Another Path in The Journey of Pokemon

       This fan fic is gonna be focused on Naithan, rather than Isis.  Both of them will blend with each other, and you get to see his side of his journey as well!  This prolouge is gonna be in first person, where the character tells the story (at least i think so), but in part 1, it will be in 3rd (I think thats what its called), like the other journey of pokemon fic with Isis.  I hope youy like Naithans journey as much as Isis's!  Oh yeah, and I'm gonna dedicate this fic to a very special friend of mine, like all the other friends.  But this one is gonna be Topaz!  Because not only that she has a very good fic going herself, she's always been there to help me!  And thanks to her, I've been improving on my writing skills!  And she's very smart too!  And she made a cool picture of Isis for me, which I want to post up, but it ain't my work! She's great at art, too! So ya, there ya go.  Thanks, Topaz for being a great friend!

       ............ My name is Naithan.   Right now...... I don't even know where the hell I am, or who you are.  All I know right now is that I'm surrounded in darkness.......  I don't know if I'm still alive or not................  All of this pretty much started like 5 months ago.. when I was still in school for 4th grade....... which was my last grade before I went off to become a pokemon trainer........
       I used to live up high in the snowy mountains in a worn down town, with a very poor educational system.  And the teachers didn't even give a crap about any of our safety....and thats pretty much why all of us smaller kids got bullied around alot.
       "Tie the duck tape tighter around him and the tether ball pole, so he can't even breathe, Damien!", I heared a voice say after I was just waking up from the bullies knocking me out.
       "Shut up, I'm doing the best I can!", yelled Damien.  Damien was....well my older brother that was in 6th grade, which didn't get good grades at all.  He pretty much spent his time tortchuring me with all his little gadjets he'd find around our town, along with his friends, which were bullies as well.  When I woke up, tied on to the tether ball pole, I saw at my feet a ton of fire crackers, and a string that led in front of me to my brother, and his friends.  Others watched far away, so they didn't have to interfear. 
       "God damn it, Damien!  What the hell are you trying to prove?!", I yelled at him with barely any breath to bare.
       "Shut up shrimp, and enjoy the pretty show", Damien replied.  Damien held a match in his hand, lit it on fire, and then set the cord on fire in front of me.  I tried struggling out of the duck tape, but it was too strong, that I could only move my feet, which wern't even wrapped in duck tape.  Then I heared a bunch of crackles at my feet, which cut, and burnt my feet, and ankles as well.  Damien, and the rest just started cracking up like hell as they walked away from me.  A few moments later, the kids that were my age came over to me.
       "N.....Naithan, are you alright?", said this one kid.  I was on the ground on all four panting.  I didn't even bother to answer that kids question, and I just walked off.  I didn't wanna mess with my big brother.......especially after what happened when I was only three years old.  Cause when I was only that age..........I got kidnapped by this guy that was wanted for over 40 years.  He tried to take something away from me that was very valuable to me, and still is.  It was a medallion.....yeah, with a polished ruby, and diamond that formed a pokeball, and it was surrounded in real gold, with a golden chain.  Thats the only thing that was really valuable that I have.  But another reason he wanted it was because it was sighned by the first person to ever become a pokemon master.  My biggest dream from then to now, and forever was to become a great pokemon master, and defeat that pokemon master in a pokemon battle.  I couldn't really read his writing, so I never really knew what his name was. 
       And then after he took that away from me, he stabbed me with a knife!  And when I was sent to the hospital, they found out that the knife went through my heart!  So there was no way I could of survived....................................................but for some reason......I did.  And when I woke up from being uncontious.......  I swore I saw something glowing right infront of my eyes!  I swore it was a pokemon.  But I don't remember what it was.  And what my brother does when I annoy him, is that he takes out his pocket knife, and takes his other hand, and grabbs my neck, and points the knife at my scar from the other that went through my heart, and he'd always threaten to stabb me right in my scar if I bothered him anymore.  So I didn't interfear.
       And thats pretty much how harsh my life is, but it gets worse!  But then gets better.
      Later on in my life.............................................
       On Christmas morning, both my brother and me received a similar box, so we went to our rooms, and opened our packages.  I heard squeals in my box too!  And when I opened my box, I saw a brown fuzzy head pop out of the box, and it squealed again.
       "An eevee!  I got an eevee!", I cheered, while holding eevee up in the air, spinning around.  When I stepped out of my closet sized room, I saw my brother holding an eevee of his own.
       "Hah! My eevee's better, cause mine has actual fangs and claws, and yours is just a fuzz ball!  And I'm busting outa here!", Damien bragged.
       "Your not going anywhere, Damien!", Our mother said glaring at Damien, like any ordinary mother would say.  Then Damien started to run.  Damien hated me, and my parents, and didn't even consider his parents as his own.
       "Damien, you get back here this instant!!," My Mom screamed, while running after him.  I kinda just followed slowly, holding my eevee in my arms.  Eevee didn't know what was going on.  But when My Mom came back inside, she told me to grab my dad, and get in the car.
       And when we were in our old run down volks wagon (slug-bug), it was snowing really harsh, and you couldn't see anything at all.  My parents were talking about which way to turn, and when to stop, but then, we heard a huge screech, and I saw a truck sliding towards us.  My Mom screamed out "turn left!", and when we did, all I remember was going off a cliff........and well that's all...........
       So basically......I really don't know if I'm alive or not....................maybe I'm in heaven, like I've never witnessed, or maybe I'm in hell....which I went through my entire life......or maybe I'm alive............................................................

That's it for da prologue!  1st part is comin up!