Ok, I finally get to write my fics all fancy and stuff!  And I’m in high school!!  Hurray!........well…..I dunno if that should be a hurray.  Truth is, I miss 8th grade, and I hope 2 have another year like that (crosses fingers), cuz right now, school is pretty much crappy for me right now.  (too many complaining people, and grr, it’s horrible)  I’m gonna try to fit in some writing in now, considering that the school work hasn’t been too confusing lately.  Well, I’m finally writing the first so called special part to my first fic at the pokemon tower.  I haven’t even been updating my site..(Oops!)  Blame school, its all their fault I cant have enough time for me.  So ya.  Hope you enjoy this chapter….or at least the first part of it that is.


            “What, this?  It’s been in my back pack ever since I left my home”, Isis said.

            “That’s the pendant that the legends talk about, I swear!” Maiumi replied.  “Or at least this one legend..wanna hear?” Maiumi asked.

            “Sure….” Isis, and Naithan said at the same time.

            “Ok, that pendant I think has a connection with a legendary pokemon, named Soulru.  They say there are two of them.  Soulru is supposed to be the pokemon that protects the friendship of pokemon, and humans, and their lives in our world, which is the world of the living.  And its sibling, Shadowru, which does the same, except protects those in the world of the preborn, and the dead.  And it’s said that these two pokemon are so powerful, that they cannot be concealed inside a master ball, or be controlled by a pokemon trainer.”

            “So, how could there be such a strong pokemon?” Isis asked.

            “Well, they say that they were both created by a mysterious girl.  No one really knows where this girl came from, or how she came to be, but they said long before peace, pokemon, and humans were at war, and humans almost seemed to enslave the pokemon just for power.  A lot of people thought this was wrong, very wrong, and wanted to help the pokemon badly, but if they tried to interfere, they’d probably perish at the spot.  It was also said that that was the time team darkness came to be.  But I don’t really know the entire legend. 

            “There has to be more, cause I’m confused”, Naithan replied.  “And how did the pendants come to be?” Naithan asked.

            “Well, I think she used the pendants to control the two, and be friend them.  She wore soulru’s pendant all the time.  Shadowru’s pendant seemed to accidentally taken away later on.  No one really knows where shadowru’s pendant is.  But that’s all I know about them either”, Maiumi answered.

            “Weird…… so with this, I can be friend an extremely powerful, legendary pokemon?  That’s awesome!” Isis said.

            “Well, remember, I don’t think you can have it on your team though”, Maiumi replied.

            “Why not?  She’s got the pendant”, Naithan mentioned.

            “Yeah…………….. I dunno.  She still can’t wield it as her companion”, Maiumi said.

            “Well, that’s fine with me.  It’d be awesome to at least see such a thing”, Isis said.  All three of them looked ahead of them, and saw that the snowy mountains were at least a days walk away.  Considering that it was starting to get dark, they set up camp.  Naithan had two blankets to sleep on, Maiumi had a sleeping bag, and Isis…..well…..only had her back pack for maybe a pillow. 

            “Is that all you sleep on?  Aren’t you uncomtorble?” Naithan asked.  Isis looked up.

            “I don’t care that much, it’s not too bad”, Isis replied.

            “Take one of these with you.  If you don’t, then I think your totally insane”, Naithan said while handing over a blanket.

            “Uhhhhhhh…………….-  Right then, Naithan put it on her head.

            “Uhh thanks”, Isis replied.

            “No prob”, Naithan sighed while sitting down.  “The pokemon center gave me those when I started my journey, cuz they took care of my eevee’s injuries after we were in my parents car crash.”  Isis looked over at Maiumi, who was already sound asleep in her sleeping bag. 

            “That was quick”, Isis muttered.  She got up, and put down the blanket on the half dirt, half grassy ground.  Isis layed down, with her head on her bag, kiokamun by her side.  She also took out her other pokemon’s pokeballs, and put them by her as well.

            “Now kiokamun, I wonder what else we catch on the road”, Isis wondered outloud while looking up at the stars, holding up squirtles pokeball. 

            “I dunno, Isis, you’ll just have to find out about that”, Naithan replied joining in the conversation.

            “Hmmmmmm ….  It’d be awesome if we saw something like soulru, and shadowru.  That would be a once in a lifetime opportunity”, Isis said.

            “Hey, look, up at the stars, you can see a couple of stars form……………………. Something”, Naithan pointed.

            “Well, it has to form something”, Isis answered.

            “I’m tired, I’m gonna sleep now”, Naithan yawned.  Naithan turned to his right, which was away from where Isis was.  Isis shrugged her shoulders, and turned to her right, and cuddled her pokeballs like a stuffed animal.  Kiokamun  slept on the edge of the blanket.

The following morning……………………………………………………………………………….


            Around 7:00, all three of them hit the road, eating a granola bar, which Maiumi was actually nice enough to bring for everyone.  Kiokamun sat on Isis’s shoulders, (like with pikachu, and Ash).  Isis in the middle, Naithan to her right, and Maiumi to her left.  Most of the time they were silent, and mentioning the scenery.  Halfway through the day, they walked through a field of sage brush like flat desert.  You could see some wild pokemon, like vulpix, pocheyenna, and even heards of wild ponyta, and tauros.  Finally, in the evening, they hit the end of the trail, and started climbing another trail through the mountains.

            “I thought you said there was a train station around here, not some snowy mountains we have to climb just to get to the next city”, Naithan asked.

            “There is, just follow this trail a bit”, Maiumi replied.  In like 30 minutes, they made it to an extremely small village, with a building that was bigger than all the rest.

            “That must be it then”, Isis mentioned.

            ‘Yup, there it is!  And it’s a free ride to all pokemon trainer travelers, and little children like me!” Maiumi said while rushing towards the building. Isis and Naithan followed along.  Maiumi already found a small line for the train.

            “Is this the train that leads for Snowside city?” Maiumi wondered while she red the sign.  “Yeah, it is!  Guys, hurry, before more people come, the train is gonna take off in a couple of minutes!” Maiumi yelled.  Isis and Naithan were luckily able to catch up, both panting at their knees afterwards.  When they were next to go aboard, the train guard let Maiumi on board, because of her being a child, but asked Isis, and Naithan for their tickets, show him they’re pokedex ID, or pokeballs. Isis took out her pokedex, and pokeballs just in case, and Naithan took out a pokeball.

            “Ok, please step aboard”, the gentleman said.  When both of them passed him, he grinned just a bit to himself.  Since there was no one else there, he took out a walky-talky, and mentioned two more pokemon trainers coming on board.

            The train booth that was right behind the boarding doors sat Maiumi, Isis, and Naithan.  Isis sat by the window, Naithan next to her, and Maiumi sitting across from them.  Isis looked out the window right when the train seemed to start to run.  Isis saw a bunch of snowy white walls from the mountains, and snow flakes gently fell down.  And when they passed one mountain to view the area between the other one, she faintly saw in the snow, a wolf like creature with white fur, and brown stripes on its back.  The creature gazed upon Isis with its mahogany red eyes.  That’s when she could see her pendant in her back pack glow so brightly, that she was almost nearly blinded by the light.  Then, the diamond part busted into shiny dust particles.

            “Huh?  What just happened?” Isis panicked a bit, considering that the pendant that was supposedly in that legend just got destroyed on its own in front of her eyes.  “Oh great……” Isis said while picking up some dust.  It’s broken!” Isis complained.

            “Oh well, it’s just a dumb pendant that might not be the one anyways”, Naithan said.

            ‘THAT’S NOT GOOD AT ALL!!  WHAT THE HELL, ISIS??!!!” Maiumi yelled.

            “I didn’t do anything, I swear!” Isis yelled back.  That’s when she looked out the window, while Maiumi was trying to yell into her face.  She noiticed the creature she once saw was gone.  Isis sighed.

            “I don’t know what happened, Maiumi, you don’t have to be pissed about it”, Isis glared.

            “YOU BROKE IT!!  YOU COULD OF AT LEAST GIVIN IT TO ME!!!” Maiumi cried.  Naithan just sat there, watching their little argument, until he heard something suspicious in the booth behind them.

            “So, did they count every pokemon trainer on the train to go where we have planned?” a low quiet voice said.

            “Yup.  They’re into a huge surprise tonight”, a lady said.

            “Perfect…………”  Naithan looked down confused, while listening.

            “Hey, are you guys sure this is the right train?” Naithan butted into Isis’s and Maiumi’s argument.  Both of them were at forehead to forehead, and turned at Naithan the same time.

            “What do you mean?  Of course it is, it was on the schedule”, Maiumi answered.

            “Of course since you are just a little girl, you probably didn’t read the sign correctly, huh?” Isis mentioned.

            “WHATS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN??!!!” Maiumi snapped.

            “It means that you’re a little dim witted little girl!!” Isis argued back.  Kiokamun looked up at Isis, and Maiumi, and sighed.  The speakers on the train then came on, with a lady’s voice on.

            “Ok, pokemon trainers!  This is your chance to show off your pokemon skills at the stadium in the old run down Snowside headquarters!” the lady said excitly.  Right then, a bunch of men, and women in black uniforms came out of no where, with red “R”s on their shirts.  Two went to each booth to grab the pokemon trainers out of the bus.  Two men went into Isis’s booth, one grabbing Naithan’s wrist, and then putting their arms around his neck, and the other the same to Isis.

            “Maiumi………….get……away….now!  ….Take…….kiokamun with …you”, Isis said weakly with the rest of her breath that was able to escape her lungs.  Maiumi quickly knodded and grabbed kiokamun, and ran.  Right then, a bunch of rockets ran after Maiumi.  She went into an open booth, and kicked the glass window broken, and jumped out.  When she was out of the train, she was facing a cliff that led down to darkness.  Maiumi raced around the train to find a way to get away, not caring that everyone was on the train.  When she went around the front of the train, she saw a trail that led to an old run down castle like structure in the cracks of the mountain tops.  Her pichu on her shoulders pointed to her left.  When Maiumi looked in that direction, she saw kiokamun running towards the double doors that rockets were dragging pokemon trainers out, and taking their pokeballs off their belts, and their backpacks. 

            “Kiokamun!  Come back!” Maiumi cried as she ran.  “Why isn’t anyone fighting back??” she thought to herself, as she saw tons of pokemon trainers being dragged out which seemed to be unconscious for some reason…or just shocked.

            Back on the train, the person carrying Isis raised his arms way up in the air, where Isis was kicking her legs in the air, attempting to kick the man that was dragging her out.  Naithan however, finally struggled free by biting the person, and shoving him out of his way.  Then he ran to catch up with the bastard carrying Isis out the double doors.  Naithan tackled the guy, and the guy fell to the ground on his face, and Isis fell in front landing oh her arms covering her face.  Right then, kiokamun ran up to Isis, poking her head with his paw.  Isis looked up, and saw Kiokamun in relief, and immediately picked him up. And rushed up to Naithan which just got off the ground.

            Isis, we’re surrounded”, Naithan mentioned.

            “No duh, bright one”, Isis replied.  Naithan, and Isis looked around them seeing all the rockets running everywhere.  Naithan gave Isis a funny look.

            “I’m just saying”, Naithan said.  Isis immediately grabbed Naithan by the sleeve of his sweat shirt, saying, “Come on, we got to stop these guys!”

            Maiumi hid behind a wall spying at all the rockets, and the pokemon trainers.  Then she looked back at pichu.

            “What can we do?  There are too many rockets to cream, and I can’t do it alone”, Miaiumi started saying while she slid down sitting on the snow.   She stared into the cloudy dark sky, with the snow flakes floating down on her face.

            Back with the rockets, a bunch of young children about a year younger than Isis stepped up, at least five of em  three boys, and two girls.  They wore extremely worn down clothes, with patches on their shirts wich was a huge sewn on red “R”.

            “Whoah, who are you little children?” Naithan asked.

            “We’re the element clan that works for team rocket!  Go team!” they all shouted out.  All five threw out their own pokeballs.  These children were really element children.  Out of the three boys, one had a vaporeon, another had a jolteon, and the other had an espeon.  One girl wielded a flareon, and the other had just a small little eevee, which growled fiercely.

            “Eevee evolutions?” Isis asked.  Naithan rolled his eyes.

            “I don’t know, and I don’t give a damn, they are in my way, and if they don’t move out of it, they’re gonna be knocked out of it!” Naithan stated.  Right when he pulled out his own eevee’s pokeball, a familiar voice echoed in the air.  Naithan recognized it in an instant, and twitched by the sound of it.

            Damien cut through the pokemon trainers, and grinned.

            “Well, guess who decided to show up to the party, my little bro, and his little bratty friend.

            “Shut the hell up, Damien, your too dumb to know who’s what!” Isis yelled.

            “Exactly, a brat.  Your lucky I didn’t call you something else”, Damien corrected.  Isis glared.

            “So, why don’t you two come in, eh?” Damien said, while he snapped his fingers.  Two huge rockets came from behind, and grabbed hold of both Isis, and Naithan, and pushed them to the ground.  That’s when they tied Isis and Naithan in rope, and carried both of em in.  Kiokamun, escaped their grasp, and jumped far.  He turned around and glared back at the rockets tying Isis in rope.

            “Kiokamun….run!” Isis tried speaking with her last bit of breath before the ropes crushed her lungs.  Kiokamun nodded, and ran off as quickly as he could inside of the old run down fortress.

            “Oh, and we’ll be taking your pokemon along with us, they can be part of our prison as well”, Damien explained.  His umbreon came up from behind, and started to growl.

            “Let’s go”, Damien said while walking away with his arms crossed.  Umbreon followed close behind him.  Both of the other rockets carried Isis and Naithan as if they were supposed to be some sort of island sacrifice.  The element clan followed as well.

Deep in the cold depts. Of the fortress…………………………

            Kiokamun kept running until he could actually hide somewhere.  He stopped for a little bit after he went around a corner.  Kiokamun gasped for air, as if it couldn’t breathe before.  He looked around him, and above where old dripping pipes, and the walls were almost rusted, and the floor was like stone. He started to run on all fours down the hall, when he found a staircase that lead up really high.  He kept running until he came to a dead end………. Which was looking over a huge cylinder like room.  On the curved walls were tons of built in cages in the walls, and there was no ceiling in the room, so snow floated down on the ground.  Kiokamun saw team rocket members taking pokemon trainers and stuffing them in the cellars inside the walls by using a huge machine to carry the trainers in higher cellars.  One trainer’s belt got taken away, because there were pokeballs attached to them.  No one fought back because they were tied tightly in ropes.  When the pokemon were released out of their pokeballs, they were dragged up into the highest cellars.

            That’s when Kiokamun noticed a familiar voice.  He kept looking down, and finally saw Isis being dragged in rope covering almost her entire body.  She wiggled as much as she could to see if she could somehow get out of their grasp.  Naithan however was dragged on the ground by Damien, which was holding a rope that was tied around Naithan’s neck.  Luckily, smart enough for him, Naithan kept the rope from choking him by putting his hands around the rope.  His face though, almost turned blue.  Plus the numbness of the snow on the stone floor.  Naithan couldn’t just get up because his legs were tied together so tight, that he swore that the blood wasn’t circulating correctly throughout his body.  Damien took Naithan’s pokeball belt, and took off all the pokeballs that were attached to the chain that was attached to the belt.  He let out four pokemon.  And out came his plusle, treeko, charmeleon, and totodile.  The machine that was against the wall stretched out these gloved arms, and took all four of the pokemon, and put each one in different cages.

            “What are you going to do to them?  You gonna send them to your so called boss of yours?!” Naithan yelled.  Damien smirked.  “Possibly”, Damien replied.  And he did the same thing with Isis’s pokemon.  All three of her pokemon wailing out for some sort of miracle to happen.  Isis trying to yell out, but instead it came out as a squeak because of the ropes pressure against her lungs was binding too much at the moment.  Isis was left on the ground to lay there.  Naithan was thrown to the ground by his bigger brother.

            “Ok, little brother, wanna see something cool?” Damien asked.  Naithan glared, but had a confused expression at his face at the same time.  That was when Damien held up a pokeball.  But this wasn’t just any ordinary pokeball…….it was his eevee’s.

            “You  bastard, what are you going to do to him??!!” Naithan yelled, while he tried loosening the rope around his neck.  Right then, he released eevee, and right when he was out, as cute as can be, all of the eevee evolutions that were there, gathered around his eevee, and growled.  The girl’s eevee was junping up and down barking to try to get in the circle.  Damien’s umbreon butted in.  That was when Naithan’s eevee looked up at umbreon’s red glaring eyes.  Eevee backed off scared, because he recognized the umbreon that he was his sibling.  (read Naithan’s side of the story)  Umbreon barked loudly, and it was right then that all of the eevee evolutions attacked the small creature at the same time.  Naithan’s eyes widened, and cried out eevee’s name.  Naithan starting struggling as hard as he could to get to his pokemon, not even caring that any of those pokemon could lunge at him at any moment.  Isis was worried, but she could barely breathe at all.  But it was right then, that a huge blast of energy blew all of the pokemon out of the way, except Naithan’s eevee.  Kiokamun glared at the umbreon while he stood right in front of the eevee, which was on the ground covered in numerous scratches, and soon to be scars.  Isis looked over and gasped, even though it almost hurt her lungs.  You could barely hear her squeak “Kiokamun” out loud.

            There’s the other creature we need to give off to Shade”, Damien said.  Isis was confused, and raised up one eyebrow.  That was when a bunch of shadows lunged down, and grabbed not only kiokamun, but eevee as well.  Isis squeaked in fright.  Kiokamun was flying backwards up towards the entrance he jumped off of to protect eevee.  Kiokamun cried out for Isis.  This was when Isis attempted to get to her feet.  The shadows took Naithans eevee on an operating table that was right in front of them.  Eevee was fastened down on the table on his stomach, and the shadows slowly rotated around eevee’s body so he couldn’t get away.  Damien quickly made the machine grab Naithan, and put him in a cage that was hanging from a hook attached to the wall.  He was crunched up in the small steel bared box, and demanded to get out of it.  He was finally able to get the rope off of his neck. 

            Damien, you sud of a bitch!  Get me out of this thing; I challenge you to a battle right now, not a pokemon battle, but a god damn fight!  You and I, right now, right here!” Naithan yelled acting like he was all macho, yet forceful.  Damien was about to bust up laughing.

            “You couldn’t even punch a magicarp if you had the chance!” Damien replied.  Naithan was about to turn beat red with furry.  Isis was able to sit up, when Damien walked over to her, and pulled out a knife, and cut the rope.  Isis took a HUGE gasp of air, and stood on her knees, and hands. 

            “You’re not sticking around here anymore, you know that, right?” Damien said feeling pity for Isis.  Isis glared up at him.

            “If you let me go, you have to let everyone else go as well.  WHERE IN ALL THE HELL’S IS KIOKAMUN?” Isis asked demandly. Damien shrugged his shoulders.

            “Where ever Shade is, that is where your fluffy friend is.  Surprisingly, Damien walked away leaving Isis there for nothing.  She was too confused now.  Questions rushed through her brain.  Why was Damien letting Isis go?  Where is kiokamun? What were they gonna do with Naithan’s eevee? WHO WAS SHADE?  She slowly got on her feet.  When she heard Naithan say her name, she looked over at him.

            Isis, find kiokamun, and try to find help!” Naithan said.  Isis paused.

            “Naithan…..were in the middle of the wilderness.  I can’t drive a train.  I don’t know what we can do, or relay on, but some sort of miracle.  But….before that miracle happens, I HAVE to find kiokamun!”,Isis said as she started running off through a hallway.  Damien then looked over his shoulders.

            “Guys, get her…and leave her to die in the snow...” Damien said coldly.  Two huge rockets nodded, and chased Isis.  Naithan looked down at the rockets, and turned towards the hallway which Isis had just gone down.

            ISIS!!  LOOK OUT, GET AWAY!!!” Naithan yelled so loud he started to cough afterwards.  Damien walked towards Naithan, and glared up at him.

            “…I don’t know what is with that girl, but she’s better that I thought at first. That is why she must be out of my way once and for all”, Damien said while holding up a mahogany colored clear stone shaped like a sphere.

            “This, I will be experimenting with, youngster……on your eevee.  It’s a wizard’s orb.  It is said that it’s used to evolve pokemon into mystical type elements”, Damien mentioned as he looked at it.  Let’s just see if it’s true”, Damien finished as he walked away.

            “YOU ARE NOT GONNA PUT ONE FINGER OF ANY KIND ON THAT EEVEE, YOU HEAR ME??!!” Naithan screamed.  Damien ignored him.  That was when a girl about two years older than Naithan’s age started running in.  She was a pretty girl, with light pink hair hanging down to her elbows, and a school blouse. 

            “Hey, Damien, do you want me to help on your experiment?” she asked him as if she was really interested. 

            “Not right now, Trenece, I got this covered.  Go talk to my little brother over there, I’m sure he wants some sort of attention.  She looked around the room, and saw tons of pokemon and trainers in cellars in the walls.

            “Wow, we did all this?  We must be good then!” She said.  “They all look like they crapped in their pants!” Trenece started giggling preppyish.  Then she walked over to Naithan’s cage.

            “Aww, what’s a cutie like you doing in a cage?” Trenece asked all dainty.  Naithan gave the girl a death glare, like a bull dog would give.  Trenece giggled, and blew a kiss, while she walked away.  Naithan was extremely out of it now.

Meanwhile with Isis………

            Isis kept running around corner, and corner, trying to find a way out.  And when she stopped to look around her, she heard voices from right behind.  She looked back to only find herself pushed against the ice cold floor.  When the huge buff men picked her up, she tempted to bite them, but instead, she was found hanging on one of the guy’s shoulders.  She tried punching his back, but her arms were too weak to compare to the man’s back muscle. When they ran out, they were holding her above a huge snowy cliff outside.  Isis squeaked.

            “Bye bye!” said the buff guy as he let go of Isis’s shirt.  Isis screamed as she fell down the cliff, falling in darkness…..

Deep in the chamber………………………………..

            Kiokamun still floated with the shadows surrounding his small body.  He ended up in an old room that looked like an abandoned prison hall.  The room would have been pitch black if it wasn’t for some of the cracks from outside.  Kiokamun explored with his yellow eyes, and looked at the cellar in front of him.  He could almost hear a slight sound of breathing.  Kiokamun not knowing what he was about to see, walked up to the cellar.  The cage was covered in shadows, but he could see a small body in there with poor old ragged clothing.  The body was facing away in a corner.  Kiokamun’s little heart started to beat just a little faster.  Because he had a feeling that he had witnessed this type of presence before.  The voice gave out a small gasp.  The head tilted to the left a little, enough to see who was in this room.

            “………….I was wondering when you would show up, you small creature, you”, an old ragged voice said.  The entire figure turned around.  Kiokamun was horrified.  Because, he KNEW it was THEM.  The figure wore a mask……a mask that he remembered seeing back in Vinewood City.  The foretress they were in.  The shadow, everything.  Kiokamun had the worst feeling creeping up the small pokemon’s spine.  But in the right eye….was a human eye with a few veins in it.

            “Kiokamun……why did you escape from the preborn, huh?  We held all of your species back from being born, didn’t you know?  You’re the only one of your species that is alive.  But your time isn’t supposed to happen, at least not in my book”, the voice said.  You can become a huge interference, you know that, right?  Something about you can corrupt my plans….of turning this world into a nightmare…at least for you. And I know you know what I’m saying, you have the ability to understand any language...” she finished.  Kiokamun backed away one step.

            “………I might not look like that much……but what you’re looking at right now is what is left of Team Darkness”, She said.  And I’m not gonna joke around anymore.  This 500 year old body is about to fall into pieces.  I have to profile my duties, and then I can die peacefully.  “And first of all…..YOU must die here, and now”, She croaked as she grew twice her size with shadows surrounding her body.  Kiokamun ran as fast as he could because right now, all he could do was cower.  Her eye turned red, and the floor started to crack open, and out of the cracks were bloody, hands of skeletons, out to grab kiokamun, and take him back to the mysterious figure.

            “You can’t escape Shade…you’re HER CREATION AS WELL YOU KNOW!” Shade screeched.  Kiokamun was about to flood out tears.  Why is this wretched girl trying to kill him?  What did he do to deserve this?  All he was wishing for now was a miracle to happen.

Back outside in the snowstorm………………………………..

            On the mountain tops, you could hear swoops like something jumping from one mountain top to the other.  Well there was.  The pure white wolf figure pranced along the snow, and swooped down some mountain cracks.  He ran, until he saw something buried in the snow.  He lowered his nose, and sniffed at the body.  He then used his nose to flip the body on the side.  And right in front of him was a girl.  But not just any girl……it was Isis.  Isis was able to budge out of her unconscious world.  She looked up, and saw the huge pokemon in front of her.  Isis widened her eyes at what she was seeing.

            “Holly crap!” Isis squeaked.

            “Don’t fear me, young girl”, a mature male’s voice said out loud.  “Why are you out here in the thick snow storm?” the huge pokemon asked.

            “I……..I was thrown out here……possibly to die?” Isis stumbled.

            “Well if that’s so……climb on my back”, He answered.  Isis paused.

            “Umm…if you don’t mind me asking….who are you?” Isis asked,

            “Me? My name….is Soulru……”