January 2005 Voting Results for BIC!

"Pichus in the Sky" by Lonepichu 16
"The Beautifly Effect" by Raichu 16
"Goodbye, Raichu" by Raichu 14
"A Missing Adventure" by Soccerpixie 11
"The Arena" by E2K 10
"Pilot Light" by Jirachi Wish Maker 10
"Legends of the Tide" by Mystic Vaporeon 10
"Everything Changes" by Dragoness Bahamut 9
"Omneon" by MurdocsAngel 9
"One" by Dragoness Bahamut 8
"Legendary Quest: The Watcher" by R.A.W. 8
"The Mirror-World Menace" by Andrew 7
"Enter The Dark Mew!" by Diamond Eevie 7
"Making My Way" by Dragoness Bahamut 7
"Dreaming" by Mirei 7
"The Myth of Shadowrun" by Mystic Vaporeon 7

"Legendary Revenge" by Dragonfree 16
"Nothing To Live For" by Misty's D 16
"Just A Girl" by Obsidian Blade 16
"A Cleffa's Tale" by Lonepichu 14
"My Biggest Mistake" by Lonepichu 14
"Nameless" by Lonepichu 13
"The Mewtwo Chronicles" by WiseAbsol 13
"Flying" by Dannichu 12
"Bored" by Lonepichu 12
"Halloween Phantom" by Super Pikachu 9
"Pikachu" by Agent 99 6

"Master The Unexpected" by Togepretty 29
"A Misty To Remember" by A*mon 28
"The Little Mermaid: Pokemon Style" by SulliMike23 23
"What If..." by Ash Junior 17
"Just Friends" by Lonepichu 17
"Opposite Passions" by Finaille Nailo 16
"Kaleidescope" by Erina-chan 14
"Stop The Wedding......FAST!!!" by Pokegirl-sophy 14
"A Cold Shivering Night" by Aelita-Molly 12
"Their First Meet Together" by Ash and Misty Love 10
"Whenever, Wherever" by R.A.W. 10

"A Soul Shared" by X-Parrot 24

Team Rocket
"Lives Of Crime" by Kevin g. 24

"Welcome to the Real World" by SulliMike23 19
"Card Captor Vigilante" by The Jolt Master 16
"Find Out or Die" by Pikachu 13
"The Forgotten Cards" by Pikachu 12

Other Trainer
"The Hoenn Academy" by Shadow Master 19
"The Johto League" by Celebi 18
"Boundless Sky" by Pika-Zukin 13
"Our Time to Shine" by Yami Ash 12