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Afraid To Love (AAMRN)

Zarshaik's Story (OT)

The Dark Cataclysm (OT)

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For Every Good, There Is Evil (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -   2  -

Summary for Afraid To Love: After a psychic reading Misty discovers that whoever she loved would most likely die of a terrible fate.

Summary for Zarshaik's Story: The gang worries about Zarshaik, their new friend, and his past. So Zarshaik decides to tell about how he came to be. [May be boring but is vital to future fics.]

Summary for The Dark Cataclysm: 2 years after the gang's journey a friend begins a quest of his own only to drag 5 others to defeat an ancient curse laid upon the world.

Summary for For Every Good, There Is Evil: Ash spots a legendary pokemon that is said to bring the destruction of the world. Brock is murdered by and unknown group, Misty is kidnapped by ???, and other extraordinary things are happenening to the world of pokemon. Ash and the other survivors must prevent total destruction from coming to the world.

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