The journey of Pokemon part 4
   It was the afternoon, and Isis and kiokamun ran into an ancient temple along the way to a small city named Vinewood.  There was no path around temple, but a small path through it.  So, unknowing what things they'd run into, Isis and Kiokamun walked through the ancient ruins.  It was beginning to be a cloudy day, and it seemed to sprinkle a little rain.  As they entered the temple, they could see ancient writing on the walls surrounding them.  Suprisingly, they got to the end of the temple, but when they thought that that was the only temple there, more temples surrounded them.
   "Where are we?", Isis wondered.
   "Kiohhh," kiokamun said.  They followed the path that led them to another temple.  When they were inside, they were in a room with two paths to their left and right that had dead ends.  They both had ancient descriptions on the end walls.  At their left, the end wall had tons of unreadable writing.  There was also a picture carved into the wall.  Isis looked closer.  It was a carving of a latios, holding a real ruby sealed into the wall.  Bellow the picture, in the writing of the unknown, it said "strength."  Then at their right, it was all the same, except this time, the picture was a latias, holding a sapphire sealed into the wall.  Bellow this picture, it said, "Bravery."
   Isis, and kiokamun then walked through the middle path again.  Then, the path wound up in another room.  This room was big and empty, but had writing on every single wall, And there was an exit outside. On the ceiling, it showed a young lady, with her arms open wide, and a circle with wings of an angel was in between.  But it was on the front wall that interested Isis the most.  It was a stone stair case that led to a huge carving of a mythical beast that Isis had never seen before.  It had a long wolf type face, with horns that looked like it would be on top of a dragons head.  The three tails pointed up, left, and right.  In between the horns was a diamond sealed in the wall, and the amazing thing was that, you could actually see a white shine to it.  Kiokamun noticed that Isis's backpack started to glow.  Kiokamun tugged on her capries.
   "What is it?", Isis asked.  Kiokamun pointed at her backpack.  Isis noticed that something was shining in her backpack. 
   "Whats going on?", Isis wondered.  She then shook everything out of it, and the pendant fell out glowing a beautiful bright light.  Isis slowly picked the pendant up.  She looked over at the carving on the wall.  The diamond on the wall glowed as well.  Then, it stopped.
  "Kiokamun, what just happened?"  Isis got a little nervous, so she put all her stuff back into her backpack, grabbed kiokamun, and ran out.  Then, the ground shook.  The diamond on the wall glowed again even brighter than before.  Then, light seemed to flow on the wall into the diamond.  Then, the carving glowed, and a light figure leaped out of the wall.  The diamond stopped glowing and so did everything else except the figure that now stood on the ancient stone floor.
   ".............I've been revived once more..............who holds it.....?", the beast said.  ".........Who awakened Soulru?"
    Meanwhile outside, Isis and Kiokamun are on a road which huge cliffs with grass on top of them.  On the dirt walls, there were more ancient writings.  As they went farther, they could see Vinewood just ahead.  But then, they also saw tons of archeologists and researchers investigating the walls.
  "L....look what I just found!", one yelled out for the world to hear.  The archeologists rushed over to see what it was.  But others just stayed where they were.
  "Gramps, I'm BOOOOOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRRRDD like hell!  Aren't there any trainers around here I can fight?!", said a far away voice coming from someone young.
  "Now, Gary, just to let you know, this type of discovery is very important to me, but if there are any trainers around, feel free.  And another thing to let you know about, the trainers here are very tough.", said an older voice.
  "Well, thats good news, I need a little warm up before I head to Johto."   Isis, and Kiokamun walked further down the road, but then she was stopped in her tracks by a voice.
   "Hey, you! Are you a pokemon trainer?!"  Isis turned around, and saw a boy with spiked brown hair and an indigo shirt with black jeans.
  "Yeah, and who are you?", Isis replied.
  "What?!  YOU  don't even know who I am?"  Isis nodded.
  "WHA? Well, I'm Gary Oak!  I'm the grandson of the all time famous professor Oak!  And you should be honored that I'm about to kick your ass!"
  With an annoyed look on Isis's face, she said, "Well thats charming....You didn't even make first place in the indigo plateau.  I remember you on TV.  You acted like a show off......"
  "HEY!  AT LEAST I HAD A CHANCE TO COMPETE!  I caught more pokemon than you could ever catch!  So, ya up to it?"
  "Sure, I'll take you on!  ..........But, I only got 1 badge in my entire life.......and I only have 2 pokemon!!!"
  "HAHA!  Go, Nidoking!"  A huge, and bold nidoking stood roaring in the air.  (sweatdrop for Isis^-^)
  "Ok, go, chikorita!"  Nidoking, and chikorita just growled at each other.
  "Hmm, this must be a pokemon discovered in Johto.," Gary said.  Nidoking, use take down!"
  The nidoking charged towards chikorita with both momentum, and strength.
  "Chikorita, use vinewhip!"  Chikorita's vinewhip bounced off of nidoking.  Chikorita flew back, but, it dodged half of the time, so it didn't loose that much hp.
  "Chikorita, return!"  "Go, kiokamun, use your force attack!"  Kiokamun flew in.  Nidoking did another take down, but for once, kiokamun made nidoking slide back.
  "Thats a powerful pokemon!  And its obeying all of your commands!  But, its still not going to whipe MY nidoking out!", Gary yelled.
  "We'll see about that!", Isis yelled back.  On the top of the cliff where the grass was, soulru watched the battle, and saw Isis, and kiokamun.
  "..........It was .......this girl that awoken me, wasn't it?", soulru thought.
  "Take down!"
  "Now, wait just one moment!", said an old man.
   "Stop the match!  Hmmmm, interesting.", the old man said.  Isis looked down to were kiokamun was standing and saw Professor Oak with a magnephine glass looking at kiokamun.
  Then, he turned to Isis and said, "This pokemon if very interesting, I've never seen anything like it.  Isis was nervous that she was actually talking to Professor Oak. 
  "Oh, I must introduce myself, my name is Professor Oak, and this is my grandson, Gary."
  "Ppppppppllll.........pppplllleased to you, Professor Oak!  I'm a big fan!  My name is Isis"
  "I see, you don't have to get all nervous on me now.  I must say, where did you find this pokemon?"
  "Umm, on the river bank by my home, but it was all washed up."
  "Interesting.  Very interesting!  Your a pokemon trainer, right?"
  "Do you have the pokedex yet?"
  "No, I don't....."
  "Well, then here, I'll give you one!"
  " mean it?!"
  "Of course I do!  Here, and I'll give you this pokemon egg as well.  Don't worry, I have another one just like that one!  Go on, take it!"
   "Thank you! .........huh?" 
   "The egg, its hatching!"  It was true, the egg was hatching in Isis's arms.  Kiokamun ran over on Isis's shoulder's.  A little yellow beak broke through the egg shell.  It was a torchik.
  "Ahhh,  a torchik!  Those are found in the Hoenn region," Professor Oak said.
  "Tooorrrrchik!", torckik squeaked.
  "Its so cute!", Isis said excitedly.  Thank you, Professor Oak!  I'm going to the pokemon center now, I've been in so many battles these trips.  Lets go!  Bye Professor Oak!"
   "Have fun now!"
   "BU........BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR BATTLE!  I WAS ON A ROLL TOO!", Gary yelled.
   "You know, Gary, even rookies can be strong.  I saw that attack, and it was powerful enough to prevent nidoking's take down attack.  She discovered a new pokemon.  I find that very interesting.  Gary, our work here is done, I've found just what I wanted to see.  Lets go."
Meanwhile on the cliff, soulru saw Isis enter Vinewood City.  He gazed upon the view, and then, he started to run freely.
  Then meanwhile after the pokemon center, Isis founf the city gym.  There she met the gym leader.
  "Hello, my name is Josh, and I'm the gym.  I train grass type pokemon.  Do you wish to challenge me?"
  "Of course I do!"
  "Ok, your on!"