This is part 3 in A Missing adventure.  I haven’t written this in a while, and I plan to write a lot more now on this.  Sadly, I did start on this ch, and got quite far, but since the comp broke down, and got fixed, the part got deleted in the process, so that I had to re write the whole thing again!  Grrr…… oh well.



  The sky was a very dark blue, and Blake could feel spots of water hit him from the ocean while he was being carried to their home island.  Agathar, unluckily for him was practically drowning along the way, because he hung down from Blake’s tail, and could touch the water.  About a few minutes later, they got to the island.  When Blake got to his feet, he immediately walked towards his home.

  “Where are you going, Blake?” Kima, and Zoey asked at the same time.

  “To sleep, I had enough tonight, and don’t even bother coming by” Blake demanded, and kinda backed up a bit realizing what he said could make some pissed off at him.   Blake now had two black streaks down underneath his bottom eye lids, one under each.  Kima tilted her head.

  “O………..k……”  Kima said sadly.  Agathar was about to say something, until Blake hit his tail against a boulder.  Agathar moaned.  Blake started running to his home.

  “What hit him?” Zoey asked.  Kima shrugged while trying to see if she could still see him.  Kima started floating up in the dark sky, and Zoey followed her.

  “My house……where is it?”  Kima whispered to herself.  Zoey opened her mouth like she was gonna say something, but instead she sighed.  She then passed her school.  She slowly floated towards the area where she disappeared, and that area was now surrounded with yellow ribbons that said “caution” across it.  Kima tilted her head in confusion, and floated the way she would usually ride home on the school bus.  When she passed a house, she almost skipped the poster posted on the wall, but then she shockingly flied back to read it.  It had a picture of herself as a human, and underneath in red letters said:  MISSING  Kima Niels suddenly disappears in front of classes eyes, and will reward anyone that finds her $5,000 in cold hard cash.  Most likely has been abducted by the evil monster codenamed:  MissingNo., or M. If person find the threatener, or criminal, identify police.  If MissingNo.  Had abducted Kima Niles, identify this number 122-3458 (Author: just sum random # I made up, and if it does exist, oh well, on with story) and we will exterminate, and cremate the creature.  Kima gasped.  They wanted to kill Blake, even though he didn’t even harm her in any way.  Kima raced to her house.  Zoey gasping for breath, yelled out, “Hey, slow down!!”

  When Kima reached her house, she tried opening every door, but they were all locked.  When she saw her bed room window was open, she raced inside, only to find herself shocked, and she dropped to the floor.  Her entire room was empty.  Nothing covers any walls, nor floor.  Nothing stood in her closet either.  Zoey floated up from behind her, and asked “Kima, whats going on?  Whets wrong?”  Kima started to cry.

  She flew downstairs.  Zoey rolled her eyes like there wasn’t anything too serious going on.  Kima then saw her mom.  Her mom was kneeling down in a corner, a candle lit up her space.  She was crying too.

  “I….tried so much to get you back…..obviously your not coming back……you disappeared in front of everyone, because those two things were there.  I swear, if those MissingNo things leave this earth forever in exchange for my little girl back, I’ll be the happiest woman on earth.”  She then took a photograph of Kima, and lit it on fire.

  “I…can’t bare to live here anymore….I should get a phone call from the police if your ever found again….until then, I will live in the peaceful city of fushia.”  She stood up, and walked towards the door.

  “Too many memories….”  She started to cry.  This made Kima want to hug her, and she actually came out of the shadows.  Zoey stayed though, but Kima showed herself.  But since Kima was a togetic, her dead pokemon, her mother got scared, shrieked, and slammed the door shut.  Kima burst into tears then.  Zoey slowly floated down to Kima’s level.

  ‘Uhhhhhhhhhh…………I’m sorry….”  Zoey said.  Kima went up to hug her, but since she was a normal type, and Zoey was a ghost type, she couldn’t really hug her.

  “Look……..I might know a way, and a place where you could get your own body back……it may help that other guy out too”  Zoey sighed sounding a little nervous.  Kima whipped her eyes quickly, and sounded immedietly happy.

  “REALLY??!!!”  Kima squealed happily.  Zoey kinda had a nervous face on her, but nodded.  Kima finally got off from the ground.

  “Let’s go get Blake then, and you can lead us there!!!”  Kima smiled, as she started to fly off.  Zoey had a nervous expression on her face, but followed anyways.

Meanwhile at Blokes little cove……or cave……………………………………….

   Blake lied down on his side, but with blood shot eyes.  Why did he have bloodshot eyes?  Agathar was yelling at him, and saying how much he hated being alive again the way he was.  He also mentioned like a million times how he’d kill Blake when he could.  Blake hit his tail against the stone wall, making Agathar get another migraine, but not nearly as bad as Blake’s migraine.

  “WOULD YOU JUST SHUT THE HELL UP FOR ONCE?!  I WANT TO SLEEP, YA GOD DAMNED PHANTOM OF THE STUPID DOOMSDAY!!!!!!!” Blake yelled practically half asleep, as he kept hitting his tail kite across a boulder in his cove.  Agathar was now as blood shot as him.  Agathar tried launching himself at Blake, but Blake just kept preventing it.

  “That’s it, I’m getting something to shut you up” Blake said, while closing his eyes to tiredness.  He slowly walked over to a small boulder, picked it up, and hit his tail against the floor.

  “I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY TO SHUT ME U-“Agathar yelled until he felt squished against the stone floor.  Blake had put the boulder on top of his tail kite, so that Agathar wouldn’t interrupt him.

  “ahhhhh……..ssssssssssssssllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp” Blake moaned as he collapsed to the ground in dream land.  Agathar tried demanding him to take the boulder off, because he couldn’t himself, but Blake easily ignored him.

  Kima, and Zoey barged inside, and found Blake sleeping.

  “Here he is…….hmmmmm….this little cove seems so familiar……” Kima whispered.   Then Zoey practically blurted out “Lets sleep, I’m tired….even though I usually like to stay up at night.  Kima nodded.  It was passed her usual bed time anyways, so why not?

  “Sleep good….” Kima whispered.

 About 5 hours later……………………………………………………

  The crack of dawn was emerging and some sun light filled a crack in Blake’s cove.  The light beam shined in Blokes eyes, making him wake up.  His eyes were still a little blood shot, and his migraine was a little faded away.  He looked around, and when he saw Kima, and Zoey, he rubbed his eyes.

  “…..Why are they here?” Blake wondered out loud.  He looked over at his tail kite.  Agathar wasn’t arguing, nor making a sound under that miniature boulder.  Blake moved the rock over.  The kite didn’t float up, and it was silent.

  “Hehehe…….. I win” Blake happily muttered.  He walked out of his little cove, and then heard a very familiar voice, a voice he didn’t want to hear.

  “BLAKE, YOU BASTARD!!” Chad screamed from far away.  Blake squinted in the direction Chad was coming from.  Then he saw Chad jumping in the air, and about to land right where Blake was, only with a fist by his head.  Blake’s eyes widened, and immediately jumped away, and that’s right when Chad landed.  Blake jumped up on a higher ledge on top of his little cove.  When the dust cleared, Blake could see a deep hole in the ground.  Chad slowly looked up, and glared.

  “You will die TODAY” Chad growled.  Right then, two eyes appeared on Blake’s tail kite.

  “Hey, what’s going on….?”  Agathar yawned.

  “My rival wants to kill me, that’s what’s going on!” Blake yelled, while he ran towards the ocean.

  “Oh, Blakey….COME BACK, I ONLY WANT TO TEAR YOU TO SHREADS!!!!!” Chad laughed in a crazy way.  Agathar looked back at Chad, and saw he had a crazy look on his face.

  “….The hell’s wrong with him?”  Agathar asked.

  “HE WANTS YOU!!”  Blake yelled while jumping off a ledge on the beach.  Agathar raised an eye brow, and looked back.

  “uhhhhh….. You don’t mean in a sexual way, do you?  Cuz I’m straight, not gay or bisexual” he said.  Blake dropped in embarrassment.

  “Do you not remember at all why we were ALL at you shrine?”  Blake questioned.

  “HEY, I WAS JUST ASKING A QUESTION, YA HEAR ME??!!”  Agathar yelled back.  Both argued with each other, until Chad interrupted it.

  “Having a lovely conversation?  Because its gonna be your last!” Chad said.  Both of them slowly looked over at him.

  “WE’RE BUSY RIGHT NOW, SO BUTT OUT!!!!” Both of them yelled at Chad.  Chad grinned evilly, and raced towards the both of them.

  “Whoa, I’m taking over” Agathar said, while quickly taking over Blake’s physical body, and making Blake switch to being the kite on the tail.  Agathar jumped away.  Blake was looking around like he was going crazy.


  “Shut up, I’m gonna teach you how to fight, and defend yourself, you puny weakling!”  Agathar yelled.  Blake rolled his eyes, but then thought of something.

  “Hey, if all this time, you could take my body over, then why didn’t you a long time ago??”  Blake asked.  Agathar stopped in his tracks. 

  “…It’s a long and strange story, plus, I didn’t know until now, but I have my reason” Agathar said, as they both saw Chad charging towards them.

  ‘Now observe my steps” Agathar said.  When Chad threw a punch, Agathar quickly dodged his punch by stepping one step away, and then quickly took a hold of Chad’s arm, and tossed him in the air.

  “Now that he’s gonna try to recover from falling, and hitting the ground, now’s the good time to attack” Agathar said while running, and kicking Chad in the ocean.

  “There, now lets see how he likes that” Agathar said.

Meanwhile at Blake’s cove……………………………………………………………


  Kima and Zoey just started waking up.  And both noticed that Blake, and Agathar were gone.


  “……..Where are they?”  Kima yawned.  “We need to find them, and you need to lead us to that place you were talking about…..”  Zoey nodded her head.

  “I agree, lets go find them…….wherever they may be”  Zoey smiled, as the peacefully flew out of Blake’s cove.


    BOOOOOOOM!!    On the beach, Agathar, and Chad were practically wrestling with each other.

  “GIVE UP, BLAKE!!”  Chad yelled.

  “I’M AGATHAR, YOU DIM WITT, DO YOU HEAR A VOICE CHANGE??”  Agathar yelled in Chad’s face.  Blake rolled his eyes.

  “When will this end?”  Blake muttered.  Agathar understood what Blake said.


  “Oh, I see” Blake said.  Kima, and Zoey then appeared at the scene, and then Kima tried to stop the fight by doing exactly what she did before, but Zoey stopped her, and used a phsybeam on the both of them.  Agathar jumped away, so Chad was the only one to be hit.

  “HEY, KNOCK IT OFF YA THING, AND BLOB!!!!” Zoey yelled.

  “Blob?” Kima asked.

  “Ya, a glitchy like blob was fighting your friend Blake over there!”  Zoey explained.  Kima, and Zoey flew over at Blake, which was now fighting back to have his own body back.

  “Agathar you bastard, get back where I am, I want to control…….now?” Blake said while Agathar became the kite again, and tackled Blake on the ground.  Blake rubbed his head.  Blake looked up, and saw Zoey, and Kima.

  “Come with us, Blake, we might have a way to help you away from Agathar, and I’m sure it will help you two, Agathar!” Kima squeaked happily.  Agathar continued glaring down at Blake.

  “It better……” Agathar muttered.

  “Well, whatever, we have to get away from that stupid ass hole over there!” Blake explained.  All of them stared at Chad.

  “Get….back here….” Chad struggled.

  “He just won’t quit, will he?” Agathar said.  Chad fell on the ground.  Kima was about to fly towards Chad to see if he was ok, but Zoey stopped her.

  “Just don’t go to him, ok?” Zoey suggested.

  ‘Sooooo......where did you guys want to take me?”  Blake asked while crossing his arms.  Kima jumped up happily.

  “Just follow Zoey!  She’s gonna help both of us!” Kima said, while climbing on Blake’s back.

  “You have to get on my back?” Blake asked.  Kima nodded.  Zoey then floated infront of them.

  “Ok!  To south of this island!  Find sticks, logs, and twigs along the way, or whatever related to that you can find!”  Zoey proudly said.  Agathar, Blake, and Kima looked at each other in confusion.

Meanwhile, like an hour later…………………………………….


  All four of them were at the southern dock, and Kima, and Blake had gathered a bunch of what Zoey had suggested.

  “Now, make a raft.” Zoey said.  Kima, and Blake looked at each other, then at the pile of logs, twigs, and sticks.

  “Oh, and look what we have here, a rope you can use!!”  Zoey gasped, while pulling the rope over with her mouth.

  “O…………………..k” Both Blake, and Kima said, while putting together the raft.  Pretty soon, the raft was perfectly assembled, and was thrown out in the water.  Luckily, the raft was strong enough to support Blake’s and Kima’s weight.

  “Now all you need is a sail!” Zoey giggled.

  “Where do we find a sail?”  Kima thought.

  “Hmmmm……………..”  Blake hmmed.

  “Why don’t you guys find one so we can move on with life?” Agathar said.  All three of their eyes layed on Agathar.  Then they had an evil looking smile on all three.

  “Wait….what are you doing?............Get away from me…” Agathar growled.  Blake hit his tail in the sand, and jumped on the raft.

 About 15 minutes of fighting, and arguing………………….

  Agathar was being blown by the wind like a sail, keeping the raft moving.  He also had an annoyed look on his face.

  “So how do we know we’re going south?” Blake asked.

  “Don’t worry, I know where we’re going, I’ve gone to this island a lot!  It has tons of friendly folks on it!”  Zoey smiled.