A Missing          Adventure

       On an island far out with the rainbow islands, lived a house.  And in this house lived a 7 year old girl, who was supposed to go to bed, but instead stayed up, and played her game boy, with a hand me down blue version.  This girl's name was Kima.  She had neck length brown hair, and hazel eyes.
       "OK, Jolty, use your take down!", Kima ordered even though it was only a game boy battle.  On the screen was a jolteon ramming into a picture that didn't even look like a pokemon, but a backwards "L" picture blob thing.  The creature's HP went down to the red section.
       "Now, time to use my lucky ultra ball!", Kima thought outloud.  The game threw the ultra ball, and actually caught the creature, and it stayed.
       "Hurray!  I caught MissingNo.!", Kima cheered  raising a fist in the air.
       "Kima, sweetie, you have school in the morning, so you should sleep now", Kima's mother said while opening the door to check on her.
       "Oh, OK.  Besides, I already did my duties.  Isn't tomorrow the last day of school before summer?", Kima asked.
       "Why yes, sweetie, and then we can have some fun at the beach," her Mom replied.  "But now, just rest up a bit."  Her Mom came in, and tucked her into bed, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
       "Good night."
       "Good night," Kima replied while going off into dreamland.

Meanwhile outside on another part of the island...................................

        On a cliff, you could hear two pokemon climbing the side of the cliff.....or are they pokemon?
       "Ha!  I got to the top before you could even get to the half point!", a creature said in pokemon language.  The other creature got to the top, and started to glare at the creature that just spoke out with his ruby like eyes.
       "Shut up, and just show me what you wanted to show me, Chad," He said.
       "OK, Blake, you don't have to be pissy'bout it.  Its not my fault your an even bigger loser than an average MissingNo.!", Chad replied with an evil grin.  "Now, see how there's a pokemon there?", Chad expained.
       ".............Its just a rattatta," Blake said.
       "So, but watch what I can do to this rattatta!", Chad said.  With his tail, that was attached to a string, that led to a kite, he swung his tail around, and made a wave at the rattatta.  The rattatta was now walking around as if it was drunk.  The rattatta then shook his head, and started to run away.
       "How'd ya like that!", Chad bragged.
       "Ya, well if you can do that, I could probably do it too," Blake said.
       "Oh please, Blake, you couldn't even pick up a rock," Chad snorted.  But the truth is is that when I came back from my vacation, I found out that us MissingNo. has been granted power, so we can make others fear us!  And the more power we get, the better treated!  So, I'm gonna get a cage, and capture someone, and take it to Doomsday Isle!  I'm gonna be the first to get granted power from the almighty Agathar!", Chad explained.
       "He's evil!  Besides, he's dead anyways, and he might not even be real!", Blake yelled.
       "Oh, he is very real!  The ancient Houndoom is very real!  And in my book, he's definitely the Doomsday, that legends talk of!  And I'm getting that great Doomsday power!  I'll be unstoppable!!  Hahahah!", Chad chuckled even louder.
       "OK, so what's so great about this guy anyway?", Blake asked.
       "Dumbass!  He's the pokemon that was used to slay the ancient kings slaves and prisoners!  He had slain over 500 men, and pokemon combined!  He was the most feared pokemon of all time!", Chad told.  "I'd love to stick around to show you more of my stunts, but I sure don't want to be seen a loser around here!", Chad chuckled when he walked off.  Blake glared at him.
       "He wants to be Agathar so much, he's gonna suffer too much.  Too bad for him," Blake thought outloud as he walked off.  And he went to his little cave, where he always lived, and slept til dawn.

In the morning at school.......................................

       "Now class, today since its the last day of school, our last thing that we'll do, is to play with a couple of pokemon trainers pokemon!  So lets go outside, in the yard, and go see them, BUT, make sure that all of you are as close to the building as possible, because of the trouble makers out there," said a young teacher.  As they went outside, one of Kima's friends whispered to her in her ear.
       "I bet I know why the teacher doesn't want us wandering off," the kid said.
       "Why?", Kima asked.
       "Haven't you heard that there's a creature that's been multiplying on this island that  is too harmful to be even considered a pokemon.  I forgot what they're called though, but I'm staying inside the entire summer!", he whispered.
       "Wow.......... I still think it should be a pokemon.  All the students stood in a straight line, and they all watched the pokemon trainers throw out their pokemon.
       The first trainer, which was a teenaged girl with short purple hair, and capries, and a t shirt threw out six pokemon.  She had a primape, a victeribell, a parasect, a aipom, a torkal, and a sableye.
       Then the other trainer stepped up, and this one was a small boy with messy reddish orange hair, and casual clothes threw out six more pokemon.  His pokemon were beedrill, murkrow, crocknaw, seviper, pigeotto, and a togetic, which stood out the most.
       "Oh no, not a togetic!", Kima thought.  Kima looked down, and a tear was starting to crawl down her cheek.
       "Are you starting to cry, Kima?", the kid next to her asked.
       "I'll be fine!", Kima sobbed, as she started to run off into the building.
       "Oh my......not again," the teacher thought.

Meanwhile back at Blake's little cave............................

       ".....Damn, I'm tired.......I should sleep more often," Blake said.  He scratched his tummy, and yawned.
       "I'm hungry........lets go see what Matty is doin,'" he yawned as he started to walk off.  As he creeped along the sidewalk, making a thick fog everywhere, he ran to a dead end of an alley, where there was a trash can, with a aipom in it.  Then the fog started to clear up.  Blake stepped forward into an alley with a dead end.  At the end of this alley, was a trash can, and when he looked into the trash can, he found an aipom inside, munching on an already eaten apple, and searching around fish bones for scraps of food.
       "Hey Matty, what's up?", Blake asked.
       "Huh?  Oh, Blake, I thought it was a human, or somethin," the little aipom replied.
       "Apparently not, Mat.  Hey, do you have any food?", Blake wondered.
       "Nah, but have ya heard of the rumors that have been floating around this place?", asked Matty.
       "They're saying that people are gonna go try, and build a machine to get rid of all the MissingNo on the island!  They're so afraid of you guys that they don't wanna deal with u guys in person!  And besides, I'm even scared of you guys, but I know that you wouldn't hurt anyone..........would you?", Matty said.
       "No... I can't believe that people are afraid of us, and pokemon but why?  I mean, I don't wanna hurt no one," Blake explained.  But what Chad did last night.....cause it wasn't normal.  I think something is goin on, and I would go out and do something about it.....but I'm too weak.  I just wish I was stronger.....," Blake moped.
       "Hey, it'll be all right, Blakey boy," Matty said.
       "And Chad said something about visiting Agathars grave, and taking his power for his own!  I mean, he might not even exist!  He just wants to show off, ya know?  Its kinda making me pissed off, Matty!", Blake explained.
       ".......Well I'm sorry, but I have know idea how I can help you there, ya know," Matty replied.
       "Thats OK.....I wasn't expecting you to help me in any way," Blake said as he started to walk away.
       "O...........K," Matty finished to himself, as he put the lid on the trash can.

Back at the elementary school......................................

       "Kima, accidents happen, sweetie, and that one happened a long time ago.  Please stop crying," the teacher said nicely to her when she found Kima crying in a corner with her knees up to her chin.
       "I.......CAN'T!!!," Kima sobbed.
       "Then at least come out, and you can sit by me while I take care of some things", She replied putting her hand on her shoulder.  Kima then rubbed her eyes, and her nose, and looked up at the teacher.
       "There there, its all right now", she said nicely.  The teacher held out her hand, and Kima grabbed it, and they walked out of the building.
       When the walked out onto the steps, Kima saw all her other classmates playing, and petting the pokemon.  When Kima spotted the togetic, she'd quickly look down.
       "Why'd you hafta die, togetic?", Kima thought while a small tear ran down her cheek.  That's when she took out her game boy with her old blue version inside.  Since it was the last day of school, the teacher didn't mind at all that she had a game boy at school. 
       On her game boy screen, she made the character she called Tom towards the edge of cinnabar island.  She made her blastoise use surf, and she made the character go down, when she was interrupted by the music the game played when you'd run into a wild pokemon.  On the screen, it showed a pixel blob named M at lvl. zero.
       "My missingno knows sky attack, so I'm gonna use that", Kima thought.  When the Missingno used sky attack on the M, when it attacked it, M's picture was even more distorted than before.  And then her game seemed to crash right then, for a few seconds, and then it came back on again at the battle she left off.  The screen shook up and down a little, and not only M fell, but her Missingno fell as well.  Her screen then said "Missingno fainted!  Wild M was defeated!".  Then, her screen turned black, instead of white, and she went into another battle!  But this time, a ghost appeared, and on the screen with the readable text, it then said" Hahahahahahahah" with some pixels in the text as well.  That was when her game crashed again.  So Kima turned her power off, and turned it back on.  But where it said continue, it wasn't there.  Kima was too sad to even care at all there anyway, so she just turned her game off not caring of what just happened, and buried her face in her knees with her hands crossed.

Mean while on the beach of the island.......................................................

       Blake was just strolling along kicking up the sand, and making some other pokemon annoyed.
       "Hey, oddball, keep kickin dirt in our faces, and I'll rip off you legs!", a krabby yelled.
       "Run, and hide everyone!  Missingno are dangerous, and can kill you!", another said.  Blake glared at them all, and they all glared back.  Thats when all of them attacked him.  Since Blake wasn't a big fighter, he flew in the air, and landed in the school playground, but where he was, no one was there.
       "Owwwwww," Blake complained while holding his head, and shaking it.
       "So...had fun at the beach, Blakey boy?, a familiar voice said.  Blake looked up with his ruby eyes, and found his annoying rival in front of him grinning meanly at him.
       "Yah, sure.  Now if ya don't mind, I'm going this way," Blake said to him, but then Chad reached out a paw, and stopped him.
       "And where do u think your going?", Chad said.  "I'm not finished."  Then he pushed him back.
       "What the hell, Chad?!  Can't you just give it a rest for once?!", Blake yelled.
       "Give what a rest?  I just want to spend time with you before I head to Agathar's grave tonight!", Chad replied.  That's when from the other side of the playground, one of the pokemon from the trainers came along with a few kids.
       "Hey, a pokemon battle!", One kid yelled out.  All the other kids got excited, and ran over.
       "Kids, stay over here!", the teacher yelled while running over where everyone else was.  That's when Kima was alone.  She looked up, and she got up, and went around the opposite way around the playground.  When she got to what everyone else was there about, she saw both Chad, and Blake having a pokemon battle.  Then she noticed that they looked just like a pokemon that she ran into before.
       "They look so framiliar....," Kima said out loud remembering that memory.

       "So, Blake, ready for me to finish it off?!", Chad yelled at him.
       "Who said the battle was over?!", Blake yelled back.   Right then, both of them were pushing each other, skull to skull.  That's when Chad swung his tail, along with his kite, and knocked Blake to the ground.  Thats when Kima had a strange feeling.
       She remembered not just long ago about what happened to her game boy.  And when she saw their battle wasn't doing anything special (Chad was waiting for Blake to get to his feet), she thought that the same thing that happened on her game boy was gonna happen in real life.  So foolishly, she started to run towards them yelling, "Stop the fight!"
       "KIMA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!!!", the teacher screamed.  Chad was then launching an attack at Blake.
       "Your both gonna die!", she yelled at them.  That's when Blake noticed Kima running towards them.
       "Chad, STOP!!  THERES A GIRL COMING YOUR WAY!!,"  yelled Blake in language only pokemon can only understand.  She then got into the way the attack was headed, and got hit.  She  started to feel like she was falling back in slow motion.  Her eyes wide open like she was seeing something very weird.  That's when she heard a voice.
       "Foolish girl, don't you know a missingno when you see one?  Now you must suffer their curse!", the voice said to her.  She then disappeared infront of everyone's eyes.  Everyone gasped except Chad, and Blake.
       "Great job, Chad!  Now, everyone hates us!", yelled Blake.
       "Yah, like I care about what happened to her!", he yelled back as he started to run.
       "I'm getting Agathar's great terrorizing power whether anyone likes it or not!  And I'm heading to that great road of victory this evening!", Chad yelled.  Blake got up from the ground, and looked at all the class.
       "Ch........children, head back into the building this once!", the teacher yelled really scared.   Blake sighed.  And then he went off to the beach again, considering, what can he do to help anyone?  He's not even a pokemon, so who would want his help pokemon or not?  That's when he got to the beach, and looked out at the ocean.  That's what he did for the rest of the afternoon, just watching the ocean................. poor thing.

Later when it was time to pick up the children from school..............................

       "What do you mean my daughter disappeared in thin air, she surely is somewhere," Kima's Mom told the teacher.
       "Well, there were these two pokemon I've never seen before, and well your daughter ran out to where they were battling.  I don't know why, but I got the police out looking for her right now, I'm terribly sorry," the teacher responded.
       "We have the police everywhere, I'm sure your daughter will be found," the teacher said nervously that time.
       "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  YOU SHOULD BE FIRED IN A CASE LIKE THIS!!!  YOU ARE GOING TO HELP ME LOOK FOR MY DAUGHTER WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!"  The teacher had a very nervous face on her then.  Outside of the school building were a lot of police men, and cars.  And as both of them walked out of the school building, one of the police men came up.
       "I'm sorry mam, but there is no evidence anywhere about what might of happened to your child," he said.  Then, her Mom broke in tears.  The teacher tried to make her feel better, but it was no use.

Meanwhile in well..........who knows where................................................

       Kima slowly opened her eyes, but she couldn't believe where she was.  She was floating along a very dark narrow path that was covered by a small stream that had just bits of sparkles to it.  When she floated towards the end of the pathway, it ended up in a very dark room, with a step platform in the middle, with a softly glowing shrine on it.  And then, she saw a girl............just a little bit older than her though.  She was competely white, and her skin, and hair glowed softly.  She even had wings from her back.  And her thick glowing hair floated out (like for example, take suicunes moving hair like it was the ocean waves).  Kima sat up now, but was still floating slowly towards her.  The girl smiled, and said, " Hello, young pokemon.  You must have fallen a terrible fate.  Let me ease your weariness," she said.  Kima was totally confused.  Since when was she a pokemon?
       "But.....I'm no pokemon, I'm a human girl, named Kima," Kima replied.
       "Clearly, you are a pokemon in my eyes.  My eyes do not deceive me, young Togetic.
       "WHAT DO YOU MEAN TOGETIC?  I'M A REGULAR LITTLE GIRL!  ARE YOU BLIND?!", Kima yelled.  That's when everything started to swirl in circles, and faded away.  That's when she opened her new eyes slowly, to find herself on a beach.
       ".....Where am I?", Kima thought outloud.  She got up, and she appeared to be shorter than usual.
       "Is this really how short I am?", Kima asked herself, but when she looked down, she saw two white feet, with only two toes.
       "What?!", Kima paniced.  She started to run towards the water, she saw her reflection, and she wasn't herself at all.
       "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!", she screamed.  That's when she accidentally flew up in the air.
       "What happened to me?!  Is this really happening??!!", Kima shrieked.  Then she heard a magikarp talk to her.
       "Wow, a togetic!  Whats wrong being one of those, girl?  A togetic is a very lucky, and pretty thing to be!  There's nothing wrong with that!", the magikarp said.  Kima was shocked.  Never in her life that she could understand pokemon!
       "You can talk?!", Kima asked suprised.
       "Of course I can!  Can't everyone?", the magikarp laughed as he swam away.
       "Wait!!," Kima cried.  Then she looked around quickly, and then she started to fly swiftly.
       "Wow, this is fun though!  But what about my other life?  Since when did I become a togetic? How can I become a togetic.  As she passed by lots of other pokemon, she heard comments about how lucky it is to see one, and stuff like that.  Then, she bumped into something, and she fell into the water, since she was flying over the shore.  When she got her head up out of the water, she heard a young immature voice.
       "Oh great!  Are you gonna yell at me, like everyone else does?", he said.  When she looked up, she saw a creature that stood on two legs, had arms, two floppy ears, and a tail with spikes on it.  And it looked as if a kite grew out of the tip of his tail.  He also had a mix of a brown, lavender spots that covered his body, and ruby eyes.
       "No, why?  Do you get push around a lot or something?", Kima responded.
       "Wouldn't you like to know," he said.
       "Well, I'm really sorry I bumped into you like that.  My name is Kima.  And you might not really get this that much, but I was just a little girl not long ago, and the last thing I remember was two pokemon battling each other, and I jumped in, but that was it.  Now, for some really weird reason, I'm a togetic.  So who are you?", Kima asked.
       "Uhhhhhhhh.....Blake," Blake responded.  "I'm not really a pokemon, but ya know what I mean, right?", Blake said.
       "Well,......don't get freaked out, but I'm kind of a Missingno," Blake mumbled.
       "Really?  Those exist?  I think those other two pokemon that was battling on our playground were missingno, cause my mommy told me bout them, and said they're not good at all, and can kill you," Kima said.  Then they hered a voice from far away.
       "Hey, Blakey boy!  This is the last time you get to see me like this!  When I come back, I'm gonna destroy the entire Island, and control all the pokemon that walk among it!  I'll smell'ya later!", Chad yelled rudely to him.
       "Oh no!  Then, I'll never get to see my mommy ever again!  I gotta follow him!", Kima said shocked.
       "Go after him?  Yeah right, like you can do anything," Blake said.  Kima then looked at him straight in the eye.
       "So then come with me!  If you know him, and he's gonna do something bad, then we gotta stop him!", Kima told him.  "Ya know what?  You need a little more self esteem than you do right now!  I almost think that that's the bastard that turned me into what I am now, am I right?", Kima said.
       "Yah, probably," Blake replied.
       "So then, lets follow him!!," Kima shouted, and grabbed his hand, and dragged him along.
       "You know where he's headed off to?", Kima asked.
       "It should be just that island not too far from here, see it?", Blake said.
       "Yah, I do!  Lets go, I'll fly, and you........ummm you.......swim?", Kima asked.
       "I can back sail since the wind is facing in that direction", Blake said.
       "Then lets go!", Kima yelled out.  Kima flew, and Blake, not caring at all where they were headed to, floated on his back, with his tail kite blowing by the wind carried him along the ocean waves.  Blake had no intention of doing what ever they were doing, just because he never thought he could ever do anything special.  And they set off to a small, but yet haunting island called Doomsday Island.....................

There's chapter 1!  It gets more exciting after this chapter, so I hope all of you enjoy!