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Fight For Freedom.


By: WeirdDutchGuy, email: swampthing1132[at]hotmail[dot]com




Chapter Two: Things Got Complicated, So Things Went Wrong…



“They’re in the storage room! Sent more guards down there!” Butch yelled after looking at the screen.

“Yes sir!” a Rocket replied before speeding off.


Butch wasn’t happy at all with what he was seeing. He and Cassidy had been put in charge of getting rid of those faction rebels. To do so, they had come up with a plan to catch them, but that did not include them getting this far. There was no telling what would happen next now that the rebels had access to the Pokémon. If it hadn’t been for that stupid kid with his laptop, the plan would’ve worked just fine. Now however, he wasn’t so sure.


“Don’t get so worked up about it, there’s no where they can run. The whole place is locked down and surrounded.” said Cassidy. She smirked when she saw Chris on the monitor. “He has no idea what’s coming to him.”




“Did we get every single one of them?” Chris asked. His men nodded. “Then let’s get out of this place.”


“Wait! Come see this, I found something!” said the kid with the laptop.


“Found what?” Chris asked.


“Everything! It’s all here; I think I’ve just hacked their central network.”


“What?! You hacked a network through a keypad?!” Chris was no scientist, but he knew those weren’t supposed to be connected to anything even nearly as important as a mainframe. “No, through the handprint reader. I think that’s linked up because it needs access to the handprint data… What do you want me to do now?” The boy asked, visibly excited.


“Copy as much of the data as you can, and then try to crash their system.” He answered while thinking

“Let’s just cause as much chaos as possible while we’re at it. And if he really can get his hands on everything that will give us the advantage for the first time.”


Just as he finished his thoughts, he heard those footsteps again. “Here we go again!” he said to his men, and to Frank: “Hurry! We’ll stall them!” Soon Pokéballs flew through the air and out came Chris’ Arcanine and Raichu, and some Pokémon owned by his men.


Soon the door opened for the second time, and for the second time, a wall of flames shot towards it. Only it did no damage because it was blown apart by a Hypno, with a smirking Rocket grunt behind it. “Get them!!” And several Rockets came rushing out the door and the corridors. Attacks were flying through the air and yells of pain could be heard. When the dust cleared there were no Rockets in sight. But the Faction members had also taken a beating. Chris came here with 6 of his men; he would be leaving with 2.


“Darn! Aren’t you finished yet?! We need to get out of here!” he yelled at Franky. “Yeah I’m done, let’s go.”




“If you want something done well here, you have to do it yourself.” Butch mumbled as he grabbed the Pokéball in which was his Raticate. “It appears so.” Cassidy replied. “You four, come with us!” she ordered 4 Rockets in the room. Then they set off to meet the Faction members.




Chris’ radio crackled and a voice was shouting through the other end. “Chris, I don’t know how you’re doing, but these guys out here are getting desperate.” The voice belonged to Chris’ brother, John. John was keeping the exit clear with some others, but the attacks from the grunts became stronger and fiercer every time.


“John, can you hold out for just a few more minutes? We’re on our way out right now.” The reply wasn’t something Chris wanted to hear. “No way, these guys are everywhere! It’ll be a miracle if we can pull that off.” The explosion heard at the end wasn’t too good either.


“Ok, pull back.” Chris ordered reluctantly. “We’ll find our own way out.”


“These corridors go on forever, and it’s slowing us down. Time for a better approach.” Chris thought as he pulled out his Steelix and released it. “Dig us a tunnel so we can get out of this place.” Steelix agreed and was about to start digging when Butch and Cassidy showed up.


“Don’t even try! This floor happens to be made of reinforced concrete.” said Cassidy. “So? That has never stopped Steelix before.” Chris replied.


“Think you’re smart huh? Go Hypno!! Go Houndoom!!” “Go Hitmontop!! Go Raticate!!”


“Four against one? Last time I checked that wasn’t very fair. Get them Gengar!!” Soon five more Pokémon materialized between the two groups.


Hitmontop, Jump Kick!” Butch ordered his fighting Pokémon to attack Gengar, but as he is a ghost Hitmontop just passed straight through.


Hypno, use confusion!” Cassidy yelled.


“Nightshade!” was the reply.


Both attacks hit, and despite both having a type advantage only Hypno went down due to Gengar’s obviously higher level. Gengar wasn’t in the best of shapes either, so it had to end fast.


“Finish it Gengar, Shadow Ball!” Gengar, now panting, complied and caused a huge explosion in the small corridor sending both sides back. The smoke cleared and all of Team Rocket’s Pokémon were down. Also there was a big hole in the concrete floor, exposing the soft ground underneath. “Steelix, lets try this again. Dig!” Steelix dug a hole and soon everyone followed him, leaving Team Rocket behind, still dazed by the explosion.


“NO!! Get back here you, you brat!!” “Uh-oh, the Boss won’t like this!” Butch moaned. Cassidy turned to the 4 Rockets that had come with them. “What are you waiting for?! Go after them!” Afraid of what would happen if they didn’t, they all jumped in the hole.


Meanwhile Chris turned around and looked at Gengar. “Do it.” Gengar fired another attack at the entrance causing it to cave in on the Rockets. Chris returned Gengar. They had escaped again.



To Be Continued…





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