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Fight For Freedom.


By: WeirdDutchGuy, email: swampthing1132[at]hotmail[dot]com




Chapter Four: Revelations.



Outside there was a battle raging between the Rocket grunts and the Faction members. Though outnumbered at first, the Faction members now held an advantage over the grunts, after taking out several of their Pokémon. Only a handful were left now, and ‘F’s Scyther was well underway to make another one bite the dust. Suddenly the burning Jeep exploded, distracting the fighters. Taking use of the distraction one of the grunts reached for a gun, but he never made it as a Growlithe sank its teeth deep into his arm, making him drop the weapon. As the other Rockets saw their comrade fall, anger fueled there combat spirits. As if on queue all their Pokémon unleashed special attacks at the types weakest to them. Though hit hard, the Faction members and their Pokémon didn’t give them any more room and went straight back into the offensive. Scyther was landing one hard hit after the other and was backed up by a dozen others. If the Rockets had anything left to give, they didn’t show it. Resistance ceased and the surviving grunts quickly surrendered. After rounding up the survivors they marched them off to the home-made prison inside the base. Frank, or Franky as everyone called him here, scanned the battlefield and, though quite disturbed by a few bodies that lay about, followed after assuring himself nothing out there was still alive.




Ash was surprised to find the Tunnel well lit, not to mention it being the main base of the resistance in the area. Chris didn’t know he was in for quite a surprise himself when they opened the large door into the base…


After entering the large door, they were walking in the hallway when they heard singing from the office. Chris decided to check who was singing and shut him up, because it was a pain to hear. He opened the door and walked in, only to freeze and form a sweat drop at the sight of a singing, dancing man. The man, dressed casually in a black shirt and blue jeans, was his brother and was known as John.


“What are you doing?” he asked confused.


Yo bro! What’s up?” John replied with a grin from one ear to the other. When he tried to pull Chris into a dance, Chris backed up, and his sweat drop got even bigger.


“Are you feeling alright?” he asked his brother.


“Am I feeling alright? I’m feeling better then alright, man! I’m feeling great!” was the reply, and he tried to pull him in again. Chris pushed him off this time and said “John, you shouldn’t do stuff like this, people might think your crazy or something. On the other hand, maybe they’d be right.” “The reason I’m so cheerful happens to be a good one. Its right there.” he said, as he pointed to F’s laptop standing on his desk.


“He left it here when he went looking for you. Guess curiosity got the better of me.”


“You know he’ll kill you when he finds out. But before you die tell me what’s on it that made you so giddy.” Chris asked.


“It’s a list of names, of people in Team Rocket jails. Some of them are quite interesting you should read it, especially under the F.” Curiosity started to take its toll on Chris now as well, and a tiny spark of hope, knowing full well his last name, Fuji, started with a F. Maybe their parents, who they thought to be dead, were still alive.




Panicking people were running about on the street, yelling cries as: “The Rockets are coming!” Why this had to happen now was beyond anything he could imagine. His gym had only just received official status, and now this?! Chris thought hard about what he should do. The only thing on his mind was protecting the town.


“Chris, I know this is though, but you have to let go. Take your mother and run for it, they’ll be here any minute now.” His father spoke sternly. “I refuse to leave you here dad! Just come with us!”


“I can’t. You know that. I’ll stall them so you can get away, now go! You’re wasting time!”


“No! I’m not leaving you. I want to stay as well. Besides, I’ll only slow the boys down.” It was his mother. What was she thinking?! Great, now both his parents refused to flee. His father saw the concern on his face and turned to him again.


“I’ll manage, really. I raised my Pokémon with care, they won’t win that easily. I have to go now, the other villagers that want to stay and defend their homes are gathering on the street. Take whatever’s in the fridge and leave.” Suddenly the sound of screeching tires was in the air.


“They’re here! Take the backdoor and go!” Chris obeyed as his father went out the front, but when he got to the door he turned again.


“Come on bro!” John said as he pulled Chris through the door. Outside they could hear the fighting going on in the streets. They barely left the backyard when gunshots rang out…


**End Flashback**


His parents! That would explain John’s sudden burst of happiness. He turned his attention to the laptop’s screen.


As Chris and John were occupied with the laptop Ash was about to ask where he could get some food when a young man walked in, took in the scene before him, and started yelling obscenities at the two brothers. They didn’t pay any attention to him though, and continued as if he didn’t exist. Meanwhile, Ash’ stomach had started to grumble, and he patted the guy on his shoulder.


“Hey, do you know where a guy can get some food? I’m-” But Ash was cut short by his stomach which set loose a long, loud rumble catching everyone’s attention.


Franky, would you be so kind as to escort our guest to the mess hall? He seems a bit hungry.” John chuckled, before returning his attention to the screen once more. After Frank and Ash had left he turned to Chris, who was still busy scanning the seemingly endless list of names. “Where did you pick him up? He looks pretty messed up. You sure we can trust him?”


“He was headed straight for the entrance; he would’ve found the place anyway. Besides, some grunts were following him, so he must’ve done something wrong in their eyes which would be good in ours. He looks quite familiar, but I just can’t put my finger on it.”


“Hmm… but can we be sure that our enemy’s enemy is our friend? We’d better have Franky check him out later.”


Suddenly Chris’ mouth dropped as he stared blankly at the screen before him. Slowly his open mouth turned into the largest smile he had ever made, as he started laughing hysterically. John already knew what he’d seen. Soon both brothers were dancing around the ‘office’ singing loudly, drawing odd faces from by passers.




While Ash was busy stuffing his face, he thought of the things that had happened over the last 9 months. He’d been in Hoenn for a meeting with its Champion and Elite Four when he heard the Indigo Plateau had been raided by Team Rocket.




“What do you mean ‘attacked’?!” He yelled at the official who had just told him the Indigo Plateau in Kanto had been attacked by swarms of Team Rocket grunts. “Just as I said, Team Rocket attacked and destroyed the League building in Kanto. Reports state there are no survivors… I’m sorry.”


Ash felt his legs give way. There was no way Team Rocket had enough resources to lead an attack against the most well guarded building in all of Kanto, and succeed! No survivors… How could they know if there was no one to tell them?!


“Are you sure there are none?” Ash asked in a monotone voice. “Yes, quite. Satellite images show no signs of life except people with black outfits. People wearing Team Rocket uniforms.”


The official shifted a bit uneasy at the champ’s last outburst. “We should probably send a warning to all police stations in the region; this Team Rocket might be up to something.” Ash realized what the official had said made good sense. If the League had fallen, what would happen if the cities were attacked? Would the Gym leaders even stand a chance?


“I have to get there soon. I’m leaving right now, come on Pikachu!” Ash spoke as he turned to the door, his little yellow friend following soon after.


**End Flashback**


He didn’t know it back then, but things were going to get a lot worse. By the time he reached Goldenrod things had taken a turn for the worst. Kanto was under complete control of Team Rocket, who apparently started a massive, nationwide assault on all Kanto cities right after the Indigo raid. He was told most Gym leaders put up a fight, but they were all defeated swiftly. All save Blaine, who stayed in hiding on Cinnabar Island. Ash tried to get into Kanto, but was stopped by a few of his friends who made it quite clear he’d be walking straight into a trap. It wasn’t until a few months later, when Blaine led a successful revolt on Cinnabar, that Ash decided the time had come. After making his way across the border during the night he reached Viridian, which was crammed with Rockets. He headed south towards Pallet Town, where his home was.




He had again waited until nightfall. That way he’d be harder to spot by any patrols. Making his way across the countryside he came up to Pallet during the early morning. As he approached his house he could feel something was wrong. The streets were empty and all the houses had their curtains closed. Just as he was about to turn the doorknob several grunts came from behind the house, grinning like madmen.


“Ah, there you are. You sure made us wait mister Ketchum.” Ash turned to face a man who was definitely in Team Rocket, but his uniform was slightly different. His pants were deep grey and he wore a similar grey vest over his long sleeved black shirt, with red R’s imprinted on both sides. Dark sunglasses covered his eyes as his mouth curved up into a soft smirk.


“After we didn’t find your body at the Plateau I figured you’d head home, but not that you would take so long. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Kane, and I’m the one who plans, and sometimes carries out, the dirty work in our organization. I’m virtually second only to the Boss himself. Come quietly mister Ketchum, or risk this place to be totaled. We were already kind enough to take your mother to avoid her getting hurt.” The man spoke, his smirk seemingly getting a tad more evil-like. The other Rockets started to surround Ash, who couldn’t take his eyes off Kane after those last words left his lips. His eyes burning with anger Ash moved into a battle stance and Pikachu jumped in front of him, sparks flying off his cheeks.


“A very rash and dangerous move mister Ketchum, one I’ll make you regret!” Kane spoke as he positioned himself directly opposed to Ash, hand hovering close to his belt. A showdown about to begin…


**No End To Flashback… yet!**



To Be Continued…





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