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Fight For Freedom.


By: WeirdDutchGuy, email: swampthing1132[at]hotmail[dot]com




Chapter Three: An Unexpected Guest.



A lonely young man was walking in no general direction at all. He was covered in dirt and his clothes were torn in different places. He had been on the run since the start of all this, but only the last few months had he been in Kanto. Getting in had been very hard as security was strict and Rockets lurked round every corner in the empty streets. Fights had been inevitable but he tried hard to avoid them. After he got into Kanto he had gone straight to his old house in Pallet, but found nothing there. His friends and family that lived there were gone. He didn’t make much of it, thinking they probably went into hiding. So he went to the nearest place he had a friend, Pewter. Again he found nothing, as if everything related to him had vanished into thin air. On his way to Cerulean, where he’d probably find the same thing to have happened, he had run into a few Rockets eager to claim the reward on his head. When he finally did get to Cerulean his fears were confirmed. His friend was gone. Feeling beaten and utterly exhausted he eagerly took Nurse Joy’s offer and rested a few days. On the sixth day she came rushing in saying he had to leave. The Rockets had somehow gotten wind of it and were turning the whole town upside down. In his hurry he took the wrong turn and found himself not headed for Saffron, but for the Rock Tunnel. It was too late to turn back now so he headed down the path hoping for the best. He was glad when he spotted a large rock on the side of the road. Something he could sit on and rest for a while. The second he sat down he dozed of, dreaming of happier times… It wasn’t to last though, as he was soon startled by the sound of an engine. No wait, two engines! Now fully awake, he looked down the path where he had just been walking and saw two Jeeps loaded with Rockets coming his way. He quickly woke up his Pikachu.


“Let’s go buddy, this is going to be a long walk.” “Chaa…” the Pikachu complained.




Frank slowly opened the door to the ‘office’ and peeked inside. He didn’t see who he wanted to, but John would have to do.


“Sir, where’s the boss? I’ve got to show him something important.” He asked.


“Hmm? Oh it’s you. It’s Saturday so he’s out training and he doesn’t like being disturbed when he’s training. But I guess if it’s that important… by the way, when you see him tell him a messenger arrived this morning. I send him to the dorms because he was exhausted.” John answered, and as if he knew which question was next: “He trains near the Tunnel entrance.”


After hearing this Franky set off through the long hallways of the secret Faction base. The entrance wasn’t far, but it could be a dangerous walk as wild Pokémon were more plentiful and aggressive in the Rock Tunnel. When the walls were replaced with the cold rock of the Tunnel he pulled out a Pokéball, ready to defend his life should anything pop up.




A pair of dark blue eyes watched from under a cap at a flamethrower and water gun meeting in between Arcanine and Golduck. Where it met the flames were put out by the water and the water was evaporated by the heat.


“Give it all Golduck!” Chris ordered, and not soon after the jet of water leaving Golduck’s mouth almost doubled in size and started to push towards Arcanine. “Your turn Arcanine, dig deeper, you can do it!” his eyes narrowed as the light and heat of Arcanines flamethrower intensified. The contact point stopped moving soon after. Chris was pleased and ordered his Pokémon to stop their attacks. “Let’s go check on the others, ok?” he told his Pokémon.


Just as he started to stroll over to the other Pokémon, who were also training nearby, something caught his eye. A dust cloud was moving up the path to the entrance. “What the? Wasn’t everybody banned from going out of town? This can only be Team Rocket!” he thought, while getting out his binoculars. Can’t be to sure, can you? Looking through his binoculars he saw a guy of about his age getting pursued by two Jeeps… packed with Rocket grunts. The Jeeps were catching up and the guy’s Pikachu turned around and used a Thundershock at the front Jeep, popping its tires. The Rockets still capable of moving after the crash with the tree climbed out and continued the pursuit on foot. By now, Frank had made it to the entrance of the cave and saw Chris.


“Boss…” Franky started, but after a seeing what was going on he paused. “Go, go get some men and get back here as fast as you can!” Chris snapped and Frank left. Chris stepped out in the open and drew out his handgun. He was ready, let’s see how ready they were.




“This is bad, I’m hardly feeling my legs and looks like the running is going to go on for a while.” Ash thought to himself. Worse of all, he was now seriously considering turning and facing his pursuers. As quickly as the thought came up he rejected it. There were too many of them and they might be carrying guns. He glanced back for a moment and started running faster because that Jeep was now catching up fast. Maybe if he could make it to the entrance he might shake them off. In the dark it should be easier. He looked up to see how far it was when he saw a person standing in the middle of the road, with a handgun pointed at him. He was just about to let Pikachu thunder him when the person yelled at him. “HIT THE DIRT!!” In no mood to disobey a guy with a gun Ash dropped to the ground and not soon after he heard a few shots, screaming tires and the sound of metal crashing into solid rock. He looked up to see a smoking gun in the guy’s right hand, and his left hand in front of his face. After he was helped up he looked back and saw the Jeep started to burn.


“We need to get out of here, that thing’s going to blow. Follow me.” Chris said and started walking to the cave entrance, not awaiting an answer. Ash, having little choice, followed. On the way in they passed a handful of men lead on by Frank.


“They’re on the road near the exit, just clean it up a bit and make sure none of them get to tell their boss we’re here.” Chris bluntly said. His men nodded and continued walking. Ash was surprised to find the Tunnel well lit, not to mention it being the main base of the resistance in the area. Chris didn’t know he was in for quite a surprise himself when they opened the large door into the base…



To Be Continued…





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