This is part 3, and to warn you, there might be a little bad words in it, but not too bad, so enjoy the fic!
     It was night time, and Isis restlessly contininued her journey.  And when she made it over a hill, she saw the whole town of northstar.  At the pokemon center, she gave her pokemon, kiokamun, and her newely caught chikorita to Nurse Joy for a check up.  Then Isis decided to look through her whole backpack to see what types of things Gozzwald packed in there. 
    She didn't find that much, and only found a package with Gozzwalds homade potions and some berries.  Then she found something else.
    "hmmm, whats this?", she thought.  The other thing was a huge, fat envelope which said, "TO: ISIS".
    "Its a letter.....".  Isis read the letter to herself, and it said:
Dear Isis,
    Its very sudden to say goodbye, and I should of said that this time would come.  It seems that team rocket had planned for this moment for a long time.  Don't bother to come back for a while, Isis.  That pokemon that you became friends with............. I have a feeling that its involved in this as well.  But what team rocket was really after was the pendant that remained in this city for a long time.  Its supposed to take part in some ancient legends, and it seems to have a misterious power locked inside it.  I'm not sure what team rocket planned to use it for, and ye with thilthy hands of greetyness should never touch it.  But anyways, I hope you followed your heart to start your journey of being a pokemon master.  I can probably tell that you and that pokemon will team up together closely.  And that is one of the keys of becoming a true champion.  Isis, good luck, and phorphil your destiny.
P.S.   I left you aproximally, 3,000 dollars and another suprise.  Do not let anyone see the other thing I left you with.                                         sincerely, Grandpa
    Isis looked in the envelope and found 3 1,000 dollar bills in it,........... and a pendant.
    "What the?, Is this what gramps was talking about?".  This pendant was a beautiful pure diamond  with a silver cresent attached to it that never rusted.  And a beautiful silver chain was attached to it.  It seemed to glow right in the center of the diamond.  The sparkle and shine of the pendant seemed to make Isises eyes sparkle as well.  But then, a loud voice ecowed through her ears.
    "Hey fat woman, give me your zangoosie, or I'll just make umbreon here attack you until you do.", said a teen.
    "Well I must say, your a stubborn one!", said the lady.  Her zangoosie hid behind her.
    "I'm not joking, now HAND IT OVER!"  Isis saw a plump lady in a maroon sweater and a black skirt, and a teenaged boy with sourt of long brown hair and a cap, with shorts and a t-shirt that had a red "R" on it, and an umbreon next to him.  Therefore he was a rocket.  At the counter, Nurse Joy called Isis quietly up to the counter.
    "Heres your pokemon.  You might want to get out of here now", Nurse Joy whispered to Isis.  But Isis refused to go out of the building, and instead, Isis and kiokamun hid behind the counter.
    The lady glared at the rocket and answered, "No", in an angry accent.
    "Thats it, I'm not taking crap from an old lady, umbreon, use bite!"  Umbreon lanched forward, but the lady just stepped aside and let umbreon run into the wall.  Umbreon hit his head and jaw.
    "Don't just lie there you good for nothing hound, get that pokemon from that old lady!", the rocket yelled.   He grabbed umbreon by the neck and threw him at the lady.Umbreon yelped.  The lady just stepped aside again.
    "I must say, you treat your pokemon horribly, young man."
    "Oh, forget about you then, hound, go, hitmonlee!"
    "A hitmonlee?  I better get out of here, zangoosie is a normal type!"  Then more and more people saw what was going on, and started to help the lady out.
    "Don't worry, Jasline, well make sure that your pokemon is ok!", a person yelled.  Other pokemon trainers were fighting back, and the rocket was over powered.  Pokemon trainers were saying things like, "don't mess with our gym leader, she just came to give her pokemon a rest from battle."  Isis saw the whole thing, and then she saw umbreon in the corner under a coffee table cowering in fear.  So then, Isis decided to help out.  She called out her chikorita, and kiokamun as well, and started to fight along, even though all the other pokemon were more powerful than hers.
    "chikorita, use your razorleaf, and kiokamun, use your force attack!", Isis yelled.  Chikorita's razorleaf hit hitmonlee along with a water gun and a psybeam from another trainer.  But when kiokamun used force, It accidently pushed everyone back into the walls.  Isis got back up.
    "I'm sorry everyone!  forgive me!", Isis apologized.  Then the rocket got up from the ground.
    "  What was that?!", the rocket yelled.  "hmm that pokemon................ That pokemon is amazing!  I'll just have to take that as well!"
    "Your not taking kiokamun from me!", Isis yelled.
    "Yeah?  Well if thats so, then I'll just have to make you go to hell for trying to meddle with team rocket!"
    "I'd like to see you try!"
    "Your on!, Go, umbreon!"
    "Ummm, your umbreon is scared of you right now, Its under a coffee table!"
    "Yeah?  Well I'll just fix that!"  All of the people watched from the distance including all of the pokemon trainers that battled him before.
    "Isis, what were you thinking, getting yourself into this?", she thought. Kiokamun growled as the rocket stormed over to umbreon.  Umbreon was still cowering under the table. 
    "Stop being a usless whimp, and get out there!" The rocket grabbed it by the ears, and tossed it over to where Isis and the rocket were going to battle.  Isis caught the umbreon in her arms so it didn't have to go in pain more, and set it down.
    "Well anyways, lets go!  Umbreon, use bite on that powerful pokemon!"  Kiokamun jumped in the air and umbreon missed its target once more.
    "Kiokamun, use force!", Isis commanded.
    "Kioooowwwww!!!", kiokamun growled.
    "Umbreon, Use crunch!"  And right then, officer jenny barged right in, and pointed a gun at the rocket, and said, "You are under arrest for harming the people and the pokemon in this center!"  Police officers came over and handcoffed the rocket.  He then yelled out,"Damn it!  Damn you all, especially you!"  The rocket was yelling more at Isis and the gym leader (the big lady he was yelling at earlier) than anyone else.
    "Well it proves you right, now doesn't it?", the gym leader said.
    "Isis walked out of the pokemon center along with all the other pokemon trainers.  Then as she passed by a police car, the rocket yelled at Isis.
    "What is your problem?!  Just leave me alone!"
    "Geese, just calm down, will you!", Isis said while she walked away.
    "Hey, GET BACK HERE!, I'M NOT FINISHED!", Damien yelled on the top of his lungs.
    "You, little girl, can I have a word with you for a moment?", the gym leader said.
    "Yeah, are you the gym leader of this town?", Isis asked.
    "Why yes, my name is Jasline, and I'm the gym leader of this town which trains normal type pokemon.  I shall say that your pokemon did excellent!  You must of trained hard in another region!", Jasline said.
    "Well actually this is my first night of training.  I started to train today."
    "Really?! That is the most amazing thing!  You over powered almost everyone in the pokemon center, and this is your first day of training!  I am very impressed!  Come by my gym tommorrow morning, and you can have a gym fight with me that day.  Oh, and this is what you'll be battling for."  Jasline held a badge that looked almost like a bannanna. 
    "This is the claw badge, one of the recommended badges to compete in the Perrah battlecup!  So, will you come by the gym aproxamely 10:00 tommorrow morning?"
    "Sure, I'd love that!"
    "Ok, the gym is on penny avenu, see you then!"  When Jasline walked away, Kiokamun nuzzled Isises cheek.  Isis laughed and smiled at kiokamun.  Then she looked at the stars above them.
    "This will be an ausome journey, Kiokamun!, I can't wait!", Isis said in excitment.  Damien looked at the stars himself, then looked at Isis.  Then he turned his head around, but still stared with anger.
    "humph, stupid girl.............", he mummbled to himself as he rode away to jail.
    The next morning, Isis actually woke up with a good and exciting feeling in her.  She was well prepared for her gym battle. When she arrived at the gym, Jasline was standing right inside the doors.
    "There you are, Isis Ive been waiting for you, lets start our gym battle.", Jasline spoke out.
    "Alright!", Isis said in excitment.
    They faced each other in a 1 on 1 battle.
    "Go, zangoosie!", Jasline yelled.
    "Go, Kiokamun!"  The referee yelled, "let the battle begin!"
    "Zangoosie, use slash!"
    "Kiokamun, force!"  Zangoosie slashed kiokamun before it used force, but then kiokamun forced zangoosie flying to the celing.  You could see zangoosies slash in the mystical force field kiokamun created.  When zangoosie touched the celing with its feet, Jasline ordered,"quick attack, zangoosie!"  Zangoosie flew from the celing right twoards kiokamun.  Kiokamun prepared for another force.  It seemed to work causing more damage for both of them.
"Kiokamun, one more attack, and I think we can finish this battle!  So, use quick attack."
Kiokamun sprang toards zangoosie, but before kiokamun hit it, zangoosie countered with a slash attack, causing kiokamun to fall down on the ground in pain.
    "Kiokamun!", Isis yelled.
    "Now, zangoosie, takedown!", Jasline ordered.  Zangoosie started charging at kiokamun.
    "Kiokamun!  try to focus!  get out of the way or something!  When kiokamun noticed zangoosie charging at it, kiokamun unleashed a force attack that became a critical hit.  Zangoosie flew back into the wall.  Zangoosie had fainted, and Isis and kiokamun one the battle.
    "Kiokamun, great!  You did excellent!"
    "Well, we have a winner here, now don't we?  Congratulations, Isis! You won the claw badge!
    "cool, a claw badge!  Kiokamun, we need 7 more to cmpete!  Lets get going!
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