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Summary: (great, I’m not good at making these) Team Rocket has finally managed to take control of Kanto. The story starts out following a guy named Chris who is the leader of a resistance group that try to make the Rocket occupation as uncomfortable as possible, for the Rockets that is. Ash and co. do get in the story at some point. I’m not telling how or when yet. After some more or less successful actions The Lavender Resistance Faction joins up with other movements to try and overthrow the Rocket ‘government’. Want to know more? Then read on and find out. Did I mention I’m not good at making summaries before?


Author's Note: This thing *points at Author's Note sign* will appear every chapter, but in future chapters it'll be shortened to AN. Good, now, this is my first story and at the very time I'm writing this note Chapter Seven is very near to completion. I must warn you though, because the first three chapters (in my eyes anyway) are no good. They're way to short for my liking. I might remedy this in later versions, but right now this'll have to do. It does get better with Chapter Four (the word count for one doubles, if not triples and the grammar will mostly be correct.) so I ask for slight patience on your part. Chapter Three will have to be revised before posting, as a very stupid and obvious grammar error has to be fixed. God I can be so clueless sometimes. Ok let's just get on with it.


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Fight For Freedom.


By: WeirdDutchGuy, email: Swampthing1132@hotmail.com (I know it doesn't fit, don't tell me)




Chapter One: Robbing Team Rocket!



The Rocket looked in shock at the hole in his chest left by the gunshot, as he felt all life seep out of him. Just before it all went black, he recognized the person standing over his body.




The Rocket looked at the wanted poster as he put it up against the wall:



Name: Chris Fuji.

Age: 19.

Description: Average built, short brown hair, dark blue eyes. Takes great liking to Ghost and Dark type Pokémon, but recent encounters with our forces have forced him to vary his party. Any type can be expected now. Usually dresses in dark clothes and never travels alone or unarmed.

The suspected leader of a group of terrorists that call themselves The Lavender Resistance Faction. This group has recently attacked Team Rocket members at a number of occasions and are too be ARRESTED or SHOT at sight! Any sightings are to be reported to the nearest TR base. They are considered highly dangerous and a menace to society.

Anyone assisting in the capture of these criminals can expect a high reward and special treatment.


There was even a picture. It was an old one, but a picture nonetheless. He could tell it was old, since the boy in it looked barely older than sixteen.


“I still don’t see why we’re doing this.” The Rocket grumbled at his partner. “These people won’t help us find him anyway! So why bother?!”


“Because the Boss wants him found, that’s why! That’s all the reason you need to know. And who knows, maybe one of these idiots is going to come to his senses and see we are here to stay and they’d best make the best out of it!” his partner replied. The Rocket just grunted in reply and picked up the pile of posters on the floor next to him. They still had the rest of the city to do.


***End Flashback***




As Chris put away his gun, he couldn’t keep himself from looking at the Rocket’s body. The world sure had changed since Team Rocket took over. They made sure every trainer turned in his/her Pokémon to keep them from causing trouble. Then came the rules. The most absurd ones he had ever heard. People were supposed to ‘trust’ Rockets now, the very same that had caused so much trouble before. And that wasn’t even the worst part. Rockets could do anything to you and get away with it. Guess their rules don’t apply to them. But then again, they also didn’t apply to him. At least that’s what he thought. He had disobeyed them from the start, giving them empty Pokéballs to keep his Pokémon, never showing respect (and definitely no trust) to a Rocket and fought back when they tried to pick on him. He had frustrated them to the point that they killed his family and arrested his friends, because they couldn’t get him. He knew that people who were ‘arrested’ were never heard of again. Yes, he hated Team Rocket. And they’d know it to.


“Hey boss,” the young voice pulled him out of his thoughts, and he looked at the spot it came from. “Did you have to kill him?!” the teen finished, as he looked at the body in terror.


“What else should I do, hug him?!” Chris answered. Some muffled laughs could be heard behind the boy.


An older sounding voice spoke up from the corridor: “Are we going to stand here all day, or are we going to do what we came for?”


“You’re right, we’d better get moving.” Chris replied, looking at the aim of the trip. A big steel door with a highly sophisticated lock, complete with a keypad and the handprint reader next to it. He saw no cameras, just a long hall with two corridors coming into it. One they were in, and another at the other side. Also he saw another door straight across the steel one. But the hall looked deceptively empty. Breaking in had been easy, as another group had caused quite the distraction outside. Even moving around inside the base had been easy. They’d hardly run into any guards at all until they got here.


“It’s too easy!” Chris thought as he and his men stepped out the corridor. “Only one guard and a half decent lock?! I expected at least 2 guards, or a…” the sound of footsteps behind the other door interrupted his thoughts.


They were too erratic and rushed to be an ordinary patrol, which left only one possible explanation. Somehow Team Rocket knew they were here. Granted, shooting the guard hadn’t been very quiet, but these were big fat steel doors and walls. Chris froze as he saw how they had been discovered. Just above his ankles a thin green beam could be seen. Laser sensors!


“Oh crap!” it was all that would come out “Get ready!!”




The door was thrown open with great force and in the doorway there stood six Rockets, guns in hand. However they where treated to a big Flamethrower, courtesy of Chris’ Arcanine. When Chris realized the Rockets were about to open the door his hand had shot down. Not to his gun but to his Pokéballs. The Rockets did have their guns in hand and Chris knew a gunfight was the least they could use now. So Chris got out the Pokéball that contained his Arcanine and ordered it to use Flamethrower at the door just in time.


After Arcanine burned the Rockets to crisps, he recalled it.


“How could we’ve been so stupid and overlook the sensors?! At least we still have some time before they come again. Speaking of which, Franky please hurry and get that door open.” Chris spoke to the 16-year old. “Sure thing, Chris.” Frank immediately set to work on the door, connecting his laptop to the keypad and started typing.


Behind the steel door lay most of the Pokémon Team Rocket had confiscated in Lavender Town after the take over and which Chris and his men intended to take back today.


“I’m in!!” The boy exclaimed. The door opened and revealed a large room filled with shelves. On those shelves lay Pokéballs. After staring at the rather large quantity of balls with an eager look, Chris took out several large bags and passed them around. With all those Pokémon they should be able to put up a half decent fight next time Team Rocket tried something. They were going to get a tough time from now on.


“Fill them up!” he said glancing at his watch. Fifty minutes till sunrise, they had to be out by then…



To be continued...





Author's Note: See? I told you it was short. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed. The next chapter should come up next week, if I don't forget to send it in... It won't be much longer than this, but I'll try and make something out of it. For now, this is WeirdDutchGuy signing off!