Welcome to The Pokemon Tower's Search Page!

I have managed to manipulate some code and now...both Yahoo and Google can be used as search engines here at The Pokemon Tower! Heh, I'm sure Yahoo will be real happy I did this. I had asked them how to do it and they wouldn't tell me, saying that Yahoo should only be a broad search engine for the Internet.

Yeah, well...phffffft! ^.~ And given that, I didn't bother to ask Google. ^.~

A couple of things to consider: Newly created pages will probably not show up for some time. It takes a while for Yahoo! to spider out to The Tower and gather all the new info. Also, do NOT search by category or by author name! The reason for this is because those type of searches will bring up every single page on The Tower, which would then defeat the purpose of using this search engine.

I suggest to search by title, content of the story or artwork, and anything that would be fairly unique. This will help you find something you're looking for. I'll work on the tweaks to resolve the author/category problem (already got ideas brewing in my head).

Let's see how things go. Go ahead! Put something in the field and give it a whirl.

Enter search keywords here for Yahoo:

Enter search keywords here for Google:

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