You guys, I'm so sorry for that huge delay!  I was having problems with this fic, cause I was gonna send it to some of my penpals to edit my fic, cause they wanted to, and they didn't get the whole entire fic!  But now, I fixed the problem, and here it finally is!  MissingNo., Topaz, and LonePichu, u guys are really good pals!  Just to let you know, I own the 2 pokemon, Kiokamun and soulru.  I also own Isis, Naithan, Damien, team darkness and all of these gym leaders. Now, you may enjoy my fic!                              The Journey of Pokemon  part 5

       "OK, the prize of the gym battle is the Thorn Badge.  It will be a 3 on 3 battle, are'ya cool with that?", said Josh.
       "Your on!", Isis replied.
       "Go, cacnea!"
       "Torchik, lets go!"
       "Cacnea, use pin missile!", Josh yelled.
       "Torchik, ember!", Isis ordered.  Both of the attacks collided and exploded.  Torchik charged towards cacnea.  Cacnea used pin missile again.
       "Torchik, jump and peck cacnea!", Isis cried.  Torchik leaped over cacnea's head, but cacnea just aimed at torchik sharply.  Torchik flew to the ceiling, and fell back down.
       "Torchik, ember!"  Torchik's ember attack flew so fast this time, that it made a critical hit, making cacnea faint.
       "Cacnea, return!  Go, weepinbell!"
       "Torchik, ember!
       "Weepinbell, vinewhip!"  Weepinbell's vine had flanged at torchik, and hit it on the head, before torchik had the chance to open its mouth.  Torchik fell to the ground.
       "Weepinbell, use tackle!"
       "Torchik, can you get up?!", Isis said in a rush.  Instead,  torchik flew towards the wall behind Isis after weepinbell's tackle attack.  Torchik had fainted.
       "Torchik, you did awesome, return....."  Isis mummbled.
       "Go, chikorita!  Use razor leaf!", Isis commanded while gaining a little more confidence back.
       "Weepinbell, use your own razor leaf!", Josh yelled.
       Leaves were flying everywhere.  Chikorita dodged each leaf, and hit the ones that weren't dodgable with the leaf on its head.  Weepinbell however whipped all the leaves in its way with vine whip.  Chikorita was then able to sneak up, and use a tackle attack.  Weepinbell tumbled to the ground.
       "Now, chikorita, time to use your vine whip!", Isis cried.  Vine whip pressed weepinbell to the ground with such force, that it fainted.
       "Weepinbell, return!  Its time, Tropius!", Josh called out.  Tropius flew from its pokeball, flied around the room, and landed its feet on the ground.  Chikorita glared at tropius, and how big it was.
       "Tropius, use mystical leaf!"  Tropius waved the huge leaves on its back, and glowing leaves flew at chikorita.  Chikorita jumped, but since topiuses size was so big, it got hit anyways.  Chikorita fell to the ground hurt, and it still glared at tropius.   Then, i struggled up on its feet, and then, it started to glow.........
       "Wait a minute......... that glow.........its evolving!", Isis squealed in excitement.  Isis was right.  The glow around chikorita hit tropius with stronger force.  Tropius slid backwards, but stopped itself with the leaves on its back.
       "Well, well, this is getting interesting," said Josh.  The glowing figure stopped on front of Isis, and revealed itself as a bayleef.  Bayleaf glared at tropius still.  Tropius growled.
       "That's right, I have a pokedex now, let's see...........," Isis said.
       Pokedex entry:  BAYLEEF the leaf pokemon.  The evolved form of chikorita.  Instead of a sweet aroma coming from the leaf on top of its head, it becomes spicy, and the leaves around its neck as well.  If a pokemon sniffs the aroma, they become more aggressive.
       "So thats why tropius is growling......." Isis mumbled to herself.   Josh was thinking for a moment.
       "Hmmm, tropius, use wing attack!", He cried.  Tropius charged towards bayleef with the leaves on its back spread out as if it was taking off like an airplane.
       "Oh no!  I forgot that tropius was also a flying type!"  Isis said.
       Josh with a wide grin across his face said,"  That's right, and its powerful against grass pokemon!  It won't be long before you're through."
       "What are you talking about, I still can use one more pokemon!  Ok, take down!"  Both collided with such force, they flew back.
       "Bayleef, try to wrap your vines around tropius' neck!", Isis commanded.
       "Bayyy!", bayleef cried.  The vines flew like a lightning bolt, and started to strangle tropius.
       "Now,  TAKE DOWN!", Isis commanded one last time.  Tropius was helpless, and after it flew out of bayleefs' grasp from the take down attack, it fell to the ground defeated.
       "Yes, We did it, bayleef!", Isis celebrated.
       "Ok, ok, don't get too win....heres the Thorn badge!", Josh said.
       "All right, the Thorn badge!", Isis said while petting bayleef on the head.

       Meanwhile at the pokemon center...............................

       "OK!  We're here, and we're gonna steal da pokemon at this center!", yelled a rocket.
       "Yeah, and we'll break through ya glass if ya don't!", said another rocket.
       "HOLD IT!", said a voice.
       "Well, what do'ya want now, Damien?", said the same rocket that last spoke.
       "OK, you know what?!  You are the worst Team Rocket member I've ever seen!  And......And you!", Damien yelled pointing at Nurse Joy.
       "What!", Nurse Joy squeaked.
       "Do what he says!", Damien yelled back.
       "But, why?!", Nurse Joy squealed.
       "Be.......because I said so!  The rest of you!  Hand the pokemon over, or you'll fell pain like they cause in hell!", Damien threatened.  Everyone was now running, and falling to the floor praying.
       "Wow, good job, Damien......."  said a rocket.
       "No duh, dumbass, now take their pokemon away!" 

       Back outside the gym..............

       "Wow, I already got two badges!  And I have a new bayleef!"
       "Hey, Isis, I saw your battle!  You did awesome!", said a far, yet familiar voice.  Isis turned around, and saw Naithan running towards her.
       "Naithan, you came!", Isis cried.
       As they make their way to the pokemon center...........

       "OK, so how many pokemon have you caught, since we saw each other?", asked Naithan.
       "Well, I have kiokamun of course, and my chikorita just evolved into bayleef, and I also just got a torchik too.  How many have you got now?"  asked Isis.
       "Ok, I've got eevee my buddy, charmander, and plusle."  Naithan answered.

       Then later, at the entrance to the pokemon center.......

       "More people at the entrance, Damien!", yelled a rocket.
       "THEN GO, AND JUMP THEM, STUPID!", Damien yelled.  As Isis, Kiokamun, and Naithan entered the Pokemon center, they all got pushed back, and fell to the ground.  After they fell, they looked up to find two rockets with guns pointing at them.
       "Whaaah!  What the?!" , Isis cried.
       "Oh great, what the hell do you want?!", Naithan yelled.
       "Hey, we got a young little lass, and a little boy here!", one of the rockets yelled.
       "Oh great, little children!  Just what I ne-!", yelled Damien in shock at the last moment, when he stood between the two rockets.  Naithan was in shock as well.  Isis was concerned at first, but then she became confused.  kiokamun just hid behind Isis growling, and glaring at the rockets.
       "Its you two again.........", said Damien.  Isis, and kiokamun was pushed back.  When Isis stopped herself, she though, "OK, I know he knows me, but how does he know Naithan?"
       "Hi, long no see.......little brother," Damien said.  Naithan just glared. 
       "His......his BROTHER?!", Isis thought in shock.  "That's horrible...."
       "What the hell do you want, Damien.  To use me as a test again?!"
       "Nah, don't have my weapons right now, so I can't see if they work on you, sorry."
       Naithan slid back on the mossy concrete sidewalk.  "So, what the hell have you been doing throughout YOUR life, jerk," Naithan said seriously. 
       "Oh, just thinking of a way to kill you, and helping Team Rocket.  Oh yeah, I heard the tragic news about mother and father dying.  Such a pity...."  Damien said not caring.  Naithan glared even more.  Isis got up and ran towards them with kiokamun following.
       "Now wait a minute, YOU ACTUALLY TRY TO KILL NAITHAN?!", Isis yelled.  Kiokamun growled fiercely at Damien.
       "Isis, don't get involved in this!", Naithan yelled while getting up.
       "Hey!  I met him before, you know!  Why shouldn't I get involved?!", Isis yelled.
       "Because you'll be the next victim!", Damien yelled while pushing Isis on the ground so hard, that she got knocked out unconscious.  Kiokamun got knocked out as well, since it was directly behind Isis.
       "ISIS!", Naithan yelled.  He then glared at Damien even more seriously.
if they        ".....KEEP HER OUT OF THIS, JACKASS!", Naithan yelled.
       "Shut up!" Damien said as he punched Naithan out unconscious.............

       Later, Isis woke up, hands tied together, in a room where she found all her pokemon in cages.  She also saw Naithan in a cage.
       "Oh no!  You guys, we got to get out of here!", Isis cried.
       "Isis, shut up, Damien will be back in just a moment," Naithan said.
       "Don't tell me to shut up!  I'm getting ourselves out of here!  Bayleef, razor leaf!",  Isis commanded.
       "Baaay!", Bayleef yelled, struggling to make its leaf swing around.
       "Its no use?!  Torchik, use ember!"  Isis commanded starting to panic.
       "toooorrrrrr!", torchik squealed.  Ember had no effect whatsoever.
       "No!, OK Kiokamu-"  Isis stopped in her tracks.  She looked around the room, but there was no sight of it anywhere.
       "Oh yeah, Damien took kiokamun away," Naithan said concerned.
       "WHAT!",  Isis cried.  Her heart started to thump rapidly now.

       Meanwhile in another room in this foretress type place............

       "You.......... your that pokemon with all that power...... and such a little body to hide it all in.....," Damien said while putting a finger through the cage bars that contained kiokamun.  Kiokamun bit him hardly.
       "OOOWWW!!!!!!  Damn!  A feisty one, huh? I'll deal with you later!", Damien yelled as he turned the door knob.  "Keep this little rat occupied, while I check on our prisoners," Damien yelled at the rockets that were in the room as well.

       Meanwhile, back in the room with Naithan, and Isis were in...........

       The door slammed open.  All four of them turned their heads quickly at Damien.
       "Don't worry, its fine!", Damien yelled. 
       Then, Damien grabbed Isis by the arms, and dragged her out of the room.
       "NAITHAN, BAYLEEF, TORCHIK!!!!!!!", Isis screamed.
       "ISIS!!!", Naithan yelled.  Bayleef, and torchik yelled as well.

       Meanwhile in a different room..................

       "Whaaa!", Isis yelled as she was thrown on the floor.
       "You'll stay here.  I have business with your friend..... and your pokemon.  Chow," said Damien, as he slammed the door behind him.
       Isis now was just dead silent, trying to think of a plan to get out of there.  The rope around her wrists were constricting them so hard, her hands went cold.  She looked around the room.  There were different sized cages surrounding her.  When she looked up, she could see a vent.
       "Thats it!", Isis said in excitement  ".......but how do I get up there like this?"  That's when she noticed that she wasn't alone.
       She saw a cage with a pokemon in it.  Isis took a closer look.  It was a squirtle.  Squirtle looked up at Isis, then it looked back down sadly.
       "Poor thing.......," Isis thought.  She looked around the room.  She then, saw a hook sticking out of the wall.
       "Thats it!", Isis said.  She ran over to the hook, and started to put her wrists on the hook.  "RRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!"  The rope ripped and Isis was able to use her hands again. 
       "OK, squirtle, I need to look you up in my pokedex......," Isis mumbled.

       Squirtle:  The Tiny Turtle pokemon.
       Squirtle uses its shell to protect it against predators.  Its withdraw tequiqe raises its defense.  Bubblebeam is one of squirtle's special attacks.
       "The poor thing..........," Isis thought.  "OK, now I need something to break open this cage......."  Isis looked around again.  She walked around the room, and found a bent, old rusty cage with bars bent hanging outwards.
       "All, right, I'll try to use this........," Isis mumbled.  She put one foot on the bottom of the small cage, and took the other foot, and kicked it.  It was so loose anyway that a bar flew in the wall ahead.  Then she rushed, and picked the bar up, ran to the cage squirtle was in, and used the bar to pry the top of the cage off.
       "Don't worry, squirtle, I'll set you free!", struggled Isis as she was trying to get it open.  Squirtle stared at Isis.  The top of the cage was actually loosening, and Isis got even more tired of trying to pry it open.  Squirtle then opened its mouth, and let out a bubblebeam.  "BAG!"  The top flew to the side.
       "Wow, that was strong.....," Isis mumbled. 
       "Squrtle, squirt squirt squirtle!", Squirtle croaked.
       "OK, now to escape!", Isis told squirtle.  She used cages to get up to the vent, and used the same rusty bar like before.  She made the vent cover fling down to the floor.  She grabbed squirtle, and crawled in the vent.
       "Bayleef, torchik, kiokamun, Naithan........just hang in!  I'll get you guys out of this mess!", Isis thought.

       Meanwhile back in the room with bayleef, torchik, Naithan, and Damien............

       Damien was walking around back and forth, thinking outloud.
       "Hmmmmmm, so what shall I do to you Naithan?", he asked more to himself.  Naithan just pounded at the bars with his feet.  The bars were only bent, and not broken.
       "Yeah, your doing a great job there, especially when the bars are made of iron.  Keep it up, and you'll be out of there in no time, but oh wait, I can just use this knif to stop you from doing that, so don't even try." Damien said.  Naithan glared.
       "Why would you want to waste time with me anyway? You know there is better things to waste your energy at!", Naithan yelled.  Damien had a weird suprised look on his face.
       "Oh, because brother like to make fun of each other, and they bug each other too.  Does it get on your nerves that much?", Damien pretended to ask with a smirk.
       All of the sudden, it was silent, and then after a few moments...........BOOM!
       "What the hell?", Nathan thought out loud.

       Meanwhile in the room with kiokamun...........................

       "That thing is like the devil!", yelped a rocket.  All the cages in the room were destroyed, and the walls were cracked.  Kiokamun was out of its cage, and it flew at the vent on the ceiling.  The vent entrance was destroyed as well.
       "Th....that energy was enormous!  We HAVE to present that pokemon to the boss somehow!", yelled another rocket.  Kiokamun ran through the pathways that the vent provided.  Then, kiokamun fell somehow, in a very dark room.  Kiokamun could at least see a little of its surroundings, but it was so pitch black, that a mere mortal could see nothing.  Kiokamun felt a frightful chill.  It, the others, and team rocket were not alone...................................

       Meanwhile along with Isis, and squirtle............................

       "OK, squirtle, we have to rescue the others!", Isis mentioned.
       "Squirtle!", squirtle croaked.  As they crawled, (squirtle rode on Isis's back), they found the vent that led to the room with Naithan, Damien, etc.
       "OK, squirtle, use bubblebeam!", Isis commanded.  Squirtle opened its mouth, and bubbles flew from its foamy mouth, and forced the vent covering to fall to the floor, and, well, it landed on Damien, and knocked him out.  Isis, and squirtle jumped down.
       "Naithan, bayleef, torchik, are you guys all right?!", Isis yelled.
       "..........You actually escaped by yourself?", Naithan asked.
       "Well, I had a little help from squirtle here!", Isis said scratching squirtle on the chin with her index finger.
       "Oh.......never mind, you can't yet, can you?", Naithan mumbled loud enough so she could hear.
       "Are you saying I'm not smart?!", Isis yelled.
       "Hey!  You were the one in trouble last time!", Naithan yelled back.
       "Well, I wasn't trapped in a cage, like you are now!", Isis snapped.  Naithan breathed again, like he was going to say something else, but it didn't come out.  Squirtle, bayleef, and torchik were confused.
       "Right now, we gotta get out of here!", Isis mentioned.
       "Fine, have it your way!", Naithan yelled.
       "I will, and my plan will work!", Isis snapped again.  Naithan was silent. 
       "OK, squirtle, do you know an attack called skull bash?", Isis asked.  Squirtle croaked, and nodded.
       "Perfect!", Isis squealed.  Damien groaned, but Isis kicked him in the head, and he was knocked out again.
       "..........That's your plan?", Naithan asked in embarrassment.
       "You have a problem, then I'll leave you here to get murdered!", Isis snapped once more.  Naithan was silent once more.  If he couldn't do anything, then what else was there to rely on?
       Squirtle crashed into all three cages, and all three of them was set free. 
       "Here are your pokeballs, now come back where its safe!", Isis command.
       "Where are your pokemon?!", Isis asked Naithan.
       "Pokemon center, I was returning to-" Naithan said before he was yanked through the door by Isis.
       "I don't care about the rest of your story, now lets find kiokamun!", Isis snapped yet again.

       Meanwhile, where kiokamun was........................

       Kiokamun braced itself for what was in that room.  Then, it heard a little giggle that sounded almost like a foolish ghost.  Kiokamun slowly crawled around each corner, and then, it saw a dim light ahead.  It peeked around a box, and saw a pitch black cloaked figure searching in a box, throwing out masks.  Two flames floated around the figure for light. 
       ".......Heh....heh....heh...... I've found you!", said the cold voice.  Kiokamu then saw        a mask that the dark figure held up.  It looked kind of like it was made of leather, and one of its eyes was wide open, while the other was sewn shut with thin black rope.  Its mouth was open as well the long way with string streaming from the lips of it.  Another stitch was at the right of the mouth, and some patterns made the mask more detailed.  And on each of it sides, there was an ear, sewn shut as well.  Kiokamun knew it wasn't an ordinary mask.  Kiokamun had a dark feeling that it was a face of a mummified creature.  Kiokamun ran away from that scene, hoping it could find Isis and the others.  Luckily, it did, but they were surrounded by rockets.
       "All right, you guys are through!", a rocket yelled. 
       "Squirtle croaked madly, and sprayed a beam of bubbles that forced quite a few rockets down on the ground.  Kiokamun ran, and jumped into Isis's arms.
       "Kiokamun!  Your all right!", Isis squealed.
       "Kiioohh!", Kiokamun squeaked.
       "Save the drama for later, and lets get out of here!", Naithan yelled.  They ran, and squirtle used bubblebeam to push the rockets out of the way.
       "I see the exit!", Isis yelled.
       "Oh, crap!", Naithan yelled.
       "What?", Isis shrieked.
       "Your not going anywhere!", said a familiar voice.  All of them stopped in there tracks.  Damien stood right at the entrance.
       "Crap is right, squirtle, use bubblebeam!", Isis yelled.
       "Umbreon, use night shade!", Damien commanded.  Umbreon flew in from behind, and a dark beam came from its mouth.  Both attacks collided, and exploded.  When the fog was gone, Isis, and the others were gone.
       "Damn it! I lost them!", Damien pouted.
       Isis and the others ran and ran to the pokemon center to call the police, but pretty soon, Damien was able to keep up.  Damien then called out a different pokemon.
       "Gengar, use knock off!", Damien commanded as he threw his pokeball.  Gengar flew towards Isis, and pushed her with a very powerful force.
       "Ahhhggghhh!", Isis yelled.  She rammed into Naithan, and dropped to the ground.
       "Owwww, watch were you trip, Isis!", Naithan mentioned.
       "What do you mean?!  I was pushed, dumbass!", Isis yelled back.  Isis then looked  back up, and gengar had an evil grin across its face, and a dark aurora surrounded it.
       "Th.....thats a dark gengar!", Isis thought loudly.
       "Yeah, and its gonna knock you, and your pokemon out if you do something stupid," Damien said. 
       ".......I haven't battled against an evil pokemon before, but I'll try!  Kiokamun, force!", Isis commanded.  Kiokamun unleashed its powerful attack.  It pushed dark gengar back, but it received no damage at all.
       "Ha!  Nothing can defeat my dark gengar!", Damien bragged.
       "Where, and how did you get that?!?!", Isis commanded.  Damien smirked.
       "I received this fellow from a wicked man in a shadow like cloak, like it matters or anything.  He clammed that he came from a team that's far worse than team rocket.  I'm planning to be a part of that team someday, and then, no one can stop me!  Oh........and he said.......... to destroy you, Isis!", Damien yelled with the most evil grin on his face.
       "", Isis thought.   "!", Isis commanded.
       "Why do you ask me?", Damien smirked.  I only want to make that guy proud.  OK, gengar, use shadowball!", Damien commanded.  Gengar grinned evilly, and started creating dark energy.
       "We have to get out of here!", Isis shrieked, as she grabbed Naithans hand.  Squirtle, and kiokamun followed. Dark gengar flew after them, and launched a shadowball.  It hit the ground, and bursted like a cherry bomb.
       "THERE, THE POKEMON CENTER!", Isis shrieked.  There were officers everywhere, including Officer Jenny.
       "What's this?!", Officer Jenny spoke.  She saw Isis, Naithan, squirtle, and kiokamun tumbling down the street, along with dark gengar, and Damien running after them.  Jenny then saw the red "R" across Damien's shirt.
       "A rocket member!", She yelled out.  They all ran at Damien, and dark gengar, and held up their guns.
       "You are under arrest!", Jenny yelled.  Damien was grabbed by other officers.  Damien struggled to get free, but couldn't.  Isis, and the others watched from far away.
       "YOU KNOW WHAT!?  I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT, GENGAR, DESTROY THOSE PESTS!", Damien yelled madly.  Gengar flew at Isis, and the others, about to launch a Humongous shadow ball that was even bigger than the pokemon center itself, and flew directly at them.
       "This is it!", Isis shrieked.  They all closed their eyes tightly.  Not even kiokamun's force could stop it.  Right when it went pitch black, a white light came forth.
       "Is this heaven......or something," Isis wondered. That was when she noticed, a huge dark energy ball explode into a million stars.  They weren't dead........ but what happened?  Isis opened her eyes, and she saw a glowing beast flee into the forest.  Then, she saw dark gengar on the ground fainted.
       "Wh......what happened?", Isis mumbled.  She looked to see if the others were OK.  Kiokamun, and squirtle were just getting up groaning, but Naithan stayed uncontious.
       "NAITHAN!!!!!", Isis screamed.  Isis was then interrupted by a yelling voice that belonged to none other than Damien.
       "AND WHAT OF IT?!  YOUR GOING TO PRISON WHERE YOU BELONG!", Isis yelled.  She glanced back down at Naithan.  He was still uncontious.
       "...Please be OK........," Isis worried.

       Later on in the pokemon center.............................

       "Now, your pokemon are fully healed, Isis!", Nurse Joy said.
       "Thanks........," Isis mumbled sadly.
       "Don't worry, we got your friend at a hospital, he will be fine," Jenny said from behind.
       "Besides, your covered in bruises, and cuts!", Joy mentioned.
       "I'll be OK....," Isis said. 
       "Squirtle!", squirtle croaked.
       "Hey, squirtle, do you want to come with me, and my pokemon team?", Isis asked.
       "Squirtle!", squirtle croaked as it nodded its head.
       "All right, come with us!", Isis said excited.  She held out a pokeball, and called squirtle in it.
       "Well, kiokamun, we better go and see if Naithan is OK.......," Isis sighed.
       Isis walked along a sidewalk, with kiokamun on her shoulder.  The sky was a mixture of night, and dawn.  When she finally entered Naithan's room, she didn't know what to expect.
       When she opened the door, she walked to the back room, and there was Naithan in his bed, sleeping, and his pokemon sleeping on his bed as well.  His plusle sleeped among the side rail on the hospital bed, while his charmander slept at the foot of his bed.  Eevee was curled into a fuzzy ball right next to Naithan's head.  Isis slowly walked in.  Then, she accidentally tripped over her own foot, and fell on the floor.  Kiokamun stared at her embarrassed.
       "Owwwww........," Isis moaned.  Naithan woke up, and so did eevee.
       "Who's there.......?", Naithan groaned.
       "Its me.....ahhhrrgh!", Isis said while trying to get up, but fell back down.
       "......Isis.....?  You're alive?", Naithan mumbled.
       "I thought you were dead.....," Isis said.
       "I thought I was dead too......," Naithan mentioned.
       "Well, we survived at least.", Isis said.
       "................You showed a lot of courage out there, Isis........more than I could prove.  I was wrong......... your plans did work back're a great trainer too.....," Naithan mumbled.  Isis blushed.
       "I wasn't sure if my plans were gonna work, anyway, so I guess it was just all luck," Isis said.
       "......Don't give up your dreams, Isis...... I think you can become champion in this league.....," Naithan mentioned.  "I'll recover here.....don't you think you should be going?"
       "Oh, I guess so........," Isis thought out loud.  "Take care.......," Isis said, as she walked out of the room.  Naithan sighed, and closed his eyes.
       "I've never seen anyone stand up to my brother like that before.......," Naithan thought.

       Meanwhile, at the crack of dawn..............

       Isis, and Kiokamun made it at the entrance that lead to the next city.  Who knows what would happen now.  As she gazed at the forest, she remembered that creature that rescued their lives................