The Keepers
A Dark Pokemon Fan Fiction by Tokumeinohito
Book 1: Collapse
    A blinding flash of brilliant white light tore through the utter
darkness of the night.
    Atop the small hill at the center of the flash was gathered a loose
circle of hooded figures, their cloaks flapping about them in the fierce
north wind.  In addition, four more figures were inside the circle.
Directly to the south of the center of the circle were two figures, both on
the ground.  One--a fiery-haired lady in a blue cloak, the only one whose
hood was not up--was crying softly over the other, the body of her apparent
comrade.  Ironically, this dead body, the only dead body in that grim
gathering, was also the only source of light: it was still glowing, for the
intense attack of light that had killed it hadn't completely died down yet.
To the north of the center of the circle, another pair of figures stood.
One, apparently the executioner, was wearing a pure white cloak, its face
also concealed within a hood; the other was unmistakably the large psychic-
cat Pokemon Mewtwo.
    Then, the executioner, who seemed to be the leader of the people in the
surrounding circle, announced to the world, "Let this be a warning to all
those who wish to defy the Republic!  Its authority has been challenged by
the remnants of the League; therefore, those remnants have been eliminated.
Any future person or group who opposes the policies of the Republic shall
suffer the same fate."
    The white-clad man let that sink in before continuing.  "Feel honored,
fellow warriors of the Republic, for you have witnessed an event which will
go down in history: the final annihilation of the League and firm
establishment of the Republic as the only government on the Continent.
This is the climax of all our hard work, as the second-to-last rebellious
Keeper has been killed, and the last League Keeper is now mine to toy
    At the last statement, the redhead jerked her head up.  "You said that
if he died, I could go!"
    "No, no, Keeper of Water.  If I remember correctly, I clearly stated,
'Fine, I shall accept your life in exchange for the life of the girl.'  I
never mentioned your freedom!  HA!  Now let's go.  It will be fun to watch
your spirit break under my torture.  Mewtwo, teleport!"
    At that command, the figures inside the circle disappeared in another
flash of light, leaving only the faintly glowing corpse inside the human
circle that then disappeared as the cloaked figures dispersed.
    The still body slowly lost its glow.  Finally, as the aftereffects of
the attack ended, the corpse quickly disintegrated into the darkness.
    The hill once again stood devoid of life in the utter darkness of a
starless and moonless night.
Author's Notes
    Welcome to the the world of the Keepers...
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