January 2003 Voting Results for BIC!

"All My Way, On My Own" by Enja 16
"Golden Smiles, Silver Tears (The Story of G/S)" by McWizardX 12
"Motives Forgotten" by Mana Lugia 10
"Revelation of the Master" by Pokemon Fan 9
"Freedom of the Phoeni
" by Bayleef 8
"A True Battle" by R.C. Angel 7
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 5
"Making My Way" by Dragoness Bahamut 5
"One Heart" by Dragoness Bahamut 5
"We Finally Got Pikachu" by Pikachu 5
"Letters from the Orange Islands" by Agent 99 4

"Two Different Worlds" by R.C. Angel 8
"Extreme Insanity!!!!" by J*Star Cutie 7
"Insanity!" by J*Star Cutie 7
"It's Halloween Time" by Pikachu 5
"A Pikachu In Love" by Golem-Gojira 4
"The Sequel to Angel Clefairy's Extreme Insanity!" by Pikachu 4

"Correcting My Mistakes" by Enja 16
"Twelve Hours To Truth" by Bayleef 15
"Pokemon Ultimate Adventures" by Mikazuchi 15
"Dead to Alive" by Slickboy444 13
"I'll Be Home For Christmas" by R.C. Angel 11
"Endless Night" by Mana Lugia 10
"Night of Terror, Day of Joy" by Ashla 9
"Nightmare Syndrome" by Chibi-Suiko 9
"The Dreaded First Date" by Togepretty 9
"In A Trainer's Eyes" by R.C. Angel 8
"The Twelve Days of Christmas Crushes" by R.C. Angel 8
"My Life Without You" by J*Star Cutie 6
"Ash And Misty's Love" by Pikachu 6
"Christmas Miracles" by Pikagurl23 6
"You Never Get What You Wish For" by R.C. Angel 6

"Jessie's Terrible Accident" by Pikachu 10
"At Long Last" by Dragonflame329 6

Team Rocket
"The Original Team Rocket" by Lord Kain 12

"When Two Worlds Meet" by Pikachu 11
"Ash Returns To Hogwarts" by Pikachu 8
"Spongebob's in my Pokeball!" by R.C. Angel 6
"Ash Becomes Yu-Gi-Oh" by Charmander 5
"Pokemon: Poketal Monsters" by Cyberwraith9 5
"The Pokemon Adventures of Samurai Jack" by Arcanine 4
"Ash and I Meet Harry Potter!" by Ash #1 3
"Boy Wonder" by Fusion Blaster 3

Other Trainers
"The Dragon Master IV" by The Dragon Master 10
"The Ultimate Rival: Part I" by Kenta Macauttum 9
"Trapped in Johto" by Bulbasaur 8
"A Brief Moment in Time" by Black Rose 5
"Pokemon Millenium" by Crystal Vaporeon 5
"Karania: The Legend" by Karania 5
"Karania: The Legend II" by Karania 5
"Day of My Destiny" by Kitty Vaporeon 3
"Fire Strike" by Uiru 3