Hi, there!  Its been a while for me typin this fic full of cuss words. (jk, even though it does)    It’s because my computer, Will had a huge breakdown but he’s fixed now (actually for a while) lol I’ve been slacking on this big time!  Oh, ya and beware (chuckle..I usually NEVER warn anyone about violence in my ch.s and probably never will, but I’m warning you about something else that might be a little graphic towards the end…well maybe not…jus something that may creep little kiddies out.  If you don’t want to see it, then jus either cover your eyes, or just leave this ch.  And no, there aren’t any pictures in this otherwise, enjoy!)





            Once the bus got to the entrance to the next road to the next city, Isis, and Maiumi launched out, and raced up the dirt road, passing some small melted snow patches, and entering a forest ahead of them.  About a mile down, they stopped, and gasped for air, Isis collapsing to the ground to catch her breath.

            “Do you think they’ll catch us, Maiumi?” Isis gasped.

            “I dunno, but we should at least walk far enough so they don’t find us close by, ya know” Maiumi replied.  Isis sighed, and got to her feet. 

            “Well, let’s go now; I really don’t wanna run into them again...” Isis said.  As the three of them walked (Isis, Maiumi, and Kiokamun), Kiokamun turned to the side bushes of the forest once and a while, as if there was something, or someone there.

            “Kiokamun, what’s up?’ Isis asked.  Kiokamun looked up at her with his golden eyes.

            “Kiohhhhuuu” Kiokamun said, while pointing at the bushes.  Isis looked over.

            “……You think something’s in the bushes, huh?” Isis said with a voice that didn’t sound very happy.  Maiumi grabbed Isis’s long glove.

            “Let’s go, now” Maiumi said.  Isis then felt a small pebble hit her in the head.

            ‘Ouch, crap!  We gotta get out of here!!” Isis said while picking up Kiokamun and running. While Isis, Maiumi, and Kiokamun raced far down the road, a pokemon came out of the bushes, and looked down the road.  Its long vines stretched out, and disappeared.

            “…Bulba? The pokemon said in question. 

            Meanwhile, Isis, and the other two had made it so far down the road that night that they came across a farm/ranch type place.  The dirt path went through the open hilly like fields with a few snow patches here, and there.

            “Hey…….we’re here, my cousin’s ranch, she runs it for the team slayer’s” Maiumi said.  Isis looked down at her.

            “Really?  It’s nice” Isis said.  But right then, Isis turned her head towards these bushes behind a house.  Isis walked over towards this sound, and looked into them to find a mareep badly bruised.

   ”Oh god……what happened to you?”  Isis whispered softly as she kneeled down to the pokemon.  The mareep shivered slightly, and made a soft purrrrring sound.

   “Its one of my cousin’s mareep!”  Maiumi said.  “I wonder why it’s out here.”

  “Kiiioo” Kiokamun spoke.

  “Hey, Maiumi, get your cousin, I don’t care if she’s still aslee-“

  “I HEAR YO0U DAMNED HILL BILLIES OUT THERE!!  I HAVE A DAMN RIFLE GUN IF YOU BASTARDS DON’T GET OFF OF MY LAWN!!”  A scream echoed from inside the house.  Isis, Maiumi, and Kiokamun had horrid looks on their faces.

  “HURRY, BEHIND THE BUSHES!!!!!  AWAY FROM THE MAREEP FOR A SLIGHT MOMENT!!”  Maiumi cried as Isis tailed along.  Kiokamun stayed where he was, and looked down at the mareep.  Mareep pointed his nose behind him.  Kiokamun turned around, and saw a young lady with pink hair in a bun, and dressed in trashy overalls.  She also wore a straw hat.

  “AAA-HA!  I FOUND THE LITTLE BUGGER!” She said while pointing the gun at Kiokamun that had a shocked look on his face as he heard the click of the gun.  They stood there for a few seconds until the girl cracked up laughing.

   “HA!  What am I THINKING?  I’m not a pokemon abuser, I’m a pokemon saver!  I’m just kiddin there, little buddy!”  She grinned.  Kiokamun forced a false grin still showing that nervous expression on his face.  Suddenly, Isis, and Maiumi popped up. 

  “Uhhh….hi, cuz”  Maiumi grinned.

  “Well howdy there, Maiumay!  She smiled.

  “Ummm….mam?  I think something is wrong with this pokemon here.  We found it here injured.”  Isis said.

  “Hmmmm?”  The girl said while hovering her head over the mareep.

  “Uh, oh, not again…...”  She frowned.

  Meanwhile they all got in her house, and gathered around a fire in her living room, where the girl wrapped the mareep in a quilt.  Maiumi however hit the hay up in one of her bedrooms upstairs.

  “Its those other damned mareep again……I have no idea why, but they always pick on this little girl” She said petting the mareep.

  “Is there a way to stop them?”  Isis asked.

  “Not really, young girl, half of the mareep was raised by me, while the others were raised by dumb old hillbillies.  I finally was legally able to take them away from them, because they weren’t getting fed, groomed, or taken care of period.  They used them for fights.  Not battles, but fights.  So now they’re planning to take all of the mareep away from me, as well as the other farm pokemon.  And I’m so sorry if I frightened you guys tonight, I swore you could have been hillbillies trying to steal my property away.  By the way, young girl that’s older than my annoying younger cousin, my name is Holly.  Where is she anyways?”  Holly wondered.

  “I think she’s upstairs sleeping….”Isis said.

  “Figures, she’s whipped out.  Besides, what have you guys been running from, Maiumi said you guys were on the run?”

  “Oh, just running from Team Rocket, as usual, at least for me-“she said until Holly got up with no expression in her face.  She walked upstairs, and opened Maiumi’s door.  Isis could hear from downstairs.

  “Oh Maiumi……”  Holly smiled.

  “What……?”  Maiumi said yawning.


  “Owwwch!  I’m sorry cuz!!  I didn’t mean it, I’m not even good enough to defend against them, and I’m sorry, ok!!  I just need more trai-“

  “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN, YOU COULD HAVE AT LEAST TOLD THE POLICE, OR WERE THE POLICE AS STUPID AS THE ONES IN ALL THE CITIES??!! OR IS IT THE FACT THAT THERE ISN’T ANY POLICE ANYWHERE?!  THAT’S WHY WE TEAM SLAYER’S EXIST!!!  NOW GO BACK TO BED!! She screamed as she slammed her door.  Isis had a scared look on her face, and looked down at the mareep while she heard Holly laughing, and telling Maiumi it was ok.  Isis pet the mareep as she slept there by the fire.

  “I’m so sorry those guys picked on you….”  Isis whispered calmly.

  “She’ll be just fine in the morning, don’t worry!”  Holly smiled.  Isis smiled calmly.  Kiokamun was nuzzled right by her curled in his own ball of fluff.

  “So…..what’s your name?”  Holly asked putting her hands in front of her knees on the floor. (where they sat) 

  “Oh, it’s Isis.  Sorry I didn’t say earlier…” She sighed.

  “Nonsense, Isis, its ok.  It’s late too, did ya know?  It’s like around midnight….”  She said scratching her head.

  “hehe…..I’ve been out later than that before…..mostly to just survive throughout the night……from team rocket” Isis said looking down at the floor sadly.

  “I’m soo sorry about that.  The rockets here are extremely violent, they’re even more violent as you go, that’s how I’ve always learned.  Have you ever faced them all alone…?”  Isis shook her head while closing my eyes.

  “Besides my pokemon…..never…… I always faced them with a really close friend of mine.  I’ve been so afraid lately about that, I’m afraid that if I do face them all alone with my pokemon, I feel like my pokemon will get torn apart……then me…”

  “................................Who’s this close friend of yours like?”  She said.  Isis looked at her through the eyes, and then looked down again.

  “This one kid…………He’s the only real friend I really know right at the moment…………. In fact, he has a brother….and his brother was the only one I faced alone, but before he could do anything, the police surprisingly came on time… so he really doesn’t count, even though he’s a team rocket member…”

  “I bet you anything that you’ll make more friends like him everywhere you go, Hun, don’t go hard on yourself.  And even if you don’t have anyone else to turn to, you have your pokemon, and him.  It’s a pretty damn good thing you actually do have someone to turn to, especially in this region.  Plus, you can come to me and Maiumi for anything, I promise dear.  You should get some rest, come upstairs, there’s an air mattress in my room you can sleep on, ok?  We can take mareep up with us” Holly smiled.  Isis had a happy, yet depressed smile on her.

  “Thank you so much…..”  She said as she picked up Kiokamun without waking him up.

  “You should stay here for a couple of days before heading off again, take a break from your hard training, and suffering, give your pokemon some good rest as well, ya know?”  She said picking up Mareep, and splashing a pail of water on the fireplace.  Isis had a big fat grin across her face.

  “Of course, I’d love to!!”  She smiled.

Meanwhile further in the night……………….


  Isis tossed and turned in her sleep muttering ‘no, leave me alone’.  She gripped her blanket very tightly.

   In a dream she was in, she was in an alley as a young little girl.  She was cornered in a dark alley by these three young bullies, and they were all kicking, punching, and……..well…..touching her.  She screamed in fear hoping someone would come and help her.  She didn’t know anyone in her dream that could help her, until she saw a bully get knocked out.  The other two turned around until they were knocked out as well.  Isis looked ahead of her, and saw a young boy her age panting, and holding a metal bat in his hand.  Isis knew this kid in her dream, as she ran up to him, and nearly tackled him, suffocating him in a bear hug, and drowned him in tears more than the rain drops could for the both of them.  He dropped the bat, and hugged her back.  That’s when Isis woke up.

  Isis felt a tear creep down the side of her cheek.  She turned to her side.

  “….Who was that kid I knew a long time ago when I was younger…?  I never got to know his real birth name……why did that have to happen!”  She thought to herself.  She tightened her grip on her blanket.

  “That was such a long time ago, yet I keep dreaming about my past……..and it makes me feel like it wasn’t as far away as I think….”  She closed her eyes, and tried to sleep again, until she heard a big slam outside.  Isis flinched awake again, and kept hearing a slamming sound.  Isis threw a fist on her air mattress, and muttered to herself.  She got up, and gathered her back pack (she assumes) with her pokemon inside, and crept outside quietly, not knowing that someone else followed her out.

   Isis looked around the farm yard as well as forcing her eyes to stay open.  She walked out a little more, and then saw something hitting a small wooden shed with what almost looked to be like whips.  Isis ran over to the shed not knowing what would be there.  When she got closer, she slowed down.  Pretty soon, she was able to see what was there.  A bulbusar was trying to break into the little shed by slamming its vine whip on the door.  Then it tried a razor leaf that just bounced off of the shed doors leaving some cuts in the wood.  Mareep were ‘baaa’ ing in the shed.

  “Hey, get away from there!” Isis said.  Bulbusar turned around, and growled.  Isis got a closer look on it.  It seemed to be a darker shade than regular bulbusars, as well as darker eyes, and it had a cut scar down the right eye.  Its spots were different than a regular bulbusar as well.

  ‘Hmmm……maybe I could catch it…”  Isis thought.  She took out what she thought was Nami’s pokeball, until a bright blue flash tried aiming towards the bulbusar.  Bulbusar dodged, and hopped on top of the wooden shed.  Isis looked around, and saw a mareep.  She looked like she was breathing deeply, and had a bandage around her head.

  “It’s that same mareep that I found injured….why the hell is she out here……its like 3:00 in the night…”  Isis thought out loud.  Mareep stepped forward, and struggled to conduct electricity.  When it hit the top of the shed, the bulbusar took one last big leap, and ran away.  The mareep and Isis just stood there blankly, until the mareep fell to the ground exhausted.  Isis ran to the mareep.

  “You shouldn’t be out here, you’re hurt!  I’ll carry you inside if you promise you don’t come following me out here like that again…” She said.  When she picked her up, she felt a quick static shock, but it quickly stopped.

  “Hmmmm…..you’re really out of it…..”  Isis wondered.  As she walked to the house, she looked up at the night sky.  She could clearly see the stars in the sky.  There was no moon out, and there were just a few clouds flowing.

  “This sky is pretty………..  I’ve never seen the night sky this clear before…”  Isis whispered.  She heard a soft buzz as the mareep baaed softly in response.  Isis just kept gazed up at the starry sky.

   “…..I shouldn’t, I really shouldn’t, but I feel like lying on this grass and watching these stars go by” Isis said while sitting down and plopping her back on the ground.  Mareep crawled up next to her, and lay on her back as well.  She pulled out the bag full of pokeballs she brought out, and realized they were empty.

   “Hmm…..I must have been really tired, this isn’t even my bag, and these pokeballs are empty…”

  “Lets just hope no rocket comes by…” she said as she suddenly started falling asleep.  Mareep touched Isis’s chin with her nose, but Isis just kept sleeping.  Mareep then decided she needed to rest up a bit.

           As the night went on, three shadows were sneaking up to the small shed; they had a hammer, and a saw with them that they were using on the hut.  Baaing was heard in the shed, but only loud enough for mareep to hear.  It was like everyone was in a deep sleep.  Mareep struggled up to her hooves, and took a couple of steps forward to see what all the noise was about.  She then saw the three shadows carry out three bags that almost seemed to move a little.  Mareep created a small zap of electricity to distract them.  Mareep then suddenly saw the shadows get bigger and bigger until mareep could see what they were.  Three run down farmers were standing in front of them.

  “Hey ya George, here’s another mareep!  And…….there’s a girl layin’ in front of it!” A southern accent spoke.

  “Well, take em both then, both could come in handay!”  Another said with the same accent.  Mareep tried to run away, but two tackled it to the ground, and tied it up in rope, while they tied Isis up, and took her and mareep away.....


     Maiumi woke up with a head looking like a poodle in the morning.  Except the sky was starting to get cloudy with white and grey clouds.  Her pichu jumped up to hug her.

  “Well good morning, pichu!”  Maiumi giggled until Holly slammed into her room.

  “Maiumi!  Isis, and that mareep are gone, but all her pokemon, including her brown fluffy thing is here!!”  Holly said.  Maiumi looked confused.

  Isis is gone, but her stuff and her pokemon are still here?  What has she gotten herself into now?”

  “I have no idea but…..the SHED!”  Holly gasped.


       “MOST OF MY MAREEP ARE GONE TOO!?” Holly yelled as she kicked the door so hard, it broke in half.  Maiumi stood there shocked.

    “Ehh….so what do we do now?” Maiumi grinned nervously as she made her index finger’s touch.  “This isn’t good….” Maiumi thought.  Holly had a really pissed off expression on her face.  She picked up a riffle.

   “Maiumi…….it’s those DAMED HILLBILLIES AGAIN!!” She literally screamed as some pidgey flew away from the tops of trees.

       “Meanwhile deep in the forest of tall pine trees, there was a small paved trail that wound around a small village of log cabins, and trailers, and tents.  Small pokemon roamed around as well, and the mareep were all centered in fencing, as well as the mareep that was once injured.  When Isis woke up, she felt like she was sitting in a pot full of cold water.  In fact….she was sitting in a big pot of cold water…and also she was naked.  Isis woke up immediately putting her arms around herself, and her knees shrieking. 

   “Why the hell am I naked in a pot!!!??”  Isis wondered.

  “Cuz my wife likes your clothes” A hillbilly grinned with these yellow rotted teeth.  Isis glared with one of her eye’s twitching.

   “That’s…..so….gross...” Isis gagged.

  “Hey, George, she’s awake now!” He chuckled.    Around the front of the house stepped out a big huge oversized hillbilly with just overalls on.  He had a flower on his overalls as well, and his hair color was a messy blond.

  “Well howdy little fiancé.  Your mighty purrday today” He grinned.  Isis’s jaw dropped to the ground.  His FIANCE?  Since when did she agree to marry this goof ball?  Let alone if it was even legal.  This man looked to be either in his late twenties, or early 30’s.  And this guy looked even more disgusting than the other guy.  He seemed to drool a lot because of his extreme loss of teeth.  He only had around five left in his mouth, all brown, rotted, and ready to fall out of his mouth.  He was extremely hairy, and his toe nails!  His toe nails had brown, green, and black mold growing around, on and under them!  Isis felt acid building up to her esophagus as he stepped closer, and closer, and then trying to pull her out of the pot.  This guy also seemed to be a pervert as well.  Isis right then couldn’t hold it in anymore, and ended up getting a green acid on his chest.  He let go, and right when he did, Isis got up and ran, not caring she was butt naked.  Another disgusting thought in her head was that she heard whistling around her.

   “I can’t BELIEVE THIS!!!” Isis panicked until she saw a hamper hanging a pair of overalls.  Isis’s eyes widened.

    “Clean clothes!!!”  Isis thought in her head as she rushed over.  She tugged the overalls from the hamper as she could hear that same fat hillbilly supposedly named George calling her “little purrdy red haired bonnet.    She almost shrieked but covered her mouth instead with her newly claimed attached to her occupied hands.  She slipped them on exactly where she was, and started running around like a mad chicken looking for a sign of help.  She slid in the dirt when she saw George’s back towards her.  She bit her tong as she forced her lips back into a frown.  She dashed in the opposite direction hearing him holler ‘There yer are!”  She swore this guy was drunk, she swore it.  She ran behind a small old maroon house put her back against the wall and caught up with her breathing for a few seconds.  Isis dashed her head around to find any good ideas.  Her face lightened up knowing that right at her feet was her buckle up black shoes.

  “Ha, at least they didn’t take the shoes!”  She grinned as she fastened them around her back ankles.

  “Now to get ou…….”  Isis froze.  She thought about the last night.  That mareep was with her…what if she was here?  And she tightly closed her eyes hearing a loud pitched squeal, predicting that thought.  She peered around the house, and saw the long skinny hillbilly that she saw before that ‘George” guy picking up two mareep, and putting them both in a small rounded pig pen.

  “Ok, George, you got a bet.  If your mareep Tash can kill this other mareep, you definitely get dibs on that girl, ok?  If you loose, you have to clean out my tauros yard, and his hinny!”   Isis felt like a trading product.  She could not believe what she was hearing out of these two.  She took a closer look at both of the mareep.  One of them were kicking at the dirt like they were about to charge madly at the other one.  But the other one…had a bandage around its head.  Isis gasped as she saw the other one violently ramming into her while those god damned hillbillies were cheering it on.  Isis had no othet choice.  She looked around her, and found an old rusted shovel, as she immediately grabbed it, and flew over at the pig pen.

  “HHRRRRAAAAHHHHHGGGGGHHH!!!”  She roared as she jumped over the small pig pen, and picked up the injured pokemon, and jumped back out.

  “Hey, there’s your little red headed bonnet running like the speed of sound!” One of them yelled from behind.  They sadly weren’t as far behind as Isis would of of wished they were.   The ground vibrated as George ran though.

  “Now to find a way out of here, find Holly’s farm, and WOAH!!”  Isis blurted out.  A young lady about her age that looked like a skeleton stood in front.  She had dark brown pig tails that had straw stuck in it.  Her eye sockets, and cheeks were sagging, but she was only a little girl. (witch would be very frightening by the way)  But that’s not what slowed Isis down, oh not at all.  She slowed down because she was wearing Isis’s outfit.  Isis almost gagged.  She smelt like all the rest of them, a pile of dung.

  “Hey, thanks for the clothes, I really needed em” She grinned with only one tooth in her mouth.  Isis kept staring at her with these blood shot eyes, then ran away until she bumped into this big fat belly that made her fall back to the ground landing on her shoulder blade.  She then felt this smelly rubbery surface put pressure on her head.  George was stepping on it.  Isis felt like she was going to pop.

  “Hey there litte purrdy red headed bonnet……  Let’s make looove while I win you over with this fight” He grinned.  Isis grinned her teeth together trying to ignore the pressure put onto her skull.  She looked at the mareep in her right arm squinting her eyes closed.  She glared at this new not for long fiance of her’s.  And she quickly switched the shovel to the right hand, and the mareep to the left.  Under her breath could be heard “Why the hell would I marry a moldy old maggot like you anyways!”  George looked down confused until she wrapped her legs around his left leg, and literally stabbed the shovel in between his legs.  He let out this vibrating howl of pain as he held himself jumping around like crazy.  Isis got up trembling from all that pressure.  The mareep was still tight in her arms until she fell to the ground again because the fact that George’s fall vibrated the ground near them.  Mareep rolled out of her grasp until she immediately launched for her again, and ran.  George was hollering and whining stuff like “Why did you hurt my dill pickle!!!”  Isis turned around as the others backed away from her.

  “She’s not a safe little girl, I can guarantee that much” Another random hillbilly said.

  “I gave you all the loving you need from me, now  I’m out of here, and if any of you come near me, I’ll…..I’ll beat you to a bloody pulp with this shovel!!”  Isis threatened.  She has never felt, nor even ever had felt this angry, used, and demanding before.  And in a way….it kind of felt good to her.  She gasped in a big heap of breath, and took off through the woods, not knowing if she was going back to the farm or not.  George had these huge steams flying out of his eyes as he watched Isis run away.

  “She’s gone….my purrdy red headed bonnet ran from may……….I feel so shot down….”  George whined.

  “Its ok, George, at least we have most of the mareep from that ‘Holly’” The tall skinny grinned.  The girl that took Isis’s clothes cam up by her husband’s side, and patted his back.

  “She’s not comin back for the outfit, and the mareep, is she?”  She asked in a southern accent.  The tall skinny Hill Billy turned around, and gave her a hug.

  “Naw…I think we scared her” He smiled.

  “……….You smell like a rotten fish that’s been swimming in Tauros manure…..I like it.”


  Isis still was running through a bunch of woods that stretched thousands of feet above her head.  She looked back once and a while to make sure NO one was following her.  She kept glancing down at the mareep also.

  “Just hold on, ok?  I won’t let you get infected and die, you got that?”  She panted.  From a distance ahead of her, she almost could hear voices calling her name. She slid in the prickly dirt to stop and hear what was going on.  She wasn’t going crazy.  She could faintly hear, but she could recognize Maiumi’s voice in the callings.

   “Maiumi…”  Isis said under her breath.  She started to run again.  The voices seemed to get louder and louder.  Isis dropped the shovel, and put mareep on her back.

  “Guys!!  I’m over here!!”  She hollered out, until she tripped down a hill, and felt the back of her head get hit hard on a boulder, and that knocked her out for quite some time.  Mareep looked at her worried, and baaed loudly.  It seemed to last for about fifteen minutes, but a small pichu raced down the hill, and Maiumi and Holly followed.

  Isis is knocked out…”  Maiumi said.

  “She has the injured mareep with her….mareep, WHY did you follow her last night?  You got yourself in a whole heap of trouble!”  Holly questioned as she picked up Isis with her own strength.  Maiumi picked mareep up.

  “We should hurry to your house, cuz!”

   “I’ll call my best friend to help heal these two!” Holly grinned.



    About an hour later, Isis woke up in a bed in an old, but nice, and cozy house.  The mareep was right next to her.  The back of her head hurt so badly, her vision kind of doubled.

  “Don’t move too much, you don’t want it to become worse” Holly said.  Isis slowly laid her head on the left side on the pillow.  She could barely focus, but she could finally tell it was Holly.

  “…Holly…am I ok?”  Isis asked under her breath.

  “Not now, but I promise you that you’ll live, I guarantee it.  I called my best friend for medical help, and she’s on her was down now.  And she can help Mareep too.  Isis took a deep breath.

  “uhhnn…. How’s Kiokamun….and my others?”  Isis sighed.

  “They’re fine, in fact, Kiokamun’s at the foot of your bed” Holly grinned as she leaned against the door entrance.  Maiumi tried squeezing through the door way.

  “Have you heard of a concept called ‘excuse me?” Holly frowned.

  “I don’t care right now.  Isis, you’ll be ok, won’t you?”  Maiumi asked like she was a little 5 year old. (she’s 7)

  “Maiumi, don’t go asking people stuff when they’re skull was bleeding on a rock for god knows how long, ok?”  Holly said.  A bell rang outside, like it was a cow bell.

  “She’s here!”  Holly grinned.  Maiumi stayed there as Holly went downstairs.  Before she knew it, Holly was at the door, with the same nurse at the pokemon center, Sam.  Maiumi’s jaw dropped.

  “Well hi, Maiumi!  I didn’t know you were a cousin of my best friend!”  Sam grinned.  Sam was dressed like a punk rock nurse joy, having a grey and black uniform instead, and she seemed to have dyed her hair a silvery grayish color.  She still had around 5 piercings on each ear, an eye brow piercing, and a nose, a lip, and a tongue piercing.

  Ok, So Isis got herself in more trouble already?  Lemme see….Hmmm… Ok.  I have a shot for her to take, and this will help those sealing molecules to speed up its job at healing the wound on her head.  It should take one day for this to fully heal.  Then this shot will help her vision to not blur up again.”  Sam grinned holding up two shots.  And for this mareep…she just needs a simple shot of full restore, nothing too too major, just a lot of scratches, and bruises that make her weaker.

  “Well, I’m mighty proud you’re able to come, and help!”  She smiled patting Sam on the back.

  “Oh, it’s nothing at all!  Besides, I’m takin 5 days off from work anyways, so I can stay here as long as you need me to!”  

   After Sam finished giving both of them their shots, her, Holly, and Maiumi exited the room, and shut the door.  Isis was already knocked out, and evening was just around the bend. 



  “Hey, cuz, pass me the chicken wings!”  Maiumi said.  Holly was kicked back in a chair around the wooden table in the kitchen.

  “Get it yourself” Holly lazily said crossing her arms behind her back.

  “Too bad Isis can’t eat this chicken, its gooooooood” Maiumi gobbled as she drooled all over her chicken.  “Sam, how do you cook so well?”  Maiumi asked ripping chicken off a leg with her teeth.

  “It’s not me that cooks; it’s my little mini gifted chansey, EggBomb that can cook good!”  Sam smirked pointing to this small chansey.  Maiumi stood up, and saw a miniature sized chansey bouncing up and down holding a chicken wing.

  “Hmmm…interesting…” Maiumi replied.

  “I’m tired, let’s go to bed…”  Holly yawned as she got up, and put her plate in the sink.  Maiumi turned her head towards her cousin.

  “But cuz…I’m not ti-“

  “I didn’t say you…but then yet, you go to bed as well” Holly said.


  “Damn it!  Jus go to bed, we need to rest up for tomorrow, because we need a come back to those damn hillbillies!!”  Holly said as she raised her voice.  Maiumi sighed.

  “Just listen to her for right now, k?”  Sam winked.


   So about 10:00, everyone was sound asleep in bed.  Sam, and Holly shared a bed, while in the same room, Maiumi slept in the twin bed (poor Maiumi all alone)  In Isis’s room, Mareep was curled in a fluff ball in a small doggie like bed in the back corner.  Kiokamun was still curled up at the foot of her bed.  Isis tossed and turned in her sleep.  She was having another dream.

  In her dream she was standing on a very skinny extremely tall tower that lingered above a whole city.  If she looked down, she would see everyone, and everything she knew in the city below her.  For some strange reason, tears were flooding out of her eyes, and making sparkles drift away from her face.  She was tied in a maroon ribbon, and strands dangled out, and blew with the wind.  The sky was a mix of orange, blue, pink, purple and red.  She looked above her head, and saw stars twinkling from far away.  She looked down again, and she could see George running away with mareep which was baaing like crazy.  Isis only stared sadly.  She knew she was crying for help.  Naithan was being slashed by dark pokemon, and he didn’t seem to fight back which was really unlike him. And Damien was laughing because he was walking Soulru and Shadowru by leashes.

         Isis looked up from the city, and ahead of her.  She saw Latios looking into her eyes, while whining, and holding out a hand.  Isis struggled to touch his hand.  He kept whining even more for her encouragement.  Isis made it to where she was ripping the ribbons.  Her expression was all squeezed up, and she closed her eyes tightly.  Eventually her arm was loose, as she opened her eyes, and touched latios’s hand.  But when she did, the touch glowed, and she was suddenly spun around very crazy, and quickly.  When she stopped spinning, she was looking the opposite way as she was before.  Isis tried gasping, but she couldn’t, but her eyes were able to open widely as well as she kind of blushed.  Before her, she saw one of the most beautiful creatures she had ever seen.  The figure was very tall, and was kind of muscular at the same time.  He had these two darkly glowing orange curling horns on the sides of his head, and had long floppy mahogany ears that waved out in the air.  His eyes were bright golden towards the center of the pupils, and the colors got darker towards the outer edge until they were red. Slightly long hair that turned black at the tips waved, and hung over parts of his face.  His fur was a darker red, like clay color almost.  The fluff on his stomach was orange as well as some splotches of red here and there.  And His wings… his wings were too beautiful, but almost weak looking yet they were so hard, and almost impossible to describe.  His long tail was glittering, and shining in the setting sun light.  It had a series of warm colors, almost a rainbow of sunset colors.

   The only thing wrong with him was his expression.  His eyes were at to a certain point where they looked sad, yet so gentle.  It made Isis wonder what was wrong.  He slowly raised his right paw up in the air, and took the hand that was once touched by Latios.  Isis flinched from the reaction.  His paw had a firm, yet soft grip on her hand, until his other hand rested on her arm, and pulled her towards him. The ribbon around her loosened, and revealed her in a white silky bed gown. Isis herself had no oppression or shock then as she was then held in his fuzzy arms.  Isis closed her eyes.  In her mind, there was nothing better than hugging something so soft and cuddly.  And right when she woke up softly, one word rose in her head, and she whispered it to herself.  Kiokamun. 


  Isis opened her eyes, and it was just dawning outside the window.  Her vision was getting a little bit better than it was before, and her head didn’t hurt as much as it did.  Kiokamun was huddled next to her head in a ball still sound asleep.  She heard foot steps outside her closed door.

   “Here, lemme check if she’s getting better” She heard Sam say as she opened the door.  They met eye to eye instantly.

  “Oh, hi, Isis didn’t know you were already awake yet!”  Sam grinned.  Isis just nodded.

  “So…..do ya see any better that you did before?” Sam asked.  Isis just nodded again.

  “…..You’re so quiet…speak up” She suggested.  Isis moaned in a grumpy manner as she turned her head towards Kiokamun, and pet him, away from Sam.

  “Look, you’ll get better by this afternoon, and you’re good enough to get up, and walk around.  And tell me…just exactly how did you end up unconscious on a boulder?”  Sam asked casually crossing her arms, and leaning against the doorway.  Isis yawned, and then turned her head towards Sam.

  “I woke up in a village of people that didn’t even know the concept of the ‘bath’.  They still have the…oh shit” Isis frowned putting her hand on her eyes.  Holly walked in.

  Isis…where are my mareep?”  Holly asked kind of angrily.  Isis squinted moving her fingers out of her eye sight.  Was that Holly?  …..Yeah...it was. 

  “Umm……the…eheh …hillbilly village?”  Isis spoke nervously.  Holly’s face curled up with anger.  You could hear her run down the stairs shouting “I’LL GET THOSE DAMNED HILL BILLIES AND MAKE THEM BEG FOR MERCY!!”  Holly screeched throughout the house.

  “Heh… well, anyways, I think I should go help find her riffle…”  Sam said while taking her first step out the door, but Isis stopped her.

  “Sam wait” Isis said.  Sam rewound herself back to her previous position.

  “Hmmm?”  She said.

  “…..How’s Naithan doing?”  Isis asked.  Sam smiled after having an ‘oh’ expression.

  “He’s doing alright, his cut is healing up mighty good….he’s gonna have a scar though….but that’s ok!   Now get up, and gather your things, including mareep over there” Sam smiled pointing at mareep in the corner.

  “O…k?”  Isis said.  She got out of bed, and got dressed into her extra outfit.  Her baggy torn black caprice and her short button up striped shirt, and stripped stockings.


   Meanwhile outside, the sun was just coming up.  Isis stepped out of the house with Kiokamun in her arms asleep, and mareep trotting behind her. Maiumi was training herself by kicking, and punching a punching bag.  Though personally to Isis…she wasn’t doing a very good job.   Since it was lighter outside, Isis could start to faintly see that this farm didn’t just belong to Holly.  There were about two more houses around the big field that was surrounded by pine tree woods.   One house was a log house, and a man about three inches taller than Holly lived there.  He had a small fenced up circle where he kept about 7 swinub in.  The other house was made of bricks, and she had a slightly bigger fenced up section than the other guy had, as well as a small shed.  She kept about 4 miltanks in there.  Both the other lady and the other guy were talking to Holly.

  “And I have no other choice but to barge in there, and get them back!  I’m gonna need Maiumi’s help, so I’m training her ass off so she can help me by tonight.  If they get in my way, I’m blasting their heads off! I don’t think you guys want to join in, now, do you?”  Holly said.

  “Well, I wouldn’t mind, they tried taking my piloswine” The guy said.

  “I’d be honored to help; they tried taking away my good fresh milk from the miltank that I send to the pokemon centers!”  The other lady said.  Isis walked closer to them to get a better look.  The tall guy had a red cap facing forward on his head.  He had a plaid red button shirt, and regular light blue jeans, and brown boots.  He was an older guy, very skinny, bony, and pale.  He was about maybe his late 40’s early 50’s Isis thought.  He also had a long neck with that lump on it that some guys have.

  The lady was slightly plump.  She also had paler skin with some smudges here and there.  She wore overalls over a regular pink T shirt, and her very dirty blond messy short curly hair was put into two small pig tails on the sides of her head.  She looked to be about in her middle 30’s.


    “Ay, Isis!  You doing better?  Because you’re gonna be leading us to their village, I need to get them mareep back!”  Holly grinned.  Isis squinted at her.

   “Uhhhh…. I don’t know where they live though…”  Isis moaned rubbing her head.  Holly kneeled down to her.

   Isis….” Holly started.

   “Hmmm?”  Isis blinked.

   “Will you take this mareep as a present in return of your help for getting my mareep back?”  Holly begged with passion.  Isis felt a sweat drop crawl behind her head.

   “This isn’t some proposal, is it?”  Isis asked.  Holly stood up.

   “It’s a proposal to ask for your help” She said.  Isis was confused now.  But she nodded yes anyways.  Mareep could be useful on her team.  If she could train her to become a better battler, then she could overcome the mareep that attacked her before.  Besides, it’s a type she never trained before, and electric.

   “GOOD!  Now, let your new mareep, and start trainin it with some of their pokemon, ok?”  Holly grinned.  Isis’s eyes were droopy.

  “…..ok” She yawned as she looked down at Kiokamun, then mareep.  Mareep sat down and stared up at Isis with these big begging eyes.

  “Ok….umm you wanna join our group, …..mareep?”  Isis yawned again.  Mareeps eyes narrowed.  She walked up to Isis to nuzzle against her leg, but when she made contact with her, Isis woke up with this jolt of shock vibrating throughout her body.  Kiokamun felt the same, and woke up.

  “…I’ll take that as a no..?”  Isis said while getting up from the ground.  She felt a hand touch her shoulder.  Isis flinched, and turned around and saw it was just that one swinub guy.

  “Hi, I’m Tucker, and I guess you’re Isis, right?”  He smiled closing his eyes.  When Isis was right next to this guy, she could notice that he had a bunch of nose hairs.

  “Well…..I guess my eye sight is better…”  Isis thought.  “Ya, I am. “

  “Then let’s go, and have a battle, your new mareep against one of my swinub, ok?”  He smiled.  Isis looked down at mareep.  She had a mad expression on her face.  She wouldn’t blame her; she had been used for like a punching bag.

   “Rrrrreeeaap!”  Mareep baaed.

  “Well, ok, lets get it on!”  Isis slightly smiled.


    Isis and Tucker were a few yards apart from each other.  Mareep was in front of Isis, while swinub was in front of Tucker.

   “Alright, swinub lets go!  Use your take down!”  Tucker shouted.

   “Get ready to jump and head butt!”  Isis said.  Swinub hopped down towards mareep.  Isis personally thought it was slow.  Mareep surprisingly jumped, and did what it was told, and then kicked it away.  Swinub bounced along the ground with no control and slid.  Mareep started charging at swinub.

   “Uhh…tackle?”  Isis confusingly said wondering why she’d jus do that.  Hmm…. No wonder, she’s mad about all the pokemon abusing her…”  She mumbled.  Swinub got hit again, tumbled, and fainted.

   “Uhh……a little rebellious, don’t ya think?”  Isis smiled.  Tucker rubbed his chin.

   “Its breathing in deeply, I think it’s not very happy” Tucker said.  Isis rubbed her head in embarrassment.  The other lady came up, next to Tucker, and put an arm on his shoulder.

  “Well let me take care of her with my strongest miltank, my name’s Mandy.  Let’s battle.

  “Ok!”  Isis grinned.

 Just moments later…………..



            BOOM!! Without Isis’s order, mareep literally rammed its head into Miltank’s rollout so hard, it shocked miltank, and it literally flew, dropped, and made a small indent in the ground.  Isis was just a wee bit scared the fact that this mareep was going crazy.  Though she would need this type of spirit later in the future.  Mareep knew she won the fight, so she walked all cutely up to Isis, sat down, and stared at Isis with these puppy eyes.

   “Tsk Tsk Tsk, what am I gonna do with you?  Oh….still need ta give you a proper name, don’t I?”  Isis thought for a little bit.

   “Shocker…no, too boyish, sparkle…nah, too preppy….umm fleecy….nope too cutesy… umm…Felicity!”  Isis thought putting up an index finger.

   “You’re the Fierce Felicity from now on, is that ok for you?”  Isis smiled.  Felicity baaed happily, yet angrily at the same time.  She jumped up, and down, and hopped on Isis, which made Isis get a small but shocking jolt of electricity.  Isis froze for a second, and then laughed.  Mandy walked up to her.

    “Your mareep is crazy!”  Mandy complimented.  Isis turned towards her.

    “Uhh...thanks!”  Isis smiled.  Maiumi started to run up to them, and then came to a halt.

   Isis! Let’s battle!  Your mareep against pichu!” Maiumi hyped.

    “Ok” Isis said.  Maiumi pointed at mareep, and pichu jumped from her shoulder.

    “Piiiichu” Pichu growled.  Isis let Felicity down, and Felicity knew just what to do.

    “Quick attack, Pichu!”  Maiumi cried.  Pichu zipped in the air to collide into Felicity.  But Felicity somehow at the moment knew how to time herself.  Right when pichu collided with her, Felicity the mareep used head butt to send pichu back flying almost instantly.  It landed in Maiumi’s chest, and they both fell to the ground.

    Isis…..ahem…your mareep is on steroids!”  Maiumi said sarcastically.

    “Ehe…..hopefully not” Isis said thinking of Sam.  Holly and Sam stepped out of her house.  By this time, it was around 1:00 pm.  She walked up to Isis, Maiumi, and the other two which were watching the battle before.

    “Ok, you know what?  Screw this training thing, we’re going in now!”  Holly said as she made her rifle click.  Isis and Maiumi looked at her with these ‘what?’ faces. 

      About 15 minutes later, they were walking through the forest on dirt, dead pinned pathway winding through pine trees.

    “How long does it take to get to the village?”  Maiumi asked.

     “About 4 hours” Holly said looking at her watch.  Maiumi sighed.

    “I want to go back; I don’t feel like kicking some hillbilly stinky butt…”  Maiumi moped.   Holly glared down at her.

    We’re getting the mareep back weather you like it or not” Holly growled.  Maiumi moved away from her a couple of baby steps, and then jumped behind Isis, which was carrying Felicity in her arms.  Kiokamun walked in front of her.  Sam was on the left side of Holly, while Isis was on her right.  Mandy, and Tucker were behind them.

    “Sooooo… What you all wanna talk about to pass the time?”  Sam asked.  Everyone shrugged at the same time.

    “Ok, I have some stories ta tell all you ladies!”  Tucker smiled.  Holly closed her face up.

    “Not this again….”  She spoke under her breath.  Isis, Maiumi, Felicity, and Kiokamun were close enough to tell what she had said.  But they didn’t say anything in return.  And about 3 and half hours later, they knew what she really meant.

    “Well, I told the swinub to get some exercise, but they just stared at me.  They kept staring, and staring, and staring at me.  I wondered what was wrong that day.  I finally fed them, and they stopped staring at me, and ate.  Then I got a phone call.  Who was on the line?  My grandma.  She asked me if I could mow her lawn for her….so I did.  And I got a whole 10 bucks for it.  The most I had made in my entire life……”  Tucker kept blabbering along.  Mandy was laughing her head off.  But everyone in front was suffering in boredom.  Maiumi whispered to Holly.

   “Please…for the love of Irish cheese…..tell him to shut up about his dull life!”  Maiumi pleaded almost silently to Holly, until they bumped into a tree with carvings in it.  Everyone was at a halt.  Holly walked up, and read the carvings.  It said welcome to Hilly Bob town.

   “We’re here….”  Holly said seriously peering around the tree.  The village was exactly as Holly, and Isis remembered it.  They stood there for a moment

   “Well…..are we gonna enter, or what?” Maiumi asked.  They slowly walked in.  The village ground was all dirt, and weeds.  A bunch of garbage, lumber and metal scraps were lying everywhere.  And the smell stunk of fresh dung, and piss.  Something like a port potty.  Maiumi covered her nose.

   “Gahhh…I’m gonna die here” Maiumi complained.  Holly grinned madly.

   “Now I’m gonna find those fuckers, and make them pay.  Sam stayed with Holly.  Tucker, and Mandy went another direction, and Isis, and Maiumi went off on their own.

   Isis, you were just here, where were the mareep?”  Maiumi asked.     Isis shrugged.

   “Somewhere in here…”  Isis replied.  All three of them (Isis, Maiumi, and Kiokamun) then felt a vibration under their feet.  And again… and again…

   “I…sis…..what’s making the ground vibrate?”  Maiumi looked at Isis’s face.  It was disgusted.

   “Something you’re about to know, that you don’t want to know…”  Isis said, as George appeared around the building.

   “Ahh…she returns to me!”  George drooled.  Isis’s face was turning slightly green.  That same foul smell was reaching her nose.     Maiumi looked away, and covered her mouth.

   “You…..you took my mareep…  Give it back, hun” George said nicely.  Isis glared twitching one eye.

   “Pokemon abuser….”  Isis said.  George gasped, but in a retarded way.     

    “And why would I do that?”  George questioned.  Isis glanced at Maiumi which was looking away horrified with her hands over her mouth, and nose.  She looked down at Kiokamun which had a disgusted look as well.

    “WHY? WHY??  Because you bet that other retard that if your mareep KILLED the one I’m holding, you could have me as your wife which will only happen in your dreams!!”  Isis shouted with a tight shaking fist.

    “Well, I don’t have to kill it…we can still be together otherwise” He cooed as he started walking forwards.  Maiumi flinched with a small squeak, and ran behind Isis, and kept looking away.  Isis stood back a little in intimidation.   Isis closed her eyes tightly.

   “KIOKAMUN, FORCE!!”  Isis commanded.  Maiumi almost gasped.  She had never heard a person she trusted before command a pokemon to attack a human.  Even though in her opinion, he didn’t seem human.  Kiokamun lashed out a wave of dark crimson clear energy that made George slide back only a couple yards.


   “Let’s have a competition, lovely.  I want a pokemon battle between your mareep against me Tash” George grinned goofingly.

   “Huh…?”  Isis twitched.  George punched his chest, and belched out this extremely loud, vibrating, and stinky burp that made everyone’s hair blow.  Isis covered her mouth with Felicity’s fleece.  Maiumi squeaked closing her eyes tightly.  Out behind this house came trotting a flaafy.  It jumped in the air, and landed on his feet.  He had vibrant flashes form his horns and he baaed madly.  Isis noticed that Felicity was struggling out of her arms.

    “Felicity, not so fast!”  Isis strained.   Felicity shocked Isis, in order to get free.  She jumped out, and growled fiercely. 

    “This is Tash, my flaaaaafy.  He will kill your fella’s down, and you won’t have anything to protect ya from me then…”  George smirked while this green drool came out of his mouth.  Isis covered her mouth.  What a disgusting jerk she thought.  Felicity ignored anything from Isis, and started charging towards Tash.  Tash held Felicity’s head, and leaned against it, while Felicity was running in place.  Tash let go, and immediately kicked her in the face with extreme power.

   Felicity, just listen to me this time!!”  Isis started to panic.  Maiumi thought to herself.  Isis, don’t panic...not now...I don’t want to face this guy!” 

    Felicity got up with her left eye closed.  She seemed to get damaged pretty well.  But that didn’t stop her.  She wanted revenge.  She charged again.

    “Felicity!”    Felicity jumped up, and flew down head on with sparks forming from her horns.  Tash just stepped out of the way.  Felicity was helpless.  She landed in the dirt, and was almost immediately kicked away again.  This time, she was lying on her back with a bleeding jaw.  She stared up at Isis.  And when Isis looked down at mareep, she realized what she had feared all this time.  She had a fear against beaten up pokemon.  Abused pokemon.  Bleeding pokemon.  And this battle….was a death arena….. Isis looked down at Kiokamun.

   “Kiokamun…get in there, and help Felicity, please” Isis begged under her breath.  Kiokamun looked up and nodded.  Someone she could always trust was Kiokamun, even though she constantly worried about him.  Kiokamun took one step, until a gun fire was heard.  Isis almost screamed.  But no one was dead.  She looked to her right.  There were about 4 hillbillies sitting up on the roof, two of them were that skinny man married to that young starved girl that took Isis’s outfit.  It was covered in dirt, and possibly poop.

   “HEY!  You heard George!  Only use your mareep!”  The skinny one said then clicked his gun.  “Or I’ll blast that little brown thing’s head off.”  Isis’s pupils got smaller.  Kiokamun growled at them, until Isis immediately stood in front of Kiokamun.  If she lost Kiokamun, she wouldn’t know what to do.  She gazed down at Mareep.  Mareep rolled over on her hooves, and pushed herself up.  Tash smirked, and started to charge.  Felicity stayed there.  Isis had no idea what was going on.  Then she realized why Felicity just stood there.

   “Ahh!  Thunder bolt!”  Isis snapped before anything else could happen.  Felicity charged up, and electrocuted Tash good enough to get a small zap of energy out of his system, but it did make him paralyzed, and stand back.  Isis slightly sighed in relief.  Maybe Felicity was finally coming to her senses again.  But she still wanted to take this bastard down.  Felicity took slow and limping steps towards Tash.  Tash still stood there with that evil grin on his face.  Maiumi finally looked over Isis’s shoulder.  Isis looked at her.

   “Are you finally done cowering in fear?”  Isis said annoyed.  Maiumi stepped back waving hands in front of her face.

   “Oh, no, I’m not cowering, I just can’t stand the smell, and it’s less stinky behind you because well…” Maiumi lied tilting her head towards George.  Isis looked at the small battle arena.  Felicity baaed.  She sounded exhausted.  Tash took slow, but faster steps towards Felicity than she could manage.  When Tash put his hoof hand on her fleece, she shocked him.  He then rammed his head down in Felicity’s back, which made her jaw bang into the hard dirt.  Now her jaw started to bleed as well as her nose.  Isis gasped.

   “Felicity!!” Isis screamed.  She felt some tears come out of her eyes.  Yes, this was indeed her fear.  She looked up at that George guy.  She narrowed her eyes at him.

   “You know what!  If you keep doing this to her, I won’t become your wife, EVER!   So Stop making her bleed to death!!”  Isis screamed hoping he would play along, until a pitchfork flew passed her nose.  Isis trembled a little bit.

   “SHUT UP DOWN THERE!!  STOP SCREAMING YOUR HEAD OFF!!” Another yelled.  Isis bit her lip, and looked at the battle.  Felicity stayed there frozen. 

   “No…she couldn’t be…”  Isis struggled to say until she saw a gleam of light.  Tash still was holding Felicity, and picked her up by the neck.  By that time, her body softly glowed white.  Isis kind of calmed down.  She was now at a better chance since she was evolving, but she was still at the edge of fainting… more likely bleeding to death if this kept up.  As she kept transforming into what Tash was, it was harder for him to hold her up.  While she was glowing however, she kicked him away in the jaw.  Tash fell back, while Felicity fell on all fours when her transformation was almost complete.  Tash struggled to get up because of his paralyzed position he was in.  Felicity was done with evolving into flaafy as Tash took a steady pace towards her.  She pushed herself on her feet, and panted.  Isis took a deep breath to make a command.

   “Bash him in the head with head butt!”  Isis said loud enough for only Felicity to hear (she hoped).  By this time, Maiumi was starting to bug Isis.  She was just standing there watching the whole thing.

   “Maiumi….go find your cousin….”  Isis muttered to her angrily.  Maiumi looked up at her.  Isis glared.  Maiumi swallowed nervously, and obeyed after nodding slowly.  Isis watched the battle.  Felicity obeyed, but she did it weakly.  Her, and Tash were head against head now.   While staring at both of them just trying to push each other weakly down to the ground, she finally had found a question to ask herself.  She looked at George.  Why hasn’t George given a command to Tash at all through the entire match?  She knew pokemon had a will on their own to battle, but why wasn’t he at least helping his pokemon?  She looked at him again.  Then she looked up at the hillbillies on the roof top.  She kept thinking of a theory of why they were doing this to her.  And she realized after Felicity was thrown to the ground, and was getting kicked.  It was such a simple answer; she had no idea why she hadn’t thought of it before.  NONE of these people had an education.  They settled things by violence, and they took other’s property for probably their survival, and maybe even food.  They’d make two fight; one gets killed, and they all eat the victim.  Isis’s stomach stirred at that thought.  They might have wanted to eat Felicity, another possible reason they didn’t want her to win this fight.  Felicity over all besides her current condition did look healthier than Tash.  Isis shook her head.  She needed to think of a way to get her, and everyone out of this alive.  She had no potions, barely any money, and not even a box of band aids.

    After a multiple number of kicks from Tash, Felicity rolled away leaving three small trails of blood.  All she could do now was crawl.  Tash had a huge advantage, and she was bleeding all over.  Isis started feeling tears come out of her eyes.  She had no idea what to do.  She was too weak now to dodge…unless if she kept rolling around.  Tash started to walk towards Felicity.

   “Felicity, I’m so sorry!  Uhhh…try rolling away from him as much as you can…?”  Isis sobbed.  Felicity could listen to her suggestion, and rolled away.  Tash kept following her.  She was hoping that Maiumi, and them would get here soon.  Tash suddenly stopped in his traces.  He struggled moving his feet, but he couldn’t do so.  Felicity weakly lifted he head, and saw what was going on.   Isis had just a little bit more confidence now.   Felicity crawled forward now towards Tash.  Tash still couldn’t move, and noticed her approach. 

   “Thunder bolt, you can do it…” Isis thought.  Felicity struggled to put her front hoof on Tash’s foot, when she did she shocked him almost senseless.  Tash fell on all fours now.  Everyone’s heads faced the people on top of the roof.

   “HEY!!  FIGHT BACK YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING PINK THANG!!”  One of them yelled as they all started to do the same, and threw stuff.  Things like bottles, cans, and glass were being thrown at Felicity, but mainly Tash for not trying as hard as they wanted him to.  Isis had enough.  Her teeth were grinding against each other while she looked down sniffing.  Her fists were shaking, and then her shoulders.  She was going to run in. 

   “HEY!  What the hell is this little fucka doin?”  A hillbilly complained as a bunch of stretching vines threw the gun to the ground.  Isis looked up and saw the gun was out of their hands.

   “NOW KIOKAMUN!  LET’S GET FELICITY, AND GET OUT OF THIS HELL!!”  Isis screamed.  Isis dashed, and picked up Felicity not stopping.  Kiokamun was right behind them.

   “HEY!!  GET BACK HERE, PURRDY GIRL!!”  George shouted until two vines choked him around the neck, and pulled him down to the ground.  Isis quickly glanced back, and saw George just getting up, and a small dark green figure running after her.  Isis’s eyes widened, but wasn’t as shocked as she thought it was before.  It was just that bulbusar that tried breaking into the shed a couple of nights ago.  Ya…. She thought.  The bulbusar helped them.  She didn’t know why, but it was helping them get away.  Until she saw the bulbusar’s vines stretch out, and grab her, Felicity, and Kiokamun.

   “HEY!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”  Isis asked.

   “Bulba!”  Bulbusar croaked.  So all of them were just getting dragged along in the air, and they watched all the corruption they had caused.  Everyone was running around like crazy, some angry hillbillies were chasing off Tucker, and Mandy, while Sam and Maiumi were surrounded by them.  They seemed to be heading that direction.  Isis’s vine seemed to stretch out even more, and she and Felicity were heading towards the outside of the circle.  Isis bit her lip.  The bulbusar was planning to push all the hillbillies down.  Isis closed her eyes.  She felt enormous force as she rammed into everyone surrounding Sam and Maiumi.  Then bulbusar let her go.  She tumbled in the dirt while clutching onto Felicity tightly.  Kiokamun bit bulbusars vine, and simply jumped down to the ground.

    Sam and Maiumi burst towards Isis which was just getting up from the ground.

   Isis, you ok?”  Maiumi asked.  Isis nodded.

   “Where’s Kiokamun?”  Isis asked. They all looked towards Kiokamun, and bulbusar, which were now facing George himself.

   “Why you little bitch….”  George smirked.  “Come here, you, I’ll protect ya” George said while stomping towards Isis.  Isis backed up. Kiokamun, and bulbusar jumped in front of them.  Right when something bad was about to happen, BANG!!!

   George looked over his shoulder.  Holly was there holding her rifle that was pointing to the sky.

    “ALL RIGHT!!  GET AWAY FROM THEM, NOW!!”  Holly screamed with this evil demonic look on her face.  Tucker, and Mandy were right behind them, and they had all the mareep grouped up with them.  George looked over his shoulder.

    “But…..don’t shoot me….shoot this brown thing heah!”  George grinned picking Kiokamun up.  Kiokamun bit, attacked and did anything possible, but he would not let go, let alone could he even squeeze free.  This guy’s hands were enormous.  Isis was shocked.

    “LET HIM DOWN!!!”  Isis screamed as she kicked him in the back of his enormous leg.  George dropped Kiokamun, and turned around to pick up Isis.  Isis could barely breathe, and her head was turning pink with blood.

    “This little brown thing is nothing but pure evil!  It has horns growing out of his head!”  George said.  His breath was disgusting.  Isis squinted.  She opened her mouth to speak, but she was too crushed to even do so.

    “So come with me back at my house, and well have……a……li….ttle…..fu….”  He said until his eyes got all droopy.  Isis was thinking ‘what the hell is going on now?’.  Holly and Sam walked up closer.  He was in a still position.  He still stood up, his big huge feet kept him standing that way.  His arm slowly dropped.  The creepy thing is he had a slight smile in his face that was looking down at Isis.  Maiumi backed away, and quickly ran towards Tucker, and Mandy, which were at a pretty good distance away.  His grip loosened a slight bit.  Holly poked George with a curious look on her face.  Sam grabbed George’s arm, and lowered it.  She then forced the hand open, and Isis got free.  She gasped for breath.  Kiokamun came up by her.  She noticed that when he grabbed her, Felicity fell on the ground.  Isis immediately picked her up, and stepped back from George.  Sam took his hand, and put her fingers on George’s wrist.

   “…….Holly……he’s….I feel no pulse throughout his body…..he’s dead…”  Sam said concerned.  Isis backed away scared of this.  She was only 9 years old, ya know?  Though she acts really mature for her age……  She was hugging not only Felicity, but now she had Kiokamun to hug.  She was crying.  He died…while he was holding her with one hand…smiling.  Maybe he died happily.  But….how did he die..?

   “Holly….found something here…”  Sam said looking at his bare hairy back.  A very small shot looking thing was in his back.  It was made of glass too.  She pulled it out, and saw writing on it.

   “……Quick poison…..”  Sam read.  “Someone from far away shot him with a quick effecting poison that killed him almost instantly…”   Everyone, just get away from here, he’s eventually gonna fall to the ground.  When Holly walked towards the rest of the mareep. Maiumi ran towards her, and started wining in her lap.  What a baby.  Nothing happened to her.  Isis however walked towards the rest of them while shivering, and shaking.  She didn’t look back. Isis felt a nudge on her ankle.  Isis gasped.  She looked down, and saw bulbusar walking with her.

    “Bul…busar...”  She sobbed.

    ISIS!  GET OVER HERE!!”  Holly yelled.  Isis remembered.  Away from the dead person at all costs in her mind.  Isis met up with them, and asked what was going on.

    “Look….just forget what happened here…  Sam’s going to spray your new flaafy with a healing spray stronger than full restore, ok?  The wounds on this fella should heal up to an hour at the longest, ok?”  Holly said.  Isis nodded.  She looked down at Felicity in her arms while Kiokamun got down to the ground.  Sam came up and sprayed it with the bottle.  Then she gave her another spray bottle.

   “I’m not really supposed to give any trainer these potions, but just in case, you might need another one of these” Sam offered.  Isis nodded as she grabbed the spray bottle.  Isis felt a tap on her shoulder.

   “Bulba!”  Bulbusar said.  Isis gazed down at him with these wide teary eyes.  Maiumi bent down to him.

    “He…he has a collar!”  Maiumi said.  She read the golden leaf shaped label on this maroon collar around his neck.

    “His name is Thorn…..  And he lives on 1275, latido lane in Eyegoshi Town/Perrah region.”

    “Hey, I know where that is!” Holly grinned.

   “Huh….?”  Isis spoke softly.

   “It’s your next destination if you want your next gym badge.  Down this path right here is where you go” Holly explained.  Isis faced all of them which were facing away from the village.  From a distance, she saw George’s corps fall to the ground with a loud, but distant thud.  Isis for some reason kept gazing over there while Holly and the others were talking to her.  Nothing seemed to happen….until she saw a figure walk up to him.  From a distance, she could tell he was pretty poor. He had a grey, beaten t shirt, with a hat and brown shoulder length hair.  He also had black, grey, and white cargo short jeans.  It took a while, but her heart stopped.  He was going through the bodies overall pockets, and took out what seemed to look like a pokeball.  She took a couple steps back wards.  She put Felicity in her new pokeball, and without thinking, she did the same to Thorn the bulbusar which looked confused when she did so.  She kept backing away while putting her pokeballs in her bag.  Holly and they were still chatting happily to her.  Isis then quickly grabbed Kiokamun, and ran.  She ran down the road that would lead her far far away from where she was now.

   “….Isis?”  They all asked themselves.  But Isis knew exactly why she ran, and so did Kiokamun.  And there was only one thing that answered it.  Damien.