Missing Adventure part 2.

       The sky was a dark pink, purple, orange mix color.  And the ocean water carried these colors as well. 
Chad was practically almost there, while Blake and Kima, which was a togetic followed along.
       "Come on, we gatta catch up to him!!", Kima squealed.  Blake rolled his eyes.
       "Whatever", Blake said.

Meanwhile on Doomsday isle.......................................................

       "Hehehe...  Here we are!",
Chad said to himself while looking upon the island.  The island had a lot of palm trees, but in the middle of the island, there was a huge sculpture of a giant skull of a houndoom.  There were also grave yards all over the place.  As Chad walked closer to the giant sculpture, the mouth was open, and when chad went inside, he saw a hole in the cave with a sign over it.  Alright then, let’s go down!  Then Chad had posed like he was gonna jump, but he paused.
       "..........crap!  I need some one else, so I can sacrifice them!",
Chad thought out loud.  Looking back, he felt a breeze flow through his head.
       "Eh, might as well take a look at least",
Chad said while shrugging his shoulders.  Chad ran towards the hole, and jumped down.

       And about the same time, Blake, and Kima arrived at the island.

            “Where are we?”, Kima asked.

            “It’s only the place where we were headed!”, Blake replied.

            “You wail too much, lets go search!”, Kima said childishly while grabbing Blake’s hand, and pulling it.  Blake’s ankles made trails in the sand.  Blake had a grumpy expression on his face, but he listened to her, just in case if something did happen if he didn’t.  And considering to what the pokemon on their home island said: “ A MissingNo. Always comes last”, a pokemon said once.  Pokemon, humans, land, water, sky, even terds come before a MissingNo!”  Blake rolled his eyes.  Then he remembered something else.  “And you know what that means?  If a MissingNo even insults anything, but themselves, they have to pay the consequences!  Don’t even insult our poop!”, a taillow said in the past while pointing its wing towards a pile of dung.  “Even your poop comes before you!”, it said.  Just by hearing that taillows voice made Blake pissed off as hell.  Both of them then came along a small shrine on the side of the giant skull.  Kima read out loud:

            “Danger to all those who believe in spirits, and ghosts.  An evil spirit haunts this island, him, and his remains rest down the hole inside of the giant skull”

            “That’s what Chad wants, he wants the power of that evil spirit!”, Blake mentioned.  Blake took a closer look at the sign.

            “You can actually read this crap?”, Blake asked.

            ‘Yeah, I can read this sign.  Its not crap, or whatever that means”, Kima answered as she went opposite of her previous trail.  Blake rolled his eyes, and mumbled, “youngsters”, and followed along.  Surprisingly, this girl actually knew where she was going, but of course, it’s probably simple to her, considering that the giant skull was right there.  Right then when both of them were in front of the skull, the top jaw started to close. 

            “Oh no!!  We gotta get in there!”, Kima squealed, as she gripped Blake by the thumb, and swiftly flew in before it shut on the ground.  Another thing was that she seemed perfectly fine in her new body, almost as if she lived under its skin for years.  Inside, it was almost pitch back, except the light coming from the nostrils, and the eyes of the skull.  Two torches by the hole lit up by themselves.  That’s when Kima squealed in fright.  Blake didn’t do anything at all, possibly because he was used to sudden surprises.  Blake walked towards the hole, and the small wooden sign by it.

            “Hey, you can read this crap, right?  See what it says…….uhhhh……please?”, Blake finished just in case if someone was watching.

            “Ok!  But remember, what I’m reading is words, and not crap”, Kima settled.  The sign said this:

            Only those brave, and great enough to contact the dead are allowed inside.  Amateurs beware, always.  Same with everyone else---“, it finished with the marker on the “e”, smearing downwards like you’d see when someone writes a message before they get murdered by the killer.

            “Well, then, we can’t let him destroy my home, we are going down there!”, Kima said while grabbing Blake’s hand.  Blake started to shake in fear, but got yanked down the hole by Kima into nothing but darkness………

Meanwhile with Chad……………………..

            Chad waked down the narrow, chilling hallways, with torches on the wooden, tree like walls lighting up by themselves every time he ventures deeper in the dark.

            “Interesting……….”, Chad managed to say, right when he was interrupted by an average girls voice.

            “Hey, whatcha doin' here, bud?”, the voice said.  Chad fell back on his spine, and found a misdreavus slightly glowing in front of him.

            “I came to take Agathar’s soul, that’s what!”, Chad said while he got back on his feet.

            “Is that even what they call that dude?  Hmm…. Well be careful.  All the other pokemon, and humans, when they were excited about claimin that guy’s power, they all ended in this room right next to you either in skeletons, or a decaying corps, here, lemme show ya”, the Misdreavus said while using x-ray vision with her eyes, through the wall.  Tons of skeleton (brown that is), and rotted bodies of the dead lied everywhere, and the most desperate ones hung on the wall.  Chad squinted, and told her that was enough.

            “Well, I’m just showing ya what you might get out of your wish, little dude.  By the way, the names Zoey.  Catch ya later”, Zoey said while floating up in the ceiling.  Chad sighed, and started to freak out.  Then he thought out loud, “Hey!  I’m a MissingNo!  Not some pokemon, or human!  Look out, Agathar!  Here comes your new daddy!”, Chad happily said out loud while he marched on.  Zoey sighed as she saw the little white spotted body walk off.

Mean while……………………………….

            “Ok, so we have to track down my worst enemy, and the worst part of it is, is that, I’m goin through this with a small child like you!”, Blake said.

            “Hey!  Do you want your home to be ruined or not!  I say we go forward!”, Kima suggested.  Blake rolled his eyes again.

            “Why can’t I be leader for once…”, Blake mumbled.  As they walked down the narrow passage way, they suddenly got interrupted by a loud pitched voice that seemed to pop out of no where.

            “Hi, you two!”, Zoey jumped up yellin.  Blake, and Kima fell backwards on the ground surprised from the sudden intro.  Blake, and Kima opened their eyes, and saw the small misdreavus floating around in front of them.  “Hi, my name is Zoey”, the misdreavus said.

            “What the hell was that for?”, Blake asked.

            “Huh?  I didn’t do anything”, Zoey replied.

            “Oh, don’t mind him, he’s just rude, and immature, that’s all”, Kima spoke.

            “Ok, well, watcha guy’s doin in a place like this??”, Zoey asked.

            “We’re tracking down this other Missingno that’s planning to hurt our town!”, Kima yabbered like a little mouse.

            “…….Ya, well, Chad’s planning to do somthin really stupid, like try to get more powerful, by going to some stupid shrine.”, Blake said.

            “Huh?  You mean Agathar?  He’s real alright whether u believe me or not”, Zoey said.  Ya, a little one named Chad said he was gonna go after him.  If you’re lookin for the kid, he went that way, straight until you run into a torched lit room.

            “Ok, thanks!”, Kima squealed while grabbing Blakes wrist.  Blake wailed a bit by the trembling of jerking backwards.  “Blake, you have to be quick on your feet, we have to get there in time!!”, Kima squeaked.  Blake rolled his eyes.

            While Kima, and Blake tried to keep up, Chad stepped into an old big chamber like room.  Torches were on the stone walls, and an old red carpet led straight across the floor to some steps on a stand, which led to the shrine.  Chad ran up to the shrine, to find a miniature sized skull of a houndoom of the huge 1 that covered the whole under ground entrance, but was bigger than a regular houndooms head.  On the skull were some carvings that said this:

            “Whoever wishes to possess my power, bring a sacrifice, and say this line below.  (below it read), “Let a soul fall so thou another can rise in me”  (then it reads)  whoever doesn’t have a sacrifice, but says the line will be forever cursed by my real presence, and not just my power.  Chad gave an evil grin.  Then he heard a voice from behind him.

            “Hey, you!!  Get back here, and don’t harm our island, you got that??!!”, Kima squeaked.  Blake came up, and rolled his eyes.

            “So what stupid thing are you gonna do now?!”, Blake glared.

            “Oh, hi, Blake.  Why are you hanging with a togetic?  I thought it was too worthy for you to be friends with?”, Chad said rudely.

            “The only god damn reason I’m with this twerp is because I decided to come here to kick you ass, ok?”, Blake said.  Chad had a confused look upon him.

            “But Blake, your too weak to kick my ass, and you won’t ever be able to, because I’m gonna be the one more powerful, and I always will be”, Chad said in a sorry type of voice.  Blake glared.  Kima flew forward to Chad, but once she did, they both were above the same platform.

            “Why are you gonna hurt our home??!!  Leave us alone!!!”, Kima started to yell, and whine like a little girl.  Chad was silent, but showed a small grin. 

            “Ok, little one.  I’ll make you a deal.  Can you stand right here?  If ya do, I’ll promise not to harm your homes”, Chad promised.  Kima then seemed to be happy then, expecting that everything was ok still.  Blake was confused.  He never ever seen, or heard of Chad making some sort of deal like that.  And he acted nice about it as well.  And in Blake’s book, Chad was almost anything, but nice.  There had to be some sort of scam behind his back.  Kima was just a little confused, but if it meant saving her home, she had to do what he said.  Both of them faced the shrine where the houndoom skull stood.  Then Chad spoke out the sentence that was written on the skull in front of them.  “Let a soul fall so thou another can rise in me”, Chad said.  Blake then realized this was a trap.  But usually, Blake wouldn’t care, but he remembered back on the beach, that Kima actually tried treating him with respect.  He didn’t know what he was gonna do with her, but he ran towards them anyways.

            “HEY, KIMA!  GET OUT OF THE WAY, IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!”, Blake yelled.  Blake tackled not only Kima out of the way, but he made Kima bump into Chad, and made both of them fall off the platform, which left Blake the only one standing right where the other two were.  Right then, it almost looked like huge fangs grew out of the ground around the platform Blake stood on.

            “Great job, Blake, now your gonna get cursed so much, you’ll never defeat me……….wait……U BASTARD!!!  YOU TOOK MY NEW POWER AWAY!!”, Chad yelled acting pissed off.  But Blake didn’t even pay 1 percent of the attention to Chad.  He was too worried about what was now happening to him.  He could faintly see a foggy barrier around the huge fangs, and in front of him, he saw the skull starting to open his jaws.  Blake gulped, and started to brace himself.

            “What’s going on??!!”, Kima squealed.  “BLAKE!!  WHATS GOING ON??!!  Blake now couldn’t hear any of them, but a hissing voice.  And the voice came from the skull of the houndoom.

            “…………….and what the hell do you want with me?”, the voice hissed.  Right then, a dark shadow flew right at Blake.  Right when both collided, Blake flew back, behind the barrier, and through the dark hallway the entered through.  Kima started to fly as fast as her little wings could handle.  But when she came to Blake, his face was buried in the floor.

            “Blake, are you ok??!!”, Kima asked. (hey without him, she might not know how to get back to her home ya know)  Chad walked over.

            “Its over for this little kid, he’s definitely dead now”, Chad said.  Then Blake started to speak, but he didn’t quite sound like himself.  “Just who the HELL do you guys think you are??”, the voice said.  Blake stood up, and when he turned around, he had these 2 red streaks going down from his eyes.

            “Ya, Blake you’re a loser!”, Chad babbled.  And what happened to you?  Was that power too powerful for you to handle or somthin? Blakes face glared.

            “No, cause if you’re referring to Agathar that would be me.” Blake lunged at Chad, and punched him in the cheek, even though mentally, it wasn’t Blake at all.

            “You think your so great, why don’t you prove it to me, fight back!”, Agathar yelled.  Chad glared.

            “Ya right, Blake, you just wanna show off!”, Chad yelled back.  Agathar  was now confused.

            “WHO IN ALL THE HELLS IS BLAKE??!!”, Agathar yelled.  Agathar flew like a rocket, and tackled Chad so hard that it made Chad crash into the wall, and made more than just a crack in the wall.  Kima was now afraid, and shaking.  Agathar looked over.  He glared.

            “So, are you here to be another victim for me?  Well, be my guest!”, Agathar yelled as he started to charge towards Kima.  Kima squealed and covered her eyes.  The shock of what just happened paralyzed her so much, she couldn’t even move at all.  And right when Blake’s body was only an inch away, he fell to the ground.  Now you could hear Blake’s true voice.

            “Man, what the hell are you trying to prove to all of us, you lunatic??!!”, Blake yelled.  Now, the kite that was attached to his tail started to float up on its own.  The kite then opened orange, and red veined eyes.

            “WHO ARE YOU???!!!”, Agathar (the kite), started to yell.  Blake struggled to get on his feet.

            “I’m Blake, the one that owns my body, now get out of it before I have to try to destroy you!”, Blake yelled even though he had no idea how he was able to do exactly what he said.

            “You’re talking to a Doomsday that has literally MURDERED over 500 victims!!  You think your strong enough to take me on, then you better think again, and start sayin your pares!!”, Agathar hissed.  Blake hit his tail on the ground as hard as he could, which made Gather slam right on the hard floor on his face.  Gather floated up, putting a floating hand on his head (similar to the floating hands haunter uses).

            “Go ahead, I don’t have any purpose being on this planet anyways!”, Blake insisted.  Kim got mad.

            “No your not!  Don’t hurt him!!!”, Kima yelled at Agathar.  Agathar glared.

            “Well, if you insist”, Agathar said.  Blake prepared himself to be slaughtered by putting his head down.  Agathar had a weird feeling bout this though.  Agathar had NEVER seen this before in any of his lives.  He was used to his victims running around, screaming, and cowering in fear, treasuring their lives more than anything.  But Blake……it was if death was what he longed for.  This almost seemed to give Agathar just a touch of fear.  But even Agathar wouldn’t back away from anything, it was his job given to kill his victims.  He raised a hand, and slashed it across Blakes head.  His hand cut right through Blake’s flesh……..but Blake’s flesh didn’t cut at all.  Blake didn’t even feel anything.

            “Kill me already, if your so powerful, kill me, damn you!”, Blake glared.  Agathar was too confused.  He slashed his hands around 10 times in two seconds, and it didn’t even leave a scratch! Agathar got pissed off again, because his blows weren’t working.  Was it because they were in the same body?  And Blake gave Agathar a chilling glare that made him refuse.  Then, Agathar noticed a touch of red in his bottom eye lid.  That’s when Agathar floated back. And in the near distance, Chad woke from his injury, and started limping to the three of them.

            “Blake……….I……..HATE YOU!!!!”, Chad started to roar.  Agathar looked down at the hurt thing, giving him a look of pity to him.  Blake, and Kima glared.

            ‘I didn’t even DO ANYTHING TO YOU!!!  Agathar is the one that thrashed you just now.

            “You ruin everything!!!  I could of made your life better!!!”, Chad yelled.  Blake rolled his eyes.

            “Ya, if you wanted to do that, you would of done that a long time ago, you dip shit”, Blake stated.  Kima was silent most of the time.  Agathar was confused.

            “Hey, ya know if you just left me be, then I would have been more powerful, and maybe of even looked after you!!”, Chad said.  Agathar right then butted in the conversation.

            “So let me get this straight (crackle)…. YOU wanted to use my soul just to become powerful?”, Agathar started busting up laughing.  Then Agathar stopped laughing.

            “Good point, you need some beefing up.  Ya, Blake, if that’s your name, look what you did!!  Thanks to you, I have to suffer just for a bit longer, because of you butting in!  And I have no control over it either!”, Agathar glared while hovering right above Blake.

            “HEY!  IF I WOULDN’T OF BUTTED IN, THAT GIRL OVER THERE WOULD OF GOTTEN KILLED!!”, Blake yelled.  Agathar looked over at Kima.  She was shaking a bit, because just the thought of what was going on made her whimper.

            “…Is that so?  Wasn’t that the girl I was about to kill too?  Sorry, but I murder everything, but togetics.  Togetics are immortal to me, so I can’t kill em.”, Gather said.  Blake was too confused now.

            “Then WHY did you try to murder her before I got my body back!!!”, Blake asked.

            “Hey!  I was just playin pissed off before, and when I don’t get cooled off, I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing…….I tried to murder her?”, Agathar asked.  Chad from the distance started falling asleep, and drooled everywhere.  Blake looked over at Chad.

            “Let’s go.  Hopefully, that jackass suffocates in the prison”, Blake mentioned like he had absolutely no sympathy for him.  He looked over to Kima, which was sitting on the floor, burying her face in the floor.  He walked over to her.  Agathar had a glaring face on him (he always does), while he looked down at Kima.

            “Hey, its ok now, lets get out of here, before there’s anymore trouble.  Your home is safe now, lets go home”, Blake said nicely.  Kima looked up.  Tears were coming down her cheeks.  All she wanted now was her mother.  And for some reason, she could actually trust this MissingNo.  She wasn’t even scared of Agathar anymore.  So Kima rubbed her eye, knodded, and got off the ground.  Agathar still had rage in him. For what Chad told him when he thought he was this puny Missingno he’s literally attached to, and……..because he’s attached to this puny Missingno!  Agathar drifted towards his body, when Blake slammed his tail against the floor.  This gave Agathar major headaches.  But the thing that made him most mad was because for once he found someone that wasn’t afraid of pain………  and that was Agathars fear.  The fact that those weren’t afraid to be slaughtered is one of his fears.  Blake started to run, because he didn’t want to mess with any of Chad’s crap that he throws at him daily.  As he ran faster, Kima soared .  Gather didn’t even attempt to do anything, because he was already being dragged.

            Half way through the tunnel, they ran back into the misdreavus from before.

            “Hey, do you know the way out??!!”, Blake asked.

            “Ya, I do, follow me, youngsters!”, Zoey answered.  When all three followed her, she began to go through a wall.

            “NO!  We’re not spirits like you!  We need to find a WAY out, as in hallways out!”, Kima squeaked. Zoey floated back.  Embarrassed, she said”, Oh, sorry, forgot that you guys were mortal beings!”, Zoey smiled giggling.

            “And we have to get out of here, fast, k?”, Blake said.  Zoey knodded.  She floated through the halls.  Blake, and Kima quickly followed.

            Back in the room with Chad, he began to wake up.  He saw tons of drool on the floor, and whipped his lips with his wrist.

            “Ok, now that I’m feeling up to it, I’m gonna track down Blake, and SLAUGHTER HIM”, Chad stated madly.  As he walked out of the room, he noticed a small red dot on the floor.  Chad rolled his eyes.

            “Not this again, Blake”, Chad said noticing it was a dot of blood.

Later on…………………………….

            The night sky floated above Blake, Kima, Agathar, and Zoey as they got out of the cave hole entrance.

            “So where are you guys headed to now?”, asked Zoey.

            “We need to get back home, cause she seems to want to go there”, Blake said, while he slammed his tail against the ground.  “The thing is, how?”, Blake wondered.

            “Hey, I know!  Let’s fly there!”, Zoey mentioned.

            “Umm……one problem.  You 2 can fly, but I can’t”, Blake said, while crossing his arms.

            “Why don’t you just swim?  Its good exercise, u pathetic being”, Agathar glared.  Blake muttered to himself.

            “Shut….UP”, Blake said as he slammed his tail against the ground again, which made Agathar dizzy.

            “Hey, me, and the Togetic can carry you!”, Zoey mentioned.

            “Ya, cause I need to get back!”, Kima said.

            “O…k”, Blake said confused.  A second later, both Zoey, and Kima were carrying Blake across to their home island.

And meanwhile back on Doomsday island………………………

            Chad climbed out of the pit that led to the room they were just in outside.  He felt a breeze when he got to the shore.

            “Here I come, Blake, weather you like it or not…”