The Journey of pokemon part 6.  Hope you all enjoy!  Oh, and starting sometime in this chapter, you get to know if the pokemon are girls, boys, and ya.  I also wish I could of done this sooner, but im gonna dedicate this chapter, and the special (chapter after this 1), to a special friend of mine, Lone Pichu, cuz one thing, I'm extremely proud of her at the best in category awards, cause she won three categories!  And her fanfics are one of a kind!  So r her websites.  She's an awesome friend 2.  Ok, on with my fiction.

       The sky was a mix of purple, blue, and yellow.  The stars were still out, but the crack of dawn had arrived.  As for
Isis, and kiokamun, The Rossetto Forest was only lit up just a bit.  It was very peaceful in this forest, the gentle breeze made the trees rustle, and it wasn't cold at all.  But, something wasn't all right.  The thought of someone trying to destroy her flew everywhere in her mind.  I mean, the only "real" enemy she had encountered was team rocket themselves.  Her dirty old outfit was starting to smell bad.  She didn't have enough money to wash them anyways.  Her cuts and bruises made her feel tired, and weak.  And....well, she was also hungry.
       "Kiokamun, I haven't slept in 5 days now, when do you think well be able to rest?”
Isis asked.
       "Kiiiiiioooooohhhhh", Kiokamun replied. 
Isis sighed.  She was about to collapse to the ground any moment then.  They walked through a couple of bushes, and made it to a well.
       "A well!  Maybe there’s gonna be water in it!”
Isis said excitingly.  She ran over, and peeked inside, but it was a total rip off.
       "Damn it!”
Isis complained.  As she sighed again, a bush rustled. 
       "Wha....who’s there?!”
Isis said.  Kiokamun was growling.  Isis knew then that there was something following them.  All the sudden, a shadow leaped from behind a bush, and came charging towards Isis and kiokamun at great speed.  Isis shrieked.  She jumped to the side, but ended up falling in the well, arms covering the head.  She was so weak then anyways, that she couldn't get up, but her ears could still listen to what that thing was.  Kiokamun yelped, but unleashed force.  The shadow stepped back.  It ran towards the well, but then,  ZZZAAAPPPP!!"  The shadow looked around, and then fled by going up in dark purple flames.  Kiokamun ran to the well, and looked down.  Isis was now pretty much knocked out.  Kiokamun then looked to its right, and saw a pichu, with a piercing on its left ear.
       "Don't tell me that that was a shadow from team darkness!", a little girl's voice said.  Kiokamun looked up, and saw a young freckled, black haired girl standing there on the side of a Mightyena.
       "What's your name, cutie?” the little girl asked.  She looked down at the well, and saw
       "Oh my gosh!  I have to get help for this!” she exclaimed.  She then pulled out a small whistle out of her bandana that she had around her neck.  When she blew it, an arcanine came racing along.
       ""Arcanine, we have to get this girl to the village right away!” the little girl explained.  Pichu jumped down to where
Isis was.  The little girl dropped down three ropes.  Pichu tied the ropes one on each wrist, and one around her stomach.
       "All right, mightyena, arcanine!  Pull the rope!” the little girl ordered as she helped out as well.  Kiokamun just watched.  When they got her out of the well, Arcanine kneeled down.  By using the ropes, the little girl was able to put her on arcanine.  Kiokamun got on arcanine as well.  The little girl hopped on mightyena, and so did pichu.
       "Ok, arcanine, mightyena, lets get to our village!” said the little girl.  And the two pokemon started charging off through the forest. 
       Kiokamun was poking
Isis to make sure that she was ok, but she didn't respond.  And as they rode off, Isis had a dream, but a weird.......yet familiar dream.  Isis was a small little girl, and she was held by a young woman that looked very similar to her.  She had a strapless shirt, and a long skirt.  The young woman was running through a building that looked like a pokemon stadium, but very ancient looking.  It had lit torches on the walls, and outside, it was very dark, with lightning clouds and everything.  Isis looked back over the woman's shoulder, and saw dark shadows chasing them, and a young man trying to defend them, along with a hitmontop.  But then, when she looked on front, in the direction the woman was running, there were more shadows.  A dark maroon light seemed to shine in each shadow that was in front of them, and then, they shot out bloody, sharp arrows right towards them.
       The woman screamed, and seemed to hold
Isis tighter than before, nearly making the blood veins in her close up.  But then, the young man jumped in front of them, and got shot.  He fell to the ground, bloody arrows in his chest, and stomach.  He looked over to where the woman and Isis were.  With his last gasp of air, he said faintly, "” he whispered.  The young woman named Allimah started getting tears in her eyes.
       "JOHN NO!!!!!!!!!” Allimah screamed while holding
Isis even tighter than before.  Then a dark voice hissed.
       "Heh, heh, heh...........your husband finally perished, and now you must die!"
       "STAY AWAY FROM ME, YOU EVIL BASTARD!!!” she screamed, as she began to run. 
Isis looked back at John as he lay on the floor dead.
       "DADDY!!” she screamed.
       "Hold on tight,
Isis!” Allimah yelled while she cried for her husband's loss.  She started to make her right shoulder face a double door that she was charging towards.  She then rammed the door open.  She looked back for a small second, and the started running to her left.  Isis looked to her left.  She could have seen a view to a whole field of trees and rivers, and a huge lake that surrounded the land they were on, but it was too dark for her to see anyways.  Strikes of lightning started shooting from the sky, and then, it started to rain extremely hard.  Isis trying to avoid the pain of the water drops, looked over Allimah's shoulder again, and saw an average sized person, that had a very blue skin, and wrinkly.  Her dress was gray, with patches.  When the average sized person looked at Isis in the eye, Isis felt a huge painful jab to her heart.
       "MOMMY, I WANNA GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.  But then when she looked down at
Isis, she started to fall to the ground in pain.  She then let go of Isis.  When Isis fell to the ground on her bottom, she flinched, then looked on front of her, and saw her mother with an arrow in her back that bled, and was in flames.  Isis started to cry.
Isis cried.  Now, the mother looked up at Isis, and whispered, "” she whispered as she closed her eyes, with one last tear.
Isis listened, and started to run.  She started to panic.  There were shadows everywhere, and they were about to fire bloody arrows at her.
       ".....Kill her........kill the little one!” a voice hissed. 
Isis then tripped.  She flinched, and then looked up, and bloody arrows were dropping right on her.  Isis screamed, and then......... a bright light had blocked the arrows.  Isis cried, and then looked up, and to her angel had come to save her life.....and then, she woke up..........

       Isis slowly opened her eyes, and found herself in a room, laid on a mattress on a stone floor.  A lit fireplace felt warm upon her skin.  She had bandages around her head.  She was so exhausted, that she couldn't even move her head around to explore. 
       "Ki......okamun, where the hell are we?” she asked even though kiokamun wasn't there.
       "You must be that pokemon's trainer!” said a young voice. 
Isis moved her eyes around to find where the voice was coming from, and saw a young girl to her left where the fireplace was.
       "Wh..........who are you?”
Isis asked.
       "Oh yeah, my name is Maiumi.  And you’re in a village called Dyustin.  It's a Team Slayer village.
       "A Team, wha?” asked
       "Team Slayer", repeated Maiumi.  "They're people that are against teams such as team rocket, and they try they're best to stop them from committing crimes.  Oh yeah, me and my pokemon rescued you from that shadow in the woods.  I think it was part of an evil, wicked team called team darkness."
       "Team........darkness?” asked
       "Yeah, it’s the most feared team of them all, unless if you don't have a clue about who they are.  Instead of enslaving pokemon, like team rocket, they use pokemon from the dead or even torture living pokemon by putting evil souls inside of them, and use them to take over, and destroy the world.  They'll kill anyone that gets in their way.  And no one every was able to stop them before, except someone from a very very long time ago.  I don't know who she was, but she seemed to be very important to everyone. Our leader and her husband died from team darkness on a stormy night." 
Isis began to get up, and was able to move more freely now.
       "You know, you really should get some new clothes", mentioned Maiumi.  "The next part of the road leads to some really snowy mountains, but you can stay here for a while."
Isis started to get up on her feet.  She looked around to see where her skaters were, but when she found them, they were drenched in mud.  And then, an old lady picked them up, and threw them in the fireplace.
       "Hey!  I need those shoes!”
Isis squeaked.  The old lady looked up, and then stood up to talk.
       "Young girl, would you come with me?” she asked.
       "Uhhhhhhhhh, ok",
Isis answered.

       They walked through a very narrow hall way in the small house.  Pictures of poke on and their trainers on the ruby colored walls.  At the end of the hall was the room the old lady was leading her to.  They stepped inside a very small rectangular room towards the right that led to another door. 
       "Umm, what are we doing here?”
Isis asked.
       "Tell me, what's your name, dear?” the old lady asked back.
       "Well, my name is
Isis, but where are my pokemon?"  The old lady looked down as she took a small olive looking shoebox from the shelf.
       "Your pokemon are fine,
Isis.  But tell me.  Which town or city did you come from?"
       "Well, I come from Iikiana, and I'm on a pokemon journey to become a great pokemon master."
       "Iikiana.......” the old lady mumbled.  "Could she be... her" She looked through the box, that had tons of old pictures in it.  And finally, she pulled out an old picture of a young pretty lady with long red hair, holding her young in her arms.
Isis, take a look at this", the old lady said.  Isis held the picture closely. 
       "So? This is just some lady holding a baby, what’s so special about that?"
       "Yes, but take a good look at the child.” the old lady confirmed. 
Isis looked again, but this time at the child.  Isis then noticed why the old lady brought her in this room.  Because she noticed that on the child’s forehead, was the exact moon crescent that Isis had on her forehead.
       "It is obvious that your Allimahs child.” the old lady said. 
       "But, I always lived with grandpa, and he said that my mom was dead",
Isis exclaimed.
       "Yes, she is dead, but not forgotten.” the old lady said.  Let me tell you about your childhood that you don't remember."  Then at the door, stood Maiumi.
       "Hey, is this some sort of a secret meeting or something, cause I wanna hear!” Maiumi said. Her pichu hid behind her legs.
       "Maiumi, please come, and sit down with us.  I have a tale to tell.” the old lady said.
       "Hey, you’re that little girl from before",
Isis said.
       "No duh.  So what’s the story today, grandma?” Maiumi ask.
       "You're her grandma?”
Isis asked amazed.
       "You ask too many questions, girl", Maiumi snapped. 
       "Maiumi, calm down now.  Sit down, and I'll tell you both Isis's childhood. 
Isis, you can just call me Marlin.” Marlin said smiling down at her.
       "So, your name is Isis?  Humph, who would want to listen to a childhood of a wimp like you, anyways?!” Maiumi complained.
       "You know, your starting to get on my nerves, twerp.....”
Isis glared.
       "Heh, that’s my job!  Besides, I saved your lazy ass out there, anyways, so who are you calling a twerp anyways?  Mmmmmm?” Maiumi bragged.  Isis was confused with a sweat drop down her head.
       "Now, Maiumi, don't cuss at the guest!” Marlin ordered.
       "Fine.  I'll listen to the lame story......” Maiumi mummbled.  Right then, kiokamun stood by the door, along with bayleef, torchik, and squirtle.  Isis looked back, and saw them there.
       "Hey you guys, come in here", Isis told her pokemon.  All four of them slowly walked in.  Pichu hid behind Maiumi where Isis's pokemon couldn't see her.  (I'll start to finally say which pokemon is a girl, or a boy from now on, and as u can see, Maiumi's pichu is a girl^^)
       "Ok, now that everyone is finally settled, let me tell you Isis about the part of your life you never knew in the first place", Marlin said.    "Now, your mother was a team slayer, which is a person that works for an organization that hunts down, and destroy team rocket's evil plans to hurt innocent pokemon.  This organization also stops other teams from doing this type of stuff as well.  Your mother was also a leader as well, and everyone looked up to her, and they even looked up to you too,
       "Oo, really?”
Isis asked. 
       "Yes, now let me continue."  Now, the weird thing was that your mother married a rocket member, but once he was on a mission that he didn't realized that had to do with terrorizing the people of the team slayers, he then quit his job, and joined the team slayer group because of how much your parents were in love."
Isis started to get sleepy.  Her head started swaying in sleepiness.  Considering that she only got like pretty much only 5 hours of sleep per like 3 or 2 days, you wouldn't blame her, right? (Even though I didn't mention that before.  srry!)
       "But then, something dretful happened, where they went on a mission that they thought was simple enough to take you, but............... they never returned.  Somehow, they just disappeared, and we though that you disappeared as well,
Isis.  And then, finally, we found out on the news that both of you parents sadly died, but....... they never found you, the toddler.  But-", she said when she got cut off by Maiumi.
       "Grandma, stop telling your boring story,
Isis just fell asleep!” Maiumi whispered in a impatient tone of voice.  Marlin looked down at Isis.  She was right; Isis just broke down to the floor asleep, with all her pokemon sleeping around her.
         "We mustn’t wake her then, let her, and her pokemon dream for a while.” Marlin suggested.    While
Isis slept, she had a weird dream.  And it continued the dream she had before..
Isis was on her knees, and her hands, panting while looking down.    The thunder storm rain drops were so hard, that the drops made bruises on her back, and she could barely hold on.  She took one moment to close her eyes tightly, and a tear slid down her cheek.  The glowing object in front of her in the air slowly flew down to where she was.  Isis opened her eyes, as if she wasn't tired anymore, but fought her pain, including her emotions to look at what was upon her sight.   And what she saw was true.  There was a glowing lady in front of her, with beautiful glowing wings.  She held out a hand to IsisIsis looked kinda nervous, but then the lady said in a soft voice,
       "Do not fear, young, and kind one.  You are safe now.  Let me take you back home where you belong", she whispered.  When
Isis struggled to lift her hand off of the ground to touch the palm of the angel in front of her, when she did, she felt no fear at all and no pain.  It was as if the angel could purify anything painful, and fear......and possibly those who cause it.
       I will protect you always, Isis.  And in her arms,
Isis steadily fell asleep.  That’s when Isis woke up from her dream.
       "........My head hurts", she complained while shaking her head, and noticed all her pokemon around her still sleeping.  When she got up, and went outside, she noticed that kiokamun was following her.
       "Oh, hey, kiokamun.  Whats up?”
Isis asked while rubbing her eye.  Kiokamun jumped up on her shoulder.
       "Ya know.........I wonder what type a pokemon you are.  Lemme check my pokedex for a sec", she wondered out loud.  When she took it out, and pointed it towards kiokamun, all it said was "Identity unknown".
       "Wow!  Kiokamun, you’re an undiscovered pokemon!  That means....I guess I discovered you, but.....oh well, at least we're a team, right?”
Isis said while touching kiokamun's nose with her index finger.
Isis!  Grandma wants you!  She's by the house with the hot springs!” Maiumi yelled while she was running towards her.  "Hey, ya know, you can stay here for another day, because we always treat injured or tired travelers and pokemon trainers.  We even treat the pokemon by giving those massages, and hot baths!  But it'll cost a little", Maiumi explained.
       "Like how much?”
Isis asked.
       "How bout make it 20 bucks!” Maiumi said expecting she wouldn't have that much.
       "Ok, here ya go",
Isis said while handing her the money.
       "Damn!” Maiumi muttered angrily.
Isis walked through the small village, she saw lots of interesting things.  It almost seemed like the village was kind of run down, with all the buildings that were old, and run down.  The streets were just dirt, and no pavement on or around the houses at all, and all the houses were everywhere, so the path way was very winding.  When she got to a big sign over the pathway, it said "Dyustin hot springs", which were carved in it.  As Isis stepped in, she found two pathways, and both had signs, but Isis couldn't read any of the writing.
       "Uhhhhhh......which way should I go?”
Isis wondered out loud.
       "You should go the left way, cause those are the
hot springs for girls", an old voice said behind her.  Isis turned around, and she saw Marlin holding what looked like black clothing, with maroon clothing.
Isis.  I was going to get you some newer clothes from our shop.  Our shop is one of our main attractions.  Even though our town looks old fashioned, and ruined down, our styles, and products we sell at our shop has a lot of newer styles.  We don't have the most clothes, but I hope you don't mind these.  I picked them up, but it’s your treat, cause your clothes are very dirty, and you can get a lot of scratches from it it seems.  Try them on after you take a hot bath!” Marlin said happily/
       "Wow really?  Thanks!  I don't know what to say....”
Isis said.
       "Don't worry at all, my dear!  And the best thing about these clothes is that they oppose the weather, so if the weather is hot, your clothes become cool, and gives you warmth during harsh cold storms, which you'll need in the direction your headed", Marlin continued.
Isis replied.  When Marlin handed her the clothes, she got a minni maroon skirt with a belt that had a chain attached to it.  Her shirt was like a Japanese school shirt, but was black, with a maroon collar, and short sleeves.  She also got two separate black baggy sleeves, and two baggy stalking with black and white black stripes.  Then she received a black hat with a red stripe going around it, with a small chain attached to that as well, and two buckle up shoes with what looked like a maroon flame going down the front of each.
       "It looks a bit........gothic, but I like it!”
Isis said.
       "Now, go and take a bath now, there’s shampoo, and soap there.
Isis cheered while throwing a fist in the air.
Back with Maiumi and Isis's pokemon...........................................

       "here ya go, little torchik.  Take this snack!” Maiumi said while handing it a small piece of pokechow. Torchik sniffed it a bit, and then took a bite.
       "Don't worry you guys, there’s plenty!” Maiumi said.  All of
Isis's pokemon were scaring down all the pokechow extremely fast.
       "I bet your owner starves u guys, huh?  Well, you all can eat as much as you like, cause ya need a lot of energy. Stupid
Isis doesn't even care for her pokemon!” Maiumi said while thinking she's better than everyone.  "Hey pichu, why don't we leave these guys for a bit, huh?” Maiumi asked while looking down at pichu and smiling.
       "PPiiichu!” it replied.  As they stepped out of the hut, they saw Kiokamun outside staring at the mountains........actually more like glaring.
       "Yah, it’s looking stormy up there, huh?  Go back in and eat, little one, ya need to eat you know", Maiumi sugested.  Still kiokamun acted like she wasn't there at all, and continuously glared at the mountains without even blinking too.
       "Fine, be that way", Maiumi said while she shrugged her shoulders.  When she walked off, a slight cold breeze blew back kiokamuns spiky like hair, and big ears.

Back at the
hot springs....................................................
       "This is nice and warm....and very hot",
Isis said.  "At least I can get a nice bath around here.  I'm just worried about my pokemon.....especially kiokamun.  I don't have enough money to even feed them...........considering I'm starving myself.  This place is like heaven!” Isis said while stretching her arms.  That’s when she heard a sound in the bushes.  Isis turned around, and quickly grabbed a nearby rock, and held it up.
       "Ya know, there are people taking baths here!!”
Isis yelled while blushing slightly, when just a small rattata ran out of the bush.  Isis sighed.  Then she heard a familiar voice which sounded a little surprised.
ISIS??!!” the voice said.  When she turned around, she screamed while her face turned extremely red.  Cause right in front of her, was her good old friend Naithan, which received a huge bruising slap across the face.  
Isis put on her outfit, and put her hair in pigtails, where she found Naithan sitting in a chair, with that red hand mark still across his face.  He didn't seem happy at the time, and was muttering to himself.
       "I understand, you didn't know which side to choose",
Isis said.  "What’s with the newer look?” Isis asked while looking at him.  He did have just a slighter different look.  He didn't have his yellow cap anymore, and he had really tall spiky red hair, and a sweatshirt.  Naithan looked up at Isis noticing her new look.
       "Yeah, well it’s not too different", Naithan blushing slightly. 
Isis's face was pink, cause of calming down from before.
       "You are wearing very dark and evil clothes, so don't blame me", Naithan replied. 
Isis giggled just a little bit.
       "So, how is everything going with your pokemon?”
Isis asked.
       "Ok, we're hanging on......slightly.  This league is kinda tough, but we aren't falling apart.
       "That’s good.  Ummmmm, do ya wanna battle me later?  I wanna see how well my pokemon are keeping up.  Is that ok?”
Isis asked.  Naithan was still looking down, but said a quiet "Ok, sure".  Then he got all hiked up again.
       "Yeah, and then I can see really how strong your Kiokamun guy is!” Naithan said standing up, and holding up a fist.  He even looked very confident in himself, but looked funny, considering the hand mark on his cheek was now a lighter pink.
       "How funny.  Ok.  Right now, I'm gonna see how my pokemon are doing, so I'll see'ya!”
Isis said while waving her hand goodbye as she walked off.  Naithan sighed when she left.  And once Isis got out of the hot springs, she giggled to herself.

Back with
Isis's pokemon..............................................

       "Gosh........this is her bayleef's 6th bowl of pokechow!” Maiumi thought outloud while giving bayleef the 6th bowl.  Bayleef was even scarfing it down when Maiumi was still putting the bowl down.
       "Damn, you guys like to eat a lot.........sept that little brown thing staring at the mountains.  Hey, pichu.  Go check whats up with that guy out there", Maiumi asked.  Pichu nodded its head, and went outside to have a pokemon talk.
(In pokemon talk),
       "Hey you!  Go eat, you must be hungry", the pichu sugested.  Kiokamun glanced at pichu, and said (in pokemon talk remember for all those out there that have short term memory), I'd love to eat.......but it would distract me.  I think something's after me.  But not just me.  And it’s almost as if I'm the only one that notices.  Kiokamun's stomach gave a huge growl that made pichu cover its ears.  Kiokamun was embarrasd.
       "Well I guess a little food wouldn't hurt....” kiokamun said.  Both pichu and Kiokamun went inside the hut.  Kiokamun tasted just one bit of pokechow, a minute later, its bowl was already empty.
       "Wow!  This stuff must be addicting!” Maiumi said brining more bowls, and pokechow.  Kiokamun now fit in with the crowd, but still took once and a while to go outside, and look at the mountains ahead.  And one time......... it took along a bowl of pokechow.
       "Hey, Maiumi, how are my pokemon doing?”
Isis asked while she stepped into the hut.
       "Oh, they're very hungry, so I'm giving them tons of pokechow.  What did you do anyways to make them this hungry??” Maiumi started to argue. 
Isis took a look over at all her pokemon then sighed.
       "It’s because of all the interferences with team rocket.  I think they stole all my money I was planning to use.  All that was left in my backpack was a twenty dollar bill that I gave you. 
       "Oh...........” Maiumi said while wondering to herself.
       "I don't want any of my pokemon to get hurt....  I still don't even know a lot about them, because when I wanna rest up a bit, another interference comes up.  And well, ever since I started my pokemon journey, it feels as if I'm it...........wait no not me, my pokemon.  I have to protect them, and I feel like I haven't been doing a good job.  And well, that all I got to be able to do so far, and that kept me from learning about who they are, rather than what they are",
Isis explained while petting bayleef on the neck.
       "And all I ever wanted was to become the greatest pokemon trainer",
Isis said while  putting her finger tips under torchiks chin.
       "And I want to spend more time with my pokemon, but not just in a fighting way", she also mentioned while patting squirtle on the head.
       "And when all of this started, I felt like something was wrong.  And there was something wrong, that put all of our lives into danger.  But me, and kiokamun managed to escape all that chaos not only thanks to a friend of mine, but something told me in the end that all that pain wound ease away for good one of these days", Isis explained while picking up Kiokamun with its mouth stuffed with pokechow, and hugged it.
       "Well now, this might be your chance to get to know your pokemon better.  Besides, your safe right when you are", Maiumi said. 
       "Ya, true.  Maybe my pokedex can tell me something bout them",
Isis said while pulling out her pokedex.  She pointed the pokedex at bayleef.
       "This particular bayleef is a female", the pokedex said.
       "Cool, it can tell me what genders my pokemon are!”
Isis said.  She pointed the pokedex to all of her pokemon, and these were the results.

Bayleef: female
        "Now for kiokamun",
Isis said while pointing the pokedex at kiokamun.
       "This particular unknown being is a male", it responded.
       “I have all boys except bayleef",
Isis said surprised.  She then giggled to herself.  That’s when Naithan barged into the hut.
       "Ok, I'm back, I'm hyper, and I want to battle!  And so do my pokemon.......I think.....and I hope", Naithan said. 
Isis turned around.  When she saw her hand print still on Naithan's cheek, she busted out laughing, pointing, and she fell to the floor.
       "......Wh.....what?” Naithan asked not having a clue about her laughter.
Moments later............................................

       "Ok, four pokemon, k?” Naithan suggested. 
Isis still chuckling to herself agreed by nodding her head.
       "Go, totodile!” Naithan yelled as he tossed his pokeball in the air.  Out came a Totodile, which gave a quack like screech.
       "Go, squirtle!”
Isis pointed as her squirtle jumped out from behind her on the battlefield.
       "Totodile, water gun!” Naithan yelled.
       "Squirtle, tackle!”
Isis ordered.  Squirtle ran towards totodile, but slid back from totodiles water gun.  But squirtle ran towards totodile afterwards.  Right when squirtle lunged at totodile, totodile jumped up, and made its nose point down at squirtle.
       "Squirtle, look up, and use bubble!”
Isis yelled out.  Maiumi was on a bench, watching the pokemon battle.
       "Why did she choose her squirtle, instead of bayleef?” Maiumi thought.  Squirtle opened his mouth, and right when he used bubble, he could feel totodiles nose touch his.  Totodile flew back, and landed on the ground with a couple of tumbles.
       "Oh great.  Oh well, you did good, totodile", Naithan sighed as he pulled out totodiles pokeball, and threw another.  This time, a treeko came out.
       "Trrrrrrreeeeeeeee!” treecko cried as it rolled its tounge.  Treecko raced towards squirtle without Naithan saying a word, and raced by squirtle, while it pounded squirtle across the face.  Squirtle stepped back.
       "Squirtle, tackle!”
Isis yelled. 
       "Treecko, pound!” Naithan yelled.  Squirtle, and treecko collided, and both fell to the ground.  Treecko however was able to get up.
Isis howled.
       "Great job, treecko!” Naithan cheered raising a fist, and treecko gave him a thumb up. 
Isis called back squirtle, as squirtle wattled over to where Maiumi sat with her pichu, and mightyena.
       "You did a great job, squirtle", maiumi said.  Squirtle smiled a bit.
       "Yeah, that was good goin, squirtle!”
Isis said while smiling.  Ok, now, go, and kick some ass, bayleef!"
       "Bayyyyyyyyy!!” bayleef cried as she jumped out on the battlefield.
       "Alright, bayleef!  Let’s get started with a razor leaf!”
Isis cried out.  Bayleef wagged her leaf on her head, and then swung it around in a circle, which unleashed five separate leaves, which flew like boomreangs at Nathan’s treecko.  Treecko jumped to its left, but got hit by at least two of bayleefs razor leafs.  This threw treecko off track and made it fall down.
       "Nows your chance, bayleef!  Go, and make a body slam!”
Isis pointed.  Bayleef flew like a race horse.
       "Treecko, you have to get up!” Naithan suggested, as his treecko looked over at bayleef with its right twitching eye.  Pretty soon, it was too late.  Bayleef ended up making treecko a pancake.  Naithan put his hand on his face, and slid it down his nose.  Ok, treecko, come back, bud.” Naithan called. 
       "Go, charmander!” Naithan cried as he threw is pokeball.  Charmander on the field stomped its foot on the ground, and roared out its name.
       "Alright then, let’s get this going!  Go, full speed, and use a body slam!”
Isis pointed again.  Bayleef charged towards chiromancer, but neither of them heard Naithans orders of charmander unleashing a flamethrower towards her.  Bayleef squinted, and then after its attack was complete, bayleef fell back.
       "Great job, charmander!” Naithan yelled out, when he noticed his charmander glowing. 
Isis helped her bayleef, while she recalled her out of battle.  And when she looked on the battlefield, she noticed that the charmander she once faced before was a charmeleon now.    
Isis said to herself.
    "Alright!  I got myself a charmeleon!” Naithan cheered like he was winning the entire pokemon league.  Charmeleon let out a "char", while letting out smoke from its nostrles.
    "Well, I guess this is a job for torchik!”
Isis cried out wile pointing once more.  Torchick ran out crying "toooorrrr".  Charmeleon stomped its foot on the dirt ground, then breathed out smoke.
    "Ok, charmeleon, lets see what you can do!  Flamethrower!” Naithan commanded.  Charmeleon opened its mouth, and breathed in a bunch of air in.   
    "Torchik, peck attack, go!”
Isis commanded.  Torchik ran over to charmeleon with his eyes closed tightly, when charmeleon let out his fiery breath.  Torchik jumped up after a few seconds of being caught in charmeleons flames, and lunged forward for a pecking target on charmeleon's head.  Torchik managed to poke charmeleons eye, which made it walk around like a drunkard.
    "Perfect, now launch yourself right towards it, and ram into your opponent!”
Isis pointed.  Torchik took off.
    "Ok, two can play at that game.  Charmeleon, slash!” Naithan yelled.  Charmeleon threw out one of its claws behind it, and started to charge.
    "Ok, stradegy torchik!  When charmeleon tries to slash, jump up, and ram it in the back!”
Isis cried.  Luckly, her plan worked out pretty good, except the exception that torchik got scratched slightly on his side.  He then tackled charmeleon from behind, which made a force push charmeleon on the ground.
    "Torchik, peck as much as you can!”
Isis ordered.  Torchik gave charmeleon a bunch of bumps, and bruses, and that made Naithan call it back.
    "Come back....” Naithan said dissapointed.  "Now, for you, bud!  Go, eevee!!” Naithan yelled out while throwing out his fourth pokeball.  Out came his first pokemon, his eevee, which squealed a "weee"ing sound, and then growled.

    "Torchik, use tackle, now!” Isis commanded.  Torchik paused a moment, then jumped forward.  Eevee raced over like a rocket and striked torchik out to the ground.  Eevee growled a bit.  Torchik fell down.  Isis called him back to safety.  Torchik waddled over to Maiumi, pichu, mightyenna, squirtle, and bayleef were.

    "Ok, kiokamun, it’s your turn!” Isis said while she turned around to where kiokamun was standing.  "Kiiioohhh", kiokamun replied as he leaped out on the battle field.  Kiokamun put up his fists, and acted like he was about to be in a punching fight.                           

    "Ok, now kiokamun, quick attack!” Isis commanded as kiokamun launched forward.

    "You two, eevee!  Go, and use quick attack!” Naithan pointed.  Kiokamun and eevee collided into each other and ramed each other's side.

    "Eevee, use bite, now!” Naithan ordered.  The small fluffy pokemon jumped up with its mouth open, and its fangs showing.  Kiokamun decided to deflect its attack by using force, which seemed to work at first, but eevee was able to break through, and tackle kiokamun in the head with its own, and bit his ear.  Kiokamun swung eevee around his head, and on the ground.

    "Eevee, use take down!” Naithan yelled.  Eevee got up quickly on its feet, and flew at kiokamun at full speed. Kiokamun jumped away, and used force to send eevee flying over on the other side of the field.  Now, you'd expect that a little thing like that to be hurt, and willing to give up, considering the force that pushing it to the ground, but eevee had no intention to losing, at least not yet. 

    Eevee stood up on all fours, growling.  "That’s the spirit, eevee!” Naithan cried.   "Kiokamun, your doing great, now for a quick attack!” Isis yelled.  Kiokamun started running like a pokemon running from a herd of tauros.  "Eevee, go ahead and do the same!” Naithan commanded.  Eevee lunged forward, head first.  Both collided once more, but got pushed back by the force. Both of them were on the ground, struggling to get up, but neither of them did.  "Kiokamun!” Isis yelled as she ran to him.  "Eevee!", Naithan yelled as he ran to his eevee.  "You ok?” Isis, and Naithan said at the same time.  The both looked up at each other.

    "Well, that was a good match, none of us lost at least!” Naithan said proudly, while holding his eevee in his hands.

    "You didn't do bad at all either, Naithan", Isis replied.  That’s when she could see just a slight outline of the hand print she placed on Naithan's cheek, which made Isis chuckle to herself, and Kikkoman.

    "What?” Naithan asked confused.

Later that evening................................................................

    "Well, now that all of your pokemon are rested up again, lets hit the road, folks!” Maiumi said to Naithan, and Isis while she tried to march away.

    "’re not coming along.......are you?” Isis asked.  "Well, the next thing you need to catch on the trail is a train that takes you through the mountains!  And I have to get past those mountains, so why not travel with me for a couple of days!?” Maiumi suggested.

    "Well........ok, if it will make you happy I guess", Isis replied.  "Naithan, are you coming along two?” Isis asked.

    "Ya, ok, sure", Nathan said quickly while walking out of the hut, and waiting for Maiumi, and Isis to gather their things, and tag along.  And as they walked out of the small village, Maiumi noticed something from Isis's back pack.

    "Ummm....Isis?  Why is your backpack glowing?” Maiumi asked.  Isis turned around confused about what she was saying.  Isis took off her back pack, unzipped her backpack, and noticed a familiar white glow, but a bit more faint than the one before.  She dug through her back pack to find that strange pendant glowing again.

    "This again?” Isis asked herself. Naithan just had an imprest look on his face, but Maiumi's eyes opened like a knife stabbed her right in the stomach.

    "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT???!!!!"Maiumi wailed.

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