I was at a type advantage, Fang actually won.  It was weird.  The good thing was that when she was running away, she tripped over a rock, and togepi rolled away from her arms.  And I got to it before she did.  Sadly…..” Ken stopped.

            “What?” Everyone asked.

            “I bought a pokeball with my money, and caught a hoppip of my own along the way.  Now she has it…” He sighed looking down at Fang.  “When I got up, she pushed me down again, and got a hold of its ball…”

            “Well you aren’t going back…are you?” Fay said.

            “No…I won’t.  She can have him.  Besides, I don’t wanna go out there anymore anyways… the police will start getting involved soon anyways.

            “You better not, because tomorrow is your birthday, and you know how mom worries about us!” Fay explained.

            “Ya…” Ken said disappointingly looking down.

            “I’ll make sure he gets home, Fay, don’t worry” William smiled.  Togepi got up and walked around on the table.  Not really getting it right away, togepi tripped and fell, and started to roll off the table.

            “Tooogeeeii!” Togepi panicked as it fell towards Fay.  Fay easily put her arms out and caught it.  Togepi looked up at her with these big humongous eyes.

            “Its…it’s so cute…” Fay said starting to give it a hug.

            “It’s a she” Ken explained.  Togepi tugged at her shirt.


            “Togei?” Togepi squealed pointing at the box of cookies on the table.

            “Oh, you want the cookies, don’t you?”  Togepi nodded.  Fay grabbed the box of cookies, and gave her a couple.

            “ToooOOgei!” Togepi squealed happily as it ate into the cookie.

            “She likes cookies a lot doesn’t she?” Fay assumed.  Elm nodded.

            “She may start to take a liking to you also” Elm smiled.  Fay held her out in front of her face.

            “I finally get to see a togepi!” Fay grinned.

            “Why would she take a liking to my little sister?  She doesn’t know anything about the real pokemon world.  She only spends her time reading fake poke’ fairy tails” Ken said.

            “Well, I dunno, Ken, she caught her from falling.”

            “You honestly aren’t going to let her keep her, are you?” Ken started to protest to William.

            “Well no, at least not now.  But aren’t we supposed to tutor and teach you some things about pokemon?” Elm said pointing a finger up.

            “Oh, ya!  Teach me everything you know!” Ken said with a spark in his eyes.

            “Well ok, but togepi needs a place to rest.  Why don’t you bring togepi along with you to your home for the night, Fay?  She needs some company while we tutor Ken, and also a place to stay for the night.  Just make her feel comfortable” Prof. Elm suggested.  Fay looked at him with these big eyes.

            “Really?  I can keep her at my house for the night?” Fay asked happily.

            “Yes, but this night only so far, so don’t get your hopes up too too much” William added in.

            “That’s exactly what I was going to say, Willie.  Yes, take good care of her!  And take the box of pokemon cookies; she seems to like them a lot “Elm finished.  Fay slowly made a huge grin; squeezing togepi in her arms.

            “Wee!  Let’s go to your new home for the night, togepi!” Fay bowed to them, and dashed out.

            “Why’d she bow?” Ken blinked.

            “I don’t know, but lets get started, shall we?” Elm smiled.


            Fay shut the door happily behind her.

            “Mom, I’m home!” Fay spoke out.  Ellen got out of the kitchen.

            “Oh good, sweetie, you’re just in time.  Where’s your brother?” She asked.

            “William is going to take him home later tonight” Fay said.  “Look mom!  See what Elm let me take care of over the night!” She smiled happily holding out togepi.  Ellen walked up.

            “Awww, it’s so cute!  What kind of pokemon is it Fay, do you know?”  Fay nodded,

            “She’s a togepi, the egg pokemon!”  She said taking her back in her arms.

            “Oh, ok honey.  Well come to the table, I’ve got dinner ready!”

            “What’s for dinner, mom?”  Ellen poured some tomato chicken soup in Fay’s bowl.

            “OOooo, tomato chicken soup!”  Fay smiled already slurping some down her throat.

            “Teehee, you’re such a silly girl” Ellen smiled getting her bowl.  “I hope Ken gets home soon, tomato chicken soup is one of his favorites!” 


            “Hey, Prof. Elm?  I need to use the bathroom right about now” Ken said looking at his watch, and putting totodile in his poke ball.

            “Well the bathroom’s just down in the left corner there if you need to use it” Elm said.

            “Ok, thanks!” Ken said rushing to the bathroom.  Elm and William blinked.

            “He needs to go…”  Ken shut the door behind him, and quietly searched the room.  He almost instantly found what he needed to find.  A window.

            “I know I promised Fay I’d get back for my birthday for her, but I need to get my hoppip tumbleweed back from that girl…” He thought to himself putting on the bathroom fan so no one could hear him escape.  When he got out his parked bike was right there.

            “Yup, planning ahead is such a life saver…” Ken grinned biking swiftly towards route 29.

            Fay sat down at their small round wooden dining room table between the kitchen, and the living area in that room.  Togepi sat on the table in front of her nibbling on the last bits of her cookie.  Ellen sat across from them.

            “So what should we do tomorrow?  Should we go out and have a birthday picnic?  It would be fun to get some fresh air, and it shouldn’t be stormy hopefully.  There is a chance of rain later this night, and early morning, but the sun should dry it up later” Ellen suggested.  Togepi kept looking at their faces when each one talked.

            “Sounds great mom, what are we gonna do?” Fay asked.  Togepi got up on her feet and slowly walked over to Fay’s bowl.  Fay looked down confused.  Togepi was drinking out of her bowl of soup like a pet.

            “Oh, you want some tomato chicken soup?  Don’t give yourself a stomach ache” Fay smiled petting togepi.  Togepi looked up at her with a mess on her face.


            “Go ahead, I don’t mind.”

            “Prrri prri!” Togepi’s eyes lit up, and dug in.

            “That little guy sure is hungry” Ellen said.

            “Ya, she is” Fay replied continuing eating out of the same bowl.  “She was nibbling on cookies before.”  After a couple of bites, togepi burped, and the force pushed her on her back.  Fay and Ellen laughed.


            Back were Ken was, he had biked his way passed most of route 29, and was now approaching Cherrygrove.  He decided to go and heal Fang up at the pokemon center.

            “Hey, Nurse Joy?  Can you give my totodile a check up, please?” He asked.  Nurse Joy turned around, and without smiling she asked, “What’s your full name please?” Ken looked at her confused.

            “Ken….Herolwig?”  Ken answered honestly not knowing why she asked it.  Nurse Joy put the name in her computer.

            “I’m so sorry, Ken.  Usually I don’t have to ask the trainer’s name but since the robberies have been going on, the police requested that I get everyone’s name that comes in for safety reasons.  It’ll be just a sec.”

            “Thanks” Ken said receiving his totodile back.

            “You’re welcome, and have a good day” Nurse Joy smiled slightly.  Ken walked out in the streets, and noticed that a kid was being ambushed in a dark alley.  Ken peered around slowly noticing that he saw the same girl that stole his hoppip away from him.  But she was also with some other guy.  He looked older, and had auburn hair.

            “HEY!” Ken shouted at both of them.  Melissa turned around.

            “Hey, it’s the kid that took your totodile.  I took away his wimpy, but pathetically loyal hoppip from him.” She grinned evilly.  The guy from behind stood up.

            “Oh really?  Well then I’ll just have to make sure I get it from him” He said punching his hand.


After eating, Fay looked at the clock.  It was now 9:30.  They didn’t expect too much then, so they just relaxed and played board games like clue.

            “HA!  It was Mr. Bugger Green that killed Mrs. Butter Yellow!” Ellen said.  Fay rubbed her chin.

            “I dunno, you think that maybe Mrs.  Blood red was behind this?  It can’t be Mr. Bruise blue.”

            “We already know that both of them didn’t kill her! I say it’s Mr. Bugger Green!” She said opening the envelope.  I win!” Ellen smiled happily.  “That was a fun round.  But I think your little togepi there needs a better place to sleep” She said pointing to togepi.  Fay looked over, and togepi was rocking back and forth on the floor uncomfortably.

            “You wanna go to bed, togepi?” Fay said picking her up.  “I think I might be a little tired myself” Fay yawned opening her door.  Ellen turned on the television.

            “Oh….its going to rain later tonight?  Well I hope Ken gets back home before then…”  She said disappointingly.  She was then silent.

            “I…haven’t seen him all day today…are you sure William said he would bring Ken home safe and sound?” She asked to Fay opening her door.

            “He should be alright mom, don’t worry” She smiled walking over and giving her a hug.  Ellen watched game TV sadly.

            “…He’s with William…he should be fine…” She said.

            In Fay’s and Ken’s room, she climbed to the top bunk and lay on her stomach to read, and play with togepi.

            “Tooogeprri!” Togepi squealed happily.  Fay giggled as she tickled her.

            “Togepi, your such a happy pokemon.  You aren’t like most pokemon that battle all the time….your more peaceful… like and angel” She said.  Togepi looked at her with an ‘Oh?’ expression.

            “Of course I might just be talking funny, but I think you’re in my book” She said pointing at a picture of a togetic flying in a sky of stars.

            “I think this is what you become when you evolve from happiness.  A togetic.  Elm says that togetic is only a normal type, and it reflects the mood off of someone else it’s with.  I believe that togetic’s are more than just normal.  My guess is that they have a connection with heaven’s angels.  Because you know, angels tend to make people and pokemon happy. Togetics seem to have that power too. You make me happy as well” She smiled petting togetic.

            “Togeh?”  Togepi wondered.

            “….Angel…I’ll call you Angel…” She said closing her eyes.  She rolled on her back and started to try to fall asleep.

            “Goodnight Angel…” She smiled before falling asleep.

            Ellen had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room.  A small light was left on along with the TV.

            “Oh god, mother is going to freak…”  William said outside their apartment door.  “Unngh...hello?” He said knocking on the door.   Ellen didn’t respond.

            “MOM! Wake up and open this door!” William said pounding.  Ellen almost jumped out of the couch.

            “Ehh…what time is it?”  She said yawning.  “..1:26??!!”

            “MOM!!” William yelled knocking harder than before.  Ellen gasped and ran over to open the door.

            “William!  You’re here…where’s Ken?” She started to panic.  William had a nerved reaction to her.

            “He… He ran away…possibly to Cherrygrove…we…”

            “WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S GONE? YOU AND PROF. ELM WERE WATCHING HIM WEREN’T YOU??!!” She started to breathe faster.

            “Where’s my baby!” She panicked running outside and looking eagerly over their balcony.  William stood there quiet not knowing what in hell to do.  Mom has passed the panic rank again, and most likely won’t come back.  Then something that would change their lives clicked to him when a breaking news broadcast had came around.  William watched closely leaving the door open.

            “This is a breaking news broadcast coming from the end of the city limit of Cherrygrove.  It appears that another crime has been committed.  This one might be the fiercest one yet. After a group of some of the robbers people say ganged up on a young rookie trainer later tonight the trainer was found dead on the spot.  Ambulance gathered up the body and searched for clues.  We have some people that may know some helpful details.  What do you think little girl?” The news man asked putting up the microphone.  William sat closer to the television. 

            “Well I saw the people that made the crime run down towards New Bark town, but I didn’t get that well of a glimpse of their faces” She said.   William got up and ran outside to get Ellen.

            “MOM!  It’s dangerous to be outside at the moment!” William yelled grabbing Ellen by the arm that was just standing out in the street speechless.  It started to rain.

            “…I…I’m such a bad mother letting their kid out…without my eyesight on them…” She said watching everything go away from her as William dragged her inside her apartment.  When they made it inside they seemed to both face the TV now.

            “Well now that we know that the crooks are heading towards New Bark at this very moment, some police are headed out that way.  Nurse Joy here in Cherrygrove seems to have a little information herself, so Nurse Joy, what do you have to say about this shocking murder?” He said handing her the microphone.

            “I am sorry if there are worried parents out there, I’m so sorry, but I got a glimpse of the murdered corpse face….and I remembered.  I saw him earlier today in the pokemon center.  I was only doing my job asking for names, but he told me…his name.  He said his name was Ken Herolwig.” She finished.   William watched the TV in shock while Ellen screamed her head off and fainted on the floor.

            “KEN YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” He yelled punching the wall.  “Damn it! Today’s your birthday, not your death day!”  He said softer and tearier than before.

            “William…what are you doing here?” Fay said lazily.  “Who screamed?”  William looked up at Fay tears streaming out of his eyes.

            “William?”  “….MOM!” She gasped running towards her.

            “William, what…” She said stopping to hear the TV say something about Ken Herolwig’s death.

            “…..No…” She said tears starting to build up.

            “Gather your treasured belongings, and let’s head out to Elm’s house” He said trying to drag Ellen on his back.  Without any response, Fay got up and went into her room not trying to look at Ken’s bunk.  She gathered sleeping Angel, the togepi, and a couple of books she reads, and got a small bag to put it all in.  She didn’t bother to go and dig out an extra outfit, because she figured that they would come back.  She had a white silk nightgown on anyways.  She walked out to only find William holding Ellen on his back outside the doorway in the rain.

            “Let’s get going quickly” He said.  Fay nodded sadly looking at the TV which was turned off, then looking at his game boy.  She heard Ken’s voice ringing in her head.  “When I get my own totodile, I’m going to become the best on the road.  No one will stop me and totodile!  Don’t think that everything out in the pokemon world is just a mystical, fun, and fairy tales, Fay, it’s a lot more than that” Fay felt a tear roll down her cheek.  He was right.  Being in the pokemon world isn’t just fun and games….and he proved it to her.


            This was a very silent moment out in the dark rain.  Prof. Elm’s house however had lights on inside.

            “Prof…..” William sighed keeping silent knocked on the door.

            “Yes?” Prof. Elm said confusingly.  “Woah…what happened here?” He said.

            “We need to spend the night over at your house” William said.  Elm stared.

            “Oh yes, come in come in” He said.  All of them sat around the living room, Ellen was laid on a sofa. Fay sat on the floor holding Angel, which was sleeping.  William sat next to Elm.

            “So…is Ellen sleeping or what?”  William sighed.

            “She fainted.  Didn’t you see the news?” William asked.  Elm shook his head slowly no.

            “….Ken died…we just saw it on the news…he was murdered, and those murderers are on their way here….I have a feeling its them” William frowned.

            “Who?” Elm asked eagerly.

            “It’s our fault we let them go out, I had a feeling we couldn’t trust them.  Now someone else has Ken’s totodile, and hoppip, that’s the reason he left us too just so he could get hoppip back before his birthday…that’s the only reason I can think of” He said.  Elm bit his lip looking at the TV screen.

            “….Cherrygrove’s pokemon center is on fire?  Now why would they go this far… I mean, why would they go out and steal pokemon…not just pokemon, inexperienced pokemon?  It’s just like going outside and capturing one…except the fact that….they want pokemon that are loyal to humans.  That’s why they’ve been doing this William.  They’re stealing pokemon from rookie trainers because their pokemon were freshly caught and their learning to trust their trainer…no…humans.  Since their rookie pokemon that have been taken care of, they’ll be more likely to be loyal to everyone because they haven’t had enough experience to witness the likes of team rocket, so they expect everyone to be as nice as their trainer.  I know this may sound confusing but there’s something their planning…I have no idea what though” Elm said sipping a glass of water.

            “….Why would you think that rookie pokemon taken care of by their trainers would trust others though?” William said.

            “Because...take note of a more experience pokemon.  They’ll be loyal to their trainer, but only their trainer, because of how much experience they’ve had.  They meet more people along the way, so they know then that people have multiple personalities, and the pokemon usually pick their trainer over everyone else.  Wild pokemon don’t trust any human until the human and the pokemon form a bond.  These trainers don’t want to use that time up just to get a pokemon’s trust so they’re stealing rookie’s pokemon so they don’t have to go through that process.  This might sound a bit confusing at first, but it makes perfect sense.  But what they want to use it for is a strict mystery to me.  Do you think…?” Elm said raising his eyebrows watching the TV.

            “What?” William said.

            “….Do you think they might be working for Team Rocket?”  William gave him a blank look.

            “It’s…possible…but didn’t Giovanni just die?” He asked.  Elm looked down.

            “Yes…Giovanni is dead, but I’ve heard that someone has taken his place…someone that has a strange power.  People claim this man can bring up the undead….and pokemon from the dead… unless if he means bringing fossilized pokemon back…but it sounds impossible to me.  They say he has one pokemon that has that power…a typhlosion” He said.

            “A man that can bring back the dead to life?  That’s miracle matters.”

            “No…they say it’s neither alive nor dead…but like I said….almost a bit of both…who could beat that?  Heaven and hell?” Elm said his voice drifting off.

            “Now you’re confusing me.  Besides we shouldn’t worry about that now…”


            And I’m here in front of New Bark town’s Prof. Elm’s lab where it is caught on fire…” A news lady said.  William and Elm stood up shocked.

            “Wha….my lab!” Elm said rushing towards the door.

            “GET OUT OF MY WAY NEWS LADY!” A kid yelled punching her out unconscious.

            “ELM! Look at the screen, come back here a moment!”  William yelled.  Elm rushed back.

            “What?!” He said.  William pointed at the screen.

            “Prof. Elm… you better be hearing me out.  We need that togepi…for special matters.  So weather you like it or not, we’re getting to your house at this very moment” The kid said with his cyndaquil on his shoulder.  William looked down at Fay.  Fay was lying down on the floor sleeping while the togepi was purring happily.

            “Oh no…We can’t let them have it, it trusts humans now…just think of what they might do to it…” He said sadly.  Elm got a jacket.

            “Let’s hurry.  Make sure Fay and togepi runs as far away from here as possible.  We don’t want her to be hurt as well” Elm said opening the back door.  William shook Fay awake.

            “Huh?” Fay asked sleepy. 

            “Let’s go, get up and take togepi with you” He said pulling Fay on her feet.

            “Whats going on?” Fay asked until Elm dragged her outside.

            “Hurry up with my speed Fay, don’t fall behind”

            “Elm what’s going on??!!” Fay asked eagerly now.  They faced a road that led to a small rope bridge over a small lake.

            “Cross this bridge Fay…  Get out of New bark Town, they’re coming here for togepi.  Keep her if you wish.  This road here leads on to Kanto’s indigo plateau.  I want you to avoid pokemon patches because strong pokemon are out here.  Run to Viridian city, and eventually go and find my old pokemon teacher Prof. Oak in Pallet town south of Viridian city.  He knows well of whats going on here.  Run, go now, your mom is ok!  Your brother is dead, and now they’re after togepi, and possibly you if you’re not careful” He explained running Fay across the rope bridge.

            “But why can’t I just stay?” Fay wondered.

            “Because my lab is on fire, New Bark is going up in flames!  Don’t fall asleep along the way there!” He said giving Fay a slight push off the rope bridge.

            “Stay away from trainers as well that want a battle!  Remember, you’re the only one with togepi at the moment! Guard her with your life, and most of all get away!!”  Elm yelled running back towards New Bark.

            “….Follow the trail?” Fay asked herself.  She looked ahead of her.  There was only a cave and a cliff.  She didn’t have time to go through the cave, so she tried climbing up.  The dirt was a bit damp which made it easier, plus harder to climb.  She had no shoes.  And she slid down multiple times.  She grabbed a hold of a rock that was stuck in the mud cliff.

            “Angel…are they really after you…?” She asked her new companion which was in her small back pack.  Fay reached the top forcing herself to push up over the cliff side gasping for breath and lying at the top.

            “Yes…we are” A familiar voice said above her.  Fay opened one eye  and noticed an outline of a person standing above her.  A flash of lightning lit up the back ground, and made the figure look more like a shadow.

            “Here, I’ll help you up” He said grabbing her wrist and tossing her in the mud away from the cliff.  Fay gagged a bit and opened her eyes as she held up her upper body with her arms, and saw the figure more clearly because she could see New Bark going up in flames behind him.  Fay’s hands started to make her slide down again, hitting her jaw in the mud.

            “Why….why…” She stumbled getting up again.  She was tired.  Very tired.  And she wasn’t used to being out in the wilderness.  But then the person in front of her became clearer to her vision behind her red contacts.

            “Justin..?” She asked.  Justin crossed his arms grinning.

            “Hell ya.  So…lemme guess…Elm dragged you here so you could run away with our prize, am I right?” Justin smirked.  Fay stood back almost slipping in the process.  Man was it muddy and stinky there.

            “Don’t….don’t tell me your part of them!”  She gasped starting to run away afraid.

            “Go little Fang, squirt her down” He said throwing a poke ball.

            “TooTooDILE!” Totodile quacked squirting a water gun on her back forcing her whole body on the mud.  Angel the togepi rolled away and slid in the mud.

            “Please…she’s just a new born!”  She said trying to get up, but only slid in the wet mud.  It started to rain and lightning could be seen from a distance.  Justin stomped her back.  Fay let out a small cry of pain.

            “What can’t take a small stomp on the back?  You are a weak little girl” He said.

            “Togei?” Angel asked.

            “Hmmm?  So there’s the little fella I’ve been trying to get.  Fay looked up at the totodile.

            “….Your the one…you killed my brother!”  She yelled feeling tears clean her muddy face.  Justin looked down at her.

            “…Well he took what was originally mine so ya I killed him off” He said approaching Angel.  “Besides, that’s not the point now.  Fay started crawling over to Angel’s protection.

            “Don’t you dare!” Fay struggled as thunder was heard.  Angel looked up frightened, and walked towards Fay.

            “Totodile, soak it” Justin demanded.  Totodile opened its jaw.  Angel squeezed her eyes tightly moving her small hands back and forth.  Totodile got splashed with mud.

            “What was that, a splash attack?” Justin said smirking.  Angel got pushed back with totodile’s water gun.  She tumbled, and slid in the mud hitting a nearby rock that was bigger than her.  Togepi kept panicking and moved her hands again.  This time it was poison sting.  Totodile made it back fire with water gun just like that.  Fay tried so hard on that mud to crawl towards Angel.

            “Keep it up…with the metronome…I’ll distract them…” Fay said exhausted.  Justin stomped on her back.  Fay felt the air get pushed out of her lungs, and now her neck was getting tired to even look up.

            “Don’t think this will become a successful trip for you.

            “Go totodile, scratch that thing, and use hydro pump.”  Angel looked over at Fay teary.  Then she faced totodile which was charging towards her.  She started to panic again.

            “TOOOGEEIII!!” Angel squealed moving her hands back and forth swiftly now.  Fay had attempted to look up at the frightened egg pokemon, but her neck muscles were now too sore.  Justin was right, she was pathetic at the moment, and Fay admitted it.  She couldn’t even help a small pokemon that hasn’t been trained in her young life.  A small glow appeared from Angel’s stomach however, and it got brighter and brighter, until Angel, and Fay themselves were blinded.  Then it seemed to happen.  A loud high pitched beam sound rung in their ear drums, and a strong golden light beam had shot towards Justin and Fang the totodile.  Fay squinted, and Angel seemed to get pushed back.  They could also hear a faint voice over the high pitched sound.

            “HYPER BEAM FROM THIS LITTLE SHRIMP SHOULDN’T BE THIS FORCEFUL!!!  CRAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa” Justin’s voice faded.  The pressure on Fay’s back disappeared, and the light started to fade.  Fay could barely get up, but she opened one eye.  Another flash of lightning was seen.  She forced herself crawling, and digging her nails and fingers in the mud to get to Angel, which fell on her back.  Fay looked up, and slowly took a hold of her.  Angel slowly opened her eyes and looked at Fay with baby eyes.

            “….Let’s get out of here…Angel…”