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The Pokemon Hot Spring Adventure! Ash and Misty’s Greatest Battles of their Love!

By Shadow Pikachu and Shadow Squirtle



“Misty?” Ash asked, concern in his voice.

“Just leave me alone, you stupid trainer! I absolutely hate you!” Misty yelled at him.

“But-” Ash tried to beg.

But before he could see anything that, Misty stabbed him in the chest.

“Mist-” Ash gasped.

“I never loved you. I just want to be friends, just like we were before this,” Misty said, leaving him to meet death.

“Mist…Mist…” Ash tried to call out.

“MISTY!!!!!!!” Ash screamed, awaking from his nightmare.

There stood Brock, Dawn and Pikachu, staring at him. Worry was clearly drawn on their faces. Ash sighed. Yet another nightmare. That was the 12th that week.

“Ash, are you ok?” Brock asked.

“Yeah,” Ash sighed.

“He’s just being a loser, right?” Paul said, appearing out of nowhere.

Ash just glared at him. He didn’t need this. Not now. But still, perhaps he needed this battle. A nice calming battle to sooth his nerves…Or a nice brat beating would be nice. Mainly meaning a Paul beating.