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            Isis’s eyes opened widely.

            “You………..YOUR THAT MYSTICAL POKEMON THAT AN ANNOYING BRAT TOLD ME?!, Isis overreacted.  Soulru nodded.

            “…………………………WOW….” Isis gasped.  Soulru blinked.  She kept staring at the mystical beast’s eyes, like they were the Milky Way on a TV screen.  There was a moment of silence, and the cold wind blew across their faces, and made Soulru’s beautiful fur wave like the ocean.

            “Ummm…….aren’t you supposed to come on my back?” Soulru questioned.

            “Oh…yeah huh”, Isis squeaked. Soulru kneeled down so she could climb on his back.

            “Ummm……..can you do me a favor?” Isis asked.

            “Yes?” Soulru spoke as he started to take off.

            “Well….I need you to take me back to that fortress type thing somewhere around here”, Isis said.  “You see, team rocket is there, and so are other pokemon trainers.  And if I don’t go back there, then everyone might end up like I was, except even worse.

            “I see…” Soulru agreed.  “I’m surprised that you’re not even cold from the piling snow”, Soulru mentioned.  Isis looked up, and looked down.

            “Oh, I think it’s because I have this outfit on.  It’s supposed to protect me from harsh cold storms and blazing hot weather”, Isis replied.  Soulru stopped in his tracks, and looked to his right.

            “What’s wrong?” Isis asked curiously.  Soulru walked to his right, and put his head down.  He moved snow out of the way using his nose.  And what he found was Maiumi huddled under a thick blanket that was covered in thick snow.  Her pichu shivered, and so did she.  Isis gasped.

            “Annoying brat….I mean MAIUMI!” Isis gasped again, and jumped off of soulru’s back.  She ran towards Maiumi, and checked if she was ok.  She was alive, but extremely cold.

            “Maiumi!  You shouldn’t be out here!  You could catch hypothermia, and body parts will just start falling off of your bitter cold flesh!”  Maiumi looked up at Isis as if she was about to cry.

            “I………Isis……there’s no where to go”, Maiumi shivered.  Isis paused.  Maiumi was right though.  The only building that was here was that fortress, but team rocket had that place surrounded like a pile of money.  And in this thick of a storm, you can’t tell where you’re going at all.  Soulru sat down, and looked down at the small girl.  Maiumi struggled to look up to see the glorious site in front of her, but she was too cold, and depressed to even care.

            “Ok, Maiumi, hold my hand, and lets go”, Isis said.  Soulru kneeled down again.  Maiumi didn’t even budge.  Isis then had to move her by force.  She grabbed her hand, and noticed that her hand was as cold as ice.  Maiumi then got up, but was shivering even more.  Her pichu was clinched to her shoulder, shaking to the reaction of the cold as well.  Both of them got on soulru’s back, and then he launched himself in the air, and started running through the storm……

Back in the fortress………………….


            Naithan was swaying in his cage attached to the chain that hung from the hook out of the wall.  He was attempting to get out by swinging his way out.

            “Ok little brother, I get it, you’re in a desperate mood to escape” Damien shrugged.  All of the pokemon, and their trainers watched the site down below them from their cellars in the curved walls, none not even speaking up at all.  Them and their pokemon felt like crap, and kept thinking “it’s all over now”.  Naithan grinned his teeth together in anger.

            “I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU SCREW UP MY POKEMON IN ANY WAY!!” Naithan roared.  Damien just let out a bust of amusement.  Then he started laughing.

            “I swear, Naithan, you are the most pathetic being that even lived in the universe!  You attempt to do something, yet others do them for you!  And even right now, while swinging like a hungry mankey, you think you’re gonna make a difference at this moment!  Especially with your puny power!” Damien chuckled.  Damien walked towards Naithan’s eevee, and held up the wizard’s orb.

            “Now, let’s see if this baby will do anything”, Damien said.  He placed the orb in a container attached to a laser that pointed at eevee.  When Damien turned the laser on, Naithan yelled.

            “EEVEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Damien looked back, and grinned evilly, while narrowing his eyes.  The beam shot at eevee, and eevee squeaked, even though the beam didn’t hurt him as much as he thought it would.  But right then…..BOOM!!!  Everyone turned towards the sound, but….there was nothing there….

            “What the hell?” Naithan wondered out loud.  Damien shrugged his shoulders, and just continued with what he was doing.

Down towards the booming sound……………

            The huge bang came from a room far away from the other room with almost everyone there.  But what caused it was Shade.  In the room with kiokamun and Shade, kiokaum was spit from her, and a huge cracked gap was between them, with bloody arms of the dead choking, and strangling him.  But in the crack, was something kiokamun would never forget.  A huge force punched him into the wall, and when he was able to open his eyes, he saw a creature that looked EXACTALLY LIKE HIM, but instead these guys’ eyes were orange, and the body symbols on it were red.  The creature glared at him.

            “Just in time, Anti-Kio”, Shade said in a shaggy voice.  Right then, kiokamun knew this pokemon was a girl.

            “Now, considering that you are a hard pokemon to take down, I let Anti-Kio enter the world as well.  You are gonna die here and now.  Because she has had more experience than you.”  Kiokamun was too confused why she wanted to hurt him so badly.  What did he do to deserve this??  But right then….Anti-Kio started to glow.  And then, she grew at least a half of a foot, and she stopped glowing.  Why did she glow kiokamun thought at first.  But then he knew why.  She EVOLVED.  Now instead of being kiokamun’s size, and look, she had two red horns where the spots on the forehead would be. Her paws grew bigger, as if they could be used to unleash more powerful punches, and under each eye was a red upside down triangle.  She glared again, but it was as if she was trying to tell him something.  Kiokamun braced himself.  Shade chuckled.

            “Have…fun...” She chuckled again, as she floated down through the floor like a ghost.  Anti-Kio paused, and you could see a tear roll down her cheek.  But she forced herself towards Kiokamun, trying to throw a kick across his face.  Kiokamun dodged and he ran off.  He ran up some stone stair cases, and Anti-Kio wasn’t far behind. She launched a dragon breath towards kiokamun, but kiokamun just bounced off of walls around him, and finally, he jumped from a ledge, and was falling to the ground of the sylender shaped room everyone else was in.  Anti-Kio jumped after him, and unleashed a foce attack, which just made him fall even faster.  But his landing target however was the table that Naithan’s eevee was attached on.  When Kiokamun crashed down on the table, eevee was ripped off of the table, and he flew through a hallway that led out of ther room.

            “EEVEE!” Naithan yelled, as he used all of his strength to bend the cage, hoping to break free.  Damien flew towards a wall, and was knocked unconscious. Kiokamun struggled to get back up, bruses everywhere on his body.  The thing is, he didn’t want to fight back.  Because he figured out that Anti-Kio didn’t want to hurt him at all.  She was being forced to somehow.  Anti-Kio growled fiercly.  Naithan saw what was going on.  But the same question raced through his mind. WHERE IN ALL THE HELLS WAS ISIS?  Her pokemon was getting beaten up, and by now he was pretty sure that Isis was thrown out to freeze to death. Not to mention that his eevee was thrown to another location in the building.  But then…you can hear a loud, but far away thump over again.  A huge breeze filled the air, as a huge snow white pokemon swooped in, and the pokemon carried two people:  Isis, and Maiumi.

            ISIS!!  KIOKAMUN IS IN DANGER, AND WHAT IS THAT THING??!!” Naithan shouted.  Isis looked over, and saw Kiokaum getting beaten up by another pokemon similar to him.

            “KIOKAMUN!!!!” Isis screamed as she ran towards him.  She picked Kiokamun up quickly, and noticed how badly he was hurt.  He even had scratches so deep in his skin that he started to bleed. Isis started feeling rebellious tears in her eyes.

            “Oh my god, this is NOT GOOD AT ALL!” Isis whined.  She hugged Kiokamun close to her, while looking towards Anti-Kio’s direction.  Anti-Kio froze.

            “Who, and WHERE is your trainer!?” Isis demanded like she was gonna get a straight forward answer.  Anti-Kio took a step back, and then she ran away.

            Soulru stood there, looking down at Kiokamun.  Then he noticed all of the cellars in the room, full of individual pokemon, and trainers.

            Isis…….we should let these people, and pokemon free as well……..maybe they can help us escape anyways” Soulru spoke.  Isis looked around her, and then turned to Naithans cage.  Naithan looked miserable in his little cage he was crammed in.  Isis ran over to him.

            “We need to get you out of here…but how?” Isis said.  Right then, at that very moment, a glowing red beam shot the cage.  Isis leaned back just in time, and then, Naithan fell to the floor.  Naithan shook his head, and opened his eyes.  Right then, he saw another pokemon in the entrance of the dark hallway, and the pokemon stepped out to reveal himself.  Naithan was shocked.  What he believed what it was, was his eevee…..except……. it wasn’t an eevee anymore.  Instead stood a three foot on four pokemon, with brown fur, and mahogany like stripes on his back, and legs.  His eyes were now red, and he had three black pointy horns on his head, and pointy long ears.

            “It appears to be a ruskeon to me...” Soulru said.  Naithan, and Isis looked up at Soulru and questioned “Ruskeon?” at the same time.

            “Yes…it’s an evolved form of eevee, a forgotten one that is.  In fact, the element was forgotten, and was supposed to be banned for 1000 years.  It must be the time when the Mystical type pokemon to come back.”  Ruskeon walked slowly up to Naithan, and then nuzzled him on the leg.  Naithan patted Ruskeon’s back.  Soulru looked down at Kioakum again.

            “Your pokemon there…..it’s the same element also.”  Isis was surprised and looked down at Kiokamun, which was trying to rest in her arms. 

            “Whats….gonna happen to him?”  Isis worried.  On Soulru’s back, Maiumi yawned awake again, with her Pichu on her back.

            Isis……where are we?” Maiumi asked.  Isis looked up.

            “Just stay on Soulru’s back, you’re safest up there” She said.  Maiumi climbed on Soulru’s head, and put her hands on his two huge horns sticking out of it.  Soulru looked down at Ruskeon.

            “You…..please use your scortch beam on all of these cages in the walls, and I’ll grow to let people down” Soulru said.  Ruskeon nodded, like he was his trainer.  He then released the same beam it used on Naithan’s cage, and turned his body around to hit all the cages in the sylender shaped room.  All of the fallin bars on the floor woke up Damien.

            Damien barely put his head up to see what was going on.  All he saw though was four huge white furry paws, two people’s feet, and a smaller pokemon.  Damien then got right to his senses, got up, ran, and tackled Isis to the ground.  Kiokamun flew out of her arms, and landed right on his face.  Damien now had his hands around Isis’s neck.

            “Your supposed to be DEAD OUT IN THE STORM, YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING BITCH!!!!!!!” Damien yelled, and spit in her face.  Isis now had her hands on Damien’s wrists to make him stop.  Naithan finally looked over, and was in extreme shock, and rage.  He raced over to them, but then, he felt a jerk back.  It looked like two of the buff rocket members caught him, and all these other rockets came out.  Luckily though, half of the trainers and their pokemon were now at the ground, and since they were united with their pokemon, they fought back against random rocket members.

            ISIS!!!!!!!!” Naithan screamed.  Damien then took out his pocket knife.

            “I should of done this a long time ago!” Damien said, glaring down at her.  Isis was now really scared, stressed, and didn’t know what to do, if she wasn’t strong enough to get him off.  He then had the knife right at the side of her neck.

            “Die” Damien said coldly, when he was pushed off.  But the fact that the knife was right at her neck, and then being jerked away, made a small cut on her chest.

            “YOU THINK ITS FUNNY TO THREATEN A GIRL LIKE THAT??!!!” a voice rang in their ears.  Isis looked up at her hero at the moment, and noticed it was a guy.  A guy just about a little older than Naithan.  He was muscular too.  His long, beautiful black hair blocked his back, and he looked back at Isis, and she saw this really cute face.  He had beautiful blue crystal eyes, and a pretty sun tan.  Isis blushed.

            “Hey, are you ok?” the guy asked nicely.  Isis nodded while blushing like crazy.  But then, noticed a stinging feeling on the left side of her chest.  She put her hand on her chest, and noticed she was bleeding.  Isis was surprised.

            “Don’t worry, they, especially him are gonna regret that!” he said boldly as he threw out a pokeball.  Out came a shiney Dragonair, which twinkled, and sparkled in the air, and was as beautiful as him.

            “Wing, go and search for a kid with shoulder length brown hair, and a black hat on!” he ordered.  The beautiful pokemon then flew off, and he ran off as well.  At the time, everyone was down from the cages, and out to escape to the next town on their own, busting out of the building.  Isis sat there blankly for a second, and then it snapped to her head like a brick.  Her pokemon!  Kiokamun!  She got up quickly, and ran to find her pokemon.  Luckly, she found her bayleef lying in a corner sad.  Isis came up to her, and rubbed her gently on the neck.  Isis had told her to stick right behind her.  Bayleef nodded her head yes.  She ran towards Soulru, wich was shrinking down to his original size.

            Isis, go find everyone you know, I’ll help everyone get out, and will take Maiumi to the next town if you don’t catch up, ok?” Soulru spoke.

            “Ya, ok!  I need to find the rest of my pokemon, and……Naithan!  Oh no, I hope everyone will be alive after this!” Isis worried.  She saw then a small pokemon getting lost in the rushing crowd.  It happened to be her torchik spinnin in circles in confusion.

            “Torchik, I’m coming!” Isis cried.  Isis pushed through the crowd, and picked up the small pokemon.  Now, out of her pokemon, she only needed to find her squirtle, and Kiokamun.  She ran around like a mad chicken, and finally bumped into squirtle, which was surrounded by pokemon that belonged to the rockets.

            “Torchik, Bayleef, attack!!!” Isis cried.  Torchik used ember, and bayleef used razor leaf.  All of the pokemon ran off scared, while squirtle sighed.  Isis picked squirtle up, and put him on her back, picked up torchik in her arms, and started to run off, with bayleef chasing close behind.  Isis started to panic, which was one of the worst things she could have done at that time.  But she was scared, but had to see if Kiokamun was ok.

            Kiokamun got up from the ground, and noticed all the pokemon, and trainers running around them.  A few rockets were charging after Kiokamun, and he then had to push himself off the ground to run away.  Luckily the hall that let out of the building was nice and dark, so he could hide in there.  Kiokamun sighed, and looked around him.  He then looked up, and saw that that same mask that that one dead girl was wearing was up there.  Kiokamun ran away afraid of the outcome.  The mask cloated down, and chased him, and when they ended up outside in the snow, he was pushed down by the mask, and the same undead girl appeared behind the mask again in a puff of smoke.

            Shade chuckled.  Kiokamun got up, and bravely faced her, and growled.

            “I know you’re pissed off, but do I even care?” Shade asked.  And then, Isis ran out of the building.  She noticed Kiokamun right then.

            “KIOKAMUN, I’M COMING!!!” Isis cried. She practically slide right behind Kiokamun, and was about to pick him up…….but then he started to glow.

            “Wha……Kiokamun…what’s happening to you?!” Isis wined. Kiokamun grew a foot taller, orange horns grew out of the orange spots on his forhead.  When he stopped glowing, he wasn’t the same Kiokamun anymore.

            “You……..you evolved!” Isis squeaked.  Kiokamun looked up at Isis, with his golden yellow eyes, and two orange upside down triangles under each bottom eyelid.  Isis gazed into Kiokamun’s eyes.

            “Kioooh” Kiokamun spoke.  Isis had a feeling what he was saying to her.  He wanted to fight this girl, and take her down, even though she had a human body.  Isis, even though she wanted so much for him to be safe from any harm….nodded anyways, but she did not even budge away at all.  And right then, her bayleef, torchik, and squirtle stood up to the plate standing right besides Kiokamun.  They knew what they needed to do.  Shade chuckled.  And when Isis saw her for her very first time…..she was shocked.  Not the fact of what she looked like…….but she seemed to know her….from one of her nightmares.

            Isis….its about time I’ve met you for the first time..” Shade said.  Isis took one step back…..but she put her foot back where it was.

            “AND WHAT OF IT?!  YOU’RE THE ONE THAT’S BEEN BEATING KIOKAMUN UP, HUH?!” Isis yelled angrily.  Kiokamun, and the others growled like mad dogs.  Kiokamun charged up madly, with the other three not far behind him.  Kiokamun threw a flaming kick across her face.  Suprisingly….the head fell off.  The body fell down.  Isis was shocked once more.

            “Damn Kiokamun……..that’s freaky that that thing was already dead….but you did awesome” Isis spoke.  Kiokamun spoke softly, staring at the mask.  The mask then surprisingly, flew right off the dead person’s face, which everything on the face was sewn shut except for her left eye which was then black.  The head turned into dust, and blew away.  Kiokamun braced himself.  The mask then seemed to make a really dark shadowy energy.  When the mask seemed to launch an attack, Kiokamun, bayleef, squirtle, and torchik launched a special attack of their own.  All the attacks collided, and exploded.  Isis called her pokemon, so they could escape.  All four stayed right behind her.  When the mask was about to collide into them, a bright white beam shot it back, so humogous that it made everyone running fly forward or backwards depending where they were facing.  Soulru landed on the ground, and called of Isis, and her pokemon to come aboard.  When she climbed up, she noticed a group of five pokemon running up to them.  There was a plusle, a treeko, a totodile, a charmeleon, and a ruskeon running up to them.

            “It’s Naithan’s pokemon!” Isis said, while picking each one up, and putting them on soulru’s back.  Soulru grew twice the size as he once was when Isis climbed on.

            “Now, all we need to find is Naithan!” Isis said.  Soulru nodded, and took off to find Naithan in the snow.  It seemed like the snow storm went down so much, you could see where you were going, but gentle snowflakes still filled the air.  Isis saw tons of pokemon trainers, and their pokemon walking off, battling, and even setting up camp also.  When the made it further down the mountain hills, they noticed a huge pokemon battle.  And he saw someone holding someone over a cliff.  And when they noticed who was being hung over the cliff, it was Naithan. 

            “Soulru, over there!  Its Naithan, we got to help him!!!” Isis cried.  Soulru flew down, shrunk a little, and Isis jumped off.  Kiokamun followed right behind her, and at the same time, they both tackled the huge buff man away from the cliff, and Isis quickly grabbed Naithan’s hand.  She pulled him up, and noticed that Naithan seemed to have a black eye.

            “What happened to you?” Isis wondered.  Right then, she heard a squealing voice from a girl.

            “Wow, you’re very good at pokemon battles!” Trenece  said.  Both of them turned to the noise, and she saw a girl with hot pink hair, with a dog like yellowish pokemon, battling a shiney dragonair.

            “Its….that one guy that saved me before...” She thought.

            Isis thanks for saving me there.  But now, we have got to do something to get to our destination, and quick” Naithan said.  Isis nodded without looking at him.

            “…..You don’t care, do you?” Naithan said annoyed.  Damien had then walked up to Isis, and Naithan.

            “Well well, I must say, I’m very impressed, Isis” Damien said while crossing his arms.

            “Ya know what?!” Isis stated madly while standing up.

            “You make me sick!  Just seeing your face makes me wanna puke!  Why, and how the HELL do you keep coming back to bug us trainers, huh?!”  Damien just started to laugh.

            “It’s my job” Damien chuckled.  He threw out some pokeballs.  Out came an umbreon, a hitmonlee, and a dark gengar.

            “Attack Isis, and my little brother!  Push them off the cliff!” Damien demanded.  All three pokemon charged.  Soulru then launched an attack, and hit all three pokemon.  Damien got pushed to the ground by another force.

            “You’re over powered now, dipshit” the same guy that saved Isis said.  Soulru stepped up with a bunch on his back.

            “That’s right.  Now leave them alone, or else” Soulru spoke.  Trenece came up on Damien’s side. 

            “Hey, are you ok?” Trenece asked in a sweet matter.  Damien got to his feet.

            “Ya, I’m ok.”   Then he turned towards Isis.  Then he looked down at Kiokamun.

            “……Lets have a battle” Damien said.  Isis paused.  Naithan stood up.

            “How bout two one two” Naithan said.  Damien nodded no.

            “I only want to fight Isis right now, her, and her first pokemon.  Isis looked down at Kiokamun.  Kiokamun looked up at her.  Kiokamun nodded yes.  Isis was worried then.

            “I…..don’t know...” Isis said.  Naithan walked up. 

            “Hey, are you sure you want to battle him, Isis?” Naithan asked.  Isis looked down at Kiokamun worried.  He already gotten beaten up in another pokemon battle.  But even after the bloody scratches, and bruses, he was still itching to fight.  Then the same guy walked up to them that saved her from before.  Naithan seemed to recognize this guy too.

            “Your name is Isis?” the guy asked.  Isis nodded slowly.

            “……..you can win.  I can see it in you” he replied.  Damien then got impatient.

            “ARE WE GONNA BATTLE OR WHAT?!” Damien yelled.  Isis turned towards Damien, and glared.  She looked down at Kiokamun one more time.  Kiokamun looked fired up.

            “…….I accept” She finally said.  Damien gave her an evil grin.

            “Alright then, that wasn’t hard” he smiled as he snapped his fingers.  “And while we’re busy with our little fun, the rest of my remaining crew can take care of the others here, hmm?”  And then, the five eevee rocket trainers came out, and Trenece standing with them stood in a straight line.

            “You guys…….do what ever you can to get rid of the rest of these pests!” Damien ordered.  All six of them nodded their heads, and took off.  Damien turned towards Isis.

            “Let’s get started then” he finished.  “One on one.”  His dark gengar, which growled and grinned at Kiokamun, stepped up to the plate.  Kiokamun just glared, and put his fists up like in a boxing ring.

            “…..Please be ok in this, Kiokamun” Isis thought. 

Meanwhile back at the old fortress…………………………………………….


            The mask that once was on the person battling Isis and her pokemon floated down seven staircases to the basement, where it was almost pitch black, but it was as if a grey light bulb was lit in the room it entered in.  The room was huge, with a fog along the floor.  The mask floated slowly inside.

            “……………I’m about to die if I don’t act quick.  I’m so lucky that I have you captive…..we need to do something, and I need your strength to accomplish it……….my dear Shadowru…” a shaggy voice spoke.  It then floated upwards, and turned around, but started backing up.  When it stopped backing up, it landed on a soft surface.  The mask squinted, and opened its eyes again, making the right eye rip open.  Then, bellow the mask, these two humongous red glowing eyes opened, and moved forward really fast.  Before you would know it, the massive figure jumped out of the top of the sylender shaped room, and the black, and bright purple figure took off through the snowy mountains.

            Back at Isis’s and Damien’s pokemon battle, Dark Gengar jumped up. 

            “Gengar, use shadow ball on that disgusting pest!” Damien ordered.  Kiokamun looked up.  Isis had a fist up in anger, and stress.  Then she pointed.

            “Kiokamun, use your force!” Isis cried.  Kiokamun held out two hands, and made a barrier.  The shadowball crashed into the force field, and changed the force fields color into a bluish black color.  Kiokamun couldn’t see anymore.  Kiokamun just made the force go out as far as he could make it go.  The force actually went through Dark Gengar’s ghost like body, and tackled Kiokamun to the ground.  Kiokamun pushed himself up, and jumped backwards away from Dark Gengar’s next attack.  Kiokamun landed on his feet just a few feet away from the cliff that looked like it went to a forever tunnel of darkness.  Dark Gengar charged towards him. 

            “Kiokamun, jump away!” Isis yelled.  Kiokamun instead hoping to take down gengar, launched himself forward towards Gengar, and punched him across his face with a fist that seemed to glow.  Luckly, Dark Gengar fell backwards, landing on his back.  Kiokamun panted, and glared down at Gengar.  Isis paused.  Damien became furious.

            ‘Come on, you lazy loaf!  Get up, and fight back!” Damien yelled while throwing a rock at him that landed on his head.  Dark Gengar growled at Damein, but turned around anyways.

            Behind Isis’s and Damien’s battle was a bunch of miniature battles, including Soulru, which was helping the innocent people cross to the other side of the gap, which had a small, but snowy path that led right to the next city.  Maiumi just stayed right on Soulru’s head.  Naithan however teamed up with the guy that helped Isis from a stab through the neck.  Both Naithan’s ruskeon, and the other guy’s dragonair that was nicknamed wing tackled a bunch of rocket thugs over the cliff to fall, along with their pokemon.

            “That’s good work there, Naithan” the guy said.  Naithan looked down the gap.

            “You were awesome too, Jace.  I just hope we all can make it out of here alive.  All of Naithan’s pokemon stood really close to Naithan’s legs.  Right then, soulru launched a beam at some trees.  The trees made a bridge to the other side.

            “All pokemon, and their trainers, try to make it to the other side!” Soulru spoke out.  A ton of pokemon trainers ran in panic with their pokemon right behind them.  Some made it to the other side, but at the same time, someone fell off the side, when a rocket pushed them.  Soulru launched himself towards the falling victim, but right then, a HUGE force pushed him back and Him, Maiumi, and the force were falling in darkness.  Maiumi screamed.  Soulru told Maiumi that it was gonna be alright, and to hold on tight.  Isis looked over to her right and noticed that they were falling down.

            “MAIUMI!! SOULRU!!!!!” she cried, as she looked right back at the battle, where Kiokamun was dodging every attack that was tossed at him.  When Soulru landed on all fours, and glaring up, he expected what he saw.  His brother, Shadowru fell down, on all four.  He thought that Shadowru was just here to ask for a battle, and made a sneak attack.

            “Shadowru, this isn’t the time!  If you really want to fight me right now, please help me get these people to safety.  The mask on Shadowru’s forehead chuckled.

            “Shadowru’s mind is in jeporady right now, he can’t think at the moment, instead, I took over his mind, and I’m here to kill the both of you, and then the rest, especially Kiokamun” Shade’s voice chuckled.  Soulru glared madly. 

            “Maiumi…I want you to get off of my back right now, and try to find a way back up to the rest of them, and help them get away” Soulru asked.  Maiumi nodded.

            “I can do that, I’m a team slayer ya know” Maiumi said while sliding off of Soulru’s back.  Soulru watched as Maiumi ran off.  Soulru set his eyes on Shadowru.

            “YOU IMBICLE!!  GET OFF OF SHADOWRU’S MIND CONTROL!!!” Shoulru roared.  Shadowru launched himself at Soulru, and both of them fought.  Soulru’s plan was to blast the mask off of Shadowru’s head, so he would come back to normal.  Both of them jumped back.  The eyes on the mask were wide open then.  Soulru glared.

            Maiumi ran as hard as she could even though half of her body were icicles.  She kept falling in the snow, but she struggled to get back up everytime.  Her pichu was just holding on her hood, on her back.  Maiumi gazed up, as the snowflakes melted on her face, as they fell.  She saw the three logs above her that formed a bridge.  When she looked down, and saw the gigantic wall, she noticed that there were steps, snowy ones, but they led up above the cliff.  Maiumi paused, looked back at Soulru’s battle, and she took off.

            Isis while battling Damien was tempted to just grab Kiokamun, and run away, but every single time she tried to even move towards her beloved pokemon, she was afraid someone was gonna come up from behind, and strangle her.  Kiokamun was panting, but he was still standing as well.  Gengar chuckled, and flew at Kiokamun with full speed marks left behind him, and rammed into Kiokamun.  Isis gasped.  Kiokamun flew behind Isis, and rolled in the snow.  Isis’s other pokemon which were right behind her the entire time, started to run to Kiokamun to check up on him.  Kiokamun got up, and growled not only to Gengar, but to Isis’s pokemon as well.  Bayleef, torchik, and squirtle all stopped in their tracks, and gave Kiokamun a “worried look”  like they thought that this wasn’t just some pokemon battle. But before they could even tell them their opinions, they got pushed back by an attack by Damien’s gengar, even though it was aiming towards Kiokamun.  Isis ran to her pokemon, and hugged them close to her, and cried to Kiokamun, “Kiokamun!  Get away, and possibly try a sneak attack!!”  Kiokamun flipped backwards, landing on his palms, then making another flip to land on his feet.  Gengar had a dark energy ball that he tossed up, and down in the air.  Gengar grinned.  His dark expression on his face seemed to paralyze Kiokamun in a timid way.  When he tossed the dark energy ball at Kiokamun, Kiokamun jumped, and threw a punch in Dark gengar’s face.  His punch however glowed a dark blood like color.  Isis’s eyes opened widely.

            “What was that?” Isis thought out loud.  Dark gengar disappeared in the ground.  Kiokamun held a fist close to his chest, and glared while scanning the ground.  Damien laughed.

            “Come on out, Dark gengar” Damien chuckled.  Dark gengar hopped out of the middle of nowhere in the sky, pointed at Kiokamun, and laughed.  Kiokamun growled, and roared, while launching a force attack behind him so he would go flying in the air.  He had a fist ready to throw into Gengar’s stomach, but Dark gengar just went through Kiokamun’s body, and punched him down while throwing a bunch of shadow balls along with him.  Luckly, right when Kiokamun felt the first pinch of pain, he turned quickly behind him, and launched the punch up his chin, and made him fly up.  Kiokamun thumped on the ground.

            “NO, KIOKAMUN!!!” Isis cried as she dashed toward he hurt pokemon, which started to make the snow around him the color pink.  Isis sobbed, while picking up the small creature.  When she did, she saw a huge gash across Kiokamun’s chest and stomach, wich came from a sharp scratch that Dark gengar once swipped across him, and was now turning red, and the hairs around it the same color.  Isis felt rivers pouring out of her eyes, while hugging Kiokamun close to her.  Her other pokemon stood with her, while feeling a pain in their heart as well.  Kiokamun was in so much danger that his life was hanging just by a bit from falling down to hell, or flying up to the clouds where ever they would want him to go.  Isis gave Damien the death glare.  Damien just fell to the ground laughing his head off.  Isis wanted to just not only choke him to death, but stab him a million times in his heart with his own pocket knife after ripping his skin off.  Isis had never been this mad, and sad in her entire life.  But if she couldn’t get Kiokamun to safety, he would probably die.  She could still hear his heart pounding inside him.  So right then, she started to run, with her pokemon not far behind at all.  Damien got off the ground from laughing so hard, he saw Isis running away, and starting to cross the bridge that was made not long ago.  Damien pointed at her, and told not only Dark Gengar, but his other pokemon as well “Don’t let them get away” He spoke coldly. 

            Maiumi finally reached the top of the steps, and saw Isis running towards her, and once she took her first step at the top, Isis quickly grabbed her had.

            “Hurry, we gotta go now!” Isis spoke, while Maiumi had the most confused look on her face got jerked backwards.

            “Whats going on, Isis?!” Maiumi yelled.

            “I’m on a run away from not only my death, and Kiokamun’s” Isis replied without looking back.  Maiumi was still confused. 

            “Huh?” Maiumi said without saying the entire sound, when all the sudden, a dark auora attack pushed them down.  Isis flew though the air, feeling pain all over her skin, hugging Kiokamun to her as tight as she could, and praying her other pokemon, and Maiumi were safer than they were.  Isis felt her face hit the cold snow, and rolled in it, and finally stopped, by rolling into a tree, Isis’s back right to it.  She looked down at Kiokamun, which just opened his eyes.

            “Thank GOD that you’re still alive!” Isis cried while she hugged Kiokamun.

            “I’m not gonna let them kill you, Kiokamun!  I’m gonna protect you always, Kiokamun.  You don’t deserve this punishment at all!  Thesr punks from Team Rocket think they’re all that huh?  They all deserve to fall down to hell!  Because if they’re messing with you, they’re messing with ME!!” Isis said without cracking in a tear, and saying it with determination.  Isis stood up, while putting Kiokamun down behind her by the tree.  Isis looked all around her.  Another deep crack in the mountains were next to her left.  Maiumi was panting in exhaustion, and panic on the mountain wall that was to Isis’s right.  She saw her bayleef, torchik, and squirtle burrowing out of the snow, and shook their heads.  Isis walked slowly to all three of them.

            “You guys…….go and stay with Kiokamun.  I REALLY don’t want you three to get hurt at all.  You all are very wonderful and I’m not gonna let an ass hole of hell kill you guys off, so go NOW” Isis ordered, while making her words sound stressful.  All of them looked up at her sadly, and nodded.  Isis looked over at Maiumi.

            “Maiumi, I really wish you would go follow the other pokemon traine-“ she said while being interrupted by Maiumi, which stood up, and seemed mad.

            “I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!  I’M A TEAM SLAYER, I SHOULD BE THE ONE TELLING YOU TO GO!!” Maiumi screeched.  Isis paused.

            “I wish I could……I just hope we all make it out of here alive…….” Isis said.  Maiumi walked by Isis’s side, and both of them looked ahead of them.  Damien walked up with three of his pokemon wanting to battle even more.  And then he had all of the eevee trainers behind him, and two huge, and buff rocket members.  Isis gulped.

            “Maiumi…….if we ever make it out of this alive, I’ll be sure to say sorry to you about earlier” Isis said.  Maiumi smiled.

“Its ok, don’t worry.  I should be sorry bout before too, I was a total brat to you!  I guess its cause most of the people I know just judge me for what I am, a young little girl that they think is a cry baby” Maiumi said.  Her pichu jumped down by her side, and made sparks fly out of her cheeks.

            “Well, at least we have one pokemon that’s not hurt, but we don’t want her hurt now do we?” Maiumi said.  Isis nodded.   Damien stopped right in front of Isis.

            “Well, well, what you know, she’s still alive, and protecting her pokemon even if it means her life” He said while flinging his pocket knife open.

            “So what shall it be, Isis?  In the head, through the heart, or other?” Damien spit in her face.  Isis glared without even blinking.  Maiumi got just a wee bit startled by the fact that a tough pack was on them, and they were only a pack of three….. 

            Kiokamun opened his eyes again, and saw that part of the gang was closing in on his trainer.  He was outraged, and puched himself off the ground.  But then he took his first step struggle, Bayleef, using her vine whip put them around his wrists, and the other two blocking Kiokamuns view.  Both glared at him, and was about to break into tear drops, as one rolled down each cheek, while Kiokamun paused, and looked around him. Kiokamun looked at Isis, which got pushed down to the ground.

            “Kiooooo….” Kiokamun whispered to himself while a tear drop rolled down his cheek.

Back down with Soulru, and Shadowru…………………………..

            Soulru pounded Shadowru down on the ground, and Soulru swipped a paw across Shadowru’s forehead, and the mask came right off.  Soulru got off of Shadowru, and shot a beam right at the mask.  Right then, the mask spoke its last words.

            “Team……..Darkness……..will…………defeat you..” it said.  All of the mask started to dissolve into dust particles, and flew off.  Shadowru got up, all dizzy like.

            “Wh…what happened?” Shadowru asked shaking his head.  His vision came back, and saw Soulru looking above.

            “Woah..What the hell happened?” Shadowu asked.  Soulru glanced back at Shadowru.

              “Later…now please follow me.  You must help me with something” Soulru spoke, as he jumped up out of the mountain crack.  Shadowru copied him, and followed.

Back where Isis, and the others were………………………….

            Damien stood right by Isis, which attempted to get up, but Damien stomped Isis in the stomach.  Isis groaned.  Maiumi started punching Damien in the back, but Damien barely felt any pain at all, and pushed Maiumi back against the snowy wall.  Kiokamun was growling like crazy, but also falling to the ground because of the pain that was not only on him, but in him.  The other three felt the same way, but they stayed loyal anyways.  And right then a beam was shot towards the two buff rocket members at the back.  It came from Wing’s mouth, wich was Jace’s pokemon.  He threw out other pokeballs, and all of them attacked the eevee trainers behind them there.  Jace then started to push the two rockets down the cliff, and then luckly Naithan came after him, and pushed Damien down with his own strength.

            “YOU GOD DAMN BASTERD!! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ISIS IF YOU KNOW ITS GOOD FOR YOU!!!  I’M NOT GONNA LET YOU MAKE ANY MORE SHIT!!” Naithan yelled down at Damien who was trying to get back up, and right then, Damien pushed Naithan down at the ground and started trying to stab Naithan with the pocket knife.

            “YOU WANNA PLAY AROUND, LITTLE BROTHER THEN BE MY GUEST!” Damien screamed back into Naithans face, while Naithan felt an extreme pain across his chest.  But he took one look over at Isis which was still getting up off the ground, and Naithan then punched Damien in the face. Then Naithan felt the weight pushed off him, when Isis came over, and pushed him off.

            “GET OFF OF NAITHAN YOU ASS HOLE!!  YOU NEED TO GOD DAMN SUFFER FOR ALL YOU’VE DONE TO US!!” Isis screamed while pounding, and punching him in the stomach, but then Damien threw his pocket knife, which was then kicked away from Isis from Naithan, and he pulled Damien by the neck, and dragged him.  Damien got to his feet, but then, both Isis, and Niathan pushed Damien off the cliff.  Dmaien yelled.

            “DAMN YOU TO HELL, ISIS!!!!!” Damien yelled, while two eevee rocket trainers were pushed off along with their pokemon.  Jace ran over, while Maiumi was battling one kid.

            “You guys should go now, get out of here!” Jace yelled.  Naithan took Isis wrist.

            “Lets do what he said, and get the HELL out of here!” Naithan said.  Isis nodded.  Both ran towards Isis’s pokemon which was now right next to Naithan’s pokemon as well.  Isis picked up Kiokamun, which seemed to hug her even more.  All of their pokemon followed, and not too long ago, Maiumi started to follow too.  Jace stood back there to finish the job.  Right then, all three of Damien’s pokemon stood in front of them.  Naithan’s ruskeon jumped in front.

            “Ruskeon!  Use your scortch beam!!” Naithan ordered, while the rest of his pokemon stood in, and attacked as well.

            “Use any attack you can to get them out of out way!” Naithan yelled.  Hitmonlee was first pushed off by plusle’s spark attack.  Umbreon was blasted off by Ruskeon’s attack, and down into darkness.  And Dark Gengar just stood there, taking every attack, but none of the attacks seemed to work, and he held out a shadow ball.  Naithan, Isis, and Maiumi were now shocked that nothing worked.  And they heared loud thumps from behind.  Maiumi looked behind them.  She saw Soulru, and Shadowru working as a team to take everyone, but Jace, and his pokemon down into the dark crack.  But they didn’t even come close to where they were.  Dark Gengar flew up, and launched his attack at them.  Isis squeaked, while holding Kiokamun close to her heart.  Kiokamun looked back at her, and looked up at Dark Gengar.  Then…snap!  Kiokamun just remembered from his previous battle what happened.  Kiokamun pushed Isis’s arms away from him, and forced himself at Dark gengar.

            “NO, KIOKAMUN!!!!!” Isis screamed.  Kiokamun glared, and cried out, while punching Dark Gengar in the stomach with the same punch he used before.  Dark Gengar flew down in darkness.  Naithan, and the others cheered in happiness.  Isis ran to catch Kiokamun in her arms.  Isis looked down at him.  Kiokamun smiled up at her, and spoke softly.  Isis cried with happy, and sad thoughts in her head.  Kiokamun then closed his eyes.  Isis squeezed a fist, and then she shot up, and started to run. 

            Isis, wait up!!” Naithan yelled starting to run.  Isis didn’t look back, but she noticed that her pokemon were running along by her side.  She then saw a dead end ahead, and she attempted to stop, but instead she slid on her back, and just in time, she stopped right before she was gonna slide off.  And right by her, she saw her pokemon, all right by her.

            “Guys……what are we going to do?  I really wish you guys could rest….but my pokeballs are gone, those thugs took them away from everyone.  I wonder how we go to the next town, and we don’t have a lot of time left, we gotta save Kiokamun, and you guys too” Isis explained.  Right then, Naithan, and the others came up, but a ton of rocket members were chasing after them.  Soulru, and Shadowru ran up as well.  Maiumi was already riding Soulru, and when they came up to Isis, and her pokemon, Soulru quickly kneeled down for Isis, and her pokemon to climb on.  When they climbed on him, he took right off.

            “WAIT……WHATS GOING ON YOU GUYS??!!” Isis asked.  Maiumi looked back.

            “We’re going to Snowside city, safe, and fast, Isis!  Some of the pokemon trainers, and their pokemon, have been captured either by team rocket, or they died out in the snow storm!!” Maiumi replied.  Isis gasped, and looked back.  Her pokemon were all holding on tight to Soulru’s back, but Naithan, and Jace were still back there, trying to fight team rocket.

            “What about the others??!!!” Isis panicked.

            “My brother will take them to Snowside, don’t worry” Soulru spoke.  Soulru jumped up, on a mountain top, looking down at the city below them.  It was a really big city in a valley, and was still snowy, and dark out, considering it was night time at the time.

            “There it is, you guys.  There is a huge pokemon center here, and it’s a hospital, combined with a restaurant, then pokemon center, and a morning school” Maiumi said.  Soulru jumped down, and turned invisible to everyone in the city, because he didn’t want to be seen by anyone.  And he swooped down by this building that was literally a tower building, but it looked more unique from any other building there.  Soulru kneeled down, and let them down.  Soulru looked down at them, and said, “You two stay safe, and I’ll come to visit again……good luck on everything” Soulru said, but right after, he launched his way out of the street.  Maiumi waved.

            “SEE YA AROUND, SOULRU!!!” Maiumi cried.  Isis held up a hand to wave her fingers, but she turned right towards the building.  The bad thing?  When she got in…it was JAMMED PACKED.  There was a line out of the front of the building, which meant she was let off in the back.  She ran in, her pokemon dropping on the floor in exhaustion.  Nurse Joy was at the table, and there were thousands of Chansey everywhere.  Isis tapped the nurse on the shoulder, and when she did turn around, she looked like a total punk!  Her nose, eye brow, and almost everything on her face was pierced.  She had a grumpy expression on her face.

            Lemme guess little girl, you either lost to the gym leaser, or you came from the train that just shut down out of nowhere in the hills!” She started cracking up.  Isis wanted to just grab her by the shirt now.

            “PLEASE HELP!  JUST LOOK AT MY POKEMON PLEASE, THEY HAVE BEEN SO COLD, AND BADLY HURT, PLEASE!!” Isis cried with tears falling down her cheeks.  The Nurse sighed.

            Lemme see, and quit your wining, will you, your gonna give me a total migraine if you do that” she said, while looking at Kiokamun. 

            “I’m pretty sure they’re just small scratches, and bruses, like everyone else’s poke- HOLLY COW, WE’VE GOT A BLEEDING PATIENT HERE, AND THE OTHERS DON’T LOOK GOOD EITHER!!!!  CHANSEY, GET YOUR LITTLE FAT ASSES OVER HERE!!!”  The nurse yelled.  The other patients looked ahead quietly.  There were three chansey, and they each brought an emergency rolling bed.

            “Take the bayleef on this bed, take these two little ones on this bed, and take this brown guy on this bed!  And get them all in the emergency room right away!!!” She yelled at them.  They all nodded, and started running.  Isis dropped to the ground crying in depression, and relief.  The nurse yelled at two other nurses to take care of the pokemon patients.  The nurse joy croutched down to see Isis.

            “You ok, there?  If you were a pokemon abuser, I’d definitely be thrashing you right now, but I can tell that this wasn’t your fault, was it?” she asked.  Isis nodded no, while crying. 

            “Now, come on, lets get you washed up, I’ll give you a bedroom to stay in for free” She said.  “Oh, and you can call me Sam.”  Isis looked up, and saw she was offering a hand up.  Isis took the hand offer.  When she came to her room, she immediately claimed the top bunk in the back of the room, that was right by a window.

            “……Can my friends stay in this room too?” Isis asked. 

            Ya, have it crammed pack if ya need it to” Sam said happily, as she walked out of the room.

            “Oh, and the bathroom is down this hallway on the left side” Sam finished.  Isis sighed when she was out of the room.  Right then, Maiumi rushed back in the room.

            Isis!  Naithan is here!!” Maiumi cried.  Isis’s eyes widened.  She then ran right out of the room, when Maiumi was gonna ask “Where can I sleep?”  Isis raced to the front, but there was no Naithan out there. Then she remembered the back door way she came from.  She pushed her way back in the building, with people complaining that she was pushing and shoving.  She ran and tackled out the door, and she saw Naithan that was watching a dark figure take off.

            “Naithan….are you ok?” Isis panted.  Naithan turned around, and when he did, there was a bloody claw scratch down his eye lids, and trained down his right cheek.  Isis gasped.

            “Are you ok??!!” Isis asked.  Naithan was silent.  But then he took a breath.

            Ya….I am…are you..?” Naithan asked while waking up to Isis.  Isis looked down, about to break tears.

            “Physically, yes, but I’m heat broken…….my pokemon are too hurt to even move…….I don’t think I’m ready to become a pokemon trainer..” Isis moaped.  Naithan glared.

            “Hello??!!  You were the one that helped everyone escape, and you creamed that gengar!  And another thing-


            ISIS, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!” Naithan  yelled while grabbing her hand, and pulling her to him.  Isis was then shocked by the jerk.  She almost thought that he was gonna hurt him…but instead of hurting her in any way….he was hugging her.  His arms were around her waist, and his head on the side of her’s.  Isis was about to collapse…and she did.  She was crying so hard that Naithan’s sweater was soaked in her tears, which made Naithan hug her even more.

            Isis….without you there….everyone would of died… you’re a hero, Isis.  You stood up to my bro like no one had ever done before.  You were amazing, and you should of realized it wasn’t your fault.  It was team rocket.  And you know what?  Your pokemon love you, I know they do.  They were by your side the entire time, Isis.  That is a huge sign of a great pokemon trainer!  And another thing….if you made it in this league, you are hell of better than a ton of other beginning trainers, you know that right?” Naithan said calmly.  Isis’s tears started to slow down.  All Isis wanted now was everything to be alright, and being there with him, made her feel that way.  Isis put her arms around Naithan, and started to cry again.

            “Its ok..” Naithan said, while his voice seemed to become more weak.  Isis let go, but when she did, she immediately saw a string of blood from Naithan’s sweater…..

            “HOLLY SHIT, NAITHAN, YOUR BLEEDING THERE TOO??!!” Isis screamed.  Naithan dropped to the ground on one knee.  Isis started to panic now.  She ran inside, and dragged the same nurse from before outside.  When they made it outside, he was now on the ground on his stomach about to pass out.  Sam called two chansey outside with an emergency bed.  She, and Isis picked Naithan up, and put him on the bed, and the chansey ran in the building.  Naithan looked back at Isis, and closed his eyes when his vision started to blur.  Isis walked inside, and there was a reporter outside the pokemon center.  She looked down at her shirt, which was all covered in Naithan’s blood.

            “Oh god no…….” Isis thought.


Authors note:  I’m srry if that was 2 violent for some of u viewers…..0_o  chapter eight will come…..later….when its done…I haven’t started typing it yet…  but ya.  I think this is only one of the few violent chapters.  There wont be too many violent, and bloody 1’s like this.  So there.  See ya!