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This is my first fanfic.  I hope you like it. I'll eventually be able to send in fanart as well! Well thats pretty much all i have to say before i start the fanfic.So here you go!
The Journey of pokemon
    There was a legend.  A legend that helped humans and pokemon live in harmony and peace.  But beforethen, the world was enslaved.......................
    A long time ago, there was a kingdome where an evil and wreched family lived.  They pretty much ruled the world, and if anyone disobeyed their orders, they would get the soul sucked out of them.  But even though they were mortal, they wern't ordinary people.  And as if they were told to rule this world.
    It was a family of four. One mother, One stepfather, one son and a daughter. The step father was the king.  He however ruled the world because of how good of a pokemon master he was.  His team of pokemon here at levels higher than level 100, way higher than 100 that is.  Both of the children wanted to become pokemon masters as well.  So one day, the children were old enough to have their own pokemon, but since there wernt any labratories at that time,  they made the people in all the kingdom to hand their pokemon over to the children, even if they wernt on high levels (infact they wernt even to be allowed to have high leveled pokemon.  If the pokemons level was above 20, they would have to hand their pokemon over or their life.)
    But one was never caught.  A young girl however did not follow these rules.  She had one pokemon that was very out of the ordinary indeed.  This was a pokemon that at night glowed a bright light.  It looked as if it was related to the three legendary pokemon,raiko, entei, and suicune, but had no relationship whatsoever.  It had a fur coat of pure white, two long horns as if it was upon a dragons head, three long tails, and brown stripes.  It stood a foot larger than entei. It was a mighty pokemon. Its type unknown to the common but the girl claims that its a soul type pokemon since it is not quite like a ghost type.  She called him (now hes a guy, hes no longer an it) Soulru. 
    One day however,  the king was bothered about people kept beating his children in pokemon battles, so he made those people hand there pokemon over and become non rights slaves for the children, until the children came across a young girl.  the children fought the girl, both lost on the first turn.  The king was outraged because of how strong this pokemon was and ordered the girl to hand the pokemon over.  The girl said, " I cannot let you take my pokemon.  It is too hard for you to control. My reply is no"  Than even outraged before, he ordered every single knight to make the girl hand the pokemon over, yet she still refused.  And with a flash, she dissapeard.
    The king made the citizens loose to his children in pokemon battles, or they would perish.  The Queen (wich is the mom) tried to calm the king, but his rage was too powerful to control yet she couldn't do a thing.  Then, a cold voice wispered over his shoulder.  "Let me take care of the girl............ it wispered.  She is one of our sworn enemies.  We even have a device you can use to rule this earth.  We would of used it, but it can only work with a mortal......." The king listend to the cold voice.  Soon, the world was in total control by the king, but.....the girl still remained the same..... pretty soon the girl finally stood up for the world, and went to face the king. "finally, every single being on earth is under my control" the king spoke.  Then a voice said, "not quite yet."  The king turned around. It was that same girl the same way as she had always been.  HEH HEH, YOU WISH LITTLE GIRL. YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO ME!  The king tried to use the device to controll her, but she did not bow down. IMMM..IMPOSIBLE!  YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE BOWING TO ME!  Still she didnt bow.   THATS IT! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A FIGHT!  You might not think it is fair to use 6 against1, but this didnt stop her. At the end after one blow, all of his pokemon were finished.
IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO WAY! When he tried to use the device to control her, the girl said"  ........the spirit of pokemon is not happy about this.  You will fall. inside the palms of her hand was what looked like a pendant that started to glow.  "....Soulru, use forbidden power........." Then soulru unleashed an enormus amount of energy, strong enough to whipe out 20 mewtwo at once. It made the device shatter into many pieces, and they flew in diffrent directions.  Then she said, "my work here is done, now you are like everyone else." She walked away, leaving the king nothing.  Momments later, the cold voice came back.  I thought we had a deal!, said the king.  "we did have a deal, but you failed me........therefore you shal pay.  The shadowwy figure flew over to the king and sucked the life out of his living body.  "there may not be anything we can do now, but the world will fear our power.  It might take a few centuries or even more, but they will fear us.........."
2nd part of prolouge
That was the first part, this will be the second part. And this part of the prolouge will go with the fanfic more.  This is during the time when Ash Begins in the Joto region.
    On a stormy night, a suicune ran across the sea back to its island. But something was chasing the suicune. A zapdos flew down, and tryed to defeat the suicune, but the suicune was too fast to catch up to.  Eventually, the zapdos couldnot see the suicune anymore, so it flew away. When suicune finally made it to its island, it looked up at the sky, knowing that something bad might eventualy happen.  It slowely walked back to its cave, until it came across an egg. The suicune looked at this egg curiously, and then decided to take care of the egg until it hatches.  
    The next morning suicune woke up and saw the egg rolling around everywhere.  It then rolled twoards suicune, and then the egg exploted. As suicune flinched, a young little skueeky voice was heard. KYYO, the voice said. Suicune looked down and saw a little pokemon sitting infront of it.  It had a body simular to pikachu, big long floppy ears, a long fluffy tail and its coat was brown."keeoh, it said again while it walked up to suicune and started to nuzzle it. Then the suicune decided to take care of this little pokemon until it was able to go out on its own.  But a month later, all that changed.  A boat was sailing toards the island, and troops of team rocket were stealing pokemon from the island. Suicune and the little pokemon tried to sneak out, but they were caught.  Then both of them were suddenly inside a big room.  It looked as if it was a battle arena.  A voice said, let me test your streinght, suicune.  Suicune growled at the voice. A man apeard and threw out a pokeball with a persian in it.  As they battled, the baby pokemon looked at suicune fight like never before.  But then it noticed a dark shadow in the room. the shadow suddenly swooped down, and not seen by anyone but the baby pokemon, it started to suffucate the suicune. KEEEEOOOOHHKKAMMUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the baby pokemon said.
     The suicune fell to the ground.  Then the shadow slowly walked twoard the pokemon.   At last, the remainer of them, KIOKAMUN......................the cold voice said.  Kiokamun was horrified. It toook one look at suicune and started to run away in tears.
    Kiokamun ran out in the wilderness still crying and then it came across a dragonair.  The dragonair let kiokamun ride on its back.  The dragonair and kiokamun talked in pokemon language to calm kiokamun down.  they flew everywhere across the region of kanto, johto, and even houenn. and then when kiokamun felt safe, another storm came and was even stronger than before. 
    Dragonair tried to do its best to get to shelter, but then kiokamun could,t hang on much longer and let go.  Kiokamun fell in a raging river and got carried away. Dragonair tried to  find where kiokamun went but all was hopless. Kiokamun got washed down a river and there was nothing dragonair could do.  Eventually, kiokamun finally got wash on the side of the river, but was uncintious. And this is where The Journey of Pokemon begins...............
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