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Fight For Freedom.


By: WeirdDutchGuy, email: swampthing1132[at]hotmail[dot]com




Chapter Nine: Setting Sail.



“I don’t even know if it really is Kane who’s planning this attack. Sure, it all bears his mark except the leaking of the date and time of the attack. Would he purposely leak that? And if so, why?” Ever since the storytelling Chris had been wandering through the corridors of the base. He’d been thinking about Kane at first but now he was seeking ways of connecting Kane to the impending attack on Cinnabar Island. But it just didn’t make sense. He stranded every time when he reached Blaine’s informant. The reason was simple: the guy, or girl, just didn’t have access to Kane or his troops, so unless Kane wanted him/her to know he/she couldn’t.


“Unless he wanted Blaine to know… who would surely call for help and if they just followed the messenger… Kane, you are one cunning bastard! But why the date and time?! Just the threat of an attack, any attack, could get this effect.” And again his thoughts stranded. Trying to pick them up again, Chris failed to see the door opening in time and walked right into it. As he grunted and grabbed his nose he glared at the door waiting for the culprit to show himself.


“Whoops, sorry! Huh? Chris! I was looking for you, why did you run off like that?! Hell, why didn’t you tell me what happened?!” John’s surprise quickly changed to anger once he realized who he just slammed into.


“Give it a rest John.” Chris sighed. He really needed a distraction. He needed something to take his mind off of things.


“I had as much right to know what happened as you! You should’ve told me!” John pressed on.


“I said give it a rest! It was hard enough seeing it, but reliving it just now… Now he’s stuck in my head.” After the outburst John wisely decided to stop pushing, not to mention his curiosity getting the better of him again.


“Who, Kane? It helps letting it go you know. Stop worrying about it. There’s nothing you could do.” He said as he tried to show he cared.


“That’s not it. It’s just… I keep trying to see connections that aren’t there. Somehow I’m firmly convinced he’s behind this attack on Cinnabar. But it doesn’t make sense. Why the time?” Either Chris failed to notice his brother’s attempt, or he was just too preoccupied with his thoughts.


“It’s quite easy really; whoever is planning this likes to know when everything’s going to happen. That’s all.” John’s words set off a new thought wave.


“You know, that’s not such a bad reason. Kane knows we know the time, so he’ll think we’ll show up just before that time. That way he’ll have a rough estimate of when we arrive. That means the time doesn’t mean a thing, and I have a feeling he’ll be waiting for us. John, that attack could be happening right now!” He’d found his link, but was shocked at this new insight nonetheless. They’d have to hurry.




The loading of the ships went along schedule, the men were ready and everything was planned out to even the minutest detail. Kane was sure nothing could go wrong now. By the end of the next day he would’ve rid himself of the three biggest threats and all that would remain in his way would be Giovanni. That was an obstacle easily taken. Inwardly he was cheering, though it only showed as a small smile on the outside. He peered out over the beach where about a dozen high speed assault ships were being prepared to set sail.


“Sir, the Boss is on the phone. He wants to know how we’re doing.” Kane nodded to the grunt and went for the nearest vid-phone. Giovanni’s face appeared on the small screen as he picked up the horn.


“Well Kane, how are things going? Nothing unexpected happened yet?” He knew what his Boss was aiming at. He’d only failed once and already he was talked to as if he was incompetent. This only made him long stronger for the moment that he would kick that fool out of his office. However, for now he’d have to play along.


“No, everything’s going just fine. At this rate we might even be early. I assure you nothing can go wrong. I’ve accounted for every possibility. I even thought of the fact they might show up early. There is nothing to worry about.”


“Very well then, proceed.” And with that the phone was hung up. Kane looked about ready to tear the thing apart. “How dare he think this might go wrong?! This isn’t even half as big as the original takeover and that went without a hitch. I’ll show him, right after we take Cinnabar I’ll show him!” His good mood was instantly blown away. The grunt was still standing there. “Well? What are you waiting for, get back to work! We need all that stuff loaded before nightfall!”




Inside the Rock Tunnel everybody was gathered in the Cafeteria, it being the biggest public place available. Chris and John hadn’t wasted time and ordered the meeting right away. Since they’d been planning to arrive at Cinnabar somewhere around ten or eleven in the morning nobody had been doing any packing yet. The discovery that the attack could start at any given time had caused Chris to overhaul the entire plan. They would depart as soon as possible. As Chris and John stood up on a table the room quieted down.


“Guys, we have a problem. That attack we heard about isn’t going to occur at noon at all. For all we know, it could be happening right now.” John’s words sent a wave of murmurs and whispers across the small crowd. “I know this isn’t how we planned it, but we’re leaving ASAP. I suggest that those that’ll be coming with us spend their remaining time with their family. There’s no telling what we’ll find there and I can’t promise all of us will come back in one piece.” Chris said now. More murmurs, louder ones. “In the mean time, the rest of you will prepare whatever forms of transport we have! That means we need every large bird type we can get and strong water types to pull our rafts!” John had to raise his voice slightly to make himself clear over the noise.


Ash had heard everything. “I’m coming with you.” He said the moment Chris and John walked through the door. “Fine, we need all the help we can get.” Chris mumbled as he kept walking. Kane. It had been a while since he last faced him. He wondered if Kane had changed any of his battle strategies. He wondered how Kane would fight in a large battle such as this one. He’d never had to face him on such a large scale before. There would be many fights going on, firefights and Pokémon battles. Chris and his group had never fought an open battle before. Always small scale actions and always with the element of surprise. They’d have none of that now; this was an all out war.


“Have you ever fired a gun before?” John asked Ash as he led him to the shooting range. After Chris headed to his room to revise his plans he figured he should show Ash how to use a firearm. Seeing how Ash shook his head John pulled a pistol out of a large closet. Opposite of the closet was a firing range, with targets attached to the wall at the back. He loaded the weapon and showed Ash the safety pin. “If this is still on, the gun is useless. But you should keep it on if you’re not using the gun, even if you might have to rely on it later. With the pin off the gun could fire if it bumps into something. Because it is usually pointed at some part of your body when holstered the gun firing is something you don’t want. Now, as this is a semi-automatic taking the pin off and loading the weapon is all you need to do before firing. When it runs out you reload and that’s it.” John said as he demonstrated the motions required. He then pointed the gun at the far wall and fired a shot at one of the targets before unloading the pistol and putting the safety back on.


“Now you try it.” John handed the gun over to Ash. Ash didn’t like guns, he never had. As the cold steel touched his hands he already hated the feel, but he guessed that if John would feel better knowing he could handle one… He repeated John’s actions and fired a shot. The recoil surprised him slightly, but he recovered and fired several more.


“I see you’ve gotten it down already. The recoil usually takes some getting used to.” John said as he rummaged through the closet again. He pulled out a holster which would put the gun under one’s armpit and tossed it to Ash. Obviously he was required to keep the gun.


“Take that and put it on. I doubt Chris will waste a lot of time, so I’m going to get a bite to eat now.” That said John headed for the door. Ash’s stomach agreed with the idea to get food with a rumble, so Ash quickly followed.




“Sir, the ships are all loaded and ready to go.” The Rocket reported. “Excellent, I’ll be right over. Gather everyone at the docks.” Kane rolled up the map and put it in a carry case. Finally the day was there. Today, or actually tomorrow, his plans would all come together. He’d been working towards this moment for years, and now it was finally there. Tomorrow he’d take out all major threats and gain Giovanni’s total trust. Just what he needed for phase two to succeed. However, first Cinnabar had to fall. He walked outside and eyed the now deserted tent camp in the massive stretch of land surrounding the house. As he reached the docks his strike force was lined up in front of him. He walked past the rows of men slowly. A look of determination was set on each pair of eyes, except for two pairs that looked distrustful. Butch and Cassidy never liked him, or trusted him for that matter. But he didn’t care; they’d be dead soon and nothing would stand in his way.


“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a great day for Team Rocket! A great day for all of us! Tomorrow we will crush the rebels that have been causing us many troubles these past few months and that blasted Lavender Faction as well! Kanto will finally be ours without any form of resistance!” Cheers erupted from the crowd. “In moments we will take place in our ships and set sail, and tomorrow will bring us only Victory!” He had about twelve high speed ships at his disposal. Each vessel could contain forty men, bringing the total manpower under his command to four hundred and eighty. He himself had a ship as well, fitted with all sorts of devices to command the operation. That ship would contain twenty of his best men, brining the total to five hundred.


“Dismissed, embark in your ships!” Five hundred men… Blaine wouldn’t stand a chance. The men hurried to their ships and soon the air was filled with the sounds of revving diesel engines. Kane reached the bridge of his ship and ordered the fleet to set sail. The small port emptied as the ships raced towards the horizon.




“Every one’s ready, just give the word.” The past few hours had been hectic. The construction of rafts had been stepped up a notch and John had been running around collecting big bird Pokémon and strong swimming Pokémon. Now they were ready as they stood near Fuchsia’s beach. It was a lot closer to Cinnabar than Lavender was, so they’d driven there first, hoping to save time.


“Right, let’s go. We’ve wasted enough time. Put as much people on the Pokémon as they can carry and the rest of us will take the rafts.” When this was over Chris would make sure they stole some boats for future use. Having to use rafts wasn’t really what he had in mind, but they’d have to do for now.


Meanwhile Ash got on his Charizard with Ritchie. John and Franky would travel on John’s Pidgeot. Several other flyers were gathered as well. There were Fearow, Swellow, Pidgeot and the occasional Charizard. As all of them were loaded with their human cargo Chris and his part of men pushed the rafts into the water and jumped on. They then called out their water Pokémon and had them pull the rafts.


The odd looking convoy of rafts and birds set off towards Cinnabar Island, where the important battle was set to take place.



To Be Continued…





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