A Missing Adventure

  Hi, everyone!  This is my second new sperate fan fic in my fan fiction section.  For all you people that has heard of missingno, I also want you guys to read a fiction of a friend of mine, which her screen name on the pokemon tower is MissingNo.  and read her fic, a lone missingno.  I'm gonna deticate this fiction to her, cause her fiction was the first fan fic of MissingNo. I read!   I encourage u all if u all love missingno, go and read her fic!

       South of Cinnabar Island are the islands none other than the Rainbow Islands, the newer development of Kanto.  And on one of these islands lived a small 7 year old girl, who loved pokemon, and had always wanted to become a pokemon trainer when she grows up.  But there's a sad story about this little girl, and how fate ended up separating her............and a forever lost friend.
       When she was only 2 years younger, she had a pokemon.  This pokemon had been with her ever since she was born.  They shared a great friendship, and played all day along the coast side of the island.  And one day they played along the coastside, they ran across a creature.  Of course at this age, she thought that this was a pokemon, and she was right.  Wouldn't any creature be considered a pokemon in there world?  She even called herself a pokemon considering that humans are alive beings after all.  But this lil guy was extremely little at the time, and was washed up on the beach. 
       The little girl, and her pokemon walked closer to it, and she even picked it up.  The weird thing is was that when she did, she noticed bits and parts of sand, mud, and water floating around this critter.
       "Lookie, there's stuff like cloudy stuff floating around it," she said.  Then the little critter woke up, and it paused, then looked up at the girl, and her pokemon. 
       "Awww, its weely cute!", she said in her young voice.  The creature had ruby like eyes, 2 floppy like ears, and it was white with light brown spots, with one big one around its right eye.  It had back lime green scales all the way to its tail.  And the interesting thing was that it looked like it had a string attached to the tip of its tail, that led to a big square at the end with 2 diamond like drape things hanging from the square.
       "This thingie tied to its tale, its like a kite almost,," she said softly.  
       "THERE IT IS, CAPTAIN GERALD!  THE CREATURE YOU WANTED IS AT THE SHORE, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE GIRL IS HOLDING IT!!" yelled a voice from far away.  The little girl looked up, and saw a pirate ship coming forward.  The sail on the ship had a big red "R" written across it. 
       "Oh no, pirates!", she squealed as she ran away with the creature in her hands, and her pokemon followed her. 
       "LAUNCH THE NETS!  READY, AIM, AND FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!", yelled another person on the ship.  The little girl ran up a hill with lots of rocks, and she found a nice small cave to hid in.  She crunched up with her knees to her chest, and held the small creature in her hands.  Her pokemon was right on her shoulder.
       "Don't worry lil pokomon, I can't take you home, but at least I found you a nice place to stay in.," she whispered to the small creature.  She put the creature down in a small puddle.
       "I don't weely know what you are, but I'll give you a name.  How 'bout Blake?  Me, and my friend will come back weely soon, k?  Bye bye!", she said as she ran out the cave.  As she skipped on the path by the cave, she paused, and looked up, when she saw 3 older men, with outfits that had red "R"s on them.
       "Well, well, what do we have here?  This is the lil bon bon that took our treasure away,," grunted one of them.  
       "Tell us where you hid our treasure, little one, before we tell your mommy you've been a very bad little girl!"
       "But I don't have any treasure, and you don't know my mommy!!," she yelled.
       "Yeah, well we will know if you don't tell us where you hid that rare pokemon!", replied one of the pirates.
       "You might not know us, but we are pirates of team rocket!  So if you don't tell us where you hid that pokemon, its gonna be bad news!"   The little girl stood back scared of them, when her pokemon went in front of her to protect her.
       "Awww how cute, her little pokemon thinks it can take us on!  Well, we'll see about that!"  They all took out their pokeballs, and while they did, the little girl ran back into the cave.
       "Hey, where is she going, after her!", one yelled.  As they followed the girl, some more pirates came out from behind, and threw a net over the little girl's pokemon.  The pokemon cried for help.
       As the little girl stepped into the cave, she saw the small creature play in the puddle.
       "Come on, Blake!  We have to get out of here!", she squealed as she picked Blake up.  As she ran out of the cave, she accidentally slipped on a rock, and fell down a sandy, weedy hill that lead to the beach.  When she got up, she saw her pokemon in a net, that was carried by the rocket pirates onto the ship.
       "OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!", she screamed.  She quickly got up, and raced to the ship, even while she carried the washed up pokemon in her arms.  As she got on the ship, she jumped at the net with her pokemon in it, and started ripping at it.  The pirates tried pulling her off the net, but she never gave in.  Blake however, started to run from the ship, and people ran after it with nets, and cages. 
       The captain of the ship then showed up.  The ship started to move out in the deeper part of the ocean.  The captain took his left hand, and easily picked up the net that the little girl kept tugging on, and the pokemon still inside.
       "You have a lot'a little guts to get on this ship without permission.(While looking at the sea), "  These oceans............there are so many discoveries that we rocket pirates hav'ta discover, and send to the boss, like take that there creature that me folks are afta.(he looks back down at the girl, which has a worried face upon her).  Ya wanna know a secret of them creatures, well do ya?", asked the captain in a more forceful manner.  The small girl knodded her head.
       "That small critter is one of them creatures that were discovered, but aren't even considered as pokemon just because of what they can do ta harm everyone.  We call them trouble makers MissingNo!  Because they're missing from the official pokedex that trainers have, so ya gotta watch out for them, or you'll be the next one to fall victim to those awful guys.  So consider yourself lucky that we saved ya.  So get off my ship, lil girl, and take your little pokemon witch'a!", he yelled angrily.  He tossed both of them out in the sea, and the small girl couldn't even swim then, but she sadely didn't even know where her pokemon was........and all she heard was that the pirates of team rocket couldn't find the small MissingNo that they were after.  Then she started to drown.........

       A few moments later, a fishing boat was out sea, and a man was on it.  He casted his fishing rod out to fish.
       "Hoy!  I think I fond somethin'!", the man said.  But when he pulled in the load, he found a net, with a girl, and a small pokemon.
       "Uh Oh, we gotta get these two to the hospital right away!", the man panicked.

       Next thing that happened.............
       The little girl woke up in a hospital bed, and she saw all her family member all around her, and everyone she knew and was friends with..........except only one.........