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The Pokemon Hot Spring Adventure! Ash and Misty’s Greatest Battles of their Love!!!

By: Shadow Pikachu and Shadow Squirtle

(Part 2)


“We all love you very much, sweetie. And nothing can change that,” Delia told Ash, crying a little at the end.

Ash was still asleep. He was sleeping so peacefully, like nothing had happened. She smiled. At least in dreams he could be happy with the girl he loved even if she didn’t love him. But then she saw a scowl grow on his face. His limps started shaking slightly. Before she could wonder what was happening, Ash started to go into a full violent nightmare. She couldn’t help but scream. It was frightening. At first it looked like he was having a seizure but then he started to kick and punch. His nightmare continued for at least another five minutes before she could see the sweat rolling down his face. He was running and fighting in his dream. That’s when he started talking in his sleep.

“Why, Misty? Why did you do this to me? Please just tell me,” she heard Ash murmur, “Don’t Misty. Please don’t leave me. Please don’t go!”

Delia trembled in anger. The girl had invaded his last place of peace. Delia pulled her son’s head into her lap and placed her hand on his forehead whilst he fought the invisible enemy.

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are gray

You’ll never know dear

How much I love you

Please don’t take

My sunshine away” Delia sang to Ash like she had so many times before.

She could feel all the pain in his dream as she entered his subconscious mind. There she saw Ash tied up, a man beating him up, and Misty kissing the man and telling Ash that she hated him. Delia walked up to where her son was tied up and untied him. She then pulled him into a hug. On the outside, she felt the pain reduce as he cried. She couldn’t protect him forever but she’d do it as long as she could. Soon they were at Professor Oak’s lab with all his pokemon and friends in the past. Even Misty when they were younger. Before she hurt him. She watched as her son changed into his 13 year old self. When he just started to fall in love with Misty.

‘Go have fun sweetie. All your friends are waiting for you,’ she told him.

‘I will. Thanks mom!’

Delia smiled as she watch her son run to his friends. Slowly, she left his dream. She normally didn’t have to use that ability but sometimes she had to end his nightmare and that was the only way. She looked at the door and saw his father standing there.

“You had to use it?” Richard asked, kneeling beside the chair.

“Yeah. His nightmare was truly horrid. She’s taken over everything of him. He doesn’t have safe place,” Delia sighed.

Richard put his arm around his wife’s shoulder. It wasn’t often that she had to use that ability.

“Some times it pays to be psychic, right Richard?” Delia asked, lightly laughing.

“Yeah. I can’t help but wonder if Ash will ever get his powers?” Richard sighed.

“Maybe we can help him with it,” Delia stated.

“No. He has to find them himself. But we can help him finish with puberty by removing whatever is blocking his growth,” Richard said, placing a hand on his son’s chest.

Delia placed hers atop his and they focused their energy together and release the built up energy in his growth. Delia placed Ash’s head back on the pillow before passing out into sweet slumber. Richard pulled his wife close. It had indeed been a long time since they had to use their abilities. Soon he too fell prey to sleep. And for the first time in years, he got to dream with his family. He entered not only his wife’s dream but his son‘s. They were together as a family again. Richard watched as the same red head from earlier pulled Ash into a headlock. He was going to break it apart when Delia stopped him.

Let them play. Those two are always like that. At least they can show their feelings comfortably.’

Richard looked back up and saw his son laughing with the girl. He got it now. They were best friends. He fell in love with his best friend. That made things complicated. But also made the feelings stronger. He could see the obvious love between the two. Then he watched as Pikachu shocked the two so they could rejoin the rest. The tall boy decided to tease them

‘Ash and Misty sitting in a tree!’ he sang

‘K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” the other boy sang

‘First comes love!’ Gary Oak sang

‘Then comes marriage!” Samuel Oak sang

‘Then comes Ash with a baby carriage!’ they all sang.

Richard laughed as he watched his son and the red head chase the four around. They had so much fun. And he saw his son so happy. He smiled. He honestly felt the same happiness as his son right then. He had always been on his journey to support the family. He could never come home the exact time Ash was home. He knew that was just how it was. And frankly, from what he saw on TV, he didn’t want to be caught at home when he came home. Because then, Ash would challenge him to a battle and Richard knew that he’d lose. There was no way that he’d win. He was a pokemon magician and coordinator. Not a trainer.

Richard was awoken by the sound of knocking on the door. Not wanting to awaken his family, he made the people outside the door think that they heard him say to come in. He stared at the tall boy and cap wearing girl who now traveled with his son.

“How is he?” Brock asked quietly.

“He’s ok. Ash is tough. He always has been and always will be. So don’t worry.” Richard stated.

“So are you really his father?” Dawn asked, “I mean, I just don’t see the resemblance.”

Richard chuckled, “True, Ash doesn’t look an awful like me but he will. Trust me on that. He just hasn’t finished going through puberty.”

“Pikapi…” the yellow mouse said, appearing in the doorway.

Richard felt his son shift upon hearing Pikachu call out. The small pokemon ran up to it’s trainer’s side.

“Pikachu pikapi. Pikachupi pika chupi pika,” Pikachu comforted.

It then jumped onto Ash’s chest as Ash muttered in his sleep, “Don’t worry. She won’t hurt you ever again.”

Slowly, Ash and Delia opened their eyes. Ash didn’t seem as depressed. He looked happy. But still, there was something in his eyes that made Brock uneasy.

“That was weird. They woke up at the same time,” Dawn pointed out.

“You feeling better, sweetie?” Delia asked her son.

“Mom!” Ash pretended to complain.

“I take that as a yes,” Delia beamed.

Ash sat up and stretched. Brock knew that he was in pain, but he could no longer see how much. Ash had hidden it away. Brock sighed. That was Ash alright.

“Hey dad, do you think you can so me some of the techniques you picked up on your journey?” Ash asked, jumping out of bed.

Richard stiffened up.

“Don’t you have a headache?” He asked.

“Not really. So please?” Ash begged.

“Ash, you know that I’m not a trainer!” His father stated, backing away from his son.

“You’re not?” Dawn asked.

“No, I’m a magician and a coordinator,” Richard confessed, running out of the door.

“Dad? Get back here! You promised!” Ash yelled falling his father.

Delia sighed and followed with Brock, Dawn, and Pikachu. Once they got up, they saw Paul challenging Richard a battle.

“What are you doing here?!” Ash snapped.

“I came to meet up with my father for his birthday but I’m early. So this is your dad. He’ll have to do,” Paul sighed.

Before Ash could lunge at Paul, his father had his Alakazam restrain his son.

“6 on 6 battle with no time limits. Deal?” Richard asked.

“Fine by me,” Paul stated.

They proceeded outside. Truth be told, Richard didn’t want to battle anyone. But he didn’t like the tone this Paul kid took when speaking to his son.

“Chimcar come on out!” Ash yelled, “Just watch Chimcar. You get to see my dad in action. You too Pikachu.”

Great. His son still thought that he was a terribly strong trainer.

“All right, Alakazam is my first pokemon. What’s yours?” Richard called.

“Electibuzz, stand by!” Paul yelled.

“I’ll be the referee.” Delia sighed.

Ash focused on his father’s face. He saw the sweat already on his forehead.

“Electibuzz, Thunder punch!” Paul shouted.

Richard just sat down cross legged on the ground. Ash stared wide eyed. He wasn’t going to reveal that, was he? Ash had always knew that his dad had these powers even though he never admitted it. With in a split second, his father could sense every move that Electibuzz made. Now his timing had to be perfect.

Richard moved his body the same as Alakazam did as it used Protect.

“Brick Break!” Paul yelled.

“What?!” Richard guessed.

Within a second, Alakazam was out.

“Alakazam, return. You were great. Now, Granite, let’s go!” Richard yelled, releasing a enormous Onix.

“Look at the size of the Onix!” Brock exclaimed.

Ash still sat quiet. He wanted to know what his father was thinking. He wanted to help him out.

“Electibuzz, return. Go, Torterra!” Paul shouted.

Richard’s scowl deepened. Ash was ticked.

Within a few minutes, Granite fell. Richard took a deep breath. Soon, even his first pokemon, Blaze the Charizard, had fallen.

“One last chance to knock out his pokemon. Thunder, let’s go!” Richard yelled.

Out popped a white Raichu with black cheeks and black stripes. Ash sat up. He had had that Raichu ever since he was 13. His father never said where he had found it and Ash had a feeling that it was once a normal Pikachu. Until it evolved into a Raichu. Then it changed from being normal to being extraordinary.

“Torterra, earthquake!” Paul shouted.

“Thunder jump!” Richard shouted.

“Perfect. Zen Head butt!” Paul shouted.

The Zen Head butt made a direct hit. Thunder was out. Richard ran to his faithful pokemon.

“Thunder, you were great. You take a good long rest.” Richard comforted the pokemon.

“Raichu,” the tired Raichu agreed.

“Pathetic. It’s amazing that your son has gotten far as he has. You wouldn’t stand a chance against anyone.” Paul stated.

“I’m a coordinator, not a trainer.” Richard sighed.

“It doesn’t matter. You’re pathetic for even being a coordinator,” Paul added.

Ash had had it. He ran in front of his father and held up a pokeball.

“So now you want to battle? Fine by me.” Paul smirked.