ࡱ> QSPM N<bjbj== "XWWN8lpppp |\'!  $! #       W[p 0'! $$ >^Joe and Giselles League Adventures By Wildfire Wolf jbsuperwolf@netscape.net Part Three RN Disclaimer: Sorry, do not own Pokmon or any of its characters. If I did, Joe and Giselle would appear a lot more, Ash and Misty would be more of a couple, and Brock would probably have a girlfriend by now. Chapter Three Fire Within the Heart On the beach next to the hotel, two trainers, a boy and a girl, were facing off against each other. The boy, Joe, had a Weepinbell and the girl, Giselle, had a Graveler. Joe: Weepinbell, use Razor Leaf! Weepinbell: Bell! Weepinbell spins around fast while launching the attack. Giselle: Graveler, use Defense Curl! Graveler: Graveler! Graveler curls up into a ball and takes the Razor Leaf attack. There was minimal damage. Giselle: Youll have to try better than that, Joey-boy! This comment caused Joe to blush. Joe: Weepinbell, try a Solar Beam! Weepinbell started gathering light energy in his mouth. Giselle started contemplating her next move. Giselle: Graveler, use Rollout! Graveler curled into a ball again and rolled towards Weepinbell really fast. Joe: Weepinbell, leap into the air and give it all youve got! Weepinbell did as he was instructed and leaped, barely avoiding Gravelers attack. Joe: Fire the Solar Beam! Weepinbell: BEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giselle: Graveler, get out of the way and use Tackle! Graveler barely escaped the Solar Beam and Tackled Weepinbell, fainting it. Joe: Great job, Weepinbell. Return! Weepinbell is recalled to its Pokball. Joe walks over to Giselle, who has just recalled Graveler. Joe: That was a good battle. Giselle: I agree, but Weepinbell still needs to improve. Have you ever thought of evolving it to Victreebel? Joe: I have, but I could never find a Leaf Stone. Ive looked all around, but Ive only found the other Stones. Giselle: I can help you with that. It just so happens that I have a set of Evolutionary Stones with me. My parents gave them to me last year as a birthday gift. Joe: Thats cool. Do you have them with you right now? Giselle: Theyre back in the suite. Lets go! Joe: Okay! But lets get our Pokmon rejuvenated. Giselle agreed and they rushed to the Pokmon Center and got their Pokmon healed. Then they ran back to the hotel. They entered Joes suite and closed the door behind them. Giselle went to her bed and pulled her backpack from underneath. She withdrew a small box. She opened it and her face was lit up by the glow of the Evolutionary Stones. She picked up the Leaf Stone and closed the box, putting it back in her backpack. Giselle: Call Weepinbell out. Joe took out Weepinbells Pokball and released the grass-type. Weepinbell: Weepinbell! Joe: Weepinbell, are you ready to evolve to your next stage? Weepinbell: (agreeing) Bell! Giselle handed Joe the Leaf Stone. Joe touched Weepinbell with the Stone. The room was filled with the glow of Weepinbells evolution. They watched as Weepinbell grew bigger and bigger by the second. Soon, it was done. In place of the small plant Pokmon was a large Venus flytrap. The newly evolved Victreebel gave a happy screech that nearly deafened Joe and Giselle. Joe recalled Victreebel to its Pokball. Then he turned to Giselle. Joe: Thank you, Giselle. That meant a lot to me and to my Pokmon. Giselle: (smiling) Not a problem, Joe. Anything you need, Ill help you with. Joe: Thanks. The two looked at each other for what seemed like hours. Giselle: Joe, I She was interrupted by a knock at the door. The professors voice came from the other side. Professor Wilson: Joe? Giselle? Joe & Giselle: Yeah? (they blush as they look at each other in surprise) Professor Wilson: Im having the class meet together in the lobby for a small class session. Could you please join us? Giselle: Well be right there! With that, the professor left. Joe turned to Giselle. Joe: Why does he want me to come? Giselle: He probably wants you to tell of your battles and all your other adventures in the Orange League. Joe: Well, what are we waiting for? Giselle: (half-heartedly) Yeah Lets go. (thinking to herself) Darn it! I was so close! Joe: By the way, what were you going to say? Giselle: Ill tell you later, when there are no interruptions. Joe: (somewhat confused) Okay. Whatever you say, Giselle. They exited the room and locked it. They went to the elevator where the professor was waiting for them. They all got in and the doors closed. The elevator reached the main floor, and the doors opened with a ding. The other Tech students greeted the trio as they stepped out of the elevator. Professor Wilson shepherded them over to the lobby, where chairs and couches were resting by a large window with blue curtains. Professor Wilson: Now Joe, would you please tell the class of your travels through the Islands? Joe: Certainly, Professor. (looks at a smiling Giselle for a moment, then turns to the rest of the class) Now, where do I begin? Joe spent an hour to an hour and a half telling his story. Everyone seemed very interested in Joes travel, but none more so than Giselle. She was absorbing every detail. When he was done, the Professor dismissed the students. Professor Wilson: Students, you are free to do what you will up until dinner at 6:00 sharp. We will be dining in the hotel dinner hall. Enjoy your day. The students separated and went their own ways. Joe and Giselle decided to go for a walk. Giselle: That was quite a tale, Joe. Youve experienced a lot during your travels. Joe: Thanks. It was a tough journey. I even met one of the Elite Four on Mandarin Island! Giselle: Yes Prima. Shes the best water- and ice-type trainer out there. Did she teach you a few things? Joe: She sure did. She even let me battle her. I almost beat her, but she came back and won it. But it was an exciting battle. Giselle: I bet it was. Joe: Now, what were you going to tell me earlier before Professor Wilson interrupted? Giselle: (blushing) Well I Voice: Help! Help! The Pokmon Center is on fire! Giselle: (thinking to herself) Interrupted again! Joe: Cmon, Giselle! Wed better help! They ran to the Pokmon Center and saw flames dancing around it with smoke pouring out into the afternoon sky. The fire department had just arrived and was attempting to put out the fire. Nurse Joy was standing there with a group of Chanseys, looking on in fright and horror. Joe and Giselle ran up to her. Joe: Are any Pokmon inside? Nurse Joy: (nodding her head) There are a few trapped in the recovery room! Those poor things! Joe: (turning serious) Ill go and save them! Giselle: (shocked) What? No! Dont do it, Joe! Joe: Giselle, those Pokmon will die if someone doesnt do something! (takes out two Pokballs and hands them to Giselle) Take Poliwrath and Starmie and try to put out the flames! Im going in! Giselle: But Joe! It was too late Joe had already run into the burning building. Giselle held the two Pokballs that Joe handed to her. Giselle: (throwing the Pokballs) Poliwrath, Starmie PUT OUT THAT FIRE!!!! In two flashes of light, the two water-types appeared and started shooting water at the fire. Poliwrath: Wrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttthhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Starmie: HYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giselle could only look on with concern. Giselle: Either youre very brave or very stupid, Joe. (now worried) Please be careful. Inside the Pokmon Center Joe made his way to the recovery room. Several beams were falling and he had to jump out the way to avoid getting crushed. Joe: (panting) Its so hot Then one of the beams started to fall on Joe as he ran to the recovery room. Joe: YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Outside Giselle heard a loud scream from inside and she instantly knew it was Joe. Giselle: (tearfully) JOE!!! Then she became even more worried as the flames got bigger and bigger Back inside Joe was pinned to the floor with the beam almost crushing his left leg. The beam wasnt too heavy, so Joe was able to lift it off. He limped a little bit as he walked towards the door to the recovery room. He attempted to open it, but it would not budge. Joe: (struggling to open the door) Its jammed! And the doorknob is getting hot! Then he heard the cries of the Pokmon on the other side. Joe: Im coming! (throwing a Pokball) Arcanine, go! Bust down that door! The fiery canine appeared and broke through the door. Joe leaped over the wreckage and surveyed the room. There was a pair of Rattatas, a Doduo, and a Krabby all huddled together, scared of the threatening fire. Joe made his way over with Arcanine. Joe: Its okay. Im here to help. Just come with me and youll be fine. The Pokmon still were scared, but they came to Joe. He picked up the small ones and had Arcanine carry the Doduo on his back. Joe: Okay! Lets go! Outside the Center Giselle: (very worried) Joe, where are you? I hope youre okay! Suddenly, she saw shadows moving through the flames. She couldnt make them out until they came into view. It was Joe and his Arcanine with the other Pokmon. Giselle: (scared) JOE!!! Joe and Arcanine ran over to Nurse Joy and gave her the Pokmon. Nurse Joy had a relieved smile on her face. Nurse Joy: Thank you, young man. I wont forget this! Joe: No problem, Nurse Joy. Giselle: (running over and hugging Joe tightly) Joe! I was so worried! Joe: (hugging back) Its okay, Giselle. Im here. Im okay. The fire was eventually put out. The Center suffered minor damage outside, but there was work to be done on the inside. Joe breathed from an oxygen mask provided by the fire department while Giselle sat next to him and a paramedic that had just arrived tended to his injuries. Police officers soon arrived and had everyone except Nurse Joy, the paramedics, and the fire department leave the scene. Joe and Giselle walked off silently into the park, still holding each other. They sat down at a bench and were silent for a few minutes, thinking about what had just transpired. Finally, Giselle broke the silence. Giselle: Joe What you did back there That was very unselfishly brave of you. Joe: I was just doing what anyone should do. Giselle: True, but I still cant believe that you, of all people, would go and do something like that. Joe: (chuckling slightly) Giselle, Ive changed a lot. So Im bound to do things that you never expected me to do. Giselle: (looking Joe straight in the eyes) Dont laugh, Joe. I almost lost you today. (tears starting to form) I dont want that to happen again. Joe: (very concerned) Giselle, what are you trying to say? Giselle: What Im trying to say, Joe, is I I love you. Ive been trying to tell you all day. Joe: (shocked) You love me? Giselle: (almost tearfully) Yes. Ever since we became friends the day Ash came, Ive always had a soft spot for you. I never fully realized it until last year at the Pokmon League. Ive just been waiting for the right time to tell you. Joe: (gazing into her eyes) Giselle, I I love you too. And I also realized my feelings for you last year. Everything I did, I did because I loved you and wanted you to be proud of me. Giselle: Ive always been proud of you, Joe. Ever since you left for your journey three years ago, I knew youd become a great trainer. Joe: Thanks, Giselle. That means a lot. Giselles right hand touched Joes left hand and their fingers intertwined. Giselle: Maybe this will mean a lot more Giselle gently placed her lips on Joes. Joe was surprised at first, but relaxed and kissed Giselle back, all the while his heart was beating faster. After about two minutes of kissing, they pulled apart blushing like mad. Joe: Wow Giselle: Ditto Care for another round? Joe smiled. They kissed again, this time for five minutes. They pulled apart again and looked into each others eyes. Joe: I love you, Giselle. Giselle: And I love you, Joe. They cuddled next to each other and stayed that way for what seemed like hours. Soon, they decided to head back to the hotel and to their suite. Once they got there, they sat on Joes bed and just held each other. Joe interrupted the romantic moment by pulling something out from under his bed. Giselle looked on with a confused look. Giselle: Joe, what are you doing? Joe: (handing a bag to her) Open it. I got this for you the day after we talked on the videophone. Giselle opened the bag and gasped. She pulled out a golden heart-shaped locket on a fine silver chain necklace. She opened it and it had a picture of her and Joe together on one side and the inscription To Giselle, with all my love, Joe on the other side. She looked at Joe with shimmering eyes. Giselle: JoeI love it. Joe: I knew you would. Giselle: (handing him the necklace) Put it on me? Joe: (smiling) Of course. Joe fastened the necklace around Giselles neck. Giselle looked at him again with a beautiful smile. Giselle: Joeyoure a one-of-a-kind guy. I love you. With that comment, Giselle wrapped her arms around Joes neck and kissed him lovingly. Joe wrapped his arms around Giselles waist as he returned the kiss. They pulled apart, smiling and blushing at each other. Then they noticed that it was almost 6:00. Joe: Guess we should head down to the dinner hall. Giselle: (dreamily) Yeswe should They left their suite, holding each others hand. After dinner, they went out and trained a little more before it got dark. Then they headed back to their suite and got ready for bed. Before getting into bed, they kissed each other good night. Joe: Good night, Giselle. Giselle: Good night, Joe. Sleep well. Joe: You too. With that much said, the two young trainers got into their respective beds and fell asleep, exhausted after the days events. But, no doubt, they were dreaming of each other. ----------------------------------- I know Joe and Giselle are acting a little out-of-character in this story, but this is about how theyve changed in their time spent apart (in my opinion). As for Pokmon so far, Joe has these: Victreebel, Pidgeot, Poliwrath, Starmie, and Arcanine. Therell be more to come later. With only one more day to train for his big battle with Drake, Joe is beginning to feel a little pressure. Will he choose the right strategy? What Pokmon will he use? All will be answered shortly. Until then, see ya! 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