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Fight For Freedom.


By: WeirdDutchGuy, email: swampthing1132[at]hotmail[dot]com




Chapter Twelve: Chris versus Kane!



He stared down his opponent, not even seeming to take notice of the giant bipedal turtle taking form before him. Or the two big-ass water cannons that were poking from its shell. This wasn’t the first time he and his opponent clashed. They had done so numerous times when he was still journeying, trying to become the best, as all naïve children did at that age. The man standing at the other end of the crater though had never tried to be the best. Yet for some reason the two had always been somewhat evenly matched, depending on the situation. Some of their fights had been ties, but most had never been finished. Not one fight had had a definite winner. But this time, Chris told himself, things would be different. This time Kane would lose, and the nightmares would end.


Kane, meanwhile, smirked as he noticed Chris’s eyes drilling into his with a ferocity he hadn’t quite seen before. Inwardly though, he was grumbling. It told him Chris was as determined to win as he said he was, despite the threats to his friends and family. It meant a hard fight, even with the huge type advantages he would have. Even so, the time to end this petty feud was now. Too long had this kid been in his way, a constant peril to his plans. Taking his eyes off his opponent for a moment, Kane took in the battlefield. A desolate crater, devoid of vegetation, with only little cover and a pleasant warmth underneath their feet. The blasted thing was still active, Kane noted, and followed it by noting he would have to make it quick. Keeping his cool or not, it wasn’t exactly the most comforting idea to fight on top of an active volcano. If it blew… but no, thinking that was silly.


Suddenly, after a fairly long period of silence, both battlers sprung into action as if on cue. Kane tried to take the initiative by ordering a Hydro Pump, but Chris countered the massive jets of water by having his Arcanine use Agility and dodge them, only to turn it into an offensive move moments later by yelling Extreme Speed. The large fiery dog barked once before it practically vanished into thin air, traveling faster than the human eye could follow and landing a quick but powerful hit on the Blastoise’s head before it could retract it.


“I see you haven’t lost your touch, Fuji.” Kane spat while thinking of his next move. “Too bad it won’t be good enough, Blastoise, use Bubblebeam!”


“Arcanine, Flamethrower!” Chris ordered as the large tank-like Blastoise fired a powerful jet of fine bubbles from its cannons. The dog complied immediately and let loose a giant flame, popping any bubbles it hit, but because of the force of the attack it wasn’t able to push the attack back to the Blastoise. It was a stalemate, with both attacks extinguishing each other. But it wouldn’t last very long, as Arcanine had to breathe while Blastoise could just keep firing. Chris realized this and raced for an answer. Flamewheel!” Arcanine stopped its attack and growled ferociously, setting itself alight before dashing directly at the incoming Bubblebeam. The sheer intensity of the fire around it evaporated the beam before it could even get close, though the rush of air that came with it meant slower progress. Still, Arcanine managed to pick up speed and leapt at the turtle’s slightly softer belly plating.


“Big mistake Fuji, Body Slam!” Kane snapped at his Pokémon, though Chris doubted the Blastoise was truly his. But it obeyed, and just before Arcanine delivered the attack the Blastoise cut off its Bubblebeam and just let itself fall forward, attempting to crush the approaching dog under its massive shell. It was too late for Chris to do anything about it, and the Arcanine’s eyes widened in surprise at the turn of events. It made a weak attempt at stopping or at least changing direction, but Blastoise was having none of it and firmly landed on top of it. Arcanine let out a short yelp and then continued to groan in pain as the weight of the behemoth pressed down on it.


“No…” Chris gasped before pulling himself back together. “Flamewheel again, full intensity. Burn him off!” Arcanine complied again, its whimper turning into a growl once more as flames engulfed it. This time it was Blastoise’s turn to be in pain as its face contorted in agony while its belly got cooked. Despite Kane’s command to stay on, the large turtle eventually caved and jumped off, rubbing its burned abdomen.


“Blast it.” Kane growled as Arcanine picked itself up from the ground.




“Quick, this way!” John waved his men in the right direction as they withdrew to their old positions. As the last of them - Ash, Ritchie and Frank as it happened - passed, he turned to follow. But something had them stop in their tracks. Lying on the ground in front of them were two very familiar persons. Butch and Cassidy, and from the looks of it neither was in a very good shape. Both had multiple gunshot wounds in their backs, and they were only just breathing, or more like rasping.


“Are they… dead?” Frank asked carefully as Ritchie checked them out.


“No, they’re still alive, but barely.” He replied, not taking his eyes off the two Team Rocket agents. “I don’t think they’re going to make it.”


“Good, let’s not waste anymore time on them then.” John said cheerily, but with a hint of strictness that wasn’t there before.


“Wait…” Cassidy croaked suddenly, her throat dry from lying there like that.


“Who did this?” Ash asked, genuinely concerned. They might be Team Rocket agents, but they were still human and in his eyes that meant they were worth life.


“It… it was Kane…” She hacked. “We were o-on our way to the mountain… with a p-prisoner… His men shot us… in the back…”


“Kane?” John suddenly asked. Cassidy nodded weakly from the ground before continuing.


“He… he’s planning… rebellion… Wants to o-overthrow the Boss…” She said while her face went paler by the second. “Then he went up… the mountain. Said… he was expecting… someone.”


John’s eyes widened at this before he frowned deeply. His brother had said he wanted to get a clear view, and the top of the volcano was the highest place around. It was like Kane could read minds… Suddenly determination flashed across his face as he turned to the mountain, ready to leave. “Come. We’re leaving.”


“Huh?” Ash said in confusion before it changed to anger. “You mean you’re going to leave them here? They’ll die!”


“They’re Team Rocket, they deserve it.” John responded bluntly, waving the complaint away. Ash stared at him dumbfounded.


“Hey, look at it this way!” Ritchie tried desperately. “If you keep them alive now, they’ll be able to give information later!” John stopped walking.


“Yeah, like in that saying. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Frank added. John turned and glared at them, which took them by surprise. None of them had ever seen him act like this.


“Those two will never be my friends. Team Rocket made my real friends disappear and these two here are responsible for most of it. You win, we keep them alive, but if they can’t get us any useful information… Let’s just say they would’ve been better off here.” He responded coldly. Franky gulped under the stare. This was a side of John he’d never seen before. “Frank, you’ll take them to Blaine’s camp. You two come with me. I have a brother to rescue.”


Just as they all started moving, Cassidy’s hand grabbed Ash’s leg as he went past. Ash looked down into the frowning woman’s eyes and saw a fire burning in them as she spoke to him through gritted teeth. “Hey… g-get him for me… twerp!” Ash nodded, and Cassidy smiled softly before she slumped back down on the floor. Ash could’ve sworn he saw the lights go out right before she closed her eyes… but he kept moving, ignoring the lump in his throat. John sped forward, intent on saving his brother. ‘Though, knowing Chris…’ he thought. ‘He probably won’t need saving…’




Chris growled as Electabuzz hit the dirt and stayed down. Kane’s Dugtrio seemed to take it lightly. This was the third Pokémon in a row Chris had lost, meaning he was halfway to defeat. His hand nearly grabbed Golducks’s Pokéball before he realized Golduck was already out from its battle with Kane’s Raichu. It was funny; the Raichu had seemed incredibly familiar somehow. Now that he thought of it; so did the Blastoise. Was Kane using stolen Pokémon? And if so, why did they obey him? However, instead of lingering on that Chris forced himself to focus on the battle. Arcanine, Golduck and now Electabuzz were down. That left him with Steelix, Venomoth, and Gengar. His hand closed around Steelix’ ball.


Kane snorted as the steel giant formed. “Poor tactical choice, mister Fuji. The bigger they are, the bigger a target they represent. Dugtrio, Earthquake!”


“Iron Defense!” Chris countered immediately. Steelix stiffened its body and endured the attack, as Chris had hoped, and then focused its vicious eyes on the tiny mole in front of it. He decided to waste no time with his own attack. “Crunch!”


“Dig, dig!” Kane shouted as the metal snake let its head drop swiftly towards Dugtrio. The little Pokémon obeyed its master immediately and shot into the ground, causing Steelix to get nothing but a mouth full of dirt. But it was what Chris had been hoping for, and Kane growled in realization.


“Earthquake Steelix, now.” Chris ordered calmly. Steelix roared as it slammed its tail into the ground, causing a massive tremor. As everybody braced himself to just stay standing, Dugtrio reappeared from its hole, screeching in pain before passing out. It was the first KO in Chris’ favor, and Kane was not pleased with it.


“Luck!” He spat.


“Keep thinking that.” Chris smirked smugly.


“Enough! Blastoise, time to finish this one off!” Kane roared as he released Blastoise from its Pokéball again. The burn on its belly was still there, and Chris hoped it would be severe enough to handicap the large tortoise. If not, Steelix didn’t stand much of a chance. “Blastoise, Hydro Pump!”


“Dig! Steelix Dig!” Chris shouted, but the massive blasts of water had almost reached Steelix before it could move. Chris watched in shock as the massive Steel giant was lifted by the force of the water and shot past on his left, only to be dropped a fair distance away, out cold. “Damn it!” He cursed as he went over his options. What did he have left? Electabuzz, Golduck, Arcanine, and now Steelix… they were all downed so easily. He growled as it dawned on him that he only had two more chances; Gengar and… “Venomoth, come out!”


“Still not using Gengar, are you?” Kane chuckled as he tried to find a reason for this choice. Gengar would’ve no doubt made short work of Blastoise, but yet Chris had chosen to use Venomoth. Though neither choice would’ve meant a type advantage, Gengar’s speed, combined with its insane attack power would’ve been the end for the strong but sluggish Blastoise. But Venomoth held no advantages at all… “Very well, so be it. I guess losing must be messing with your psyche. After all, it’s such a strange sensation, isn’t it? Hahaha!”


“I don’t plan on losing.” Chris said as he slid Venomoth’s Pokéball back in his pocket. “Try to get under my skin all you want. All it is, is a waste of time! Venomoth, use Toxic!” The large moth buzzed forward and showered Blastoise in a poisonous substance. Kane stamped on the ground in annoyance.


“That was a cheap shot!”


“Cheap or not, you should keep your head on the battle, not on smooth talk! Venomoth, Psybeam!” Chris countered, taking even more advantage of Kane’s distraction. Venomoth fired and scored a direct hit, throwing the pained Blastoise on its back.

“What are you doing?! Get back up on your feet!” Kane ordered, and Chris almost felt sorry for the Rocket’s Pokémon. Amazingly, Blastoise managed to turn itself around again after a few tries, despite its burn and being badly poisoned. With a long grunt the powerful Pokémon rose back to its feet and turned to glare at Kane. “You’re looking the wrong way! The enemy is over there!” Blastoise didn’t budge. “Remember what we discussed earlier. You would be wise to follow my orders. If not, I’m afraid I cannot guarantee the safety of certain people…” With that, Blastoise finally turned around with a sad look on its face. So, Chris thought, Kane really
wasn’t fighting with his own Pokémon. Even worse, he was using Pokémon that he stole from good people, and forced them to fight for him, and against anyone who might be their potential rescuer. The idea alone was sickeningly evil, but Kane didn’t seem bothered in the slightest.


Venomoth, use…” Chris trailed off. He knew now that he had to hurt otherwise friendly Pokémon to stop this madman, but it felt wrong. Unless… this could be used in his advantage. He knew Kane had leverage over these Pokémon, but if he could somehow convince them to stand up to him, like what Blastoise had just tried… But Blastoise would not try again. It had made its decision. ‘I don’t want to fight you. Not like this. This isn’t fair. If we must battle, then it will be after you’ve been reunited with your own Trainer.’ Chris said in his mind. ‘But I’m out of options…’ He was about to order his attack, when Blastoise suddenly fell forward. The poison and the burns had done their job. But Chris wasn’t cheering this time. “Bring out your next, Rocket. So we can end this.”


Heheh, oh we’ll end this alright.” Kane was smirking again. “I’m sure you must’ve realized by now what you’re up against. Even if you’re willing to fight them with full strength, they’re still some of the most powerful and well-trained Pokémon around. After all, Gym leaders and would-be Champions tend to be tough…”


“You… Even for you, this is cruel.” Chris glared at the Rocket as he tried to calm himself. “I will not let you get away with this.”


“But mister Fuji, I’m afraid you don’t have a choice. You see, there can be only one winner.” Kane reached for the suitcase again. “And I simply refuse to lose. Which, inevitably, means that you won’t be around much longer. Now, I think I’m going to trim your moth’s wings a bit. Come out, Slowbro!”




“I don’t have time for you!” John yelled in frustration at the Rockets above him, knowing it probably wouldn’t make them disappear.


“Make time! You’re not going any higher up this mountain, pal!” One of the Rockets shouted back. “Wouldn’t want you to disturb the boss! I mean, it’s not every day that he gets the chance to deal with him!” They were just stalling. John knew they were. Else they would’ve attacked long ago, but instead they kept in hiding behind the rocks above. Just running up there would be suicide, but going around them was not an option either. Normally Chris wasn’t one to worry about, but if there was a man out there that could break him, it would have to be Kane. ‘And every minute we waste here helps him do it!’


“John,” Ash whispered, careful not to let the Rockets hear. “can’t Alakazam teleport?” John looked back for a moment with a stunned look.


“Ash… You’re a genius.” John grinned as he slapped Ash’ shoulder. “Hey Al, get over here for a sec!” Alakazam trotted over and listened. “Think you can Teleport us to the top of the mountain?” The Pokémon closed its eyes for a moment as it gave the plan some thought, then shook its head. “Too dangerous, eh?” Alakazam nodded after consulting its mental image of the area. Being psychic was a strong advantage to have, and the Pokémon probably had quite a bit of the island mapped, including the presence of friend and foe. John trusted its judgment. “How about right behind that lot over there?” He asked, pointing at the still taunting Rockets. Alakazam thought again and nodded.


“Alright guys, get ready. We’re going to be right behind them and catch them by surprise… hopefully. Use it!” John’s quick summary had Ash and Ritchie exchanging worried looks, but it was too late now… Alakazam had started glowing.



To Be Continued…





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